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Science, pop culture and comedy collide on StarTalk Radio! Astrophysicist and Hayden Planetarium director Neil deGrasse Tyson, his comic co-hosts, guest celebrities and scientists discuss astronomy, physics, and everything else about life in the universe. Keep Looking Up! New episodes premiere Friday nights at 7pm ET.
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Highly recommend!
It’s been hard for me to find a science podcast that I like, but I LOVE this one! All the hosts speak in such a way that I can understand! Fun and interesting banter in between hot science topics!
Talk with Dr Paul ?? About coronavirus
Really frustrated with all the interruptions and attempts at humor in the interview. I wanted to hear what the Doctor had to say and he was continually interrupted
New topics
Since you did baseball, could you do the science of rugby, football (soccer), and cricket? Their uniforms, equipment, training, playing and the turf they play on.
Alex in America
Cut Fast balls and bugs bunny
Bill Nye is great
Sometimes too much chit chat
I like this show but it’s frustrating sometimes because the silly chatter gets in the way of an interesting discussion.
Incredible Podcast!
I love Startalk. Chuck is an incredible host and Neil talks about science in a way that anyone can understand. Don’t pay attention to the hate— even the best podcasts get negative reviews. You all are awesome!
Great Educator, Poor Etiquette
Neil deGrasse Tyson is one of the greatest educators of our time. His influence on the millennial generation is profound. However, Neil has horrible conversational etiquette. I know he’s intellectually excited but constantly interrupting guests has got to improve. Not only on this platform but on all platforms he is associated with. 5 stars because the content is masterful.
Informational fantastic to listen too and learn as opposed to reading I read really slowly so this is a God send.
Chuck is too annoying
Too much forced horsing around and lame comedy. Chuck laughs too hard at his own jokes. Get rid of chuck and I would probably listen. I feel like NDgT is forcing himself to laugh at the jokes too. Whoever is producing this needs to throw out the comedy. Guests sound uncomfortable.
Would have been brilliant without "comic" co-hosts
Neil DeGrass Tyson is obviously a brilliant mind and communicator. But the co-hosts, especially Chuck Nice, make the podcast unlistenable with constant interruptions of zero value. The wanna-be jokes are absolutely cringe. I've tried several episodes because the content is obviously interesting. But just cannot. Wish Neil gave his listeners enough credit. We are interested in the subjects already and don't need a sweetener. And if there were one, it should at least be insightful and attract, not repel. And never interrupt the flow of conversation. The current format may have been ok in the 80s, but simply too cringe now.
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Say No To Pandas
Informative and favorite
awesome show!
NDT Stop Interrupting!!
Makes it impossible to listen to. Stay on topic!
StarTalk is so amazing I have learned so much in all of the episodes🥰😚🙂🤣🤣😉😘😛😋🙂🙃😗😗
Dark matter Dark energy
Could it be possible dark matter and dark energy are caused by black holes from another universe ripping a hole into our universe. The matter and energy therefore might be unreadable by any instruments calibrated to energy and matter as we understand it. Or is this the stupidest idea ever thought of by a laymen mailman walking his route
mailman mark d
Superb Entertainment
I love being entertained on my commute and learning some thing while doing it as a bonus!
Stopped listening :(
Star Talk and NDgT used to be my favorite, but reading these women’s detailed stories of sexual assault from NDgT really took the magic out of Star Talk for me. Sadly, I haven’t heard him be accountable for it, and I wonder how many other women have been turned away from science for similar experiences and how we’re missing out on their contributions. I listen to “Ologies” and “Science Rules” now, because those science podcasts aren’t hosted by known rapists.
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Anna Grammer
He’s amazing 🌟🦾🦾
I’ve been inspired by him since I was a young girl. I’m so happy he made this podcast cause we really need some enlightenment facts at a time era like this. Kudos to you King 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽💋💕🦸🏽‍♀️✨
Tanya Thee Alchamist🌬💖
Getting a bit silly
I don't mind some joking around but it's getting way...way to silly. Even the guest seems stunned. Come on... Provide a quality content... Less... Fake banter.
Great science podcast
They do a variety of topics. Some weeks I like, some not, but that’s the beauty of life. Neil and Chuck always deliver their information in a very comics and informative way.
One Love
Dr. Tyson And Chuck Nice.. man I love your shows. Listen to all I can, keep up the awesome work love you guys.
Why dose everyone hate
Latest episode “Grit”
Why?????? Boringzzzzzzzzzzz
7-23 fgh
Neil and Chuck, great combo!
