Team Never Quit
Team Never Quit
Marcus Luttrell
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I miss Rut. Lots of ads that interrupt the flow
Zio propaganda
So, to summarize, don't mention Johnathan Pollard. Only mention “Robert Hanssen.” Yeah…. Traitors the lot of them.
Big EbD
Great kid
Rishi interview was awesome!
Thank you Team Never Quit
You Rock! Do you remember the Buke Ryu Dojo? Stay on target. Thank you.
Great podcast
Great podcast great hosts much respect to you all. Thank y’all for your service and for your time to provide us with this podcast.
Anonymous animal lover
Good Vibes
Great job keeping the positivity in all of your shows no matter what the topic may be
Love the Pod!
Great pod. One correction though. Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy is 1 in 3,500- 5,000 boys NOT 1 in 30,000. It is even less rare.
One of the sharpest guys to do it right now IMO. The ability to make people honestly believe he’s an ol burned out bayou boy, when in reality he’s probably the sharpest guy in the studio at any given time. Good things happen to good people, and in case you ain’t noticed…..Theo, you doing GOOD, SON!
Must Listen!!
Do yourselves a favor a dig into these! If you’re struggling….this might be what you need. ❤️❤️. Much love to the entire team never quit family!!❤️❤️
Another great one!
Yet another one of your episodes brought me to tears. “Spanky” was a good one! God bless y’all!
The Blount guy
Aaron Walker Podcast
Tell Marcus to STOP cutting onions up when I’m listening to the podcast! Dammit! Great story!
Let the guest tell their story
At times it seems the interviewers forgot they had a guest. The interviewing style not conducive to great story telling.
Great show
Marcus and teammdo an outstanding job of having down to earth conversations with guests and having them feel comfortable. Would love to hear about Marcus’ path on his mental rehab
I love the podcast and I’ve listened since it’s inception but Marcus needs to let the guests finish their storyline or perspectives without interrupting so often. We know his philosophies and wisdom very well and it has its time and place in the interview. But sometimes it’s evident the guest loses their flow of thought when there’s chronic insertion of interviewer comments beyond the necessary questions.
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Gold Star wife Michelle Black
Good episode-I personably know the aunt of SGT Dustin Wright that was killed in the same ambush.
Great podcast
I ❤ zombies
Great show
I am just into my first show and it is fantastic!
Solid show
The shows message and guests are great but Marcus can interject a little too often and Melanie adds no value to the conversations.
Awesome show
Thank you
I listen to a lot of podcast, and this is my all time favorite. Marcus and the crew make you feel part of the team , and a part of the show. I always listen every Wednesday and love listening to past episodes while I work in the shop or long trips. Truly inspiring and just gives you the motivation that you need daily and weekly a true never quit podcast. Thank you for your service, and keep up the good work. Thank you
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Livew1re man
Great podcast!!
Thank you for a great podcast! Love the interviews and how you all make it fun. Thank you for your service of this great nation! Thanks!!!
Motivating, fun, entertaining
Love hearing Team Never Quit. The guest are always top quality. Marcus telling his own stories and experiences adds another 5 stars on top. Thank y’all for what you do.
Never quits, never stops.
Everyday fun and motivation for us old geezer!
Hi Marcus
I love your podcast
Tommy O’Hare Episode
Great interview you need to bring more veterans. O’Hare brought back a lot of memories of service both at hoke and abroad. Semper Fi Godfather Ramadi 06
Godfather Rock
Great interview
The Robert Paylor interview was awesome, he gave a heart wrenching story about his accident, but left me with hope. Mr. Latrell you & your wife really were at your very best on this one!
tigercat 99!
Not What it Used to Be
I really enjoyed the first year plus of this podcast. The show used to include a guy that interrupted the interviews too much (while Marcus attempted to reign him in), but he left over a year ago. Now Marcus and his wife interrupt the interviewees far too often and the show lacks a cohesive flow. I’d really like to see Marcus host the show on his own to see if he can just guide the guest through worthwhile discussions because his guests are typically interesting. I’ll come back to the show in 6 months to see if there’s improvement.
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real and raw
love listening!
Little Lizzie 4/8
Patrick Bisher
Convicting as a fellow believer to reengage with how to serve my unit.
5 stars
Great Show
Incredible, inspirational, hilarious
This is the first podcast that I’ve dived into and can’t turn it off. I’ll throw it while I’m working or driving. I am a disabled combat veteran and can relate to so many of the guests, stories and their struggles. It’s so motivating and inspirational to hear from all the guest. That’s why I love this podcast. The reason why I decided to write a review (which I rarely do) is because of the episode I’m currently listening to, Air Force LTC Dan Rooney, hit me on a very personal level. I had it playing in the background while sitting at my desk working. He mentioned the name of a soldier that inspired him to start Folds of Honor. CPL Brock Bucklin. It froze me up. I was deployed with CPL Bucklin. He was incredible person, soldier and friend. I’ve lost a lot of brothers over there. What caught me off guard, was, I’ve rarely heard the names of my brothers said over across such a largely coveted platform of media. Especially 16 years later. And for it to be from a person who had no personal connection to him. More incredible is that that moment drove LTC Rooney to create such an incredible organization. Thank you so much to all of you for everything all of you do.
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anth g High guy du
True Americans
Your insightful topics and guests always leave me wanting more. Thank you with all true Americans hearts! America loves Luttrell Brothers and their families and especially love the teams. May Christ bless all of you!
69 Commando
Great show.
Great show always looking forward to the next episode. Really enjoy the look into all the guest journeys through life.
Thank you for all you did to serve our great country as well as all that you are still doing to bring awareness and some understanding.
cadillac matt
Each episode is informative, motivating, and exciting. So thankful to have the privelage each week to experience this. TNQ rocks🤘
willie make it
I would love to meet Marcus in person!!! I would have to say MURDOCK!!! Anyone that crazy would be a BLAST to work with!!!
Mile Monster!!!
Dr Billy Alsbrooks
Wow.. This is best message I have ever heard. Ever since my dad passed, I have not been the same. Thanks for the message. Now I know how to get over the panic attacks. God bless you Mike
Thanks guys
The Wildcatbruce
Ruck up buttercup
This podcast makes me laugh but also picks me up when I’m down. It’s meant a lot to me as I deal with loss of my wife. It reinforces what we were taught back in battalion. Thanks guys!
I listen whenever I can squeeze time in.
Amazing podcast
This podcast is phenomenal.
Great podcast. Very inspiring.
Great podcast. Great guests. Very inspirational.
Chadd Wright
Love this podcast!!! 😎
Just an awesome podcast
Louisiana man 72
Listen to this!
Letssss Goooooo!! This is my Highly recommend!
Real, Raw, Truth! Absolutely amazing!
I don’t know how I’m just now finding this great podcast. This is by far the best podcast I listen to. Very motivating. Love it
Great show
Great show and very motivating thanks for all you do from a navy Seabee vet and thanks for paving the way for future men and women who serve
Get Pumped
I absolutely love this podcast and look forward to new episodes every week! I had the pleasure to briefly meet Marcus awhile back and he’s as legit as they come. He’s the real deal. Keep on keepin’ on brother!
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