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Thoughtful and inspiring
I look forward to this show each week. I find myself sharing many quotes and stories throughout the week with friends, family and colleagues. Love the empathy Manoush consistently displays. Absolutely my favorite show!
Ted Radio Hour
I have been an avid podcast listener, specifically the Ted Radio Hour. I can no longer listen to the new host, Manoush Zomorodi’s content or subjects. The content has not been helpful to me during the pandemic, quite the opposite. I have found it to be bias and quite the opposite of helpful. I have lost complete faith in the information presented during the podcasts. I’m disappointed in the lack of scientific basis for her presentations and supporting information. Her interviews are lacking so much so I am entering a review. I’ll be tuning into YouTube for my review is Ted talks.
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Amazing show!
I learn so many new things every time I listen to an episode! I love the way it’s produced, the sound engineering and the story telling. Looking forward for many many new eps!
Dave Jà Vù
Forced diversity training
Very hateful and divisive podcast. The school of life episode in particular. Appears it’s ok to hate white people
No Instagram help
Sorry Manoush
Was one of my favorites podcasts. Sorry manoush but we need a new host. You voice hurts my ears.
Political liberal fawning
I used to enjoy this immensely when Guy was hosting. Now it has turned highly political, fawning over lightweight media darlings and the host just drools over her guests. They should remember what TED stands for, get a better host and return to informative and thought provoking topics. So sad.....
eally mad customer
New Girl
At first I was super excited for this new girl for a new perspective. She’s crap. The episode format is inconsistent and everything is super weird and off. The episodes went from encouraging to scary. I’ve been listening for 3 years and I’m sorry to have to stop listening because of this.
Love Manoush Zomorodi and her energy
How do I donate to NPR, or PBS? Can you please tell me where I can find the information. Thank you, Jacqueline Meeker
Used to Love But the New Hosts Voice is Too Irritating
Ever since switching to the new host I can’t make it through episodes anymore. Her voice is like nails on a chalkboard.
Good content, bad host
The stories and content are well put together but Manoush’s voice sours the experience. She speaks with the inflection of a kindergarten teacher. Very off putting.
Greater good requires common sense
Common sense is what’s lacking in this fight against a novel cold virus. As a nurse in an ER I see a particular segment of our population to be very resistant to protecting themselves much less the “Greater”. A culture who thinks vaccines give you disease. A culture that is more concerned about “gittin money”, than anything else. A culture more upset about not being able to get out and buy a lottery ticket than not being able to get out and find a job. A culture that sees a motor vehicle accident as a possible paycheck. A culture that thinks putting a patient who’s having a heart attack ahead of their STD exposure is systemic racism. A culture who thinks that racism, however much of it really exists, has nothing to do with their own behavior. A culture whose very survival at this point in history depends solely on another culture’s unfounded guilt.
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The hosts voice is too enthusiastic...
It’s a good, informative podcast but the host is a little too much. Not sure if it’s her voice or her persona but I feel it’s too upbeat for this type of show...
Sorry Manoush
When Guy hosted this was best of the best, 5 stars. Now it has a different sound, different cadence, different rhythm that just doesn’t appeal to me. For some reason, Manoush sounds extremely nasally, like she has a swimming nose plug on, or like she just had a nasal surgery. I can’t get past it. Good luck.
Not great
I wish the shows were more objective. They used to cover a wide range of topics and I learned so much from this podcast when Guy hosted! I understand social issues are important and people with a platform feel a responsibility to speak up. I am sure the intentions are to inform listeners which is all great. However, the conversations always lean one way politically. The whole mission of TED is “Spread ideas” but I feel this podcast is now more in support of “Only spread ideas we agree with.” I don’t feel this podcast accurately represents TED well or aligns with their mission anymore.
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I miss the old format
I really used to love the old format for the show...several related TED talks that were woven together with a common thread. In the past, the talks were the lead and the focus. Any interview content just accentuated the ideas from the talks. I feel like you can’t call this the TED radio hour anymore...it’s just another ideas podcast. In the past couple of episodes I’ve tried to listen to I gave up before I even heard mention of an actual TED talk...Please PLEASE either change the name or bring back the old format.
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Used to be good.
Used to be good. Was one of my favorites. New host is too “woke” and dives very biased position. Everything is about victimhood. No longer a fan.
