Thank You for Spieling podcast
Thank You for Spieling podcast
Eric Scull
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Excellent Podcast!
Eric is a fantastic host and the guests are great! I love the interesting discussions and the “realness” that’s brought to each show. Keep up the great work!
Spieling is the thing to do!
Eric is a fantastic host- insightful, well spoken and asks great questions. If you want to hear insightful people talk about relevant and interesting topics this show is for you! Plus the theme music is great! Great job fellow Puff!
Jolly good show!!
I like the format, and I love that there’s a variety of topics to be covered with this kind of show. Eric Scull knows how to make a good podcast (and now I finally understand The Last of Us)!
The Art of Conversation
Hosted by a true podcast professional, Eric has turned his love of spieling into a series of compelling discussions with interesting guests. Chocked with plenty of insight, humor and no small amount of charm, this podcast equally provokes thoughts and lifts spirits.
Listening to a friend
Listening to this show is like hanging out with an excited friend. The topics are fun and interesting even if you don’t know anything about it before starting. Plus Eric is an experienced podcaster so the quality is top notch. Highly recommend giving it a listen. You won’t regret it.
Finally—an Eric Scull podcast!!
I’m happy to hear Eric’s thoughts on pretty much anything. He’s smart, he’s funny, and I’m glad this podcast is finally here.
So far, so awesome!
Finally! Fans of Eric get a podcast where he and his guests talk about the current state of things and other topics of interest. All the things which contribute to an enjoyable listening experience are here: excellent audio quality, the guests don’t talk on top of one another, and an interesting conversation which flows organically. You had me at Episode Zero 😎
Definitely worth listening to
It’s finally happened. The one and only world famous Eric Scull has started his own podcast and it’s a smashing success. If I could give it a million star rating, I would!!!!! ~Drew of the Gamer News Radio Podcast
Pein of Konoha Corner
It’s Dope
Trust me.