Straight White American Jesus
Straight White American Jesus
Bradley Onishi + Daniel Miller
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Great Topics, Enlightening Discussions
I love this podcast so much, I have shared so many episodes with friends! I love all the thought and research put into the show, as well as incredible guests <3
This show is so well done and so important!
Straight White American Jesus
Great podcast!! Love there subject material!!!
Old dish
Each episode clears rubble from the discourse of the right
I’m okay eager to listen to the depth and seriousness of religious review by this duo showing how the right often gives a sloppy revision of Christianity, nationalism, and sexual claims. Scholarly without seeming as though I’m back in class.
Recycled grandma
A great resource for EXvangelicals
This podcast has helped me better understand my experience growing up in the evangelical church, leaving it, and watching many friends and their parents subscribe to Christian Nationalism, join Godspeak, and becoming completely brainwashed by Rob McCoy. I still maintain my belief in a higher power but I am shocked at what modern Christianity has manifested into, and SWAJ has provided fantastic academic insight into this perversion of Jesus’s core message. Keep up the good work Brad and Dan!!!
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Private Mullet
In love!
I am so glad I found this podcast. Wonderful insight!
Thank you
This podcast is helping me think through why I felt I had to leave my evangelical church. Leaving felt like a bad breakup and these talks are giving me some balance and forgiveness toward myself. Grateful.
Helpful podcast
As someone raised in the evangelical church in the United States, I had a long bumpy road trying to navigate the quirks and foibles in the faith community. Bradley does a great job here unpacking a lot of difficult concepts and dynamics. Even if you disagree with him I think it’s worth a listen to better understand what’s going on in the north American church
Excellent and Informative
This podcast has become a can’t-miss part of my week. I so appreciate Brad and Dan’s perspective. I’m one of the many Exvangelicals whose world was turned upside down by the election of Trump. Suddenly, I’m seeing the country through a completely new lens. I see the bigotry and nationalism and racism and misogyny- it’s overwhelming. That’s why it’s so invaluable to find resources that can help connect the dots for me. Thank you!
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Thought Provoking Podcast
Highly intelligent and relevant podcast for what is going on today within the evangelical Christian church and politics. Dan & Brad are well read and educated, and explain their viewpoints well. Even if you don’t agree or like what they are saying, I encourage you to give them a listen with an open mind. They have really encouraged me to re-evaluate things that I was taught. Keep up the good work guys!
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This podcast is the truth...
This is one of the most intelligent podcast on the “airways” today! I listen every week and appreciate the expertise of the hosts. Keep up the great work!
ac deved
A relevant, urgent, important podcast. Highly recommended.
College Prof in GA
So Intelligent, SUCH Needed Perspectives
Thank you for this podcast. Thank you everyone who contributes to it.
♥️just me♥️
Eye opening podcast!
I wish something like these podcasts had existed decades ago! Brad, Dan and their guests do a terrific job analyzing current events and how they are impacted by conservative Christianity. The discussions are always stimulating.
You are doing God's work
I was raised in the Catholic church. I spent most of my adult life going to Reformed churches. My experiences with the people in these churches have been almost always good and good-natured. However I always found myself asking institutional or dogmatic questions that always manged to silence a group. The questions I thought were pretty innocent like, “Do you think there was a flag with SPQR in the synagogues and churches of the early church? Then why does our church have an American Flag in the front?” That one figuratively had people reaching for their spiritual guns. I went about my business for years and looked for opportunities to ask philosophical questions that tested our faith to bring it out of the world of superstition and myth to an all inclusive grace filled world view. I quickly found that people were happy what they believed and didn’t like people questioning their dogma. What I also noticed was that a cult of liberty ws taking over our politics. Were the individual was not only free of government oppression but also free from any obligations to maintain a civil society; free from any responsibility as a citizen in this commonwealth. Long story short. I came across this podcast using a variety of terms I was using to search the web and eventually put white christian nationalism together and voila here I am. This show is the best podcast I’ve found in years. It is probably the most dangerous as well. Freedom fighters seeking to free us from bondage of ignorance have always faced danger because they strike at the root of power and privilege. Keep up the good work and godspeed.
