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Team Never Quit
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Each week join Retired Navy SEAL and Lone Survivor Marcus Luttrell, Melanie Luttrell, and Producer Hunter Juneau as they’ll take you into the "briefing room" to chat with incredible guests who share their greatest never quit stories. This humorous, heartfelt, and entertaining podcast is changing lives and has become a beacon of hope and resilience to those who are facing the impossible. One of the best ways we can support our community is to share their stories so that we might inspire others to Never Quit.
Korie Robertson: Star of 'Duck Dynasty' Talks Early Life w/ Willie & Producing New Movie 'The Blind'
Welcome to the Team Never Quit Podcast with your host, Marcus Luttrell, the show where we dive deep into the lives and experiences of remarkable individuals from various walks of life. In today's episode, Marcus has the pleasure of speaking with Korie Robertson, best known for her role on the hit reality TV show "Duck Dynasty." Korie is not only a beloved television personality but also an author, philanthropist, and advocate for family values. Join us as we explore her journey from the duck blind to the spotlight and beyond. Korie tells her 4th grade story of unknowingly meeting her husband-to be, Willie. She shares early memories of hunting and the importance of faith and family in her upbringing. Korie reflects on the unexpected success of "Duck Dynasty" and the impact of the show on their family dynamics and values. She has a deep-rooted faith which guided her through the highs and lows of fame. Korie's journey goes beyond Duck Dynasty into the world of writing and her books that focus on family and faith. She is also a producer of a new film, "The Blind," executive produced by Willie Robertson, shedding light on the journey of the family’s patriarch, Phil Robertson, and his early struggles with alcohol before he turned his life around with the help of his faith and his family. Socials: - - bosshogswife Sponsors: - In this episode you will hear: • Willie is one of those people that can make you laugh. I think he’s gonna keep me young. (6:33) • I actually met Willie in fourth grade at summer camp. (15:15) • [Growing up] Willie’s family had one double bed for the four boys. You just slept wherever you could find a spot. (16:25) • I’ll never forget meeting Phil. He had this big, black beard and it was intimidating. [He said of his boys] they’re gonna be good husbands someday. They’re good hunters, good fishermen. They’re gonna be great providers. He was right. (16:50) • When Willie was about 30, he decided to go back to work for Duck Commander. (17:59) • [While on a train in Europe] we were asleep in the [train] car and robbers grabbed one of our friends backpack. Willie chased them down. They dropped the backpack and got it back. (20:16) • I feel like Willie and I brought in some fresh life and excitement for the family company and started running the website out of our house, and taking orders at 2am. (23:03) • Be who you are. Don’t try to fit into the mold that someone else says you should be. (26:59) • There’s a loneliness that comes that comes [with stardom] which you wouldn’t expect cause everybody loves you, but actually you’re in isolation. (28:28) • The blessings were way bigger than whatever the negatives were. (29:51) • You grow from hardships. (29:57) • God doesn’t use people that are perfect. He rarely uses someone that’s perfect. He chooses someone who’s weak. Then His glory is made known. (38:40) • If you’ve been rescued from the pit, the more you understand grace. (39:27) • [The movie brings] a message of redemption, and the message that nobody is too far gone. (48:22) • Things can change and there’s always hope. (48:48) 
Sep 27
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Aaron Murphy: Influencer Leveraging Social Media To Fight Poverty & Help Strangers Worldwide
Making a difference. Welcome back to another episode of the Team Never Quit Podcast with your host, Marcus Luttrell. Today, Marcus speaks with a truly inspiring guest, Aaron Murphy, who has taken the social media world by storm with his videos, and, as a result, is using his platform to fight poverty in South America. Aaron once struggled with severe anxiety that led him to reliance on drinking and smoking, but he eventually decided he wanted to save himself, so on his self-discovery journey, he set off to backpack in South America. During his time there, he befriended several people and through them not only began learning Spanish, but also learned more about the political and economic state of several South American countries. When the COVID pandemic surfaced, Aaron found himself in lockdown in South America with the financial resources he had budgeted for his journey running low. Despite his personal financial