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fix i mom mo
Why are you so interested in menopause
jessica vegas
Valuable information
Life changing information. Thank you so much for caring enough to share this knowledge. Keep it up!
Lalita Gopi
Top Radio Program
I’ve come upon this radio program by chance many times and been captivated by it. Finally have it in my library.
A go-to podcast
TED radio hour is one of my go-to podcasts. They do an excellent job of selecting a topic and finding a few experts or creative brains (TED talk speakers) to discuss their point of view. The show is always well-put together and fun to listen to! This morning, TED radio hour accompanied me while I raked leaves, and made my chores so much more bearable!
Dr. DeStefano
Guy good Manoush bad
This was my favorite podcast until it changed hosts. It seems like Manoush is all about wokism and cares very little for Technology Entertainment and Design. I had to unfollow after it became political. I never figured a TED platform could be so opinion/social based and less logical. Easily the saddest podcast to let go.
Don’t bother.
This used to be a great podcast. Now it’s just liberal garbage.
Quality took a hard dive
I find myself trying to listen but end up quitting because it’s so bad
The formerly great TED
TED talks used to be great, but then shifted from real science, technology, art and intriguing topics to wokesters and leftist garbage. TED should be under some other section like leftist /liberal/Democrat/commie cult teachings. TED has Gone down the same path as NPR, MPR, etc. Nothing much of TeD has been other than a waste of time and electricity for years. A great idea turned to rubbish.
The topics are varied, interesting and informative. Love the format and the number of invited guests.
Taino Casique
Women’s Brains are Different
I scour the meta verse for information on women’s health. For me, right now, menopause is a highly researched topic. There is a horrible dearth of good information. So happy for the last chapter of the Ted Radio program today - even just this moment on menopause was so informative! More please - women’s health is health for at least half the earth, and peri- and full menopause are under-researched, but definitely under-covered. Thank you Ted!
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Its alright
Pretty good content and high quality production. The only thing that I have trouble with is the hosts voice. I know that's a really ridiculous thing to complain about and I know that she most likely can't help her stopped up nasal canal but nonetheless it can be pretty distracting.
Dino Day Show
Leave politics out.
So sick of politics infiltrating everything. Used to love learning from this podcast but now it’s managed to work a leftist political angle on almost every topic. There’s obvious bias. Make topics objective or have an equal amount of Ted talk speakers from both parties.
Thank you so much for putting all of this together! My only want is for more content!
Sir Nomis
I always enjoy listening to this podcast and look forward to the new ground breaking topics that are introduced. I always seem to have my mind blown by every episode! This is fascinating stuff and is our future. Please keep up the great work!
AJ Carrick
Moving on
I’ve tried, but episodes that are actually compelling are few and far between now. It’s not that I’m resistant to change as over this past year, another podcast I listen to changed host and format and I still love that podcast. I honestly can’t put my finger on why this one loses my interest, but perhaps I’ll try it again in a year.
Gone off the rails
Went woke like the rest of NPR. SAD.
It’s gone downhill so quickly
This used to be my favorite podcast. It was the show that got me into listening to podcasts. It was one of my ways of learning about interesting work being done outside of my field (physiology). It’s all changed. I don’t want to jump to blaming Manoush. My biggest issue is with the format change, and I’m sure that was a group decision. In the old format, mixed talks from several speakers from different fields of study and with varying perspectives on a topic. They would mix clips from their TED talks in with an interview with each speaker. The interviews were phenomenal, and the hour long finished piece always built into something that was more than just several interviews. You got 5-6 educated perspectives on a single topic/issue. Now, the best you get is an interview with 1-3 people, and each interview comes across as trying to force a certain perspective out of each person. In the old format, they did the interviews and let the common thread show itself. In the new format, they come in with a common thread just focus on it from the beginning. It seems kind of lazy compared to the old way. My second big issue is the number of reruns. I did a quick count, and in the last year, 30 new episodes have come out. The rest have been re-runs of TRH (and mostly very young re-runs at that) or episodes from another show. The old TRH would play reruns occasionally, but it was nowhere near 60% of the weekly releases. I’m sure COVID has some part in this, so I’ve tried to give them grace (especially when I remind myself I don’t have to pay a dime to listen). We’ve had a period of time now where TED events just haven’t happened like they used to. Though as I say this, I’m reminded that the TED vault goes VERY deep, and surely they haven’t run out of old content to tap. Lastly, the new format just comes across as more biased. They haven’t said anything that I severely disagree with, but I do severely disagree with presenting a single perspective on subjective topics. This is especially the case when you have a platform like TED and NPR do. I’ve given the new format a year and a half of chances now, and it’s just not cutting it. Transitions are always hard, and Manoush came in two months before the crap hit the fan with COVID in the US, so her grace period was longer than it normally would have been. This has just become a bad show, and they seem to be intent on sticking with the course they’re on. I loved TRH so much, and I’m still subscribed, hoping whenever a new episode comes out that it’ll be more what it used to be, but I usually give up about 10 minutes in now.