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I've learned so much from this podcast. I grew up in the South (so around many evangelical Christians) but I'm not Christian, so it has been very helpful to learn from two people who have both personal and academic experience. I especially love the interview episodes.
If you are Christian... shouldn’t have a problem listening to this podcast. In fact, I dare you (Christians) to actually listen to this well thought out, well researched content that holds so-called Christian leaders, organizations and other collective groups accountable to the principles and teachings that come straight out of the Bible, most directly from Jesus himself. If you don’t believe in cancel culture, come listen, debate on social media, and or be open to hear truth. This is a fantastic podcast. Give it a try!
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Phil Chester
This is a great podcast! One of my favorites. I never miss a show. I grew up as a preacher’s kid in a southern fundamentalist church. As an adult I began a long process of pulling away from the faith because I had a constantly growing list of questions, and few answers. That eventually led to a personal quest to gain understanding about how the religion evolved and to sort out the history from the myth and theology. At the same time I became aware that the evangelical movement, while sharing many similarities with my tradition, had been moving in some strikingly different directions for decades, leaving me with even more unanswered questions. To make matters worse, I now am occasionally faced with the need to be able to justify and explain my position on faith and christianity, in a coherent, respectful, and non-threatening way to various members of my extended family, who are devout mega-church evangelicals. The challenge of learning about and understanding the vast amount of ancient christian history and culture, as well as that of our current times is an enormous one. Brad and Daniel reliably provide many valuable insights that help me deal with those challenges. Thank you Brad and Dan!!
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Mambo Daddy
Great Podcast.
I listen every time a new one comes out. I love your podcast.
Excellent show, hosts, and message
As a long time atheist I am immediately turned off by self-righteous bible thumpers. There is none of that here. Dan and Brad continuously excel at explaining the historical relevance, the political scope, and reasons for hope of the political, religious, and social climate. I always learn something knew listening to SWAJ and have started following Andrew Seidel, Katherine Stewart, Chrissy Stoop, and many other historians and authors as a result. I never understood the Christian / Trump connection before this show. Only area for improvement is more Dan Miller!!! Love you both; fangirl crush on Dan.
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Essential Listening
Really enjoy hearing the hosts’ take on things going down in the evangelical-political world with Falwell, Trump, and other current events.
Simply the Best
SWAJ, with Brad and Dan is my weekly “go to” for insight on current events especially as they relate to living as an “exvangelical” in the current cultural dynamics we are experiencing. I began “deconstructing” 29 years ago and these two, among others (notably for me, Cindy Wang Brandt and Chrissy Stroup) have been influential to greatly steepen the trajectory of my personal movement toward a more healthy understanding in these last few. Much more could be said but thank you Brad & Dan! Your work is greatly appreciated 🙂❤️🙂
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Straight White American Jesus
This amazing podcast is essential for those who wish to understand how hegemonic forces in the United States of America seek to erase the voices of plurality from dominant cultural discourse. The hosts distill the essence of who, how and why racist christian patriarchy and politics uses shame, fear, scripture and legislation to keep human beings organized in categories indicated by a world view in which white males are privileged by a white male god. The hosts are experts with the academic chops to back up their perspectives, and create an engaging and laid-back, accessible atmosphere for anyone seeking to understand the issues.
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tallgrey MFA CRS
No fluff, good stuff
Brad and Dan get right down to business, no shallow chit chat. I started questioning my Christian faith when Trump was elected and this podcast has help me put into words what I could not explain in 2016. Thank you!
Soo good, articulate and big facts. Growing up in the church, I really love and needed such podcast.
But momma
Fight me!
This podcast is essential listening. ✊🏽
I’ve listened to every episode
Brad and Dan do a great job of incorporating weekly current events into their show in addition to important work of scholars, historians, writers and other experts. I have learned so much from all of the perspectives given on the show.