insecurity, he was so deeply struck by the impoverished conditions of those around him that he gave the last of his resources to a family that was desperately in need of food and recorded the act on TikTok. Many people were so touched by Murphy’s act of kindness that they began donating money, not only so he could provide for himself, but also so he could continue helping families in need. As a result, Murphy lived in South America throughout the pandemic, documenting the process of aiding their poor. His ultimate goal is to enable families to become self-sufficient, not just to relieve them of extreme poverty for a short period of time. Aaron Murphy’s foundation: ”Murph’s Life,” to donate money for Murphy’s cases. - Socials: - Tiktok/ IG/ Patreon/Youtube: Murphslife Sponsors - - - -  In this episode you will hear: • Everything I do, I just go hard core. (4:52) • It got to the point that my health, and my soul and my mental health were at rock bottom. (5:06) • I’m learning now that whenever you go into the unknown, you’re literally going into the darkness, and you don’t try to say this is how it’s going to be. New experiences could come out of that. (9:29) • We build a home a week. We’re building a big school for the entire coffee community, and it’s gonna be the quality of a private school. (19:03) • We’ve paid for a lot of surgeries that have saved kids’ lives. (19:20) • I’ve seen the tingles and the boobies of charity every single day. (20:02) • [Marcus] The minute you started focusing on what’s really important, you can feel it on the inside. It’s like a natural drug. (21:19) • When I truly went through my life and developed a strong relationship with God – it was joy because no matter what, I have God. (29:35) • I slept on a mattress from the trash in some shit hole where I had to share one toilet with four families and no toilet seat, and I was still able to feel joy. (30:13) • I don’t think life is about getting quick highs. (31:00) • I think it’s really good to have a personal – like a personal relationship [with God]. (36:06) • My passion is finding one family and building them a forever home and a business. (37:12) • Let’s say we have one farm that can bring in $50-$60,000 a month; now I can take a community of people who are tending to these food crops. Were gonna donate all this food to the orphanage and with 100% of their profit, it can pay for their education and their books. (42:05) • What if I could pay people a U.S. wage in a poor country? That shit’s never been done before. (47:18) • I want to feel a great joy and knowledge that I built this society, I created a portal for God like a beacon of light to know that we can create things in this life where people can be paid honestly and decently. (56:04) • If we go through some catastrophic event, how cool would it be to have places that have food? (58:22) 
Sep 20
59 min
Border Visit Recap: Stories From Border Patrol Agents, Life On The Border & The Issues We Face
Understanding the Border Crisis: The Challenges and Hypocrisy Welcome back to another episode of the Team Never Quit Podcast, where Marcus, Melanie, and Hunter discuss a weighty subject birthed from their first-hand experience at the US/Mexico border. We're diving deep into the border crisis, exploring the challenges faced by Border Patrol agents, the exploitation of a legal loophole, and the hypocrisy surrounding the issue. Sponsors: - - - - In this episode you will hear: • There is a loophole that congress put in place that says if you have a child under the age of 13 accompanying you, you have the right to be released into the American population. (9:06) • Cartels are basically selling off kids to accompany any adult, and the kids are not identified. Border Patrol is not allowed to do any biometrics on them. (9:28) • The Border Patrol Mission Statement: Protect the American people, safeguard our borders, and enhance our nation’s economic prosperity. (13:59) • As much as you all are complaining about the border in the last two administrations and y’all ain’t down here doing anything about it - you all are hypocrites, I’m calling you out on it right now, plain and simple. (14:40) • I don’t want hear anybody talking down to the border guard cause there down there busting their ass. If you got anything bad to say, you don’t even know what the hell is going on. (14:56) • If an American citizen had what they [Illegals] have - if you were sick, if you had to go to a hospital, 2 agents will drive you in a van to the hospital, all your medication and things like that are paid for. I know soldiers that don’t have that. (15:54) • In one concentrated area, they had about 46,000 people come in less than a week. (19:34) • The suicide rate [amongst border patrol] is affecting them. I feel like that’s all stemming from the orders that they’re given. (22:17) • The fact that we have people that would identify themselves