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New host, completely different show, I’m devastated!
I understand people have a tendency to resist change, but this is no longer the same show. It must be hard to replace Guy Raz, but this used to be a favorite show, & now I’ve give up trying to like Manoush. I read some of the other poor reviews, & it’s a consensus. Guy would always take multiple TED talks on related topics & further delve into them with interviews done with the experts who gave the talks. They were unbiased, science-based, intriguing, & professional. Now I feel like it’s become Manoush’s personal podcast choosing whatever topics she likes, riddled with opinions of her own, along with interviewees that she picks out of who knows where. I genuinely have a hard time listening to her. It’s reminds of an outdated radio DJs voice & comes off as pretty fake and insincere. This is no longer a science podcast, it’s mostly re-runs, and whatever new content is more fit for a blog made by & for liberal uni students trying too hard.
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Jei Su
I miss Guy Raz
Ever since Manoush Zomoradi became host the show has changed drastically. I keep forcing myself to listen bc I want the ‘TED’ technology, entertainment, design to come back to the show, but the stories are far from that. Even the replays are shows manoush has done so I don’t listen to those. Still waiting. I may give up though.
Kevin Shoe liverpool
Great podcast!
This podcast is very interesting and tackles a wide variety of topics. Thank you to the hosts for brightening my day!
Fuzzy grasshopper
Always fascinating!
The topics are wide-ranging, the approaches imaginative - I always learn so much!
I’ve loved TED since I heard about the talks in high school. I’ve been listening to NPR in some form or another all my life. Now they do a podcast together. It’s like finding out there’s extra chocolate chunks in your favorite super chocolate brownie. More, please!
Not that great these days
I miss Guy Raz. I tried to like the new host but the way they conduct the podcast, just isn’t for me. Also, there hasn’t been a lot a new topics since Guy left.
A regular “must hear” podcast
Listen, even to those which don’t seem interesting. Before it’s over, you will be glad you did.
If it isn’t broke don’t fix it
I used to really enjoy listening to this podcast. It seems like every episode lately has undertones of doom and gloom and the interviews (to me) have come across as trying too hard or insincere.
Saving the Natural World
I have always loved the TED Radio Hour but after getting chills and even a little hope for the world this week after listening to Dr Sylvia Earle talk about the oceans, I figured it was time express my appreciation. Thank you TED Radio Hour.
What a great show! Often fascinating, sometimes alarming, always relevant.
Always learn something new...
Love this podcast...been listening a longtime. Manoush does a great job and is an excellent host... I loved Guy also, who was the original host, and listen to his other podcast now. Keep up the great work!
So informative!
Love this podcast. Interesting subjects, informative guest speakers an absolutely wonderful listen! Tickle your brains and your emotions.
Uniquely Great!
Whoever thought of doing a podcast that curates the best TED Talks around specific themes deserves a MacArthur Genius Award. This show amplifies the message and content of individual speakers by helping us see the connections and that’s transformative.
Enriches My knowledge base more than any other podcast
I absolutely love Ted Radio Hour. I am constantly being entertained and learn so much from that entertainment. Ted Radio Hour is like a life line for my intellect and heart at the same time! As someone who is a busy working person I don’t have time for classes but I spend a lot of time in my car for work and have listening time while doing chores and exercising and have come to enjoy the diverse subjects and the way they are presented.
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Always interesting
I started listening TED radio, Sunday mornings on NPR, now when I miss it, I can have it on my podcast library, always!
Carolina Mascarin
Thought-provoking and educational
I almost always learn several new things with each episode. I'm always entertained and never regret the time spent listening.
Brilliant and creative curation
Love it! I love this show. I love many Ted Talks but I really admire the curation and production of this show. I love the vibe here and always leave my listening with a story to share. It is one of my favorites. I recommend it to my podcast friends and to those new to this world. Thanks so much.
