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Mind, Body, Spirit - Part 2
In part 2 of our series Mind, Body, Spirit, TED speakers explore ideas about movement, pleasure and rest.
Mar 23
50 min
Mind, Body, Spirit - Part 1
For millennia, humans have debated the mind, body, spirit connection. But today, the phrase sounds trite — a hallmark of the #selfcare industry. Over the next three episodes, TED speakers will investigate fresh perspectives on how we think, move, and feel. This hour: the mind. Guests include animal behaviorist and autism activist Temple Grandin, podcast host and meditation advocate Dan Harris, neurointerventionist and entrepreneur Tom Oxley and poet Sarah Kay Starting Wednesday, March 22, TED Radio Hour Plus subscribers will get access to bonus episodes, with more ideas from TED speakers and a behind the scenes look with our producers. A Plus subscription also lets you listen to regular episodes (like this one!) without ads. Sign-up at plus.npr.org/ted.
Mar 16
50 min
Why We're Living Longer
This hour, we talk with writer Steven Johnson on the many breakthroughs that have doubled life expectancy — and where we go from here.
Mar 9
50 min
Humor Us
This hour, TED speakers share how we can wield humor as a tool across all aspects of our lives.
Mar 2
50 min
Small But Mighty
This hour, TED speakers explore the surprising strength of all things miniscule and fleeting.
Feb 23
50 min
Bucking the System (2021)
Guests include economist Emily Oster, lawyer Priti Krishtel and social psychologist Phillip Atiba Goff.
Feb 16
50 min
New Family Values
This hour, author and psychologist Andrew Solomon discusses modern family dynamics — and how families can find joy even when life gets complicated.
Feb 9
50 min
The Forgotten Mothers of Civil Rights History (2022)
Author Anna Malaika Tubbs shares the stories of three mothers who shaped American history.
Feb 2
50 min
For All Eternity
This hour, TED speakers explore preserving our past, present and future.
Jan 26
50 min
Take Care
This hour, TED speakers share ideas on reimagining caregiving.
Jan 19
50 min
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