Terror at Collinwood: A Dark Shadows Podcast
Terror at Collinwood: A Dark Shadows Podcast
Penny Dreadful XIII
Terror at Collinwood is a podcast dedicated to the classic gothic television serial, Dark Shadows. The podcast explores and celebrates Dark Shadows’ storylines and characters, examining the show’s important place in gothic horror and pop culture history. Terror at Collinwood also features in-depth discussions and interviews with fans, creators, cast, and crew. It is hosted by Penny Dreadful and her spectral guests.
Terror at Collinwood Episode 43: Angelique's 55th Anniversary with Lara Parker
On November 22, 1967, the vengeful and powerful witch Angelique made her debut on Dark Shadows and became an instant hit with viewers, remaining an important part of the series for the remainder of its run. The character subsequently took her place alongside Barnabas, and later Quentin, as a pop culture icon, appearing on assorted products and in DS spinoff media. Visiting the podcast to commemorate her legendary character's 55th anniversary is Lara Parker, the talented actress who portrayed Angelique onscreen! Discussion topics include: Lara's thoughts on Angelique, memories of working on DS, Night of Dark Shadows, Lara's DS novels, what makes DS special, terror vs. horror, the allure of vampires, the fans, and much more!
Nov 22
1 hr 1 min
Terror at Collinwood Episode 42: House of Dark Shadows with Ricardo Delgado
Released in 1970, and directed by Dan Curtis, the MGM theatrical film House of Dark Shadows featured the TV series cast in a darker and more violent reimagining of the Introduction of Barnabas storyline from the show. The picture proved to be a hit for MGM, and while it is loved by many fans and disliked by others, it stands as a notable and compelling entry in vampire film history. Visiting the podcast to discuss House of Dark Shadows is prolific Hollywood conceptual designer and artist, Ricardo Delgado. Ricardo’s book Dracula of Transylvania and the upcoming Art of Dracula of Transylvania are also discussed. Other topics include Ricardo’s memories of watching Sombras Tenebrosas (Dark Shadows) as a child in Costa Rica, buying Famous Monsters of Filmland, reading Marvel’s Tomb of Dracula and Werewolf by Night comics, and much more!
Nov 11
1 hr 42 min
Terror at Collinwood Episode 41: Horror Host Halloween Tribute to Dark Shadows!
What’s the perfect way to celebrate Halloween?... With Dark Shadows and Horror Hosts, of corpse! In this episode, Penny Dreadful summons many of her fellow television and internet horror movie hosts to share their memories and thoughts on DS. Hosted by Penny Dreadful and featuring (in order of appearance): Count Gore De Vol, Sally the Zombie Cheerleader, Dr. Gangrene, Doctor Sarcofiguy, Professor Anton Griffin, Undead Johnny, Marlena Midnite, Sicko-Psychotic, The Bone Jangler, Karlos Borloff, Dr. Dreck, Remo D, Bobby Gammonster, Scarlett Kaiju, The Host, Danvers, Stevie Gothling/Tim the Enchanter, Octavian Hallow, and Halloween Jack. You won’t want to miss this hex-clusive Halloween Horror Host celebration of Dark Shadows! Listen to the very end to hear a fascinating interview clip from a horror host who tried to audition for the original Dark Shadows in the early 70's!
Oct 28
1 hr
Terror at Collinwood Episode 40: Robert Cobert’s Dark Shadows Music with Ben Alba
Robert Cobert’s iconic music themes for Dark Shadows were integral to the identity of the entire series and its two film spinoffs. Musician, author, and DePaul University College of Law professor, Ben Alba, visits the podcast to discuss and celebrate some favorite Cobert pieces. Throughout the course of episode, Ben even plays a few bars from several of the themes on his keyboard. Topics include: Ben’s lifelong fascination with the music from Dark Shadows, playing on the piano for fans at a Dark Shadows Festival, Bob Cobert’s incredible range as a composer, Dark Shadows soundtrack albums, and much more! Correction: According to the interview with Bob Cobert in the booklet included with Discs 5 & 6 of ‘The Complete Dark Shadows Soundtrack Music Collection’ – “Many people assume that the instrument playing the Dark Shadows theme was a Theremin, but it wasn’t. The opening theme was neither a Theremin nor an Ondes Martinot. It was a Yamaha synthesizer with a string on it that made a Theremin-like sound. We couldn’t find an Ondes Martinot player or a Theremin player in New York, so we used that, and it was played by a very famous pianist named Dick Hyman… What you’re hearing in the theme is, melodically, a Yamaha on top, an alto flute on the bottom, then a bass, vibes, and harp, playing atonal accompaniment – five players in all.” I actually knew about this but misremembered the tweaked synthesizer organ as the way Robert Cobert initially presented the theme to Dan Curtis. Cobert presented the theme to Curtis by describing it and sort of whistling it while shaking his head about. I pulled the instrument listing (including the Theremin) from an online article and should have double-checked everything before recording the episode. Apologies. Also, from the same interview: “Almost all of the Dark Shadows music cues were recorded in England. It was money, pure and simple... the theme itself was recorded in New York.”