Responsibilities Not Rights
Ted radio hour
Love all of the episodes. Amazing people with so much to say. I always learn so much. Keep up the good work!
Larger than Ted alone
TED Talks are amazing! The only thing better than a TED Talk is a few people who have given TED Talks being interviewed about their topic in a larger context. Brilliant idea and SO well executed.
Fantastic...inspiring my son’s inquisitive mind.
Walking through the woods, filled with snow. This podcast had our conversation going down so many roads! Love Guy and listening to old podcasts.
I like it less
I used to listen and learn amazing things, it was one of my favorite pods because I was constantly inspired and having my mind blown. I feel like it has transformed into a show for hippy gen-X parents who are into spirituality nonsense and I find my self being annoyed, frustrated and turning it off. I know the host is new and maybe hasn’t found her footing yet so I will try back in a few months.
Politics and virtue signaling
The TED Radio Hour and How I Built This were my favorite podcasts, but after swerving into politics and virtue signaling I have unsubscribed and deleted both.
Too political
Find a new host and stop talking about politics.
Why is Manoush in Broadcasting?
Her voice is SO nasal! Ugh. It sounds like she literally has a clothes pin on her nose (like in the old cartoons.). I can’t bear to listen. Please Please find someone else to host. There are so many other talented women in broadcasting who don’t sound like Mini Mouse with a head cold. How did she get this job?
Missing out.
Since my HS is shut down for......? As a HS science teacher I make up on line lessons for my students. I have a “required listening” part of daily lessons. This is one podcast on list. For those that aren’t on line or “connected” I am trying to tape and mail weekly lessons to my students. Luckily post office mail man is helping pick up and mail envelopes with tapes. School has given cheap tape players to our “unconnected” students. Challenging to figure out new way to reach/ teach students. Thanks for making my job a bit more important now. Thankful, Dr. GC Hey, I am not a horse so please do not address your listening audience as “hey.” Don’t allow that in my school so please set a mature tone for us. Thanks, Dr. GC
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scared senior
Not good anymore
Listening to the older recordings from Guy, tried many times to listen to the new host but it’s not very good anymore.
Perpetuates neurosexism
The neuroscientist made sure to mention that men have larger brains, but failed to explain that gender differences in brain size have no correlation with intelligence or cognitive ability. Seems like a crucial fact to leave out. She also stated “Women’s brains differ from the male brain” which propagates the logical fallacy that males are the default and females are the aberration. It would be just as accurate to say “Men’s brains differ from the female brain” but of course men have to be presented as the standard human.
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My honest opinion
After Manoush became the host, I tried several times to pick up the latest episode, but not once can I finish the episode...Manoush cut off the guy talking about the hotel to talk about her feeling (her feeling that standing in the same room as Dr. King did years ago). I feel she has been trying very hard since hosting this podcast to deliver her feeling/opinion/idea to audience, but either her feeling is actually not authentic enough or did not make me feel what she felt and also her way of interacting with guests is somehow boring, she need to learn how to ask intriguing questions or questions audience actually care about. I understand new host need time to adjust, that is why I tried listen to the latest episode once while to check if the quality of the show has improved, but after more than 6 months, I don’t think that is going to happen. It is a shame to see a good podcast go down this way, I used to listen this podcast when I drove long distance and it was always a good company.
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Algorithmic inequities?
Folks, let’s stop being silly. Please...It’s still a quality podcast. 2 stars because it’s well produced, but lends a platform to people I’d rather not hear from.
Summary of advice: please try to curate viewpoints on all sides and feature content that is also focuses on technology and science as well as the social sciences. To all of the negative reviewers that are talk the hosts voice- dudes y’all’s audacity is outstanding. It wouldn’t matter who the new host was, y’all would have had some complaint because it’s DIFFERENT than something that you come to love. They hired her as a host for this show for a reason. It’s not like the position was competitive.
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Shawnie L
Im not trying to be difficult but when I choose to listen to a podcast about the experience of loneliness I am not really trying to hear about the struggle from the personal perspective of a PhD lol that’s alright but that’s not real.
Love the deeper look
Getting the back stories or extrapolation of the TED talks is awesome. So happy Manoush is hosting, love her energy and great journalistic background.
