Talk More Talk: A Solo Beatles Videocast Podcast

Talk More Talk: A Solo Beatles Videocast

Talk More Talk
Talk More Talk is a videocast analyzing the solo catalog of the Beatles. The biweekly program features engaging discussion, interviews, audience Q&A, and much more. Hosted by Tom Hunyady, Ken Michaels, Kit O’Toole, Mean Mr. Mayo, and Ken Womack.
Episode 137: Mind Games Month: Box Set Review
We conclude Mind Games Month with our look at the Mind Games deluxe box set. Joined by returning guest Chip Madinger, we'll dive into the outtakes, alternate mixes, and much more! Find Chip Madinger: Find us: [email protected] @talkmoretalk1
Jul 23
2 hr 13 min
TMT Extra: Laurence Juber Discusses 45th Anniversary of "Rainbow Connection"
Previous TMT guest Laurence Juber joins us for a special bonus episode discussing the 45th anniversary of the beloved song "The Rainbow Connection." Juber performed the song twice with its songwriter, Paul Williams, and once for the 2011 film "The Muppets." He describes those experiences along with his new album, his upcoming appearance at the Fest for Beatles Fans, and much more!   Follow LJ: Bands in Town: Find us: [email protected] @talkmoretalk1
Jul 16
46 min
Episode 136: Mind Games Month: The Recording Sessions
In the first episode of our “Mind Games Month” salute, we’re revisiting what led to the album: the sessions, the songwriting, and much more. Joining us is expert and TMT friend Chip Madinger! Chip Madinger: [email protected] @talkmoretalk1
Jul 10
1 hr 52 min
Episode 135: The Sound of One Hand Clapping!
It's here--the audio from Paul McCartney's 1974 scrapped TV special "One Hand Clapping" has been released! Join us as we discuss the history of the show, the newly mixed tracks, and the "backyard" tapes. Leave your thoughts in the comments! Find us: [email protected] @talkmoretalk1
Jun 18
1 hr 55 min
Episode 134: Another Listen: Paul McCartney’s Flowers in the Dirt
The latest in our "Another Listen" series looks at Paul's 1989 comeback album. While the accompanying world tour performed phenomenally well, the album peaked at #21 on the US Billboard charts. Recent reviews have ranked several other albums above this one (no pun intended). Does it deserve this rating? Find us: [email protected] @talkmoretalk1
Jun 4
2 hr 5 min
Episode 133: The Restored “Let It Be” with Special Guest Ken Womack
It's finally here--Peter Jackson's restored version of Michael Lindsay-Hogg's 1970 film. Original TMT host Ken Womack returns to discuss the long-awaited return of the documentary, its relation to "Get Back," and much more.   Ken Womack: [email protected] @talkmoretalk1
May 14
1 hr 58 min
Episode 132: Our Ringo Starr “Crooked Boy” Review!
Ringo Starr's long-awaited EP "Crooked Boy" has arrived, and we'll talk all about it in our next episode! Join us at 9 pm ET on our YouTube Channel as we review each track. Andy Nicholes of 2Legs joins us for the fun. [email protected] @talkmoretalk1
Apr 30
1 hr 37 min
Episode 131: Part Two of Our Reactions to Rolling Stone's 100.Best Solo Songs
Join us for the second part of our reactions to Rolling Stone's 100 Best Solo Songs! Plus we discuss Ringo Starr's latest single and other news. [email protected] @talkmoretalk1
Apr 16
2 hr 43 min
Episode 130: Our Reaction to Rolling Stone’s 100 Best Solo Songs--Part One
By popular demand, this episode features our reactions to Rolling Stone's 100 Best Solo Songs list. We cover songs 100-51 in this show; the rest will be covered in part two. [email protected] @talkmoretalk1
Apr 2
2 hr 6 min
Episode 129: Paul Is Live!
Paul McCartney has released several live albums throughout his career, but 1993's Paul Is Live tends to be overlooked. It has also received mixed reviews from both critics and fans. Talk More Talk revisits the album, from its amusing cover to its setlist. [email protected] @talkmoretalk1 Mark Knopfler charity single:
Mar 19
1 hr 53 min
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