Team Never Quit
Team Never Quit
Marcus Luttrell and Andrew Brockenbush
Each week join Retired Navy SEAL and Lone Survivor Marcus Luttrell, Morgan Luttrell, and Producer Andrew Brockenbush as they’ll take you into the "briefing room" to chat with incredible guests who share their greatest never quit stories. This humorous, heartfelt, and entertaining podcast is changing lives and has become a beacon of hope and resilience to those who are facing the impossible. One of the best ways we can support our community is to share their stories so that we might inspire others to Never Quit.
Eddie & Andrea Gallagher: The Story of The Man in the Arena
If ever you wanted to hear a true story of the relentless pursuit of truth, this is the one you need to listen to. This Navy SEAL and highly decorated combat veteran Eddie Gallagher, with 20 years of service to our country and 9 deployments in Africa, Afghanistan, and Iraq was accused of war crimes while being innocent all the while. At the end of his 2017 deployment, accusations escalated to a point beyond ridiculous and was imprisoned for 9 months without ever being charged. His wife, Andrea, spearheaded the “Free Eddie” Campaign effort to prove his innocence and fought tooth and nail to do so. After an unbelievable series of events, including terrorism against his family and young children, Eddie’s innocence was proven. Eddie and Andrea have written the book The Man in the Arena to tell Eddie’s almost unbelievable story.    In this episode you will hear:   None of the accusations against Eddie were about war crimes. “They locked me up in solitary, and nothing was explained to me.” There’s no bail system in the military. The UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice) makes it possible to put people in jail without charges. The level of terrorizing inflicted on our family shocked me to the core. I thought: “No one’s coming to help us.” The truth will prevail no matter what happens. “I truly feel that God called us to this. He let us go through this for a purpose, and that purpose is way bigger than us.” Eddie’s story can be paralleled with the story of Joseph in the bible. That story was a guiding light for us. If they can do this to us, they can do this to anyone – and these guys are heroes. Failure to protect one of their warfighters that served 20 years, is the biggest black eye, but we're gonna use it to make an impact on a larger scale to bring change to the UCMJ, and the way that we treat our military service members. “She’s [Andrea's] the true hero of the story.” They held machine guns and assault rifles to our children’s heads. [Eddie] was being restricted from legal counsel, contrary to what we, as Americans, constitutionally have. “Take failures and learn from them.” “We’re gonna stand up for what’s right.” “If we had quit, they would have taken him out for the remainder of his life.” Special New Year Deal! Every purchase of a 2-year plan will get you 1 additional month free. Go to ​ ​and use the coupon TNQ at checkout.
Jan 20
1 hr 33 min
Jason Van Camp: Green Beret, Chairman at Mission Six Zero, Executive Director at Warrior Rising, Author of Deliberate Discomfort
Living in a world of risk sums up the life of this week’s incredible guest, Jason Van Camp. As a West Point graduate, Jason is anything but faint-hearted in his experience as a decorated Green Beret in the U.S. Special Forces, in his business endeavors, and his dedication in helping other veterans unlock their potential and start their own business. He has authored the book: Deliberate Discomfort: How US Special Forces Overcome Fear and Dare to Win by Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable. Jason’s will to win and his heart of service to others makes him an epic model of a successful human being.   In this episode you will hear:   If you never quit, you never fail. That journey you’re on – it’s not about trophies – it’s about people, and the journeys you take with those people. The worse experience it is for you, the funnier story it is for everybody else. We put ourselves in deliberately uncomfortable situations so we can get out of our comfort zone and grow. My motivation is to collect as many stories as I possibly can. My mindset has shifted from being selfish to being selfless. It’s hard to find your purpose. I want to help people, I want to make money, I want to do epic shit. Our non-profit – Warrior Rising – helps veterans start their own business. I’m a life-long student – always wearing my white belt. Go do something. Everyone can be a collaborator. Cooperate and graduate. I turned the military decision-making process into a business model.  Choose hard things before hard things choose you.