Oct 18
1 hr 17 min
Terror at Collinwood Episode 39: The New Jonathan Frid Website with Mary O’Leary, Will McKinley, Michael Giglio
The new Jonathan Frid documentary website features many exclusive video clips, interviews, photographs, merchandise, and more! Returning guests, Mary O’Leary and Will McKinley, are joined by Frid documentary editor and post-producer Michael Giglio to discuss behind-the-scenes stories about ‘Dark Shadows and Beyond: The Jonathan Frid Story’. After that, Mary and Will share some inside scoops about what fans can expect from the new Jonathan Frid website. Mary and Will also discuss their experiences regarding Jonathan’s recording of ‘The Legend of Sleepy Hollow’ for MCI’s Halloween Hotline in 1991. The show ends with that very audio recording of Jonathan Frid reading ‘The Legend of Sleepy Hollow’.
Oct 8
42 min
Terror at Collinwood Episode 38: DS Trivia with Charles Ellis
Trivia facts about Dark Shadows plotlines and the show’s cast and crew are discussed with the master of DS trivia, Charles Ellis. Charles was a regular at the Dark Shadows Festivals and his DS devotion and knowledge is well-known to both fans and actors! This fun discussion runs the gamut from DS syndication, fanzines, storylines, characters, DS stars, the lost episode, cancellation, autograph collecting, Lovelady Powell as Dr. Julia Hoffman, and much, much more!
Sep 30
1 hr 8 min
Terror at Collinwood Episode 37: 1970 Parallel Time with Cara Tillitz, Christen Pierce, & Jule Saynes
The 1970 Parallel Time storyline introduced Dark Shadows viewers to a strange and fascinating parallel universe inhabited by alternate versions of familiar characters who, in this mirror timeband, made different choices in their lives. Visiting to discuss this unique story arc are fellow DS podcasters Cara Tillitz and Christen Pierce of the Between the Shadows podcast and Jule Saynes of the Resident of Collinwood YouTube podcast channel. In addition to discussing the plotlines and characters of 1970 Parallel Time, and their inspirations, Cara, Christen, and Jule also talk about their introductions to Dark Shadows and why they launched their own DS-focused podcasts.
Sep 1
1 hr 14 min
Terror at Collinwood Episode 36: Marie Wallace Interview – Dark Shadows Star: Eve, Jenny Collins, Megan Todd
Actress Marie Wallace played the memorable characters Eve, Jenny Collins, and Megan Todd on Dark Shadows. In this episode of Terror at Collinwood, the charming Marie sits down for a fun chat about her career in theatre and television. In addition to discussing her memories of DS and the characters she portrayed on the show, Marie talks about her early theatre experiences, reuniting with Jonathan Frid for ‘The Lion in Winter’, her interactions with ‘Dark Shadows’ fans, photography, her autobiography, painting, and more!
Aug 16
51 min
Terror at Collinwood Episode 35: Son of Listener Email!
This episode of the podcast features the return of listener email! The show kicks off with a special thanks to every forum and group where Terror at Collinwood is shared, plus plugs for other podcasts. After that, Penny Dreadful dips her claws into the Collinsport mailbag to read and address messages and comments from fellow Dark Shadows fans! Topics include: Dark Shadows memories, time travel conundrums, thoughts on Roxanne Drew, quitting the podcast over criticism of the Burton film, listening to the show while exercising, stigma of not being a first generation fan, DS and Doctor Who, what if Mitchell Ryan had played Jeremiah, and much, much more!
Aug 2
1 hr 11 min
Terror at Collinwood Episode 34: Collecting Dark Shadows with Jeff Kenny
A wide variety of memorable Dark Shadows collectibles have been released over the decades, surely with more to come. Jeff Kenny, a longtime DS fan, collector, and co-administrator of the Dark Shadows Collectors Facebook group, sits down for a show & tell chat about his favorite DS merchandise, rare holy grail items, and hopes for future collectibles. In addition, Jeff shares his passion for DS filming locations and discusses many important buildings and locations used in the series and films. Other topics include meeting DS actors, DS tattoos, Seaview Terrace, gatekeeping behavior in fandom, and much more!
Jul 18
1 hr 49 min
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