St. Paul Filmcast
St. Paul Filmcast
Nick Palodichuk
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So fun, great insights into film
This is a wonderful look at filmmaking from a variety of perspectives. I always learn something, and Nick is a great interviewer.
Peter Groynom
The best!
Great interviews with great guest ! Love this show !
Great show that digs into the process!
Really insightful show with great interviews that touch on so many different aspects of filmmaking and comics and writing in general! If you’re into the process of telling solid stories, give this show a go!
Amazing Podcast from the Neighboring State!!
I couldn’t decide which episode to start with being new to the show; the Horror Episode or the Episode where Nick got interviewed. SO I WENT WITH BOTH!! And let me tell you this podcast is top notch! Not just in their knowledge of the field but also in the way they deliver their show.... ENTERTAINING! If you’re not listening to St. Paul Filmcast, you NEED to get it in your rotation!
@dagangler and the lady
Love this show. Always keeps me interested and always look forward to new episodes. Can’t recommend it enough. -Tabby from Your New Best Friends podcast
Genuine film experience
Everything is bigger in Minnesota right? They give genuine insight with awesome guests who are super interesting. The guys bring it every week and it’s a super informative yet funny and easy to listen to show. Download now if you don’t already!
riley from The Plunge
A great podcast for all
Whether you are interested in starting to make movies, ARE in the film business, or are a fan of films (who isn’t?), this podcast is a great fit. As someone starting in the business, I appreciate the nuggets of learning and breadth of topics. This podcast stands out from others with its heartfelt dedications in the beginning and the casual, fun interview style. It really humanizes filmmaking and I truly appreciate St. Paul Filmcast for this! Break a leg!
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A film lovers dream
This podcast is such a delight, the host brings on a variety of guests and has insightful conversations with creators, directors and so much more. Highly recommend.
Fabulous interviews
Nick lead wonderful interviews with a myriad of filmmakers, actors and creative professionals from many fields and backgrounds. Discussions range from influences, process(es), goals, hardships, great behind-the-scenes stories and always info on upcoming projects.
Unique and Fun
Really fun podcast personalities and chemistry. It’s a unique spin on a movie pod and is always an interesting listen. Great guests, topics, and passion for film. Don’t skip out on this one!
Lovers of Film
These guys really know their stuff. There are a ton of film podcasts out there, this one is easily in my top 5. Big fan, keep it up guys!
New & Interesting
A new and interesting spin on the film review format! Great stories and personalities, resulting in an entertaining listen. Make sure you subscribe!
Thoughtful and Funny!
These are thoughtful, honest, and interesting reviews! The hosts are great and they mix it up with amazing guests who really know their stuff. They cover a wide range from classic films to contemporary ones. It’s a great show for any movie lover.
The Carroll Sisters
I love that with this podcast, you not only get film reviews. You get insightful info and thoughtful discussion with some great guest hosts that you possibly could never have known about!
Cool Show
This is a great show for film buffs and includes interviews with some less known filmmakers that shed light on what it takes to make it in the industry.
Awesome Host, Awesomer Content
As an aspiring/amateur writer and filmmaker, I could not appreciate this podcast more. Nick is an extremely engaging host who knows when to step back and let his guests take the wheel! I love that he's highlighting filmmakers and artists outside of Los Angeles and New York (sooooo refreshing) - who knew the Twin Cities was such a hub for artists? I'm a fan of the podcast, I'm a fan of the guests (everyone from actors to set dressers), and it sounds like I might just need to move to St Paul... or at least visit sometime soon.
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Kelly (Boobies & Noobies)
Great All Around Film Podcast
This podcast has great hosts, fun and interesting guests, terrific sound quality, and boatloads of movie reviews. What more could you ask for?
Riveting Reviews!
Awesome reviews that you can depend on with a very engaging host!
Alex Grapenthin
Russel Johnson
Great interview, very informative. The only thing I wish is we could of gone deeper into Russ's expience in the karate cult. It sounds obsurd but i know its true and i want to know more. Nick's a great interviewer. levels are good so it's not hard to listen in.
If you’re a movie buff this is your show
Incredible show! You know your stuff. Big movies, small movies, round movies, square movies.... this podcast covers them all and it’s awesome! Nice work.
How have I missed this for so long?!
Fantastic podcast with very informative hosts. Nick, Vince, & Dan give very well thought out criticism on films ranging from classics to indies and modern ones as well. The guys have a good rapport with each other and they make somtimes hillarious banter. They even have some special guests who are indie writers and filmakers. Above average show that has made me wonder how I've gone without it so long. Give them a listen and you'll see/hear what you've been missing!
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Podcasts Are Life
These guys enjoy the creative method of making movies for sure. They also talk about films that deserve exposure as independent ventures. Very good podcast.
Billy Dees
Conversations with Pals
This podcast is well researched! The host goes over the cast, crew, stories from set, and different filming techniques that make the film special. It’s not the typical film podcast I’ve listened to before. The host has a casual, easy delivery that makes it feel like you’re sitting at a bar chatting about film.
Speak to them!
Here is some 5 stars for some great podcast host!
Sheamus McKillian
Film Geeks Will Love!
This podcast is wonderful for those that are cinemaphiles. In-depth details, unknown facts, comparisons, call-backs... Very enthusiastic hosts that love the subject, and make you want to know more, too! Highly recommended, especially for those that have seen every film there could be and love to discuss them.
Great podcast, one of the best film related ones out there!