with a uniform and a badge, learn protocol and procedures, and then there might be a slim chance they could get in trouble for enforcing laws that we put on ourselves. (24:52) • Military veterans have a lot of resource, like foundations, to help them take care of things. Law enforcement has resources as well, but there’s no resources for the Border Patrol. (28:42) • Their war [Border Patrol] is a shift every day. (30:57) • Every single place we’ve gone to [around the world],  we have had to stand in line, show our passports, fill out something that states where we’re staying, how long we’re staying, who we’re staying with, and who’s traveling with us. Our 3 week old son had to have a passport. Why can’t we have the same treatment in our country? (42:43)
Sep 13
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LTC Scott Mann: Ret. Green Beret & Warrior Storyteller On Adapting To Civilian Life & Founding 'Rooftop Leadership'
Adapting Military Wisdom to Everyday Life. Welcome back to the Team Never Quit Podcast with your host, Marcus Luttrell. This week, Marcus takes a deep dive into the mind of an exceptional individual - Lieutenant Colonel Scott Mann, a Green Beret, warrior storyteller, and playwright who has a remarkable journey to share. Scott shares his background as a Green Beret, highlighting the rigorous training and the mindset it instills, as well as the importance of adaptability and resilience in high-stakes environments, drawing parallels to civilian life. He explains how military units connect with local communities and the lessons it offers for corporate and personal relationships. In his distinguished 23-year military career, Mann operated at the highest levels of the Special Operations Community and has been widely recognized for his successful leadership of teams in complex situations. He led “Operation Pineapple Express” — a grassroots leadership campaign using Rooftop Human Connection Skills to honor a promise and save more than 1,000 Afghans from a life-threatening situation amid the chaos of America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan. Scott Mann's journey went from the battlefield to the stage, becoming a playwright and actor in "Last Out," a powerful play that explores the impact of war on veterans and their families. He has learned that storytelling can heal emotional wounds and bridge the gap between veterans and civilians. Scott also shares key takeaways from his experiences creating and performing in "Last Out: Elegy of a Green Beret" including the power of vulnerability and the importance of understanding the human cost of war. His vision for the future, both for himself and the broader community, includes his work with veterans and storytelling. Resources: Connect with Lieutenant Colonel Scott Mann on: - Facebook: - YouTube: - Learn more about "Last Out: Elegy of a Green Beret" and how to support its mission at: - Rooftop Leadership: Sponsors: - -   In this episode you will hear: • [Military branches] Who’s the best? You can’t even have that conversation because every single operations unit has a charter that they do better than anybody else. (12:01) • Green Beret – their specialty – has been to work by, with, and through indigenous people and help them stand up on their own. (12:13) • What you lead with are old school interpersonal skills to build relationships and social capital. And go in with 12 and come out with 12,000. (12:53) • I loved the regiment, I loved the missions, and I loved the men. (19:05) • I teach the interpersonal skills that Green Berets specialize in. I teach it in corporate America and I teach it as a leadership trait. (20:39) • You build trust when risk is low, and you leverage it when risk is high. (24:43) • [Melanie] The government will spend all the money, but the veterans are the ones who are actually serving the people. (32:19) • Our families of the fallen – not just gold star, but white star families that have lost members to suicide – they are so active in taking care of everybody else. (32:39) • I can’t say enough about the Vietnam generation. Those guys are amazing. (44:14) • [Scott to Marcus] Your story and the story of your teammates has changed lives, it’s saved lives, it has created a macro-level understanding of service, sacrifice, and brotherhood. (48:24) • The country, more than ever, needs the stories of our veterans and military families, because that shows what right looks like. (48:47) • [Scott to Marcus] You opened the door, and you showed the rest of the veteran community what right looked like in terms of leadership at home, the courage to tell your story, even when it’s hard – to repurpose your struggle in the service of others. (55:43)
Sep 6
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Cooper Collins: "The Mad Scientist" On Inventing Groundbreaking Medicines & His Success In Serial Entrepreneurship