Sad to leave my once favorite podcast
I’m sorry to say but Manoush’s nasally voice has become unbearable for me. I’m all for supporting women and was truly excited when the transition was happening from Guy to Manoush. I used to religiously wait for new topics on a weekly but today, after many years, I finally unsubscribed. I tired. She’s great, but her voice is just not made for radio/podcast.
Used to listen
I learned a lot from listening to Guy, he was a great listener and interviewer. He was humble yet intelligent, every word he spoke was music to my ears, mind, and heart. I gave the new host a chance, but after maybe two or three episodes I gave up anticipating new shows. Not to be too objective, but TED needs Guy because he made this show. Bring him back please!
Not interesting anymore
Thos show used to be my favorite when Guy was the host. I loved listening to his voice and loved the topics he presented they were interesting and i always learned something new. Now, im sorry to say, the show lost everything it was and it seems Anoush talks only about liberal views, i dont mind them once in a while but not every single interview
Awesome Podcast!!!
Manoush, host of the TED Radio Hour podcast, highlights all aspects of the world, communities and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Clarisse Gomez
Change the host
I really want to still enjoy this show. However, the voice of the host is somewhat juvenile and difficult to listen to. I’m sure she’s wonderful at what she does, but the voice is just not right for this type of podcast
Annoying music makes me want to stop listening
The content is interesting but the music is too loud, repetitive distracting from the listening experience. Tone it down.
(We) messed this up.
Ofc, the base of the podcast is still AMAZING, and I would watch it. But, as I started noticing a few months ago, the host has been... a bit lazy? I started to hear almost the exact same podcasts in a 10-podcast range. Sorry, but you lost a lot of viewers from Guy leaving.
Sounds of Silence
I have hearing loss and am trying to listen but unfortunately the background music drowns out the speakers. How ironic!
Trying too hard
With the departure of Guy as host, it’s clear the new host and team is trying way too hard to try to do what Guy did but it doesn’t feel or sound authentic. The subjects don’t catch my attention anymore and the episodes drag on. You guys can fix it, but it would mean rethinking all of the changes you made and redesigning from scratch. I hope that you do it because I miss the glory days of this podcast.
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Awesome Story!
Stacey Abrams!! You are such a great woman. Your story will inspire a lot of people who got disappointed at some point in their life. Do not stop fighting!!!
Going from bad to worse…
Over the last while this show has slowly gone down the virtue signaling left wing wacko rabbit hole.
Used to be interesting but now libtard spew
Used to listen to this podcast and always learned something new and enjoyed the host. Now all far left wing trash. I have an open mind but geez. We’re not all backing antifa. Agree w reviewer that said “I found out today that water is racist” Ugh. Never again
Great discussions, but tend to go off topic
I think the topics covered are great and important to hear. While they do a good job, I have realized that lately they promise one thing from the description, but the actual conversations do not address the described topic. Before, you would know the topic and get a sort of satisfying listen. Lately they have been telling you the episode is about topic A, but they end up discussing topic B,C, so forth. After a few episodes lately I realized like wait a minute there really was no answer to the questions. I would appreciate if they tried stick to the topic a little more!
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Testing testing 000
Absolutely horrendous
I have been a long-time TED Radio Hour listener for years. Of course I was sad when Guy left, but I was still hopeful the show could carry on with the interesting content I looked forward to for every podcast. I’ve been so disappointed, listening to Manoush makes me feel sick. She is not a right fit for this podcast. But never mind her, I feel all the episodes are the same now. I miss hearing the wonderful topics covered by Guy as well as his objective view of each topic. I understand Guy most likely will not return, and I understand he wasn’t going to be the host forever, but PLEASE get a new host who can mimic his style at LEAST. Most listeners I’d imagine want new, thought-provoking content rather than reruns and the same commentary framed slightly different. Just look at “Guy’s Favorites” which were posted around the time he left. Each were so different and unique. Now it’s all the same.
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I tend to find the vast majority of people on these talks have an atheistic, agnostic, evolutionary worldview which permeates through the worldly wisdom they trumpet from this platform. Often interesting subjects but if the basic building block denies a Creator God, we’re just left with God-denying intellectual ramblings.
Paul (Cali Dude)
Too much recycled content
Just don’t post if there isn’t a new episode. I don’t want re-posts of old episodes clogging my feed.
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