The Ancient World
The Ancient World
Scott C.
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Great Voice. Great Humor.
I love this podcast. I listen to mostly history podcasts and this one of my favorites. Scott’s relatively unique voice coupled with his story telling wit makes me chuckle at least a few times per episode.
If there were six stars I would give this poscast six!
Carchemish series is an excellent addition! Fastidious in scholarship, sly in humor...I am enjoying it so much. Thanks for the support maps and lineage docs!
The bomb dot com 💣
I *adore* ancient history. Always have. This podcast is my happy place. I’ve listened to the whole thing twice through and am starting my third go because every time I catch something new. I love the slightly sarcastic dry humor in this podcast—it matches my own sense of humor and it’s awesome. Two thumbs way up! 👍🏻👍🏻
Thank you
Amazing quality! Very informative, straight to the point, clear to understand not boring. But the three stars are for the fact that this guy on Twitter is a neo-nazi that supports BLM, a domestic terrorist organization. His podcast is great but don’t wonder onto his social media platforms. He’s a dictator and authoritarian when it comes to his opinion. His OPINION, not fact. If he left modern day politics off his social media he might actually be liked.
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It’s alright, I guess
The show improves as it goes on, but there are still some issues. While Scott goes into great detail on some things, much of his information on quicker topics is merely regurgitating the Wikipedia entry. He speaks with certainty on topics that historians are still debating and some of his pronunciations are a bit off. That said, the main story flows reasonably well and it’s a great summary of the various arcs of history.
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I can’t speak highly enough of this podcast. I listened to it a few years ago and loved, but on my second time through its even better. Super informative and useful. It makes me want to leave my day job and be an archeologist.
Finest history podcast in the space
As a 5+ year long listener to history podcasts, I’ve not yet been enticed to write a review (yes I’ve been a bit of a free loader). However, as I prepare to re-listen to this series, I’m writing my first review to highlight just how terrific this show is. The depth of knowledge, the startling connections, and the elegant tangents all woven into beautiful narrative set this aside. Surpassing others in the canon (history of Rome, Dan Carlin, history of England) in terms of scholarly quality, give this show a listen if you want to learn!
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AS Smith 3
One of the better history podcasts...
Been through several historical podcasts and have found this one to be the least dry, most engaging one thus far. Only on episode 26 so far but can’t wait to see what the other episodes have on store!
I love every aspect of this podcast. I love thats its lesser known history. The pov of what the ruler could be thinking or what the crazy events look just takes it beyond great for me. The humor puts this in the pantheon for me. Scott please continue forever every episode bloodline, special ep, everything. Haven’t been this entertained since mike duncan’s history of rome and revolutions series.
kween and king
Top 5 History Podcast of all-time
I have listened to the top 50 history podcasts on iTunes for many years, and this guy is one of the very best. He takes a difficult and boring subject (to most people), provides us with the coolest stories, pronounces the old names like they were his aunts and uncles, and delivers an outstanding series that informs many of us about our early ancestors. His voice, personality, excellent reading skills, knowledge of obscure data, dry humor, and organization make it a must-listen for any history buff. Subscribe to the Facebook group too. I am glad that he is still producing this series.
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Bite Size History
I am about 10 episodes into this series and it is excellent. I was looking for a podcast series, each episode lasting about 30 minutes, that I could listen to while exercising. The Ancient World filled the bill. While some of the names and geography get a bit confusing, Scott goes back over material enough that what you didn’t get in one episode you can pick up in another. Each episode focuses on a defined people, empire and / or region and discusses it in just enough detail to give you a working knowledge of the subject, but not so much that it is overwhelming. It is a great way to fill in that pre-Greek / Roman history void that many of us have.
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Info I have never heard before
Scott does an amazing job of providing detailed information regarding events I thought I knew well and new information that provides tremendous background. This may be my favorite history podcast. I truly enjoy listening to it!
One of the best
Beautiful and perfectly done. I know that’s not very specific but just listen and one will be better for it.
