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St. Paul Filmcast
Nick Palodichuk
interviews of filmmakers in the Twin Cities
Film Score/Music Composer MICK LYNCH
for our first episode of the year we have film scorer and music composer MICK LYNCH. We talk about his process of creating film scores. His inspirations for doing film scoring. Later we talk about each other favorite music from films.    follow Mick on instagram   SUBSCRIBE TO  MICK LYNCH on youtube   to contact Mick Lynch email him at    PLEASE LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE TO "KYLE AND NICK ON FILM" where host Nick Palodichuk and film critic Kyle Goethe talk films
Jan 14
59 min
Top Ten Films of 2023 w/ Brian Eggert
On our last episode of 2023 Host Nick Palodichuk and Film critic Brian Eggert reveal their top ten films of 2023.  thanks for listening and enjoy    Visit Brian's web site check out Brian's patreon   Check out Brian on KARE 11 NEWS twin cities   LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE TO "KYLE AND NICK on FILM" with host Nick Palodichuk and Film critic KYLE GOETHE
Dec 30, 2023
1 hr 23 min
”UPLOADERS” w/ Kyle & Tapan
Hello everyone host Nick is away and filling in is Kyle Thorton and Tapan Sharma from the "UPLOADERS"   Uploaders is a television sitcom pitch from the twin cities based from filmmakers Tapan Sharma and Kyle Thorton. "Uploaders" is official selection of the NASHVILLE film festival. and LAKE PLACID film festival.  The show is a 4 camera style set-up about movie review podcasters, who balance their work as a small business owners against their domestic lives and  outsized career ambitions , punctuated by clips of the "only-in-universe" movies they review.    please visit Tapan Sharma's web site email Tapan at follow Tapan on instagram   Like JK PRODUCTIONS facebook page follow JK PRODUCTIONS instagram   watch RUBY/FOOT series JK Productions   LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE TO "KYLE AND NICK ON FILM"  on youtube with host NICK PALODICHUK and film critic KYLE GOETHE
Dec 17, 2023
1 hr 1 min
Filmmaker/actress SARA AKTINSON
on this episode we have indie filmmaker and actress SARA ATKINSON!  we talk about her films and acting career. We also talk about her upcoming short film for Zfest.    Check out SARA's IMDB Follow SARA on instagram   VISIT THE WEB SIGHT for TWIN CITY CON and get your tickets now!   LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE TO "KYLE AND NICK ON FILM"
Oct 15, 2023
1 hr
filmmaker DAN HOWARD
on this episode we have indie filmmaker Dan Howard on the show. We talk about his latest film that he wrote, and directed "PSYCHLIGHT"  we also talk about the making on the film as well as Dan's process of writing films, and his process for acting.   We also talk about what are his next projects that he is working on.    YOU CAN WATCH "PSYCHLIGHT" here   Dan Howard imdb Follow Dan Howard on instagram Visit web sight "TWIN CITY CON "   please like and subscribe to "KYLE AND NICK ON FILM" with St. Paul Filmcast host Nick Palodichuk and Film Critic Kyle Goethe talk films
Oct 8, 2023
1 hr
filmmaker KARA HAKANSON returns
on this episode we have filmmaker, actress, screenwriter, director, and photographer KARA HAKANSON  returns to the show after five years.    we talk about her latest projects, and her process of creating, as well, of course, London.    Please visit Kara's web site   please visit Kara's imdb   follow Kara on instagram
Sep 17, 2023
1 hr 3 min
On this episode we have actor Ryan Maddux on. We talk about his creative and the process of creativity. We talk about acting and of course films.  **************************ATTENTION******************************* You can catch Ryan in the traveling show playing DJ Hugh Cherry in                        "FOLSOM PRISON EXPERIENCE"   visit RYAN MADDUX'S web page visit RYAN MADDUX's IMDB follow RYAN MADDUX on instagram   LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE TO "KYLE AND NICK ON FILM" w/ host Nick Palodichuk and film critic KYLE GOETHE.
Sep 17, 2023
1 hr 9 min
film critics Brian Eggert pt4
We have film Critic Brian Eggert from  "Deep Focus Reviews" returns for the  fourth time to talk 2023 films, and what films he looking forward to be released. Also we talk what films has been essaying about.  YOU CAN WATCH  BRIAN EGGERT GIVE HIS  TOP THREE  PICKS  OF THE WEEK EVERY  SATURDAY MORNING  ON "KARE11 NEWS SATURDAY" CH 11 IN THE TWIN CITIES Visit Deep Focus Review web page   Follow Deep Focus Review on instagram   PLEASE like and subscribe to "Kyle and Nick on film" youtube w/ St. Paul Filmcast host Nick Palodichuk & film critic Kyle Goethe
Aug 20, 2023
1 hr 1 min
Film Critic Matthew Liedke returns
On this episode we having returning the founding member of The Minnesota Film Critic Alliance, film critic Matthew Liedke.  We talk he best of 2023 so far. His best film list of last year , and upcoming films he is looking forward .     We also talk the screenwriters and screen actors strike.     Check out Matthew Liedke web site for reviews. Check out MINNESOTA FILM CRITC ALLIANCE Check out "KYLE AND NICK ON FILM"  please like and subscribe   Check out TWIN CITY CON and get your tickets now!
Jul 16, 2023
1 hr 30 min
Best Mid-Year Films of 2023 w/ KYLE GOETHE
We are back! Our first episode of the year and we have film critic Kyle Goethe, who happens to do a youtube channel with host Nick Palodichuk, on to give his top ten films of the mid-year 0f 2023.    check out Kyle Goethe's web site for film reviews   Please LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE to our youtube channel "KYLE AND NICK on FILM"   enjoy and thanks for listening
Jun 28, 2023
1 hr 2 min
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