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Can’t listen anymore
There’s nothing Technology Entertainment or Design about this show anymore. There’s no discussion of science or bright new ideas, everything has to have a left political spin to it. An episode titled “DIY”, makes me think it’s about home projects. Nope, it’s about LGBTQ and women in the workforce. It’s unbearable to listen to anymore. Stop catering to the 0.6%, NPR. Byeeeeee
Social justice not TED
Good content but it has turned into social justice content not TED. I’m already inundated with social justice and politics, this podcast used to be a place to come and learn new ideas without also hearing a “message”. Also interviews are sub par. Miss you Guy!
No longer TED
This show has gone completely off topic Nothing to do with Technology, Education and Design like it once was. jUst boring inane B.S.
Pure propaganda
I used to be such a big fan but not any more. For the last several years this show turned into complete garbage. Each episode is just a compilation of old ones with some propaganda talks. They manage to turn every topic to propaganda talks about whit supremacy, Republican Party and Trump. The can start from research about whales and somehow end up with Trump the worst president 🤷‍♂️
Still figuring itself out
I can appreciate the new spin that Manoush puts on the pod, but I do think that her episodes could use more information about technology, entertainment and design. There is a way to make episodes about those topics while also putting them into the context of a social justice framework, but it doesnt seem like the newer episodes have figured out how to do both of those at the same time while staying engaging.
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Too woke even for a Democrat
I was a listener for years, since 2011. Without Guy TED is just terrible. Too much about, racism, social justice, income inequality, self shaming white people etc… What happened to the science? Get another host and let’s get back to Technology Entertainment Design please. Ted was an escape from politics, not a trap to hold your head underwater in a pool of wokeness.
Missing Guy
After Guy Raz left, there was no reason to go on listening. I gave Manoush Zomorody several chances to charm me. Since that never happened, I have unsubscribed.
College radio for smug wokes
College radio for smug wokes
Cornhole jury
Trending Wrong Way
Subscribed years ago, and it seems less and less about sharing knowledge and ideas now. I can appreciate hearing about political issues and social issues, but I hear enough of it from other podcast I listen to. Also seems to be less neutrality in a given subject. Miss the good ol’ days with Guy Raz, but nothing personally against Manoush.
Needs New Content
I’ve been following this podcast since the beginning when Guy was hosting. Back then, it was engaging and had regular new content. Over the past 3 years, the show has become my last option since most of the content is repurposed. It’s not bad content, but is redundant for the weekly follower.
A favorite for any day
My go to podcast on any kind of day ☀️Manoush is my favorite podcast host - always so kind and inquisitive with guests. I always learn something I never knew I was missing and leave inspired. Thank you NPR!
Cassie ☺
I simply adore and hold near and dear to my heart, TED Radio Hour and NPR. I have the deepest gratitude for the content and access to the knowledge, beauty, curiosity, and intrigue. 🙏🏽
It used to be a cool
This used to be a good show but with Raz gone, the show has become so political and woke, is not even funny
Love the podcast, too many re-runs, though
Love the podcast, too many re-runs, though.
Take two weeks off and quit
I want to do a TED talk on why my TED talk should be the final TED talk.
The best of the best
Hello Good job 👏 Big up to you all This is the best podcast I love it . I listen to it all the time Thanks for the beautiful job you are doing and thanks for the great information giving us . I am really thankful . From Iran Jeff Dariani 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷
jeff Darian
Stimulating authentic radio
Always a surprise in the best possible way! A Sunday afternoon tradition.
Not how it used to with guy raz
The podcast feels like it’s going for a feminists approach now, more women relatable guests and not enough ideas and knowledge
capt pongg
Downhill recently
If I were not subscribed in the past I would absolutely not subscribe now. It’s annoying how the new host gasps/has childish reactions when guests say interesting things/reveal their points. I could really do workout the melodramatic reactions to basic statements. It’s also annoying how the host seems to not know much about their guests’ work. Maybe the host is too busy to properly research guests, but it’s been particularly bad recently. Additionally, it’s ridiculous that the host would receive criticism about the way her voice sounds and then get on Twitter to complain about the criticism and frame it as sexism. Unbelievable that criticizing a nasally voice is now sexiest lol.
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Pod fan 5838
Always excellent’
Long time fan. Awesome every time!
Great podcast
Inspirational podcasts that are teaching me something
Great show on the oceans
I learned about whale poop and how beneficial it is to the oceans. It was but one aspect of the show which enlightened me. Thank you.
Sylvia Earle
I loved hearing Sylvia Earle's voice, recording the oceans as our support system. Loved hearing ways that I can help in my every day life.
L.A. fan
Inspiring show- recent show on the health of the oceans makes me want to start my career over helping- and I’m 60!
A Connecticut Woman
Thought provoking and engaging
I have always loved TED talks and TEDx talks. Now that I have found Ted Radio Hour I have found my next great love. If your looking for a perplexing smorgasbord of thought engaging material. You have to check out this pod cast. You will love it. I highly recommend this weekly show.
C. A. Cohen
Late bloomers
I’m new to these Radio Hour podcasts but I want to complement Manoush Zomorodi for her fast moving style of interaction with her guests, her great questions and intelligence. I thought this was a great one!