Absolutely Amazing
This is one of the best history podcasts on the platform. I listen to several hours of this nearly everyday. I’m catching up very quickly, I work security so I do a lot of sitting around or pacing with nothing to do. Listening to podcasts is how I stay sane and this is one of the ones I can listen too all shift long. Does such a fantastic job of keeping just to facts while maintaining an interesting and exciting tone.
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Score Card
When you go to a baseball game there is a guy saying “You can’t tell the players without a score card”. You need a score card to tell the players in this podcast. The details of the societies, the people, the leaders, and the circumstances in this podcast makes it confusing, educational, and entertaining. You need a score card to keep up. The sad truth told in this history is war between societies has been constant for 6000 years. Can we learn from this? For Christians and Jews; Biblical history is treated with respect with disclaimer for currently accepted secular history. Christian and Jewish believes are not ridiculed. I have only finished the first series of Podcasts. I’m looking forward to to hearing the rest.
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Love it!
Great History Poscast!
I tried it as a lark and now I’m totally engrossed! From the way the topics are covered to the host witty delivery I feel I’ll be listening to this right up to the present!
Rob Nick Pi
History well delivered
An excellent podcast covering the Ancient World. A ton of information delivered in a narrative style.
harold hatefoot
Great podcast
This is an amazing podcast that covers the history that is rarely covered anywhere outside of graduate courses or Bible studies. I love learning where the Sabeans were from or the motivations of the Hittites. You get the picture.
This series is so informative and concise. It conveys such complex topics with ease and clarity. I absolutely love it!
Worth a Listen
Well thought out, paced and reads and conveys the information in an engaging way. I love the little snippets of humor thrown in. Many try but few succeed. I especially love Bloodlines story line. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen it done in a podcast. Deserves the five star rating.
Your podcast is awesome I put it on and it knocks me right out.
don furleone
Great History Podcast
This is just great. What can I say. Also "Bloodlines" sequel series has great stories that follow generations of descendents of key figures in history, woven with the events around them (which are also fleshed out)--which comes out to be very intriguing, rather than the typical linear list of top rulers and battles. The descendents often end up in ironical place you dont expects. Well composed, well delivered, moves along fast, some humor. Good general history correlary to History of Rome and others, which is, of course more specific.
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Why am I so intrigued?
I found this podcast through searching for historical stories. I had been listening to how world war 2 came to be, and started to look into older stories. This podcast draws you in with a pleasant narrator and information that fills you mind with visions of days ago. Been binge listening to catch up. Oh my!
Great history podcast
Love this show! I have listened to it several times thru and keeps getting better 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
dirty scottsman
Terrific podcast
Love it . I listen for hours.
Perfect for binge listening
I’m currently bingeing this pod and I’m glad I have 8 years of back catalog to work through. If you like Dan Carlin, you’ll probably like Scott. The episode format is easily digestible and keeps you hooked for where the story will go next. 5/5
One of the best history podcasts you’ll find. He knows his material inside and out and manages to pull you into history like it were a blockbuster movie.
Love learning about ancient civilizations and how human society evolved
Never studied history, didn’t want to memorize names and dates, but as have begun to travel to sites of ancient civilizations want to be able to connect the dots. Recommended to me by a history major. Enjoying the conversational tone of this podcast and the way the discussion relates the interaction of different societies.
I just found this and have a lot to catch up on. I’m off to a great and exciting start. I’ve really enjoyed the first 15.
My Fave Podcast for 7 Years
Scott Chesworth does incredible research, is hilarious in a super dry way, and somehow manages to mangle impossible names in history while making me think he knows how to say them ;) There are few things that make me happier than listening to a new episode of my favourite podcast. I love the Bloodlines series. Scott has really harmoniously melded history into a beautiful story that feels like fiction. If you are a writer, I’d recommend getting ideas for your novels from this ancient reality TV. The stuff he finds out is insane! Blood feuds and murders and love quadrangles. Every episode is incredible. Thank you, Scott! You’re a legend!
