Talk More Talk: A Solo Beatles Videocast
Talk More Talk: A Solo Beatles Videocast
Talk More Talk
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I love him but frankly given how he loves every Beatle or solo Beatles song, the rest of the group always seems nervous to say Anything critical of the group. There is uh or ohs as the rest struggle to sort of critical things about a song which gets annoying and kills way too much time as well as nervous laughter. Kit seems to have greater confidence to stand up to Ken. At times the show is unlistenable
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Entertaining and Informative
Tom, Ken, Kit, and Joe provide interesting and funny specific discussions on solo Beatles topics. Their passion is contagious and you’ll want to go and Re listen to all the solo albums to appreciate the nuances to the fabulous music.
Audio Quality and Technical Issues
It’s not meant to be a negative review. The content can be great but I cannot listen to the podcast anymore due to poor audio quality, background noise and editing mistakes. It’s a shame because it’s been near impossible to enjoy the last few podcasts due to the issues mentioned above.
Love Every Second!
I Absolutely love going deep into those great albums it’s great to listen to when your in a Beatles mood or just to learn more about the Beatles I’ve learned a lot from you guys keep up the great work and tell Joe I said HI!!!!
Rough Ride
The first 2 minutes with brutal record scratch and horrible theme music is so off-putting followed by unbalanced panelist mic levels 🙁
Nervous laughter filler is really annoying
As the other reviewer pointed out the constant nervous laughter is really annoying, especially Kit’s. It’s just a real turn off for me. Sorry to be critical but I assume you want honest opinions.
Content Great, Presentation Terrible
Love the content and what I’m learning, but if you take out all of the “um”, “ah”, “uh”, “you know” and nervous laughter filler, you’d have a concise and articulate 30 minute podcast. Almost unlistenable at times.
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