Goat feeder
Nothing but FACTS
Son of an Apostolic minister and college graduate here. This is one of my favorite podcasts considering how deep they dive into the realms of America’s untold history intertwined with white nationalism and American Christianity. Every premise they make is thoroughly researched and well studied.
Simply Fantastic!
Well researched historical perspective of current events through a lens of American Christianity. Thought provoking and informative!
Jessica Gronewold
incredible work
This podcast provides so much important information and crucial insights into the conservative evangelical world. Every episode has at least one moment of jaw-dropping truth.
The first episode was like listening to a page from my childhood. Thank you for presenting these historical facts for what they are and showing how whether we like it or not we have been influenced by a racist white version of Christianity.
Informative and insightful
I’ve learned a lot from these guys. Love it.
Extremely insightful and important
Essential listening
Insightful Podcast
This podcast has helped me to gain insight into so many detailed topics under the umbrella topic of Christian nationalism in America.
Way more nuanced and researched than many religion-focused podcasts. Written by people who know evangelical culture both personally and academically.
here's a name for my reviews
Facts and perspective
It is rare to find a Christian broadcast that is so well researched and documented. This is one of the best podcasts I have ever listen to. I particularly like the fact that they take issues that are occurring weekly and provide strong historical research and discussion.
Insightful and thought-provoking, always eager to hear each new episode.
Academically Sound
They honestly give evangelicalism more credit than it deserves. They're incredibly kind and reasonable and rational in their criticisms and arguments. The fact that they take that world and its propogandists seriously is more than it deserves. Thank you for providing sane perspectives on a quasi-cult-like world. Y'all are great!
Love it!
I’m a little obsessed with this podcast! It’s perfect for the “ex-evangelical” crowd, especially when so many current events are intertwined with white evangelicalism. It’s a good lens through which to process!
Micah Hainline
Nuanced and thoughtful
As a former evangelical Christian, it’s been extremely helpful to have voices and minds like these to help me understand the disconnect I see in Jesus and the modern American church. 6/5 keep doing this work 🙏
My Favorite Analysis
I grew up in the Evangelical world and left over a decade ago. SWAJ has been vital to my growth and overall mental/spiritual wellbeing. I learn something in every episode and I love the way they center current events from perspective of white christian nationalism. Unpacking the culture that raised me and being equipped with language that helps me define the things I’ve experience has been hugely empowering. Keep up the great work Brad and Dan!
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Tommy Grimes II
About time
There are not enough voices to challenge white evangelical supremacists. This podcast is one of those few voices. The analyses provided are deeply and academically sourced. This is crucial work. Listen.
Amazing podcast!!
I love this podcast and learn so many amazing things from these guys!
Spreading Truth
Thank you so much Brad and Dan for providing this very important info regarding Christian Nationalism. Amazing show.
Thoughtful Discussion of Religion and Other Systems of Power at Work in America
The host won’t receive much pushback on his points, but he’s articulate and well researched.
If you have a heart.
Sooooooo gooooooooood. Thanks for your thoughtfulness and your kindness in discussing some of these topics that need to be openly talked about.
One of the must-listen podcasts in my library
These guys have some of the most insightful commentary about Christian nationalism out there.
Miss Clover
Love This Podcast !!
Having been immersed in Evangelical culture for most of my life and now recognizing and recovering from so much trauma and racism fro it , finding this podcast was a breath of fresh air! Thank you for doing what you do . I look l forward to listening every chance I get !
Mama Rupp
Very fair assessment of Christian culture
Definitely nuanced takes on today’s Christianity. The podcast has served a perfect place in my life as I’ve struggled with how I proceed with religion in the face of many disturbing incidents in America. Thank you for dealing with the topics and I look forward more podcast
It all makes sense
Truly one of the best podcasts linking our current moment to threads which have always existed in the strange world of American evangelicalism.
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