Team VTAC with Kyle Lamb
Team VTAC with Kyle Lamb
Kyle Lamb
Team VTAC Podcast Welcome to the Team VTAC Show with Sergeant Major (RET) Kyle Lamb. He is a world renowned adventurer and Special Operations Soldier who brings years of experience and leadership to his listeners. This podcast is about living in the real world, fighting real enemies. He is also the author of several books to include Leadership in the Shadows. In this show Kyle talks with operators, outdoorsman, and leaders from across the warrior spectrum. SGM(R) Lamb isn’t afraid to ask the hard questions and dig deep so listeners can learn from his guests as well as his broad range of past experiences.
Episode 93 Jerry Miculek and Colonel Lynn Ashley
Jerry Miculek, the fastest revolover shooter of all time and Colonel (R) Lynn Ashley, Special Forces leader and true Patriot join John Burns from Wyoming Arms and Kyle to discuss everything shooting. Jerry and Lynn are two great dudes that came to Wyoming to hunt with us this past fall. Enjoy and God Bless America!!
Jan 19
1 hr 30 min
Episode 92 Leupold Optics CEO Bruce Pettet, Mule Deer, Bird Hunting, and the Leupold Delta Point Micro
Leupold's Bruce Pettet and Kyle meet in Utah to hunt mule deer and talk trash. Bruce talks bird dogs and bird hunting. He also lets the Delta Point Micro out of the bag. Bruce is a great leader who keeps Leupold moving in the right direction. God Bless America!!
Jan 4
50 min
Episode 91 CRG Plans Honchos and Former Rangers Ethan Killeen and Mike Rodgers
Former Rangers Ethan Killeen and Mike Rodgers talk about how their Veteran Owned business idea became a reality. CRG Plans makes Collaborative Response Graphics for LE and First Responders using techniques they learned overseas fighting terrorists. Using the GRG (Gridded Reference Graphic) as a starting point they have changed the way emergencies unfold. Two great young men. God Bless America!!
Dec 23, 2020
1 hr 23 min
Episode 90 Dave Eubank, Free Burma Rangers ,Former Army Ranger and 1st Special Forces Group "O"
Dave Eubank always make me feel like a little kid, he is a man I look up to for his convictions to risk everything for the Free Burma Rangers. Dave is a former US Army Ranger and 1st Special Forces Group soldier as well. He and his family have led a life of great sacrifice in the name of their testimony of helping those in Burma and around the world. God Bless Dave and his family and God Bless the United States of America!!
Dec 4, 2020
1 hr 28 min
Episode 89 Colonel Larry Perino friend and fellow Somalia Veteran
Had the honor of sitting down with Colonel (R) Larry Perino in Florida. Great man, fellow Warrior. He served with the Rangers during the Blackhawk Down mission in Mogadishu Somalia, 1993. God Bless America!!
Nov 17, 2020
1 hr 21 min
Episode 88 Allen Elishewitz Marine and Custom Knife Designer
Allen ventured to Crusader Acres to teach the Viking blade grinding. Great fun and a great dude. Allen is deep into the fighting arts and makes unbelievable knives. God Bless America!!
Oct 25, 2020
1 hr 34 min
Episode 87 Duke Krieger Chief Bottle Washer at Misfit Toy Society
Duke took a little time away from doing Rich Little impersonations to swing by the studio. This podcast got a little more serious than I intended. If you know anyone struggling, get in touch with them and help out your Ranger buddy. Check out We need to take care of those that take care of us. God Bless America!!
Jul 31, 2020
1 hr 39 min
Episode 86 Pete Brownell and Simon Pierce from Brownells
Had a chance to swing by Brownells HQ in Iowa and sit down with Pete Brownell, the Grandson of the origin mail order catalog company Brownells. If you are a gun guy you have bought from this company or drooled on their amazing catalog. God Bless America!!
Jul 7, 2020
1 hr 35 min
Episode 85 Jason Gatliff from Muzzleloader Magazine and Ehrin Ehlert aka Kasper Mansker
We start out with a surprise guest who happens to be over 250 years old, Kasper Mansker. Jason Gatliff from Muzzleloader Magazine and his buddy Ehrin Ehlert join the podcast for discussions on history, old time guns, and how having a good publicist can help make you famous. God Bless America!!
May 21, 2020
1 hr 33 min
Episode 84 Kyle answers your Tactical and Shooting questions from Instagram and Facebook. God Bless America!!
Kyle answers your Tactical and Shooting questions from Instagram and Facebook. God Bless America!!
May 12, 2020
1 hr 19 min
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