Team Never Quit
Team Never Quit
Marcus Luttrell
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Ruck up buttercup
This podcast makes me laugh but also picks me up when I’m down. It’s meant a lot to me as I deal with loss of my wife. It reinforces what we were taught back in battalion. Thanks guys!
I listen whenever I can squeeze time in.
Amazing podcast
This podcast is phenomenal.
Great podcast. Very inspiring.
Great podcast. Great guests. Very inspirational.
Chadd Wright
Love this podcast!!! 😎
Just an awesome podcast
Louisiana man 72
Listen to this!
Letssss Goooooo!! This is my Highly recommend!
Real, Raw, Truth! Absolutely amazing!
I don’t know how I’m just now finding this great podcast. This is by far the best podcast I listen to. Very motivating. Love it
Great show
Great show and very motivating thanks for all you do from a navy Seabee vet and thanks for paving the way for future men and women who serve
Get Pumped
I absolutely love this podcast and look forward to new episodes every week! I had the pleasure to briefly meet Marcus awhile back and he’s as legit as they come. He’s the real deal. Keep on keepin’ on brother!
This podcast reminds me I like people
I could listen to these guys read the back of a shampoo bottle and it would be entertaining.
Marcus Capone Part 2
Excellent episode. Happy for Marcus, wife and family. I’m a civilian who doesn’t have military experience. Thanks for serving and keep on keeping on.
Great interviews
Can’t stop listening. Keep it coming.
Keep up the good work!
Great show! Definitely lifts the day up.
Amazing encouragement
Love the stories! They give me such inspiration. They are my main gym motivation, cause well if these people can get through their never quit stories I can push through a workout.
Best podcast🇺🇸
Can’t get enough🇺🇸
Who is the guy with fake radio voice
I feel like he’s going to sell me a infomercial product ... gross
Awesome stuff! Love it all!
Great people overcoming
Love the podcast stories of amazing people overcoming different obstacles in life. Inspirational and much appreciated to hear these stories
Very inspiring
Thank you for putting this powerful content out there. Well done.
Inspiring unbelievable women
Laughed cried was inspired loved it
Cat was compelling! Good interview, gentlemen!
Awesome podcast!!
You guys are awesome! Love the stories you tell and the “no bull$@!t” approach. Keep up the good work. Ooh Rah!
Eddie’s the man
Loved the episode with Eddie Gallagher. Super stoked to see you guys supporting him and getting his story out there. I’ve heard him on a bunch of podcasts and each one is better than the last. Awesome episode.
Great episode today I have listen to Eddie and Andrea and all kinds of different podcast I have ordered their book great Americans and I want to thank you Marcus and Melanie for your podcast and your brother Morgan you guys are true Americans and thank you very much
JasHunt jen 14
True Warriors
These guys are absolutely amazing!! I love listening to them, and I could listen to them for hours!! Keep it up guys!!
True Legends
There isn’t much I can say that hasn’t been said already but I do appreciate your service and your sacrifice. Marcus is a perfect example of what the human mind and body are capable of!
Nifty Ned
Go pokes. A cowboy never dies.
Nat Nale
A Luther P
Great podcast!! but...
Love the show but yall need to get someone good in that third seat. Those sound waves created by the third wheel were very squeaky like finger nails scratching down a chalk board. Had to shut it off early due to said issue, I understand Rut left big shoes to fill. :(
Excellent Podcast
Keep up there great work!
Recommended self-improvement podcast.
Excellent balance of energy, info, and heart.
Motivating, funny and inspirational podcast
Look forward to each release of Podcasts
Susie Lynne
C’mon man
First 10 min. Is freaking commercials and ads! Cmon guys dang!
I can’t thank ya’ll enough
Team Never Quit has been the motivation to keep me craving more out of my life. It’s more often than I’d like to admit, where I consider quitting or remaining fearful of taking steps forward. However, as I take a step back to when I first started listening.. I’ve come a long way. I had to share my appreciation. I believe you guys played a part in changing my life for the better. And most importantly, keeping my eyes fixed forward, while never making the decision to quit.
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Thank you
Thank yuo so much for the podcast. No matter what challenges I am facing personally, these people put it in the proper perspective. But--- get Rick Allen from Def Leppard.
Crazy Good
These guys do it right. Awesome format . They will have you laughing and crying all in the same episode. Life savers. I can honestly say they have challenged me to be a better person.
Morning routine
This podcast has become a morning routine for my son and me on the way to school. As a First Responder and prior military I can relate to this podcast. I would recommend to anyone looking for motivation to never quit.
Great podcast
Been gone awhile. Where is the Wizard?
Granger & Amber
I didn’t even know Marcus had a podcast, definitely going to listen more.
Interview drago
I love the energy
Always listen to TNQ when I’m backpacking and hiking. Favorite ep is the one with Tu Lam.
Can’t stop listening!
I found this podcast after reading Lone Survivor. I wanted to hear Marcus tell his story but I found so much more! The strength and passion of the TNQ team and their guests is inspiring. I’d love to hear a podcast of Melanie telling her story. She is so full of grace! Thank you for what you do to inspire others!
Truly Admired
My husband is a police officer serving at our local department as well as on their SWAT team and a sniper for the team. I admire his grit and skills so much and his never quit attitude. He told me about your podcast and I know how much he has always loved the Navy Seals and the military. I love listening to all of you, (every week) especially the wives. I admire everything you all stand for from your kind hearts, sense of community, compassion and to your faith in God. You have helped me each week be inspired and want to be better and better every day and to live in the moment and appreciate what I have and who I have in my life. So thank you! Keep bringing amazing people on with you guys and know you are making a difference. I pray for you all weekly too. ❤️
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Elle Boy Mama
Never Quit Attitude
Thank you Marcus, and especially teammates Kia . TrueType of Men Of Extreme Valor, whom I Thank God Almighty for You and all Team mates! The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday! I support Men who gave all to Love and defend Our Country! Gods Best to You, your wife and your Never Quit attitude- Which I apply in my Life- USN VN era Disabled Veteran Hooyah Marcus!!!! Steve C. Family dad a Mcpo 35 years Pearl Harbor- All grandparents also!
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