Team VTAC with Kyle Lamb
Team VTAC with Kyle Lamb
Kyle Lamb
Team VTAC Podcast Welcome to the Team VTAC Show with Sergeant Major (RET) Kyle Lamb. He is a world renowned adventurer and Special Operations Soldier who brings years of experience and leadership to his listeners. This podcast is about living in the real world, fighting real enemies. He is also the author of several books to include Leadership in the Shadows. In this show Kyle talks with operators, outdoorsman, and leaders from across the warrior spectrum. SGM(R) Lamb isn’t afraid to ask the hard questions and dig deep so listeners can learn from his guests as well as his broad range of past experiences.
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Yes and yes. Listen and Learn.
Can’t get enough of this guy.
A must listen to podcast
This is my favorite podcast! So many great discussions with a wide variety of guests from around the industry. I enjoy hearing Kyle Lamb’s take and frankly would listen if it was just him sharing his thoughts but he does a great job of interviewing the guests and letting the podcast flow naturally. The most recent podcast with Duke from Misfit Toys is the best of the best. Filled with humor, wisdom, and grace . There are some heavy subjects discussed with refreshing honesty. Keep up the great work and God Bless the Lamb family and all their guests!
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John Dean from The Iron House
Misfit Toys
The episode with Duke Krieger is the best podcast I’ve ever heard...ever...of any podcasts, ever! Christian. Funny. Serious. Emotional. Raw. Encouraging. Thoughtful. Spontaneous. Keep up the great work and great guests, SGM Lamb!
Dirk McDizzle
The Team VTAC Podcast
The team VTAC podcast is simply just awesome. It amazes me how much my views of kit, politics, and everything in between align with Mr. Lamb. If I had to choose a narrator for a movie about my life it would be a toss up between Kyle and Sam Jackson.
My favorite podcast!!
I love this podcast! I get to see insights into the amazing life of a true American Warrior and patriot. He’s led such a different life from me, a civilian orthopaedic surgeon. Thank you Kyle
The Coluch
Very enjoyable to listen too!
I can’t wait for when the new podcast comes out. I started listening to Podcasts and Kyle when stuck at home because of the Chinese Virus. I started at episode # 1 and would binge listen all day long. Because of him, I now have a stack of books that he read and talked about that I have to read now as I get time.
piper 3.0
Awesome info from one of the best
Always a pleasure listening to this podcast , great info and always enjoy trying to learn more from the best
slapshot 19
Cannot say enough good...
Love Team VTAC podcasts! Kyle Lamb has positively impacted my book list! The man just embodies American patriotism, and as an Army dad, I appreciate that! Interesting guests, professional quality podcasts, great perspective backed up with unique career experiences. If you love America, history, reading, shooting; listen to Team VTAC.
Proud Army Dad
Always on point
Regardless of the topic, Kyle and his guests never disappoint.
Great Stuff
I enjoy this podcast even when they are discussing topics that I’m not interested in!!! Well done, always professional, always humorous, good interaction with listeners, and I appreciate that’s the language is clean. Thanks and keep up the good work!!
Kyle Lamb. True American!
There is no better podcast available. PERIOD! Kyle Lamb is humble, helpful, and a true American hero! God bless Kyle Lamb, and God bless America !
Kyle answers question #84
Another unintended consequence of COVID19, a solo Kyle podcast. Outstanding!! The variety of questions kept it fresh. The answers were insightful as to your thought process. Your guests are experts in their fields and it’s always a learning experience but this was all Kyle and I liked it.
Quality Subjects
One of the better aspects of this Podcast is the wide range of topics covered with some of the best people around. Not just a series of war stories or discussion of tactics. This includes conversations about hunting, fishing, gear, politics, philosophy, music, law, the constitution, and COFFEE -- all at a high level of discussion. Extraordinarily bright and supremely fun. This is my favorite.
Episode 84: Kyle answers questions
Kyle is alone in a room answering questions for the entire episode... and I LOVED it. Really good episode with solid info for military, LEO’s & civilians alike. Whether your a competition shooter, hunter, sport shooter, plinker, self/home defender, SWAT, or a Tier 1 soul-taker (heck, even a frog man....maybe) there’s something here for you. If only Kyle looked more like Chili Palmer....
Great podcast!
Love it! Every week is different and Kyle has some very interesting guests. Especially love the war history stuff. My o Lu complaint is that there aren’t more of them.
Big Hadi
Quality info
I really appreciate this show
Zebulon •••••*****
Great resource
As an enlisted soldier, who also loves the outdoors, this podcast has proven to be a true resource. The individuals that Mr. Lamb brings on the show are experts in their field. They commonly discuss things that are pertinent to me as a leader, protector and outdoorsman. Most importantly, they discuss where you can go to continue self-development and improve skills. If you are looking to grow yourself as a person, start right here and follow the paths that Mr. Lamb and other experts lay out for you.
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Great Podcast, great guests and a lot of fun to listen to. Thank you Kyle for all you have done.
Hector Spada
Good Stuff!
George Washington Episode - Victory or Death, rocked! Thank you for your efforts on our behalf.
Thank you SGM Lamb!
Always been a fan of SGM Lamb and VTAC Accessories, now I’m on a roll with my 16th Pod Cast. Great discussion and guests. Previously a Starbucks Customer, but Just ordered two pounds of Berserker Blend Black Rifle Coffee (and a t-shirt) on Line. I’ll be ordering and drinking Black Rifle from now on! Anything I can do to support the 2A Cause and great American Veteran owned companies like this. God Bless America 🦅🇺🇸!
