Tangentially Speaking with Christopher Ryan
Tangentially Speaking with Christopher Ryan
Christopher Ryan
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Thank you Chris
Chris is one of the minds I stumbled across in my mid 20’s listening to Joe Rogan. As I’ve aged and matured Chris’s words have continued to resonate with me. Thanks for putting these out Chris.
This podcast convinced me that I could have whatever life I wanted, and helped me move through some extremely challenging transitions. It’s always been a light in the dark, and has inspired me in more ways than I can count.
Entertaining and Informative
Tangentially Speaking was the first podcast I listened to way back in 2016 while hiking the Appalachian Trail. I tore through the episodes out then and have kept up with it to the present moment. Chris does a great job choosing guests and allowing them the space to teach us a great deal about the world around us. From sex workers to environmentalists to artists, a the common thread exhibited throughout this podcast is curiosity. Through Chris and his guests’ limitless curiosity, they inevitably spill wisdom from their conversations, leading to a deep desire to learn about and see more of the beautiful world around us. Keep it up Chris! Curiosity reigns.
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Drew Silveira
Very inconsistent podcast
And even more inconsistent host. It’s very strange to me how someone who always talked about the excessive fearfulness in western societies, who calls himself the “shame exorcist” who frees people from shame, who wrote a book on the corruption of institutions, and who encouraged us to always “question the premise”… started shaming his own fans for questioning the premise behind a fear-mongering narrative promoted by the institutions. And it’s very strange how quick he is to dismiss someone as a “troll” when they ask him to address these incongruities.
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Chris is the GOAT
From his Ted talk on human sexuality (highly recommend) to interviews with some of the most interesting people with untold stories, you’re in for a treat.
Warning: This podcast could change you
I could be too young to confirm this, but it’s possible this podcast has altered my life’s direction, for the better. Chris’s ideas have been in the background of my life for several years, slowly taking me on a path of increased self-discovery & critical thinking about many of the cultural bromides that millions of people take for granted as facts of life. Hopefully I haven’t overstated the value of this podcast. Anyway, think for yourself & question authority.
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Douggles II
Daddy Chris
I didn’t have a father. Thankfully Chris acts as my daddy through the poddy.
The Tracy Clark-Flory episode
I was excited to listen to this interesting author but was repulsed by Chris Ryan’s creepy questioning. I wouldn’t be shocked to learn that he was masturbating throughout their conversation. This guy is 59 and getting slimier by the day.
Used to love it...
The consistent quality of the podcast has diminished over the years as the seemingly large audience he boasts about appears to have made him a bit lazy and full of himself. He could respect his listeners more (and their time) by not processing about his process in making the podcast and other “housekeeping” issues. He could respect his guests, & again listeners, more by actually preparing somewhat for his interviews, making the guest the focus with thought provoking questions, and not interrupting so much to talk about himself and the same stories we’ve all heard repeatedly through the years. Tim Ferris is an excellent example of someone who works hard at respecting both his guest and listener, and engaging in a high integrity interview with optimal quality of content. In the recent Dean Radin interview Chris was obviously unprepared, low energy, and even seemingly bored at times. At the end of the podcast he comments to Dean that he basically just gave the same old interview that Deans done many times before. It didn’t have to be that way...
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Very talkative!
Wow this guy likes to hear himself talk! I liked the messages you played. You voice is not bad. You didn’t say anything profound but its pretty cool that you felt like you did.
please talk better
Guest dependent
There’s no question Chris is a sharp guy. He’s also rather arrogant but that’s what I like about him. He tends to tell the same stories (usually about sleeping with beautiful women and being very desirable) over and over again. He also gets a little slimy with women guests. His tone changes which is a little strange. Other than that, if you go back in the pod library, there are some really great convos in there. Skip the ROMA’s as you likely get annoyed by his politics, Van Life stories, and bragging about never having had a real job. Ryan is like a fatter and smarter Joe Rogan with hair and no MMA skills. Oh, and that closing song he plays at the end of every episode is so goofy. He needs to ditch that ASAP.
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Been one of my favorites for years!
I find myself saying “I love Christopher Ryan!” often when listening to his podcast or reading his books. He is so smart and cool and funny and down-to-earth. I’ve been listening since he first started Tangentially Speaking, in 2012!
