Emily Higgins
Tasteless is a movie podcast that pays tribute to the films not enough people are talking about, from the underrated to the absurd. In each episode, Emily Higgins takes a highly regarded film and compares it to a similar but overlooked movie she recommends instead. A special bonus series called Strong Female Leads is released twice a month featuring interviews with the actresses who have inspired this podcast with their work, both on-screen and off.
Que Sera, Sera: Requiem for a Dream vs Final Destination
Two movies that explore inevitability and what hand we have in our future - it’s Requiem for a Dream vs Final Destination.
Nov 25
36 min
Mother Knows Best: Lady Bird vs Sleepwalkers
Two movies about complicated maternal relationships and the opportunities that youth affords — it's Lady Bird vs Sleepwalkers.
Nov 18
38 min
Jamie Gray Hyder | Strong Female Leads
Jamie Gray Hyder (Law & Order: SVU, COD: Infinite Warfare) took my favorite thing in the world and made it even better when she joined Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. This conversation was a delight, ranging from the direction of the newest season of SVU, to the childhood playtime vibes of portraying a video game character, to the thoughtful ways Jamie engages with social media. She is such a bright light and so funny - enjoy!
Nov 13
31 min
Odd One Out: Donnie Darko vs Compulsion
Two movies about unique perspectives, alienation, and sacrifice — it's Donnie Darko vs Compulsion.
Nov 11
36 min
Come As You Are: The Departed vs Undercover Brother
Two undercover movies about coming to terms with who you are and the importance of community — it's The Departed vs Undercover Brother. 
Nov 4
32 min
Kimberly J. Brown | Strong Female Leads
Halloween queen Kimberly J. Brown (Halloweentown, Bringing Down the House, Guiding Light) is my guest, so obviously we talk all things Cromwell family and the joy of Disney Channel Original Movies, but we also get into her killer crafts and having some of the all-time best on-screen families.
Oct 30
46 min
Original Sin: A Nightmare on Elm Street vs Urban Legend
Two movies about being punished for sins you did not commit and also the power of myth — it's A Nightmare on Elm Street vs Urban Legend.
Oct 28
35 min
Hidden Agenda: Invasion of the Body Snatchers vs You're Next
Two movies about survival and the spread of corruption — it's Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978) vs You're Next. 
Oct 21
31 min
Caitlin Stasey | Strong Female Leads
Caitlin Stasey (All Cheerleaders Die, Reign, Horse Latitudes) discusses the representation her roles provide, how fun it is to play a maniac, and being invested in the Real Housewives. I also beg her to direct a movie. What a joy this conversation was, listen up then explore her work below! Follow Caitlin on Instagram | Find where to stream Horse Latitudes | Experience Caitlin's directorial skills on After Glow | Read different perspectives on Herself.com | Watch What You Like by Aliek
Oct 16
1 hr 1 min
Ch-Ch-Changes: The Fly vs All Cheerleaders Die
Two movies about control and transformation — it's The Fly (1986) vs All Cheerleaders Die. 
Oct 14
39 min
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