Terror at Collinwood: A Dark Shadows Podcast
Terror at Collinwood: A Dark Shadows Podcast
Penny Dreadful XIII
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I Ran Home, too.
So fortunate to have this pod. For us older Dark Shadows fans, it is a godsend. There are always interesting guests to help relive the old days, and even learn a few things. Penny is a world class interviewer, as well. The worst thing is waiting the 2 weeks between episodes! :)
Thank you, Penny!
This is just great for any fan of Dark Shadows. Great guests, great host, and a wonderful fun ambience throughout. Don’t miss it!
Missing Xee
Amazing DS podcast!
Excellent! I haven’t enjoyed a podcast this much since the heydays of LOST! I love Dark Shadows & this podcast is extremely informative, fun, spooky & brings on surprising guests! I am hooked! Danielle aka Penny Dreadful, the host, is charming, bright & interesting! Keep up the superb work! 👍💕❤️
Be True
Best Dark Shadows podcast
Great podcast for old and new Dark Shadows fans. Penny Dreadful gets great guests and really interviews well. Her knowledge of gothic horror gives depth to her podcast. She appreciates the stories , actors and fans. Very enjoyable to spend time with this podcast
another Marsha
Continues to be Terrific!
I wrote my original review some time ago. I wanted to provide an update that this show is still wonderful. Danielle brings fresh perspectives and thought provoking ideas in her discussion of the various Dark Shadows story lines. She’s had specific episodes covering in depth the various actors and actresses who have appeared on the show. Along those lines it would be great to have an episode devoted to Dan Curtis himself perhaps covering his bio, career, and if she can dig it up (pun intended) how Curtis came up with the show and managed to get it sold given how different it was at the time. Keep up the great work! Here’s my original review which still stands: Penny does an excellent job of covering Dark Shadows from all angles. From the story line synopsis episodes to the in depth deep dives into the actors who are featured in the series, I’ve learned a lot along the way. With her background in literature she points out where Dark Shadows is drawing its plot lines and themes from classic fiction. Penny’s talents as a horror host and interviewer provide just the right ambience and make listening an enjoyable experience! I hope this podcast continues for a long time.
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Rob Saccone
Dark Shadows, Bright Podcast
I love me some Dark Shadows and I love me some Penny Dreadful and Terror at Collinwood. I can never learn enough about the classic television series, but I learn more and more every time I listen, which is.. every time there’s a new episode. Terror-ific podcast with great guests. Love it!
Bloody Marvelous!
“Terror at Collinwood” pays tribute to the beloved Gothic soap opera in the best ways: Horror hostess/Literature scholar “Penny Dreadful” (a/k/a Danielle Gelehrter) is an enthusiast not just for the show but for the Gothic Romance that imbues “Dark Shadows” with a special flavor that the revivals have failed to recreate (although Big Finish has come close). The podcast covers all aspects of DS—from story arcs, character motivations, technical behind the scenes mayhem and struggles—and pays loving tribute to the cast and crew that made it all happen, doggedly making do with poor budgets, live taping, and effects that were ahead of their time but have aged…less well. My favorite facets of the show are her fascination with the deep lore of the show, and her interest in how the show has influenced and enriched her guests. Her literary chops are often on display, as she references “Varney the Vampire” and the works of Montague Summers with crisp familiarity and affection.
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Roger Collins, Esq
Great stuff!
The Best podcast on Dark Shadows out there!
Fangtastic podcast!
Danielle is the perfect guide through the haunted halls of Collinwood.
A must for DARK SHADOWS fans!
TERROR AT COLLINWOOD is the most exciting thing to happen to DARK SHADOWS fandom in years. I can’t recommend this show highly enough!
Quentin-sential Dark Shadows Discussion!!!
If you are a fan of Dark Shadows, you need to listen to this podcast! Danielle (aka Penny Dreadful) is a wonderful hostess and has special guests from all aspects of DS fandom. From actors like David Selby and Katheryn Leigh Scott to fans who took their love for DS and made contributions to entertainment on their own! Her episodes focusing on the key storylines of the series are also a delight, whether you’ve never seen those episodes, or know them by heart. Danielle’s own insights are just as intriguing and thought provoking as those of her guests. All Dark Shadows fans are welcome, no matter what iteration you prefer. Highly recommended!
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Earth 2 Chris
Dark Shadows Lives
Penny Dreadful is a fantastic host, showcasing her love of Dark Shadows- both the original show and many spin offs. Penny brings some amazing guests including the original actors and contemporary producers attempting to revive Dark Shadows. If you’re a fan of the 1960s/1970s gothic and science fiction time-traveling soap opera, please give this a try!