Love this show!
CRP is the man! “Sex at Dawn” changed my life. I’m enthralled by his insights and perspectives. Fun. Brave. Thoughtful! Give a listen today.
Simpsoni Balogni pony
If you are looking for an interesting train wreck, look no further
I was a fan for a couple of years then took a hiatus from the show, and have returned recently. Although I appreciate Chris’ candid nature, it is very revealing of a personality that my not be as wise as it claims. If you are needing an example please refer to Roma #43 where Chris talks about his recently deceased “friend”. In honoring his friend he criticizes his personality and achievements. He then boasts about his own achievements in contrast. After the “memorial” of his friend, he plays an out of touch song that he claims one of his past lovers told him reminded her of his essence......He tells his fans that his apocalypse farm is only for his personal “friends”. Then puts out price points for people to pay for a Skype conversation with him because he values his time.....I urge any frustrated disillusioned youth, or anyone else, to look elsewhere for interesting discussion and outlook. I almost can not believe how a person so traveled and open can be so unwise and dim....
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Cripled Chris
Great Pod
Please tell Simon Rex to stop saying the word “Fortuitous”. Thanks.
The Best Podcast
Dr CPR is an excellent podcast host. His rants sometimes take 30 minutes but are interesting and make me laugh at the fact that he’s been going on for so long. He takes guests to weird places but doesn’t repeat the same conversation topics nearly as often as Rogan does. Definitely my favorite podcast out there
Joe VD
One of the best
Most of the podcasters I listen to fall into a category of “Balanced human decency in action”. His academic education (he’s earned a doctorate degree in one of the social sciences) coupled with his real world experience of traveling all over the world and hanging out in different societies for stretches of time has propelled his wisdom quotient to a very high level. And all this while maintaining a humility and gratefulness for his well earned position in life. I give him the highest rating possible.
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I’ll tune back in
When a guy who spends most of his time in a van and in the woods keeps his political views to himself.
The ego, man
As his listenership grows, his confirmation bias grows, as his confirmation bias grows his ego grows, as his ego grows, his certainty grows... you can se where this is going. Go back to the post-modernist enclave from which you have dragged yourself Dr. (Phd) Ryan, stop gloating to your donating listeners that you do not have a job, we know, we used to listen to you at work.
My favorite podcast
Always there when I need you most in my life...
AJ Beach
Enough of these Egotists!
just stumbled on this guy’s podcast - yet another egotistical guy who no doubt has interesting interviewees - but prefers the sound of his own voice and patting his own back while parading a faux humility. His status is derived from the people he gets to come on his podcast - an inveterate status seeker. Tiresome. There are a lot of others who are doing what we does who are more insightful and cogent in their interviewing of interesting people and a lot less egotistical and in the way.
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Host forgets, Guest is the star
Gave it a shot for Mr Money Mustache interview. Host talked way too much, forgetting that the guest is the star, and went on tangents about Barcelona and other things. I cut my loss and quit about half way through.
Fergus Cullen
My soon to be X is X rated
Rosa the crazy
Cool guests with a great interviewer.
Chris has a large variety of guests and always his audience to get good insights into new ways thinking.
Darwin Faust
The Authenticity in this Podcast is Great
Thanks Chris, you rock.
Very Interesting Podcast
I’ve learned a lot from Chris, and the guests come from all walks of life. This is one of the best podcasts out there.
Exciting Pragmatism
I enjoy traveling the world, history, and mind while listening to the podcast. Especially like how he looks at things logically and speaks his mind.
Used to Be Interesting, Now Just Tedious
This podcast used to be frequently interesting but now it's just tedious. With this big of a platform 'Dr' Ryan could really help to wake people up. Except for Charles Eisenstein, his guests this last year have provided no information that is useful/helpful to anyone during these times. Chris Ryan and his podcast are tedious as his girlfriend Anya Kaats with her podcast: A Millennial's Guide to Saving the World. Get over yourselves Chris and Anya, you are 'diet woke'. P.S. 'Dr' Ryan's recent book Civilized to Death is Boring to Death.