This was very interesting. It made me curious about what I can do to stop my brain from declining, because I cannot stop menopause and my hormones from declining. I also wanted to know more about men and how their development/decline is different. Brain waves-how the brain communicates with itself was not explored here. It’s fascinating how there can be a communication gap in the brain waves and the upcoming technology that it changing it! Dive deeper.
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Life Stages of the Brain
Thoroughly enjoyed this episode -it takes you through the entire cycle of the development of the brain from new born to senior. It was presented in a comprehensive, clear and “ user friendly” way. Thank you! Excellent work!
Helen Sheinman
TED Radio Hour
Consistently excellent. Ms Zomorodi is smart and warm, connects w TED speakers, and chooses interesting issues, themes, and speakers
Bruce E.C.
Good decision
When I can’t figure out what to listen to Ted Hour always works. Interesting, astonishing and fascinating episodes constantly.
Just Sorry Now
Without Guy Raz this show has gone downhill. The episodes with him as the host have disappeared from the apply podcast app and were the only ones worth listening to.
Enjoyed listening to the last interview
I would like to suggest to invite Valerie in your next program . She made really good points in her speeches about demonstrations and their role in citizen’s roles in change.
Background music intrusive and annoying!
I can't stand to listen to the podcast anymore. What is with the music already? I love music. But trying to listen and pay attention to a story when these sappy notes keep interrupting is off putting.
Became Too Biased
Perhaps coincidentally or perhaps not, but the content of the shows became more liberal-minded when Manoush took over as host. I don’t know how topics and guests are chosen, but it’s a clear liberal topic each week. With Guy Raz as host, there was much less bias in the content and questions. Manoush, on the other hand, doesn’t hide her bias, even stating her opinions on some topics and openly disagreeing with her interview subject. I find that appalling in this style of podcast - science-based, not political. I am definitely not a conservative, but I like shows of this content to be neutral, interview a variety of guests, and most of all stay away from political overtones. The second problem with this show is the diminishing quantity of content. This seemingly started during the pandemic and hasn’t picked back up. I don’t know if it’s a budget issue, lazy employee(s) or a different issue, but it is annoying to see repeat episodes every other week. Unfortunately until a new host is chosen or content becomes more varied, I will not be subscribing any longer.
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So many interesting, positive stories!
I am always surprised at the range of uplifting stories by such a wide range of people. Such a bright spot when the news can be disheartening.
A deeply sad turn for the worst
I listened to the TED radio hour back in high school from 2014-2018 and was absolutely mesmerized by some of the episodes Guy Raz would be hosting. There was one with interviews with inmates in prison that I’ll never forget, there was one with a Buddhist monk as well that changed my life. I don’t know how the topics are picked and the people interviewed are picked, but something has gone horribly wrong. This podcast used to have a strong pulse on environmental issues, on creative work, on psychology, (what are the emotions that define us) but NOT in a wishy-washy, surface level way. Topics would get deeply philosophical, there would be researchers, experts in their fields, musicians, writers, and also just regular people with fascinating stories. I can’t even listen to this show anymore it’s so bad. There’s simply no following Guy Raz.
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your podcast lost its spark
Love it!
I love listening to the TED Radio Hour. Originally I discovered it via my local NPR station. I used to listen to it on my Amazon Alexa speaker, but now I listen to it regularly as a podcast while I walk my dog. It’s always very intriguing content and makes my walks in the hot, humid Texas summers more bearable.
A great way to spend an hour!
One of the best ways to spend an hour and further explore a TED Talk topic. Really more of a TED Discussion.
A favorite turned afterthought
I used to love listening to this podcast. Now there’s only old episodes, woke content after woke content, bad interview questions. Bring back Guy!
Pay to listen to old content
All these stations asking for monthly subs and all they’re doing is putting out old content. I’d be willing to pay if it wasn’t all rehashed content.
Without Guy Raz as the host this podcast is horrible!!!!!!! Once was one of the best has turned into a new for of listening torcher.
What’s happened?
This used to be my favorite podcast. Now all I see is “listen again”. It’s hard to believe topics have run out? Sadly, this podcast has fallen to the bottom of my listening list and I’m stubbornly holding out hope the new host pulls it together before it dies completely.
Steamboat Mary
Like Radiolab, only different
Long time listener, love the show. The new host, Manoush, is a fantastic!
Geo Bandito
TED Radio hour
Very Sad that TED Radio hour has gone down hill! I used to be a devoted listener. Maybe some Big changes need to be made!!
Ted Radio Hour is Plunging
I used to look forward listening to Ted Radio hour every week back when the host was Guy Raz - he was fabulous & always had the best topics. The new host only replays old episodes and she’s not that great of a interviewer. Please bring back Guy!!!
Shel Lynn
Progressive trash!
Listen and your mind will be controlled by completely insane narratives based on a messed up twisting of fact. If you listen and feel like you have actually learned something seek help for losing a grip on reality.
Ruined by SJW
Unlike the previous host who presented a wide variety of viewpoints and topics, the current host is a social justice warrior who only compiles speakers who fit her agendas.
Work, Play, Rest part 2
Such a fresh take on play! Jacob Collier is mind bending; I enjoyed listening to his perspective on creativity. I also was deeply moved by the response by the father of an autistic boy to create a safe virtual world for play. The pandemic has lifted both the need and importance of play. Excellent episode.
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