Join us in this week’s fascinating episode of the Team Never Quit Podcast, with your host, retired Navy SEAL, Marcus Luttrell. Today we have a truly exceptional guest joining us – Cooper Collins. Cooper is a visionary leader in the field of biopharmaceuticals, making groundbreaking strides in medical treatments that are changing lives. He explains the science behind truly remarkable products, and witnessing patients regain their quality of life – their team’s ultimate reward. Cooper’s work is a testament to the incredible impact that dedication and innovation can have on people's lives. Sponsors: - - -  In this episode you will hear: • I want to leave this world having created a company or a product or that really helps people, long after I’m gone, that my kids can see and my grandkids can see. (2:43) • I’m always trying to find something that nobody else can figure out, then we try to figure it out. (11:55) • I don’t care who you are, what kind of grades you made, how smart you think you are – if you focus 100% of your effort on one thing, you’re gonna do great things in that area. (20:33) • I was one of the few guys that never quit. (33:37) • I was a 29 year old public company CEO, the youngest one on the street by probably 30 years at that time. (38:17) • The fun was born to focus on early stage bio-tech, early stage drug development, and medical devices. (38:58) • It’s the small companies that invent these great things that the big companies buy. They need the money so bad that they’re not all willing to sign a development agreement. (44:02) • 90% of the most promising projects don’t make it to market. (47:52) • Great things [we try to develop], if they fail, we move on and try to do another great thing. (59:31) • Product in development:  EON Laser, a robotic body contouring device – AI guided. (60:53) • The dermatology space may be the first specialty to be replaced by AI. (62:59) • They do have mini X-Rays now that are really safe for small body parts, you could actually have it at home. (65:01) • Other products discussed include incredible improvements for stroke recovery & mobility. (65:48) • Product in development: A laser that, in 20 minutes, can remove 6mmof fat. It eliminates liposuction. (70:36) • Anti-aging Treatment: Your brain is wired to think that it should repair everything to your peak reproductive year. For men, it’s 22 years of age and for women, it’s 32 years of age. In the last hundred years, we’ve gone from an average life expectancy of 35 or 40 to 80, because health care has advanced. The magic is to trick your brain into thinking that you have not hit your peak reproductive mode. (74:03)
Aug 30
1 hr 30 min
Crafting 'Warhorse One': Johnny Strong Shares his Filmmaking Journey w/ Navy SEAL Mikey Sauers & Marine Samantha Bonilla
Join us in this week’s Team Never Quit Podcast, as Marcus takes a deep dive into the extraordinary career of Johnny Strong – actor, director, martial artist, and filmmaker. His journey is a testament to the power of dedication, creativity, and the relentless pursuit of one's passions. Don't miss out on this inspiring conversation a behind-the-scenes look into the multifaceted world of entertainment and creativity. Johnny discusses the inspirations behind his projects and how his diverse skill set shapes his storytelling. Johnny's Film credits include; Get Carter, The Fast and Furious, Black Hawk Down, to Sinners and Saints, Daylight's End, and now in his directorial debut in Warhorse One. He also shares some very interesting on-location adventures you’ll find very interesting. Johnny is joined by Marine Samantha Bonilla, and Mikey Sauers, U.S. Navy SEAL, co-founder of Forged, as well as the Mike Murphy challenge.    Watch 'Warhorse One' Here: - Socials: - operator_films_warhorse_one - samantha_r_bonilla - forgedmike Sponsors: - -  - - In this episode you will hear: • For anybody that wants to be good at anything, you always want to maintain a humble state of “I’m a learner.” (16:40) • The goal is to find the truth. The goal is to remove all the affectation and barriers we create to protect the self. (20:05) • At 40, you almost begin a second life. (36:49) • A man has 2 lives – the one he lives, and then the one he lives when he realizes he only has one. (37:03) • As an actor, you are waiting for other people to give you an opportunity to do what you want to do. (37:22) • [When my daughter was] two and a half years old, I had this moment and we made a conscious connection. It’s eternal. My thought was: How do I share that with the world? (44:33) • The story of Warhorse One is kind of a metaphor for becoming a father. (45:45) • The man you are before that, and the life you live, and the things that are important to you, after that moment when you have that profound connection [with your child] – your child is all that matters. (45:52) • Everybody can be good at something. (68:39) • In as much as we think we’re in control, there’s only a small amount that we can actually control. (73:15) • If you could be that beacon for somebody out there, even if somebody watches a movie and says, “That’s awesome I’m moved to be a Navy SEAL.” How many people have said to me, “I watched Blackhawk Down, and I joined the Army.” (97:14) • My Type A personality is that I’m not gonna quit. (105:17) •  I’m not doing it for money –this is just my offering to God, the Creator. (111:17)