Ted Radio Hour - Black History and our Future episode
I was listening to a very engaging episode of February 25 2021. I must say, Manoosh Zomorodi sounds like she’s almost there as an interviewer, but not quite. The interviewer disappointed tremendously! Hope she reads it in the spirit of learning to improve and be a better podcaster. She interviewed a very interesting and brilliant sounding Computer Scientist - Joy Buelomwini. Manoosh: you sounded like a “white suburban male” when you asked her why be a Debbie-Downer about the algorithmic justice group - seriously? Was that the best you could do? Here was a bright young lady who is acting as a much needed Watch-dog entity and you had no interesting way to bring out her motivation in doing this? You sounded very inadequate and under-educated in many of the questions you asked her. Power to Joy: I was very impressed with her cool and how she elevated herself with every answer. I would love to hear Guy Raz interview Joy one more time just to hear her explain with more examples on how she’s doing an amazing job with her group! For example, I would love to know if the training algorithms can then be fed data by obfuscating discriminating information? Would it compromise the accuracy of the analysis? Manoosh: take it to the intellectual level it deserves. Listen to your questions and figure out how you can sound less stupid. OR better yet, how to come out smarter like Ms. Joy did. Some interviewers like to hear their voice and their “wit” and forget that their job is to bring out what’s special in the person they are talking to.
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Too political.
I’ve always appreciated opposing viewpoints. It’s necessary in our society for each of us to understand how the foundational values of people with different opinions shape their view of the world. That’s the only way to find common ground. Since the new host took over, this podcast has become more and more hostile to opposing viewpoints. In my opinion it is no longer about information but indoctrination. That’s the very last thing that we need more of right now.
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A great show... ruined
It’s been said in previous reviews, but I’ll put my two cents in. Every episode is now infused with biased political/social commentary. Every topic seems to have some kind of liberal woke messaging attached to it. When Guy Raz was the host, he presented topics that not only were fascinating and induced curiosity, but he always made sure to include different perspectives to really make you think. The show now has a host that simply pushes her own beliefs and agendas to the forefront instead of presenting both sides or keeping the topic neutral. I will be unsubscribing, as this podcast no longer presents the fun, interesting context it used to. Sad that it went down like this.
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The Logosmith
Former great show has gone WOKE
The facts and interviews have become woke snd political. This is coming from a Democrat. I hate to see politics taint facts. NPR, what has happened?
Not as interesting as before . I’m sorry
Sad to say goodbye
This show used to be awesome but since switching hosts, the show is just not good. Every piece of media has a bias in some direction and we al know that. However this show isn’t even thought provoking anymore. It’s trying to make you think in a particular way blatantly. It’s also lost its way in terms of content. No science, no tech, no innovation and the intersection between those things and human life. Just, often, extreme (and I hate these political designations that are overloaded with partisan meaning)liberal view points. It’s hard to get through an episode and not feel like I’ve wasted 53+ minutes. So after 7years of listening either on the radio or by podcast, I’m out.
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Smart people with popular indoctrination
Very sad to hear a great subject fall into the memes of popular racism exposed in critical race theory and intersectionality. Keep logical stop pushing the falsehoods of crt, you may believe it but it makes you sound stupid and dogmatic! As a if person without the integrity to be listened too.
Always interesting
Always interesting and engaging. Great talks on interesting subjects. Great show.
Thank you
Just want to say thank you! I throughly enjoy and learn from each podcast. They make me reevaluate my previous thoughts and gain compassion. Especially, thank you for having Isabel Wilkerson, much appreciated!
Didn’t like this host on her last show, don’t like her now
Her last podcast was a show about technology where she offered mostly unscientific solutions. Cancelled after a while. I guess she followed me here. I understand the nature of TED means they have to follow societal pressures sometimes and that’s okay. But it’s been getting more and more. We’ll see where it goes. Please try to keep it the way it was.
i'm not a trumpite
All encompassing, without bias
Manoush is simply one of a team selecting subjects. As a presenter, she is top notch.
Yeh, I woke up this morning deciding to face the world logically, rationally, and with common sense.
New host is really biased and the show is now just another leftist “teaching” snow, only one sided
Woke activism.
Was great...
This show has been awful since Guy Raz left, Manoush’s voice sounds like nails on a chalkboard. Also it is way less focused on science and technology, now it’s more centered around woke social issues.
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