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TED Radio Hour
Exploring the biggest questions of our time with the help of the world's greatest thinkers. Host Manoush Zomorodi inspires us to learn more about the world, our communities, and most importantly, ourselves.
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Trying too hard
With the departure of Guy as host, it’s clear the new host and team is trying way too hard to try to do what Guy did but it doesn’t feel or sound authentic. The subjects don’t catch my attention anymore and the episodes drag on. You guys can fix it, but it would mean rethinking all of the changes you made and redesigning from scratch. I hope that you do it because I miss the glory days of this podcast.
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Awesome Story!
Stacey Abrams!! You are such a great woman. Your story will inspire a lot of people who got disappointed at some point in their life. Do not stop fighting!!!
Going from bad to worse…
Over the last while this show has slowly gone down the virtue signaling left wing wacko rabbit hole.
Used to be interesting but now libtard spew
Used to listen to this podcast and always learned something new and enjoyed the host. Now all far left wing trash. I have an open mind but geez. We’re not all backing antifa. Agree w reviewer that said “I found out today that water is racist” Ugh. Never again
Great discussions, but tend to go off topic
I think the topics covered are great and important to hear. While they do a good job, I have realized that lately they promise one thing from the description, but the actual conversations do not address the described topic. Before, you would know the topic and get a sort of satisfying listen. Lately they have been telling you the episode is about topic A, but they end up discussing topic B,C, so forth. After a few episodes lately I realized like wait a minute there really was no answer to the questions. I would appreciate if they tried stick to the topic a little more!
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Testing testing 000
Absolutely horrendous
I have been a long-time TED Radio Hour listener for years. Of course I was sad when Guy left, but I was still hopeful the show could carry on with the interesting content I looked forward to for every podcast. I’ve been so disappointed, listening to Manoush makes me feel sick. She is not a right fit for this podcast. But never mind her, I feel all the episodes are the same now. I miss hearing the wonderful topics covered by Guy as well as his objective view of each topic. I understand Guy most likely will not return, and I understand he wasn’t going to be the host forever, but PLEASE get a new host who can mimic his style at LEAST. Most listeners I’d imagine want new, thought-provoking content rather than reruns and the same commentary framed slightly different. Just look at “Guy’s Favorites” which were posted around the time he left. Each were so different and unique. Now it’s all the same.
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I tend to find the vast majority of people on these talks have an atheistic, agnostic, evolutionary worldview which permeates through the worldly wisdom they trumpet from this platform. Often interesting subjects but if the basic building block denies a Creator God, we’re just left with God-denying intellectual ramblings.
Paul (Cali Dude)
Too much recycled content
Just don’t post if there isn’t a new episode. I don’t want re-posts of old episodes clogging my feed.
Found the topic very interesting. Thanks for making this podcast Manoush et al.
What happened to science and tech topics?
This used to be one of my favorite podcasts that I would recommend to everyone but since Guy left the topics have been boring. Social issues are important but I’m exhausted with them, especially during COVID. I miss the interesting science and technology topics that used to be covered. I haven’t been able to make it through an entire episode since Guy left. Oh well.
Qubits Toy > Lego
Thanks for mentioning Qubits Toy USAF Veteran owned Made in N.C. Better than Lego, you’re right!
Quality > Quantity
Great show but needs more original ideas
Great podcast, but it needs new ideas, you can only hear about COVID and protests so many times before it gets old, only reason it gets five stars is for the great editing and production, also because Guy was an amazing host, new original content needed.
Get rid of the new host!!
I used to love this podcast ... until manoush zomordi got ahold of it. It’s been turned to libtard trash and it out of touch with the every day folks who used to love it. WONT be listening anymore.
Better than it used to be
Keep up the excellent work Manoush! Of course I miss Guy but you are doing an excellent job!
Why is Manoush is Broadcasting?
Her voice is SO nasal! Ugh. It sounds like she literally has a clothes pin on her nose (like in the old cartoons.). I can’t bear to listen. Please Please find someone else to host.
Rebroadcasts, not enough TED
I have listened to this podcast for years and have always loved it. With the new host I knew there’d be some adjusting, but I was excited. However, I don’t like the new format. I feel like I’m hearing less TED talks per episode, we spend less time hearing the talk and more time in speaker interviews, and the talks chosen are kind of lame (choosing to start with the OK GO guy was a sign). Then the most recent episode revisited Esther Perels TED talks - which Guy had already covered a couple years back. There are thousands of TED talks, why would we go back to one already featured on the show? Missing the content around tech, entertainment, and design. It’s become much more about feelings. It’s an interesting podcast, but the lack of new content, rebroadcasting episodes from only 4 months ago, and lack of actual TED talks make it an average show.
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Not as good as it used to be
This used to be 4-5 stars for me. Ever since Guy Raz left it’s 2 stars at best. Very disappointing.
The talk more and more politically correct
Not good anymore
just tell true
I no longer recommend this podcast anymore
When asked, “what’s a good podcast I should try?” This one was in my top 5 for years!!!! Now it is so poorly executed on such a consistent basis, I no longer promote it. I no longer make it through a full episode. And now after giving the new host a real shot this entire year. I am now unsubscribing. Please bring back Guy.
Liberal gobbledygook
I used to like this show, but now I just listen for a good laugh about how mentally deranged the host and the guests are. For instance, today I learned that water is racist.
One star
The show has become the extreme liberal agenda. It is not enjoyable anymore.
Why rebroadcadting such recent episodes?!