Aug 23
1 hr 56 min
Mathew Lehnig: Former US Navy SEAL & Combat Veteran Shares His Story Of Resilience, Overcoming Bizarre Obstacles & Achieving Success
Mathew Lehnig is the VP of Programs at TakingPoint Leadership, a former Navy SEAL Officer, Combat Proven Veteran, and an expert in leadership development. He draws from 30 years of experience in Naval Special Warfare, and he understands the value of building strong, resilient leaders and teams to help drive organizational success and achieve extraordinary results. -- Have you ever wondered about the mysterious and challenging world of the Navy SEALs? This week, prepare to embark on a captivating journey as we discuss the demanding realities of military life. In our conversations Mathew Lehnig, former US Navy SEAL, we navigate through the intricacies of life decisions, military training, and the unique challenges faced during deployments. Hear first-hand accounts of the importance of camaraderie, mentorship, and maintaining a positive attitude in overcoming obstacles. Mathew shares his inspiring journey of resilience and tenacity, from defying bizarre medical emergencies to remain in service, to successfully transitioning to the civilian world. Listen in as he generously shares insightful advice for veterans and provides a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made by our military heroes. Prepare to be inspired, enlightened, and deeply moved by these stories of human courage, unwavering determination, and profound resilience. Socials: - Mathew_lehnig - Team_Neverquit Sponsors: - - - - - Timestamps: (0:11:39) - Influences and Decisions (0:19:50) - Experiences and Challenges in Training (0:22:06) - Discussion on Training and Deployments (0:34:41) - SEAL Team Experiences and Personal Growth (0:39:11) - Challenges and Changes in Military Service (0:50:35) - Medical emergencies and Perseverance (1:00:50) - Transitioning From Military to Civilian Life (1:13:25) - Advice for Transitioning From the Military
Aug 16
1 hr 26 min
Matt Light: 3x Super Bowl Champ & New England Patriots HOF On His Journey To The NFL, Elaborate Team Pranks & Founding The Light Foundation
Perseverance, passion, and purpose. That’s the inspiring life journey we have the privilege of listening to from three-time Superbowl champion, Matt Light. In this week’s Team Never Quit Podcast, Matt and Marcus delve into the remarkable story of a man who not only dominated the gridiron but is currently leaving an indelible mark off the field. His experience of growing up in a rural farming community taught him the values of hard work, responsibility, and accountability. Matt says had never seen a football game in his life until he played in his first college game, and eventually won a scholarship to Purdue University, where he served as left tackle behind his friend and future Super Bowl MVP, quarterback Drew Brees. He took up the same position in 2001 for Tom Brady, after being drafted by the New England Patriots, launching what would be a storied NFL career. Matt Light's impact still extends far beyond the football field. He founded the Light Foundation, a non-profit organization that focuses on empowering young people through outdoor activities, leadership programs, and character development. Matt Light is a true pro football legend. From his humble beginnings to his enduring influence, Matt’s story is a testament to the power of dedication and the potential for greatness both on and off the field. Socials: - IG: The Light Foundation - - (Online Sweepstakes) Sponsors: - - -  In this episode you will hear: • I was blessed at an early age to be surrounded by doers – people that were creative, innovative, and crafty. They thought outside the box. (6:15) • I truly had never seen a [football] game in my life until I played in my first college game. (7:58) • Ending up in football? That was the farthest thing from my imagination, but it became a reality. (11:21) • I never went to jail when I hit somebody with pads on. (19:33) • [Football] should be violent sport, but the caveat is – It’s controlled violence. (19:48) • My mom was adamant: whatever you start, you will finish – whether you like it or not. (21:24) • The thing that makes a great coach is their ability to switch gears, depending on who it is they’re coaching. (26:56) • [After a Superbowl win] it was overwhelming, surreal, and wild. You can’t write something like that, but you’re blessed to be