I really love this show mixing science and comedy is genius. Love Neils deep perspectives on science and and how Chuck comes in to give a light hearted fun to the topic. I feel like he represents people like me who aren’t the scientist but find the subject fascinating. I like that he’s not afraid to ask any question. I love the intelligence and patience of Neil and his sense of humor but also how he makes science palatable for the average person who doesn’t know much about science! Just love the combo, keep it going!
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The knowledge you can gather from simply listening to this is incredible. Not to mention the great laughs you can receive as well.
Great series
Making a Phenom and Cosmic Queries series are amazing.
High level thinking
I love this shark episode
Mr. E 2
Informative & fun
Science is real. And so is Neal Degrasse Tyson.
Great stuff!
Love the information! Thanks
Big fan
Neil does an amazing job of communicating the complex science to a lay person. Astrophysics is a never ending field of science which I have spent decades trying to learn to a level where I can have a coherent conversation with a friend or family member. With each episode, I am getting closer to my goal. Keep it up guys! Love listening to Neil, Chuck and his guests talk about our wonderful universe...and beyond!
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Keep It Science Stoopid
The science is great, I enjoyed it for the first few episodes. BUT The constant attempt at comedy, horsing around and the obvious dislike for POTUS gets old. Chuck Nice even insulted “Trump supporters” on one of the recent episodes. You can feel the frustration of their guest speakers with the constant horsing around and bad comedy. The science is top notch, everything else is a cosmic failure.
Great Work
Thank you for great and entertaining information Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, you bring so much joy into our lives. Please continue the great work. God speed.
Relevant, interesting, and entertaining
I think Neil and Chuck are an entertaining duo, and I appreciate the varied subject matter and guests.
Keep Science Separate
I had high hopes Dr. Degrasse Tyson would stick to science and show that he is successful regardless of skin color or background, but we have another science celebrity kneeling to the “whites are bad” crowd. Such a shame. Once less podcast in my queue.
Mystery science theater 3000.... only terrible
This show is like the love child of mystery science theater 3000 and popular science... only terrible.
Neil is great...
and Chuck is the most annoying person I have ever heard on a podcast. Get a new co-host and I’ll be back.
Mike L. James
Top 88%
Love how Neal describes what his m on knowledge allows him to in the way he can. But there is a 12% that makes him look like a dumb ass. I wouldn’t say anything if it hadn’t come up multiple times. Wether it’s too much dogma or a lack of imagination I couldn’t say without an actual discussion but for the most part I’d say to the masses just take it as truth. It’s definitely truer than the mass truth out there.
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Bruce Wayne III
Great guests
Great show! Please bring Jana Levin on the show more often. And please get Brian Greene on more.
Human Colonies in space
Just started listening but enjoy it so far. Have you discussed Gerard K. O’Neill’s ideas of colonization as endorsed by Jeff Bezos? Makes more sense to colonize near Earth than go to Mars. Plus, we could utilize lunar resources and nearby asteroids. Just sayin’.
Moderate as hell
Bla bla ble
Great work
Love the content
Is this comedy
You’re not funny. Please stick to science.
I love this podcast. It’s the 1st podcast I’ve been immersed in. Ive tried Still Untitled and Test Drivers, but neither have really interested me this one does
My favorite show
Neil, Chuck, Bill, Chuck L, etc make for my single favorite podcast and TV show. My second is Cosmos. I check my phone every day for new episodes because I’ve listened to every episode at least twice, especially cosmic queries!
Karate Instructor
No Brainer!
It’s Neil Degrasse Tyson...AND Chuck Nice. The smart guy to funny guy juxtaposition breeds a unique and entertaining dynamic, coupled with audience interaction in Cosmic Queries installments StarTalk is truly a must listen. Already interesting topics made effortless to listen to with area experts that always seem to bring much needed details to the discussion. A staple podcast in anyone’s library!
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Brent Thomson
NDT is great.
Love him. Love the show. Always enjoy him and his guests. Trying to make America smart again!!!!!!!!!!! Ever watch The Expanse. Interested in your opinion. I love it.
Rochelle tagger
Bro vibe
Fascinating topics presented with an unfortunate locker room clown vibe. Guys, the science is is entertaining enough on its own.
Great podcast. Very funny. Science rules!
Humor?? NOT!!
I came for the science, and immediately left because of the horrible attempt at being funny. What a ridiculous waste of time. Get rid of Chuck then, perhaps I may give it another try.
I’m watching it on tv it’s a good podcast to.
bear blessing
Chuck is the best Co-host. One of the best podcasts ever right here.
ben gruenbaum
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