Tangentially Speaking with Christopher Ryan
Tangentially Speaking with Christopher Ryan
Christopher Ryan
Ever wanted to hang with a comedian, dominatrix, health guru, bank robber, author, or Italian prince? Well, here's your chance. Tangentially Speaking is dedicated to the idea that good conversation is organic, uncensored, revelatory, and free to go down unexpected paths.
497 - Andrew Gold (Filmmaker/Journalist)
Andrew is the host of the On the Edge with Andrew Gold podcast. A journalist and TV presenter who speaks 5 languages & lived in 6 countries, Andrew has produced docs on bizarre and controversial subcultures. He has battled an abusive exorcist, dueled with the Crazy Baby Lady and hunted UFOs. He's currently working on a book and TV doc on pedophilia in Berlin.
Oct 6
1 hr 37 min
496 - Tiensirin (Thai/American Insights)
Tiensirin was born and raised in Bangkok, but has been living in the US for most of her adult life. We met by chance at Tao Ruspoli's place in Joshua Tree, and she allowed me to pick her brain a bit about the different cultural worlds she's moved between. The conversation took unexpected turns that left me feeling sincere admiration for this woman.
Oct 3
1 hr 14 min
495 - Xande Ribero (Legendary Jiu-Jitsu Master)
Alexandre Ribeiro is a legendary jiu-jitsu competitor and one of the founding members of the Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu Association. Under the tutelage of some of the world’s top coaches, including Royler Gracie, Vini Aieta and Xande’s own brother Saulo Ribeiro, Alexandre earned numerous grappling titles, including IBJJF and ADCC World Champion, while earning also the #1 rank in BJJ Heroes’ Top BJJ Competitors of All Time list, up until 2020. Xande has just opened the Six Blades Jiu-Jitsu Academy in Austin, Te
Sep 25
1 hr 34 min
494 - Christina and Owen Dargatz (The Giving Experiment)
Owen and Christina Dargatz and their brood are pushing the boundaries of what people see as possible with a large family. (Their kids range from under 1 to 11 years old.) They traded their comfortable house in Canada for a two room shack in Guatemala with a leaky roof, but to them, this seems an upgrade (most of the time). Instead of seeing how much they could take from the world, Christina and Owen decided to see how much they and their kids could give. Hence, "The Giving Experiment."
Sep 16
1 hr 49 min
493 - Tao Ruspoli and Anya Kaats (Is There Free Will in a Shipping Container?)
Three podcasters walk into a shipping container.... Sounds like a joke, right? Tao's podcast is called Being in the World. He's a filmmaker, photographer, AirBnb host, desert dweller, musician, Airstream lover, philosopher, and creator of spaces and events. Anya's podcast is called A Millennial's Guide to Saving the World (semi-ironically). She's a writer, thinker, traveler, photographer, and adventurer. You know my list.
Sep 11
1 hr 49 min
492 - Cameron Shayne (Budokon Movement / Charlie Sheen's Bodyguard)
Come for the yoga, stay for the Charlie Sheen impersonation. Cameron Shayne is considered the father of the Mixed Movement Arts culture. Based in Los Angeles, CA, during the 90's, at the time the mecca for yoga in the Western world, Cameron established himself as one of the pioneering voices and transmitters of contemporary yoga, martial arts and the movement culture.
Sep 2
2 hr 23 min
491 - Brian MacKenzie (Human Performance Specialist, Sorta)
Brian MacKenzie and I had a good chat about how "working out" should be more like play, how psychological issues manifest in our physiology, and how rejection can hit the body like a car wreck.
Aug 28
1 hr 34 min
490 - Christa Seidl (Biology Researcher: Endangered Species)
Christa is a PhD student at UC Santa Cruz, researching endangered species and the stressors on ecosystems that lead to extinction events. She schools me on everything from evolutionary theory to the fascinating worlds of viruses and bacteria to what it's like to hang from tall trees in Madagascar. My favorite kind of podcast: a chance encounter leads to a surprising conversation with a very smart person. I've got the best job in the world!
Aug 17
1 hr 39 min
489 - Sean Guerrero (Sculptor / Filmmaker / Rascal)
As a kid Sean was fascinated by the look of the cars that were built in the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s. The shape and design gave each one it’s own personality. He never would have imagined that he would one day make a living off of them the way he does. Using cut up sections of those old brilliant chrome bumpers, he reshapes and welds their pieces into larger than life sculptures, preserving their essence.
Aug 9
1 hr 20 min
488 - Daniele Bolelli (Historian, Writer, Martial Artist, Podcaster)
Daniele Bolelli is a writer, martial artist, university professor, and host of two excellent podcasts: The Drunken Taoist and History on Fire. He was born in Italy and currently lives in Ojai, CA. He's also a great dad and an awesome friend.
Aug 3
1 hr 48 min
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