Jan 13
1 hr 17 min
Monty Heath: Navy SEAL, Father, Veteran Ambassador, TNQ Speaker
In the studio this week, we have Monty Heath, a decorated veteran from Navy SEAL Team 2 and Red Squadron, a former supervisor for the U.S. Navy SEAL mentorship program and BUD/S preparatory program, helping veterans develop their entrepreneur goals, a father who has endured the harrowing, near-death experience of his eleven-year-old son, and who has successfully undergone supervised psychedelic treatments to facilitate psychological introspection. Monty brings a myriad of life lessons and incredible experiences to the table in this week’s TNQP episode. In this episode you will hear: If I want something, I have to put 100% into it. I can’t just half-ass what I want. I’ve learned a lot from failure. When I started working as a Special Olympics skiing instructor, that’s where humanity entered into my life. I wanted to be a corpsman, but I didn’t want to help people. I wanted to hurt people. That’s why I got out of it. All my friends were SEALS; all my friends were cool; all my friends were good-looking; we live these privileged, bad-ass lives, but what about someone who’s born with Down Syndrome? [Special Olympics] It chipped away at my arrogance, and it installed humility. As a self-punishment, I didn’t want to go work for the super cool guy organizations. I want to be with common people and common soldiers. We have to be uncomfortable to grow and evolve. Monty’s 11-year-old son, George, had what started as a bad headache. That quickly developed into his spine hurting, then continuing to degrade, until it was determined in the hospital that he had contracted Bacterial Meningitis He slipped into a coma and “coded” as he lay in Monty’s arms dying. He slowly began to recover, but spent 51 days in the hospital & was paralyzed. Yet, some of the first words he spelled out for his mom were: “you and dad complete each other.” The idea of waking up and writing down what you’re grateful for can be a life-changer. Gratitude & attitude and gratitude is like a see-saw. If your gratitude is high you can’t have a bad attitude. I started to understand the power of being vulnerable. It’s disarming. Ibogaine therapy will make you go through your trauma, and make you come out on the other side better. I suggest every human being on the planet experience it. Communication & relationships to me is like new. Empathy is an important thing in life. Special Christmas Deal! Every purchase of a 2-year plan will get you 4 additional months free. Go to ​ ​and use the coupon TNQ at checkout.
Jan 6
1 hr 12 min
Lt Colonel Dan Rooney: F-16 Fighter Pilot, Founder of Folds of Honor, Author of Fly Into the Wind
In this week’s podcast, we bring you an amazing guest – Lt. Colonel Dan Rooney – an Air Force F-16 fighter pilot with 3 combat tours in Iraq under his belt, two Top Gun awards, and countless military decorations. Dan recounts his life dreams as a 12 year-old boy, which have now come to fruition – to be a fighter pilot and a PGA golf professional. He also founded “Folds of Honor”, whose mission is to provide educational scholarships to the spouses and children of wounded or killed military service members. Folds of Honor has provided 30,000 life changing scholarships totaling over $140 million dollars. Dan, a man of great faith, speaks of the importance of God in his life and the daily motivation it brings.   In this episode you will hear: I had an unlikely dream for a 12 year old kid, but ultimately God would put those two together for a much higher purpose. I felt the hand of god on my shoulder. He picks the least of us to do something significant. Just grow up and do what you love. Don’t be a prisoner of common assumption. The most successful people in the world, are the people that are the best in handling life when things aren’t going their way. We are defined on a daily basis when it doesn’t go our way. When you meet the families that you help and you see the impact that you have – that’s what keeps you leaning into the wind. Engineer a code of resilience in your life. Use your talents to make a difference – to be fulfilled. As a pilot, we need resistance to ascend – Our lives aren’t any different. Be the best version of yourself regardless of the chaos around you. If we have one skill, it’s being able to take in copious amounts of information at high speed, and prioritizing what matters. If you want more blessings, you’ve got to bring God with you every day. Every interaction I have - I will bring my faith to it. My 3 “never quit” motivations: I’ve never quit praying; I’ve never quit showing up at the gym and; I’ve never quit on my marriage.
