Team VTAC with Kyle Lamb
Team VTAC with Kyle Lamb
Kyle Lamb
Episode 74 Rorke Denver/SEAL, Chili Palmer/Army SOF Dude/, John Burns/Air Force POL, and Ryan Cleckner/ Army Ranger
1 hour 20 minutes Posted Mar 1, 2020 at 9:13 am.
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Show notes

Hunting cow elk in Wyoming with America’s finest. My old Unit mate, Chili Palmer from FLIR, Commander Rorke Denver, Navy SEAL. I guess I should just say SEAL since the Navy is the only service with hoodlums like Rorke. Air Force POL expert John Burns aka Giggles, the main man at Wyoming Arms, and my fellow criminal and all around good cat, Ryan Cleckner, also a former Army sniper who hails from 1st Ranger Battalion. What a room full of great men. God Bless America!!