Catching up with Collinwood!
There may not be a lot of Dark Shadows podcasts out there, but Danielle’s Terror at Collinwood is (severed) heads and shoulders above the rest! I love the great interviews as well as the storyline recap/review episodes. I often worry that interest in the show is dying as the younger generation seems to have little familiarity with it (aside from possibly the Tim Burton film), but listening to this podcast is like hanging out with close friends who share a love for this iconic show.
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Keeping Dark Shadows alive and well
The host is very knowledgeable and the rotating guests help bring a fresh feel to each episode. I’ll hear a comment on a storyline or actor that I’ve never thought of before. Well done and an enjoyable listen.
Dark Shadows Lives!
I’m not sure how I found this podcast but I’ve been love it. Penny Dreadful XIII is an excellent host, pulling from both her love and interest in Dark Shadows and her studies in gothic literature. She brings a variety of guests and leads the conversation along the path to keep the listener’s interest give us new understanding about the storylines and characters. She is also great at providing links to topics discussed and promotes other podcasts. If you loved Dark Shadows or are a fan of gothic romance and horror, this is the podcast for you!
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Perfect Dark Shadows podcast
Can’t never get enough Dark Shadows and this podcast delivers on the juicy facts and details of the show. I love how the host go through all the storylines with guest who are definitely fans. Just amazing!
A Must-Listen for Fans of Dark Shadows
I’m one of those “new” fans who came on-board in 2012, but Dark Shadows has been a way of life for me ever since. Penny is the guide and teacher I’d been waiting for. Her depth of knowledge is remarkable, as is her skill at navigating a conversation. And the guests… My goodness. Here are all the folks in the fandom I would most want to hear from. This show has become indispensable to me. Thank you, Penny!
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On target
I am 68 years old and an original fan (I was in front of the tv with my grandma at 3:30 PM on 6/27/66). DS was supremely important to me during its original run and has remained so throughout my life. I have listened to a couple of episodes of this podcast and the host seems to be really good on her facts. She is right that there was nothing related to DS available during the 70s and 80s. I am looking forward to listening to more podcast episodes as I am still as big a fan as ever. Thanks
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Collinwood after dark
Thank you Penny Dreadful for giving Dark Shadows fans an inside look at the different store line’s. And it’s nice to here the experts interpretation of them as well.
Don Silvers
Great podcast
Terror at Collinwood is the best Dark Shadows podcast out there. Not only is the hostess of the show very knowledgeable about Dark Shadows and classic horror, she also has an engaging and friendly personality. She’s a real pro.
Pedro Ledor
Wonderful Dark Shadows podcast with a marvelous host.
I always look forward to another amazing episode. This is my favorite podcast by far.
Much needed for DS fans!
Great to have a quality Podcast that covers the many storylines extensively. Penny Dreadful clearly has passion and knowledge of the subject matter. I hope this runs forever!
I haven't any nickname.
New to dark shadows
I’m new to the dark shadows multiverse and em greatly enjoying the show . Looking forward to the return of terror at Collin wood came from monster kid radio .
A Review of "Terror at Collinwood"
I had found what I had believed to have had been certain parts or certain installments of this series of recordings to have had been very informative and very enjoyable and had often wished some of them could had been made without vulgar language (especially one I had believed was named "Terror at Collinwood Episode 05: Talking DS and Filmmaking with Ansel").
A+ Podcast
The world needed a Dark Shadows podcast and this one does not disappoint! I’m late to the DS party and am excited to follow along with knowledgeable and charming host, Penny, as I dive further into the show. Great podcast!
Great discussions
This is a awesome podcast discussing my favorite show. The host knows her stuff and welcomes feedback. DS does not have a real podcast presence so this was a welcome discovery. I hope you continue this and get everyday fans on the show.
Serling Howard
A great DS podcast!
This podcast is the most in-depth Dark Shadows podcast I’ve ever heard! The host “Penny Dreadful” is really knowledgeable about the show and has great insights about the stories and the characters. The guests are very interesting and informative too! Love it!
Buji Nugget
Barnabas is back in this podcast
This podcast honors the legacy of Dark Shadows. Enjoy it so much.
Maria Escorrega
A Return to Collinwood
A fun and spooky podcast from a host who couldn’t be more perfect to tell the tales of her fandom and the events that unfolded at Collinwood... cue eerie music!
Shawn Skvarna
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