Dec 30, 2020
57 min
Darren McBurnett “McB”: Retired Navy SEAL, Photographer, Author of Uncommon Grit, Founder of Uncommon Grit Foundation
What a ride Darren McBurnett (“McB”) is having. After 24 years as a Navy SEAL combat veteran, he then pursued and succeeded as a professional photographer – with no prior experience. His work has appeared in major publications, film, and promotional advertisings. McB was in such superior physical condition, that he developed “Extreme Athletic Heart”, resulting in the need for a pacemaker (He’ll explain it in this episode). This ridiculous turn of events not only didn’t stop Darren from continuing his photography career, but has since authored a book, “Uncommon Grit”, and is a sought-after motivational speaker by major corporations – not to mention - a comic book collector & golfer.   In this episode you will hear:   Do what you can with what you have. Never make an excuse as to why you can’t do something. I would ride my bike 50 miles to go run a 10k, which established my work ethic. I would run to school – 3 miles away; then do indoor track; then run to the swim team; then run home 6 miles, and then put on my McDonald’s uniform and run to work. I didn’t look around for praise – that’s just who I am. The very first lesson I learned was to work smarter. I’m naturally good at free fall. When I get in the air, I’m a natural. We need Alpha males because our society is getter weaker as it goes along. I didn’t know anything about photography, so I decided I wanted to learn. To get photos at BUDS, there were a lot of people in the right place, at the right time to make that happen. Uncommon Grit came through requests from Instagram & Social Media. While on a run at 44 years old on SEAL Team 3, my heart began to fail, and ended up needed a pacemaker due to what was referred to as “Extreme Athletic Heart”, which forced me into retirement. A purple smoke photo taken at BUDS (Navy SEAL Training) is how my photography career was launched.  Never underestimate yourself and never think there’s something out there that you can’t do. You’re limited by how far you want to push it. It’s totally up to you. Special Christmas Deal! Every purchase of a 2-year plan will get you 4 additional months free. Go to ​ ​and use the coupon TNQ at checkout.
Dec 23, 2020
1 hr 56 min
JR Vezain: Professional Bareback Rider, Horse Trainer, Husband, Father
If ever there was a “never quit” story to tell, it’s this guy – JR Vezain. JR delivers the details of his harrowing, life-altering bareback bronco rodeo disaster. He is experiencing “a miracle in the works”, and has an uncanny peace with his injury, because he truly believes that his recovery is on the way. His aspiration is to be an inspiration to young up and comers that would fill his shoes. Although unable to walk, he carries on with life with his wife and young son – riding horses and 4-wheelers, roping cattle, and moving bales of hay. If you could use some encouragement and a positive story for a change, you’ve come to the right place.    In this episode you will hear:   After my first in-chute rodeo accident, I had a “come to Jesus”, and turned my life around. I will receive a miracle and walk again someday. I’ve accepted the challenge and accepted the situation. I have not grown complacent with where I’m at. I haven’t accepted that this is the rest of my life because I don’t believe that. All I need is a slight or slim chance. You gotta visualize and not quit. I don’t think that any of my past life or sins resulted in punishment from God. We’ve been blessed beyond measure. Life hasn’t changed, but my goals have changed. I no longer want to win a world tile – I want to walk again. My biggest struggle is accepting help. There hasn’t been one thing I haven’t been able to accomplish post-injury that I couldn’t get done before. I just had to find other ways to do it. My horses have melted to me because they know something’s up. Be careful what you’re complaining about. There’s somebody out there praying to have what you have. Excuses are like assholes – they all stink. Find ways to overcome. Never give up… dig in, dig deep, and don’t weaken. I’m gonna try to be the best husband I can be, the best father I can be, and make the best version of myself as I continue on this journey.
Dec 16, 2020
1 hr 7 min
Johnny "Joey" Jones: Fox News Contributor, USMC Explosive Ordnance Disposal, TNQ Speaker
As a bomb technician in Afghanistan, Johnny “Joey” Jones experienced the worst possible scenario in an IED-related incident. It resulted in the loss of both of his legs above the knee and severe damage to his right forearm. In this week’s Team Never Quit episode, he describes in detail the sequence of events that led to that horrific event. But that event didn’t stop him from dedicating his life to the service of other veterans and their families as well as serving as a Fox News contributor. After two combat deployments and eight years of active service in the Marine Corps, Johnny “Joey” Jones live his life to the fullest.   In this episode you will hear:   “Get it right, or people die” – that’s a good way to train. When I leaned back [from the wall] I stepped on an IED that was there; it threw me through the air. It was truly an amazing experience. There was no noise. Everything just turned into a giant cloud. My right arm was fileted open and the bones were broken, so when I reached up, my hand stayed in my lap. I remember looking at it. It didn’t hurt for like an hour. My legs were completely gone, from the knee down. You gotta stop the bleeding if you want to live. I learned at that moment, I didn’t know the Lord’s Prayer. I lose my legs; other guys lose their life. TNT won’t cut you open; it’s gonna pick you up and throw you. C4 may not move you two feet, but it’s gonna cut right through you. I deployed this really good-shaped single Marine with no responsibilities, and I came home bandaged up on all four limbs with a son and a girlfriend. I just never accepted that life’s responsibilities were going to be any different for me because I got blown up. Anything worth doing is worth doing right and anything worthwhile is never easy. If I can find a way to be in control of my destiny, it's game on. I might not succeed at everything, but I’ll be there to find out. I’m trying to kill this deer in my yard, so I’ve got an AR at each level of my house, so if he pops up, I’m gonna take him out. Get up, get over it, get going.