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My favorite podcast
Listen to this podcast if you want to hear extremely well reasoned thoughts on the state on the world in general and unconventional ways of navigating towards a meaningful life individually. It’s also flat out entertaining with great interviews and soliloquies. Picture Rogan at his best talking to an intellectual about a meaningful topic (rather than the libertarian, MMA and UFO nonsense).
old white engineer
Thank you for ROMA 38
Chris once again gets to the heart of the matter. Many out there seem not to be able to engage in critical thinking at any level. It’s discouraging to see basic health recommendations become “evidence” of a conspiracy to take away our freedoms. We are right to question authority, but we cannot lose our grip on reality.
Intellectually Stimulating
As an intellectual who has bucked the system it is gratifying to hear Chris espouse the path less taken and to hear from all the other "freaks" he has found on that path. As Michael Franti says, "All the freaky people make the beauty in the world!" On top of that the discussion is fantastic and Chris manages to engage his guests in a way that makes them open and insightul. Even though the subject matter can be quite deep the discussion is always fun. That, for me, is the best part.
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An absolute favorite.
This is just such a good podcast. The calm loving demeanor of this man radiates through this podcast into my ear holes and leaves me feeling light and happy. He’s inspired me to live a life that has me feeling complete
Be who you are
He helped me a lot with my journey after losing my Sister 2016, my Best friend in 2018 and Grandpa in 2020. I needed someone to help me get my head right, I love all the great conversations, especially Stephen Jenkinson’s interview. Thanks my friend
Dingo's Mother
This man has helped relieve so much for me
Chris Ryan, you’re my role model!
I semi-idolize you man. You really speak my language
By far my favorite podcast!
Chris is a charming, entertaining, and extremely insightful host. No matter the guest or topic, every episode comes out a gem. Thanks for being you Chris!
Intellectually Stimulating
I’ve been a listener for years. Chris Ryan is a breath of fresh air during these trying times. His monologues, ROMA, and TOMA’s are my favorite part of the podcast. He is well informed. I appreciate his ability to clearly articulate and challenge ones perception of the world. He is as much a philosopher with deep introspection, as he is a podcast host and author. With Bonobo Love from Colorado - Chris
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Third Eye Open
Annoying lengthy intro monologue followed by crappy song
Sparing the annoying intro monologue and crappy song it’s a good one. Thank goodness for Overcast. You can skip intro and outro by default. I can’t sit through them
Chris has totoally expanded my world view.
Dude in a hammock changed my life
He is a modest intellectual giant and his views are so obvious in retrospect but the simplest solution is always the hardest to see. 12,000 years of a civilization was a great experiment but we tried it and gave it our all.
Bravo with Winston and Matt!!
I’ve been a huge fan of your books and podcasts for years!! I am floored that you have these 2 fine gentleman on your show as guests! I’ve been a long time follower and supporter of them both and I’m thrilled beyond belief for this podcast!!!
His What Makes this Book Great episode
I truly enjoyed hearing the selected short story and hearing thoughts on the writing. The music was a joy too.
WMTBG worthy of its own spin-off podcast!
The last 2 stories and discussion really made me remember what I miss about literature. Chris’s insights are a great guide and completely immersive. Keep it coming!
Maureen 99
More and more and more
Loved the “What Makes this Thing Great” segment
Dear Chris, I really enjoyed the new segment “what makes this thing great.” Such a great idea. Short stories lend themselves nicely to being read by someone else. I paused the podcast yesterday after the reading to kick around my own impressions of the story and then resumed it today to hear your analysis. You saw several things that I didn’t. Looking forward to the next one!
Music and love
Chris I love you and the show you never disappoint. Please when you get a chance check out and artist called Nattile rize song called one people. You’ll also love all the music of a band called wookiefoot
One people one distany
Mr. Yendodo
One of my favorite podcasts So much to learn
Favorite Podcast
Every episode is great! Must listen to podcast.
Old Man yells at kids on lawn
I really used to love this podcast. Somewhere along the way though I started to only be able to hear Chris like some old man mad the the young whipper-snappers. I tried to listen again and the first one I try opens with his ranting about people not growing up because they have a sports t-shirt on for guys or the girls are dressed to young. That’s not real maturity or adulthood, that is worthless aires of fakeness that should be discarded. Sorry Chris but you lost what ever valid points you used to have.
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I’ve read Chris’s books and I love being able to hear his mastered yet humbled mind speak to amazingly unordinary humans across the world.
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