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Humor, information & Ancient History
Listen to this late night - Enjoying relearning or clarifying things that had me a bit confused before, and really do look forward to each episode. Though this is my go to sleep thing, it does provoke some out loud laughter from me & a good picture of the past. I kind of like that Scott does episodes on relational basis not always just chronological- it helps with perspective. Sometimes I end up rewinding a show to hear it again, next day. It’s fine when I end up rewinding a show to hear it again (sleep thing). Also, keeping some peace in the bedroom as some other podcasts are too academic or dry so disturbing to my husband’s go to sleep thing! If you want to fill in some voids about the truly ancient times, people, this is a great way to do it,
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Love this
I am trying to start again at the earliest podcasts but having trouble finding them I would like to keep them forever as they are so informative Unfortunately I seemed to have lost them and don’t know how to retrieve even though I resubscribed to the series - it doesn’t show the older episodes Any suggestions ?
One of the best podcast series
Scott thank you very much for your great work. I live at redwood city and do commute to san jose regularly and I always listen be amazed with your podcasts. I am glad I found your podcast channel. Keep up the good work!
cagil deniz arslan
King of deadpan
Love the delivery
best of the best
love it!
The ancient world rocks!!
Very well researched and so so so funny!!! Bloodlines series on Romans in Judea is world class. Until aprox the 18th century Josephus’ “The Jewish War” was the second most read book after the Bible in many areas of Christendom. It’s a rare firsthand record informing our picture of the rise and reception of Christianity, an absolutely fascinating story, and one of the most challenging events to teach. To get a flavor for the drama I can’t say enough about the brilliant storytelling of Scott the host of this podcast!
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Overall history of the world
Well done
the objective reviewer
Great podcast!
I’m loving this.
The podcast is wonderful. It is in a league of its own.
Johm taylor
Hydro dank
Its lit
Please let me tell you how much I love this podcast. It’s perfect. Great research, wry humor, succinctly delivered, and endlessly fascinating. I’ve been listening for three years. I am so grateful for this show. Thank you, Scott! I majored in history and have gotten more profound insights in these 30 min episodes than in semesters of school. This show neatly compresses so much information into a comprehensible story. Wow!
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Content great; vocal inflections distracting
I really hate to give a 2 star review to a history podcast because I do find the content incredibly interesting! Scott, I hate to say this because you have such a nice voice and are providing such incredible insights, so please don’t take this personally, but the cadence and vocal inflections sound like something I would expect from a scary stories podcast. The voice drops and lingers on nearly every last sentence or word. It feels negative and dark. Please consider mixing it up with different intonations. Would love to hear the podcast again some time with more vocal diversity.
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I love this show. From catching up on ancient history to learning about the people who discovered these lost worlds, this podcast has it all for fans of the ancient and classical worlds. A masterpiece as good as any, if not a step ahead. Can’t say enough. I just love this podcast!
Depth to Untold Parts of History
We might know the broad outlines. Scott goes into the alleys to find detail and narrative often missing. It's just so cool to go with him.
Great stuff
Very well done podcast. For an amateur historian like myself, I can get mixed up with all the names and dates, but Scott Chesworth’s info is very well constructed and the pacing is just right.
Deep, and I mean DEEP, dive
Awesome show. I especially enjoyed the bloodline episodes, tracing the progeny of cleopatra and Anthony.
Researched so well!
I love how encompassing this podcast is. It’s a great introductory podcast to get a great summary of Ancient History & can act as a great jumping point into other podcasts that get more in depth into certain areas of the world. Well done!!
A fascinating story well told Still a big fan. Only wish Scott could do even more episodes. Love how he weaves a touch of humor into complex narratives
Remarkable Podcast
Scott is a brilliant podcaster and storyteller. For many years he crafted and generously shared his insights; often quoting and crediting his sources he points the way to find out more. Each episode is artful, rich in content and is a high quality professional production. With enough episodes in each section to give context to the story our understanding is enhanced. Written and narrated so ancient history comes to life!
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