Dec 9, 2020
1 hr 3 min
Taylor Canfield: Navy SEAL Turned NASCAR Driver, Founder of The Green Light Society
Taylor Canfield brings an exciting twist to the story of an average American patriot and retired Navy SEAL. His unique post-military career path was to be the only retired SEAL to become a NASCAR driver.  Taylor’s non-profit organization, The Green Light Society, helps wounded combat soldiers via adrenalin therapy - anything that got their blood pumping before their injury, they will do again after their injury, even when it seems impossible.   In this episode you will hear:   Taylor Canfield is NOT the sailor. I faked a few papers to start working at 14. Even if you can win [NASCAR] - if you don’t have sponsors, you’re not gonna race. Bad things happen, but you gotta go on living, so learn from it. Failure is actually a gateway to success.  If you can learn from your mistakes, you can be unstoppable. If you’re not learning from them, you’re making those mistakes in vain. Get past the mental barriers. If I can do the SEAL training physically, you can do it. You have to convince your mind. The Green Light Society will go to the world’s end to recoup and get you back into what you love to do. It’s my way to give back and help guys that were less fortunate than I was. No ones gonna do the work for you. A lot of people don’t start because they’re afraid of failure, but you gotta get over that and just go for it.
Dec 2, 2020
1 hr 1 min
Jeff Tiegs: US Army Ranger & Delta Force, Counter Terrorism and Counter Insurgency Expert, COO of All Things Possible Ministries
Jeff Tiegs is an amazing difference-maker. He uses his extensive experience in counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency to counter sex-trafficking in the United States. With over 25 years is in U.S. Army Special Operations, as well as combat experience and multiple tours in Afghanistan & Iraq, Jeff is applying that expertise in his endeavors. Jeff is The Chief Operating Officer at All Things Possible Ministries, whose mission is to identify, interrupt, and restore those affected by trauma.   In this episode you will hear:   In the U.S., we are unbelievable consumers of prostitution, and what comes with that is minors. You’re on deployment every time you walk out of the house. One in four women is sexually assaulted or sexually abused. The sex trafficking crime is so open. It’s openly advertised. There are people that think we should defund the police. I think more reasonable people think we should reallocate funds and figure out ways to do this better. There are people out there who can augment what law enforcement is lacking. The [funding] money is gonna go where the people demand it. [Our organization], All Things Possible does everything from simple counseling to freeing sex slaves. Find strength in simply being alive.  What comes off of your tongue – what you speak – is what you become. The term “Yahweh” is the sound of breathing. The mere fact that we, as humans, are breathing, we’re saying the name of our Creator every time we breathe. What is God’s name? The thing that gives breath to everything that lives. The first thing a baby says is that breath of life.  One family, who lost their son on the battlefield, found relief in the fact that the last breath their son took was the name of our creator. Find strength, find solace, and find peace, in that simple act of breathing. If you’re alive, you’re saying God’s name, and He’s there to help to you.
Nov 25, 2020
1 hr 12 min
Meyers Leonard: Miami Heat Center, Co-Founder of Level Foods, Philanthropist
This week, we spend some time with Meyers Leonard, an American professional basketball player of the NBA’s Miami Heat, and Co-Founder of Level Foods with his wife, Elle. Meyers’ outlook on life, hard work, and the relentless pursuit of excellence will motivate you. His never quit attitude has brought him through many personal and professional difficulties. Listen as Meyers shares his inspiring stories.    In this episode you will hear:   I’m just a normal, blue-collar dude, who’s been thru the struggle, on and off the basketball floor. 2 things that help get me by - no matter what: My character and my work ethic. How can I help my team?  Selflessness. There’s no chance I’m giving up. I want shit to get tough, because that when the mental edge takes over. Patriotism runs deep in my family. I can support the military because of my connections to it, but I still understand that there are issues in America, and I can support my teammates and what they have felt in their lives. I could’ve quit – I gave it 7 years – Then I went from getting booed to crowds chanting my name. People think that because I’m 7 feet; I’ve got millions of dollars; I drive nice cars – everything is great, but I’m still a normal human being. Sometimes things are hard. You are gonna get your opportunity and you better be ready. I wanna be known as a man who did something for someone else.
Nov 18, 2020
59 min
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