This podcast has really gone down hill since Manoush started hosting. Seems like the majority of episodes are just rebroadcasts of episodes from just a few months ago. TED has years of archival episodes to choose from. Is the new host too vain to play the previous hosts episodes? And where’s the new content?
Me & Meeeeeee
Too many feelings
I don’t like this podcast anymore. TED stands for technology, entertainment and design? I used to love this podcast because I learned interesting new things about those topics. Now the content seems to have gotten off topic and the host doesn’t ask questions that delve deeper. She tends to focus on how it makes her/us/them “feel”.
Not the same
This really went downhill after the original host left
Rehashing With Old Content
The podcast needs new content. The subject matter is fine. I believe COVID-19 and racial injustice are terribly important topics. What I can’t abide is hearing the same interviews over again, simply packaged differently. Perhaps the virus has made it difficult to conduct interviews, but I’m hearing old shows and interviews again. Good the first time (actually great!) but not so much the next time. I like Manoush and her style, however.
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Stop. Just stop. The political commentary is so annoying, and so is the new host’s nasally voice, please, please bring back the old host
Wish there were new topics each week...
I know that production has probably been hard since the pandemic hit but this is one of my favorite podcasts to listen to and I’ve listened to every episode for the past three years. I really wish there would continue to be a new episode each week rather than replaying an episode from a month ago that I feel like I literally just listened to. Or like the most recent episode which leads me to believe it’s a new topic but it’s just replays from the past couple weeks. Just a fan of the show hoping for some new content...
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She keeps repeating the same thing before and after every break through the whole thing. It’s cluttered. I wasn’t to clear it out. These episodes need better editing or something.
Enjoyed listening to the last interview
I just have one criticism about the difference between brain size in men and women. A bigger size brain does not necessarily mean superior function. In fact Neanderthal’s brain was larger than modern humans, and yet they could not speak. Also the effect of education and intellectual activity on brain energy consumption is clear. The low energy level indicated at your program could be a direct result of low brain activity in earlier life. I wish you would have interviewed people different views.
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When will public speakers learn to drop the “valley girl” inflection from their speech? Love the content, can’t get beyond the new host’s speech pattern. Good bye.
Boomer woman
Bring back Guy
Guy delivered much cohesive objective commentary between speakers and I appreciated his perspective.
Still a favorite weekly podcast
I was worried that the TED Radio Hour couldn’t be the same without Guy Raz. It isn’t the same; but it’s just as good in a way that only Manoush Zomorodi could pull off. She has a unique style, commitment, and empathy interviewing people and delving into TED presentations that makes this one of my very favorite human interest podcasts. Keep it up Manoush!
Manoush Has Kept It Engaging
I loved Guy, so personable, so curious, such a great interviewer. I was so sad when he said he was moving on. However, I am happy to report Manoush’s talents have kept it just as interesting! She is very quick thinking, analytical, and engaging. What a relief!! Nice job Manoush!
Use to be one of my favorites
Content has gone down hill with the new host. The nasal voice is insufferable.
B dawgg y dawgg
Unnecessary fluff
As unnecessary as the remake of Psycho, and as annoying. Who needs to be spoon fed with Guy Raz’, now Manoush’ rolling commentary? Now Guy is gone but he was replaced with an even more SJW host and she has the voice for print media
Poor Choices
I used to really appreciate the insight and depth of information. Since Guy’s departure, the stories seem more shallow and one-sided. You may want to rename the podcast the SJW Hour.
Missing TED
I miss the old TED
It’s so bad now please bring back Guy
Please get back to “TED”
It’s pretty obvious looking through the recent reviews that there was some kind of “campaign” to bolster the host! It’s not about the host, it’s about the content! TED is T-technology, E-entertainment, D-design!! It’s not about social commentary *every* single episode. Please get back to science based inspirational topics that we look forward to hearing!!
I like the content of this podcast a great deal! :) The show focuses on tough questions and shows some creative ways of solving problems.
P4 Gavin
Political and One Sided
So much of the content is political and one sided toward extreme liberal views.
Drop the political agenda and give me back one of the best podcasts
I have listened to Guy for years and truly looked forward to each subject covered. I’ve learned a great deal and have appreciated his non-biased unassuming approach to all ways of thinking. It’s obvious now, with the change in host, that this podcast is changing too. I now notice all kinds of slanted language that sounds just like the talking points on the left I’m hoping to escape by listening. Really a shame that the folks producing this show have fallen right in line with the popular opinions of the day and have ceased to deliver straightforward fact based info with an open mind and curiosity. Too many more like this one on “water” and you’ll have lost a listener for good.
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I love the new host but I miss the opening; Technology, Engineering, Design!! Why did you drop it?!
Could we get Guy back??? I believe he’s a better report / host. His insight he adds to the TED talks in between TED Talks really help string things together better ideas and thoughts. I know this is most likely not gonna be accepted but I just wanted to speak the truth.
Inspirational, motivational, and thought-provoking
Once I start listening, I can’t seem to stop! Not only has each episode been informative and entertaining, they’ve also caused me to have some paradigm shifts. This world would be a better place if more people listened.
TED Radio Hour never disappoints!! I’ve stopped reading the descriptions now because, whatever it is, I know will interest and educate me on something new!!
I am a sponge
I love listening to this podcast. I am constantly learning from these episodes. Often times on subjects I wouldn’t ever research, like reproductive systems in fish. Keep up the great work. I want to soak up as much as I can.
So cool
Preston okley
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