A well researched show that takes an in depth look at some sweet movies! I was hooked AND THEN they made a Rick and Morty reference - so bonus points! Give this show a listen😄
The Drunk Guys are fans!
Great convos about classic films from hosts that really know how to tell a good story. A fun listen. Check it out, if you're even a little into film you'll enjoy this!
Every movie lover’s dream!
What a great show! Amazing hosting, and the fun facts behind each movie is so informative and interesting. It’s a movie review show with a twist - a twist that we are loving!
Classic Beauty
WOAH! Someone made an updated review of Gone with the wind? Godfather movies? Classics?!?! So glad to finally see something truly original in the movie review podcast movement. Great job and please keep it up!!!
MC Variety Hour
These gents know film!
I’m a new listener and I am hooked! I love that these two guys teach me things about classic films I haven’t seen and also speak about the things I love from the classics I have seen. I highly recommend to subscribe and listen!
Great work!
Excellent behind the scenes info on some classic movies. Whether solo (as in the To Catch a Thief episode) or together (check out their Godfather series) Nick and Dan give film trivia on things like casting, adaptations, story. Thorough and insightful!
Linzi | 33 Pulp
genuine love of movies
Enthusiastic hosts As a film fanatic also, i appreciated all the the juicy tidbits about so many movies. Gone w the wind fav movie but whenever theres a question sbout it on jeopardy i get it wrong. Thanks to this thorough podcast I learned so much I didnt know about Gone with the Wind. Genuine love for the movies they talk about is obvious. As a girl with 'moxie' 2 men appreciating the feminism in the character of Scarlett was refreshing to hear. Into it and if you love movies you will be too. 5 stars!!!!!!
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A Great Movie Podcast About Great Movies
An entertaining, well-informed, and unprentious movie podcast! Hosts Nick and Dan really know their stuff and cover the greatest films of all time. Whether you're a hard-core cinema geek, or a budding film enthusiast, this podcast is sure to satisfy.
I need to watch some classic movies!
There are a lot of podcast about new movies, but not as many that spend time on Godfather and other classics. This one is super informative and fun to listen to--Nick and his guests have a love for film and dive deep, way deep into the nuiances of film making in a way that will make you look at the classic films in a different light. Keep up the great work!
Informative and Friendly!
First off, I could listen to these gentlemen talk for hours upon hours upon hours upon hours. Not only do they go into deep details regarding the films they discuss, but they are well researched and informed. However, what has me coming back for more is how absolutely friendly they are. Kindness can be extremely fun, and St. Paul Filmcast proves that!
Sean Faust
I’m new to this show, and I’m having such a good time listening to it! Keep up the good work!
Another well deserved review to add to the mix!
Wow this podcast has a lot of reviews and I can absolutely see why! This podcast does not disappoint! One thing I noticed before even hitting play is the film selections. You dont see the run of the mill films here. This is a podcast to come to when you want those hidden gem films or films that were popular in their time and now forgotten. The facts shared here and the casual format makes this a super fun listen. Word of warning though, you are going to want an extra device besides your listening device near by so you can google all the bits of info they drop that may just be over your head (or at least I did)
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Cinematically Correct
Worthy Film Show
Great production value and the hosts are not only knowlegeable about their material but also are interesting to listen to. They pick the films you want to listen to and the structure of the show makes it breeze by. Definitely going to get this one in my queue.
Great listen for film buffs
As a huge movie buff, this podcast struck every chord I’m looking for. In depth reviews and breakdown that really make you want to watch the movie they’re talking about if you haven’t seen it already, and even go back for a repeat viewing on the ones you have seen already. Great stuff.
You Watch, I Listen
Holy Bunch-A Bananas Batman!
This podcast really takes movie watching to a whole new level! Delves deep into the behind-the-scenes content. Not a play-by-play cinematic review of the film, but rather a back story. These guys have great chemistry and know their stuff. I feel like a film buff already
Informative and Enlightening
The film cast provides solid reviews of classic and modern films that give a different perspective that the average movie goer may not think of.
Stephen Davis JD 44
Check St. Paul Filmcast out
Great podcast. A must listen!!!
Funny and informative
Listened to the Sherlock's Smarter Brother episode. I didn't even know this movie existed, but after listening to Nick and Gidgit talk about it I know I definitely need to check it out!
This is a fantastic movie discussion podcast! The hosts are great and very informative as well as just plain delightful. It is a lot of fun so download and listen now!
For Better Or Worse Podcast
Twin Cities Movie Reviews
As a big movie buff, I love getting even more detail about my favorite movies and analyzing the minutiae. Thoroughly enjoyed The Godfather episode and look forward to more from my collection appearing in future episodes. Cheers!
D.L. Dustin
Love this podcast
Stumbled across this podcast and I love it. You can tell the hosts have a genuine love for movies and the chemistry between them is undeniable. Can’t wait for future episodes.
Chunch The Great
Love this Pod
A good mix of movies new and old. These guys really know their stuff. Lots of context, history, and good old fashioned film appreciation and criticism abounds. Will definitely keep this pod in my weekly rotation.
Loved it!
Learned so much and enjoyed every minute of the Godfather episode!The guys have great on air chemistry. Inspired to watch all the movies you guys cover so I can keep up. Definitely subscribing and looking forward to binging 😀
Anti-Matters Podcast
Great topics and hosts!
Really informative. Hosts are natural storytellers who really care about these movies while being funny and entertaining. Nick and Dan - you guys rock! Keep up the good work!
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