Thank You for Spieling podcast
Thank You for Spieling podcast
Eric Scull
Long time podcast host Eric Scull presents a podcast dedicated to the pleasure of talking passionately about stuff. Guest hosts every episode from the podcast community or across media will join Eric in spieling to their heart's content.
6 - Why Aren't People Wearing Masks, and is Hollywood to Blame?
In this special crossover episode I am joined by the hosts of Popcorn Psychology, a podcast that regularly analyzes pop culture films from a therapeutic lens. The hosts Ben, Brittney and Hannah are all licensed psychotherapists, and this time they're helping me understand WHAT IS GOING ON with the continuing surge of Coronavirus cases in the world. It was wonderful hearing them discuss and diagnose what may be happening from a mental health standpoint in both adults and children at this present moment. And THEN, in the second half of discussion, I ask a question that's been in the back of my mind since this whole thing started: are horror and action movies DE-sensitizing us to care for our fellow man?! I had a tremendous time and you will too, once you give this episode a listen. Find Popcorn Psychology on-line in the usual places! And on Twitter.
Aug 18, 2020
2 hr 4 min
Episode 5 - Dave Jorgenson, the Tik-Tok Prince
If the shortest story ever written can be six words (and some have purported to beat that), my guest Dave Jorgenson has produced novels and novels of work. He's the Washington Post writer/producer doing all of those COVID Quarantine TikToks (and their TikToks in general), and he's here to tell me how it gets done! This episode is a hugely fun conversation that is jam-packed with discussion on the creative process, life experiences and even Harry Potter, of which Dave is also a fan! We dive DEEP into specific TikToks as I fanboy and ask him how they were done, and he reveals some great behind-the-scenes stories for each. For viewers familiar with the TikToks, we cover: Are SAM's days NUMBERED? Who was tap-dancing in the bathroom? Did a drawing bring Lola to life? What's with all the 90's movie and TV songs? It was so enthralling to discover that Dave was an O.G. listener of MuggleCast and the back end of this convo covers how he got started, when and where he listened, and we both reflect on current events in that fandom. Closing the episode, I grill Dave using the "Inside the Actors Studio" questions and we part ways, for now. Please enjoy hearing from a real cool dude! Useful Links: The entire Tweet thread of Quarantine TikToks, starting at halfway.  The Washington Post, on TikTok. The HP Book that started it all for us.
Aug 11, 2020
2 hr 20 min
Episode 4 - COVID-19 Close-Up
The Doctor is in. My friend, Angela Kuras, DNP joins this episode of TYFS to discuss her real, lived-in experiences with COVID-19 in her capacity as CRNA working in an ICU during Chicago's first wave of Coronavirus. A lot of acronyms, but we do our best to break them all down. What you'll find on this episode is a discussion on what members of the medical profession have experienced these last four months, what symptoms as well as lasting effects a Covid diagnosis will bring, and regrettably, accounts of how some patients spent their final days. Angela offers practical advice for preventing the spread of the virus as well as preparing yourself and your loved ones as best as possible for this horrible virus. CONTENT WARNING: Due to the subject matter, which I feel is highly relevant to all listeners, I am placing a trigger/content warning on this episode. My guest and I talk very really about death in ways that make me reflect on my own mortality, and while that's never fun, I'm proud of the discussion that we were able to have. You can contact the show at
Jul 23, 2020
1 hr 22 min
Episode 3 - The Language of the Soul, with David J Peterson
In keeping with the trend of having guests on to talk about things OTHER than their usual, I am THRILLED to have on Episode 3 special guest David J. Peterson, language creator of (among others) the Valyrian and Dothraki languages for HBO's "Game of Thrones." David and I discuss something we were both really excited about, our tastes in MUSIC and the songs that we are most glad exist. Everything from The Carpenters to Oingo Boingo, Stratovarius to Hootie and the Blowfish, Amberian Dawn, Poets of the Fall, and many more are mentioned. Buckle up, and tune in for some great conversation. Referenced links: - The bank commercial for "We've Only Just Begun" - Amberian Dawn's video "Cherish My Memory" - Find David's NEW book "Create Your Own Secret Language" here - And "The Art of Language Invention" here E-mail us at and find us on twitter @TYFSpiels. 
Jul 12, 2020
2 hr 8 min
Episode 2 - Happy Birthday America, and Also Caleb
In this episode, one of my guests has a birthday coming up and another guest has COVID-19 antibodies! Neither of those facts was known when I first asked them to join me to talk about how THIS Fourth of July, I'm as unexcited as I've ever been to celebrate America. We discuss as a group what 4th of July meant to us as children, the thoughts and ideals we learned back when and how reality has slowly peeled away to reveal an America that is divided, oppressive and largely uneducated. If you, too, are feeling a little lackluster about this National Holiday, feel free to plug in and hear some really intelligent guests chat with me and commiserate. This episode's guests: Caleb Woods, author of "Harnessing Darkness: Expressing Mental Illness Through Poetry" Julianna Coughlin, cohost of "PuffCast the Podcast"    Content warning: During the course of the episode, the topic of the crime of rape comes up twice. Please use caution while listening if this topic is harmful to your mental well being. Our show e-mail address is Thank You for Spieling at gmail dot com, we are on Twitter @TYFSpiels. Thank you for listening!  
Jul 4, 2020
1 hr 33 min
Episode 1 - The Last of Us, Part 2
In what has proven to be a topic strong enough for me to make a podcast just to talk about, it's time to talk The Last of Us, Part II by Naughty Dog! I'm joined by my buddy Chad Hopkins of The Cinescope Podcast with whom I had been texting all last weekend during my play-through of the game for the first time. There is a SPOILER-FREE portion of this episode which contains only mild details regarding the highlights of this game. If you've already played and beaten the game, feel free to jump right to the Spoiler Section, at 45:00 minutes. Topics discussed include – Various difficulty settings (how Eric's a wimp and Chad is hardcore) – Recapping the first Last of Us – General speak of TLOU2 and comparisons to Uncharted – What reviews said if we read them prior to playing – Our own spoiler free quick reviews / ratings – The importance of taking risks in storytelling – Why TLOU2 improves nearly everything – SPOILER BREAK / 30 second music jam at 45:00 – Abby, and the heightened violence in TLOU2 – The addition of dogs and what it changes – The members of Ellie’s closest social circle – All groups of people in TLOU2 and how they see the world – Examining the flashbacks we see throughout the game – Little things we’re finding during NG+ – Thoughts on Ellie’s immunity and what it means today – Talk about Tommy on bridge – The dramatic face off – Final Survivor mode differences – The new types of infected – Shoutout to Crash Bandicoot and Activision for piggybacking off Naughty Dog's big weekend. Find Chad at the Cinescope podcast! or on Twitter. Find THIS podcast on Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail us at Interact, share your thoughts, theories, or apply to come on and spiel with me.
Jun 27, 2020
2 hr 8 min
Episode 0 - About the Show
Welcome to "Thank You for Spieling," dear listener. In this brief introduction, I (Eric Scull) explain what I'm hoping to accomplish with this project, the first of many podcasts that I've been on which I can wholly call my own. This intro accompanies Episode 1 of the podcast, where I get right down to talking about things I love, with good friends. MASSIVE shout-out to Yike Lu of XYZ Podcast with Yike and Zak for developing the Show Intro and Outro music. Big thanks to Meg Scott for the show artwork. Like the podcast on Facebook! Follow the podcast on Twitter! E-mail us, this show's title at
Jun 27, 2020
13 min