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Gen. Washington
Great history podcast. Loved the commentary on Washington and his strategies. And got me hooked on TURN. Definitely would enjoy more historical podcasts with your viewpoints.
Great Podcast
I really enjoy hearing Kyle and his guests talk about a myriad of different subjects. Especially the history lessons that Kyle is very much into. Bill
Will Bill 2
Episodes 64
Two more outstanding podcasts. CSM Bennie Akdins books is a must read. Cannot help but feeling deeply patriotic after listening to these two legendary warriors.
Gray Card
Love that your down here in Georgia!
Tobiscus the great
Fantastic podcast
Top shelf podcasts. Kyle does an awesome job of covering a diverse range of topics and interviewing some great guest. Always interesting and I learn something. Mr. Lamb is a true patriot and American hero who’s great character shows through in every episode.
Interview: MOH Recipient Bennie Adkins
Outstanding interview!! The best interview (regarding all other podcasts of interviewers) that I have listened to - thanks!!
CSM Bennie Adkins
Wow...I have to say this was THE BEST podcast Mr Lamb !!!!!!
other brother darryl
Absolutely loved listening to Zumwalt. From busting Kyles chops to speaking of our faith. Loved it!
New to the podcast but I’m just 20 mins I felt like I was back in uniform hanging out with some of my buddies back in CAV talking about the recent deployment or chick from outside the base. Thanks guys, keep up the great work
haysville stew
Great podcast, but....Donald Trump?
The Pat Sweeney/Tom Beckstrand episode was gearing up to be one the best ones yet. Great people, totally engrossing......until they talk politics and start defending....Donald Trump? Lost me at that point. He’s the criminal you see in others, he’s the corruption bringing us all down. Why can’t you se that? Because he defends the 2nd Amendment? Your support for him will be the END of the 2nd Amendment, not the protection of it. Please reconsider.
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Simply the best
Patriotic, conservative, hunting, shooting, coffee & humor. I could not have asked for a better podcast taylor made for me. I only wish it was daily.
Keep them coming!
I deliver packages for a living so I have plenty of time. Please continue these great informative podcast. I especially love the history ones, even though I came to your space looking for shooting information as I started shooting 3-gun. Thanks again
Browntown rider
Great podcast
Great history delivered well. Thanks!
Victory or Death
Just finished this episode. Some very interesting and important historical facts that im glad I learned. Kyle’s son imitating the British and Hessian soldiers was pretty stinking funny. Definitely entertaining. Glad I was able to listen, laugh and learn.
Everyday Carey
Loved it!
Really enjoyed the “Victory or Death” episode.
Lamb podcast
I really like Kyle and he is doing a great job with the podcast including getting interesting guests and a broad range of topics. My only suggestion is to try to keep it to one hour.
Joe Zasa
Love it
I am a newer listener to your podcast. I started listening with your conversation with Brad Thor and I a became a fan of the show. I just finished listening to your conversation with Patrick Sweeney, which was incredible. I found Victory or Death to be very interesting an i learned a lot about some American history. Keep up the good work. I also like the intro/exit song you use. Thanks Mr. Lamb!
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History podcasts
Keep up the history podcasts up. Great one.
Guns and ammo
Great podcast !
Mich Rap
Victory or death
The VTAC podcast is the highlight to my morning commute. This episode made it hard to drive as I was crying laughing listening to Lucas do British accents. Keep’m coming.
Gangle Shanks
American History!
Absolutely loved the history episode. It was a great history refresher in addition to learning a few new things. I think a history episode added to the lineup of podcasts would be awesome. Thank you!
4-7 Cav Scout
Victory or death
Keep these podcasts coming. I love talking, listening and absorbing history. Love it when you do these. More more more!
History podcast
You must continue these. To review historic findings from a tactical mindset is awesome. Can’t wait to here Rogers rangers.
Terrific Podcast
Just discovered Kyle’s Podcast and thought it would be a good listen. I listen to several but have to say this may be the best ever. I had no idea he was discussing America history with his guests. Dude loves America, America history, and is unapologetically Christian. I’m all in and plan on recommending the podcast to others.
Great show.
Kyle Lamb is like your commando dad and he shares great insights and stories. I especially liked the most recent podcast about the Battle of Trenton. Keep it up.
Adam Alexander
Kyle is a great dude who brings in some real colorful fun guests. He Always has quality content and is just fun to listen to.
Technical memo
Loving this content. Inspired to take some forging glasses! Just a technical observation, the hosts’ output has a slight echo. Both guests are crystal clear. Thank you for your service. 🇺🇸
taj OS_Patriot
Devilish good looks and everlasting.
Everyone of theses podcasts you learn something and the humor! I listen to them as I drive and I’ve had to slow down a time or two because I was laughing so hard! Keep up the good work, God Bless America! Semper Fi!
Episode #54 was my 1st. Great show, thank you! My closing though.....the strongest thing you can leave is your imprint on your children, so father like today’s your last!
Black rifle coffee and Ron Cohen
I love these two podcast, and over loving them all. I live in Coffee Co TN and need to visit BRCC and will visit Sig Sauer academy in the future. Kyle keep up the great work!!!!
Kingsport Ninja
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