a part of it. (55:34) • I like the fight, and I take things personal, and I want to get better every day. (57:09) • [Bill Belichick would ask a question] and if you didn’t have the answer, he was going to destroy you in front of the entire team. So everybody’s on pins and needles. (61:53) • I practiced the little things every single day in practice. (72:25) • I loved the opportunity to go out and prove that I deserved to be on that team. (75:19) • [Our company goal – the Light Foundation - is to develop] responsible, ethical, accountable leaders. (81:53) • Being around guys that were money every time we needed them in the highest pressure situations, was one of the coolest aspects of playing that game. (98:03) • If you can consistently win with one move as a defensive lineman, you’re an all-pro player. (98:58)
Aug 9
1 hr 52 min
Bennie Wylie: USC's Director of Football Sports Performance & TV Game Show Winner Shares Insights on Fitness, Family & Coaching Top Ranked Programs
He’s a beast… In this week’s Team Never Quit Podcast, Marcus dives into the world of football strength and conditioning with none other than Bennie Wylie, a renowned coach, known for his impressive work with athletes. Bennie has helped the likes of Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman and a multitude of elite athletes achieve their peak performance and reach their fitness goals. Bennie got his start in strength and conditioning as a graduate assistant at Sam Houston State, then went to the Dallas Cowboys, Texas Tech Red Raiders, Tennessee, The University of Texas, became Oklahoma’s director of sports performance for football, and currently is the director of football sports performance at USC. Socials: - Bwyliestrong Sponsors: - - In this episode you will hear: • You think you know what the NFL is, and then you get there and realize its not that at all. (9:55) • [The NFL] is a profession. It’s not a glamour deal. It’s a job. (10:39) • Most people could not handle it. Even if they have the talent, they couldn’t handle all the other stuff. (11:02) • I started [working out] when I was 14, and I haven’t stopped, and I’m 47. (12:54) • The older guys, you have to earn their trust, and earn their respect. (17:13) • I can’t give my team the best and give my family the rest. (20:40) • I’m supposed to love my wife the best of anything first. She’s my first. (21:02) • [Your kids] are gonna be what you put in ‘em. (22:03) • Learn from every life experience that you have in life. (30:14) • People think I’m so extroverted and outgoing, and I am so not – I like being by myself. (33:13) • Anything below the line – below the standard – is unacceptable. (38:00) • Communication runs the world. (40:34)
Aug 2
55 min
Bringing Texas To San Diego w/ Former Gov. Rick Perry, Introducing Texas Tidbits & The Funny Story of How Marcus First Met Rick
Today, we bring an unconventional podcast to the Team Never Quit table. We are in San Diego and joining Marcus, Melanie, and Hunter is our favorite Texan, former Governor Rick Perry. Governor Perry brings an incredible knowledge of Texas history, which ties right in to Marcus’ idea of adding a few minutes in each week’s podcast to Texas Tidbits, where we talk about historical info, fun facts, Texas recommendations, food suggestions, Texas etiquette, etc. And who better to kick off Texas Tidbits than the longest serving governor in Texas history. We talk Texas Tidbits, and take a deep dive of the first time Marcus and the Governor met, exactly 17 years ago in San Diego. Sponsors: - - - Studio Location: - Loft 100 Studios in Carlsbad, California In this episode you will hear: • [Marcus] Longest serving governor in Texas history, then Secretary of Energy. (4:30) • Agriculture has an inordinate impact on me, as it does on the state of Texas. (12:08) • The greatest governor in Texas history. Nobody even comes in a close second, in my opinion – Sam Houston. (14:02) • [Sam Houston] could probably have been elected President of the United States, had he stayed in the race in 1860. And had he won, I don’t think we would’ve had a civil war. (14:24) • [Sam Houston] brought Texas into the nation. (15:33)  • When he left his house, [Sam Houston’s mother said to him: “And remember, my son, the door of the cottage will be forever open to a courageous man of honor, but it will be closed forever to a coward.” (16:22) • The second greatest governor, in my opinion – Dolph Briscoe. (18:41) • He [Dolph Briscoe] helped put into play the Farm to Market Road system, and helped put into place the Screwworm Eradication Program. (19:19) • Eisenhower put into place the Interstate Highway System. For every 5 miles, you have to have a straight 1mile piece of road. (22:42) • Governing’s not hard: Don’t overtax, don’t over regulate, don’t over litigate, and have a skilled workforce. (24:52) 
Jul 26
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