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Squawk Pod is a daily, guided curation of the top moments and takeaways from CNBC’s flagship morning show, “Squawk Box”, anchored by Joe Kernen, Becky Quick and Andrew Ross Sorkin. Each day, the podcast includes news making interviews, perspective and analysis from iconic guest hosts, and slices of debate and discussion—from the heated to the hilarious— all wrapped with exclusive context and color from Senior Producer Katie Kramer.
Vaccines & Voting with Merck CEO; Tech & Politics on the Hill
Ken Frazier, CEO of drug maker Merck, maps out his timeline for a coronavirus vaccine as cases continue to rise around the world. In a conversation with Yale School of Management’s Jeff Sonnenfeld, Frazier discusses the duty CEOs have to encourage voting, civility, and faith in the democratic process. Politics took precedence at big tech’s big (virtual) day on Capitol Hill. Former White House Chief Technology Officer Aneesh Chopra and CNBC’s Ylan Mui break down Jack Dorsey’s, Mark Zuckerberg’s, and Sundar Pichai’s four hour hearing before the Senate Commerce Committee. Plus, less than a week before the Presidential election with no end to the Covid pandemic in sight, the markets are struggling to find steady ground.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
Oct 29
34 min
Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev: The Rise of the Retail Investor
Robinhood, the trading app that took young people and financiers by storm, now boasts 13 million user accounts. Its zero-commission trading model prompted an overhaul of the online brokerage ecosystem, although the company has run into SEC investigations, hackers, and performance outages along the way. In an extended interview with Andrew Ross Sorkin, CEO Vlad Tenev discusses the role Robinhood plays in the financial system and the risks and rewards of retail investors engaging in high volume trading. Tenev addresses wide ranging criticisms of his platform, and considers what’s next for the $11B-valued app.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
Oct 28
31 min
Eli Lilly CEO on Antibody Trial’s Finish; CEOs Get Out the Vote
The National Institutes of Health has halted one of Eli Lilly’s coronavirus antibody trials, having found that the combination of Lilly’s antibody drug and Gilead’s remdesivir does not result in a marked improvement in hospitalized Covid-19 patients. Eli Lilly CEO David Ricks discusses what’s next for the antibody that’s proven successful in treating milder Covid cases, and he addresses the company’s third quarter financials. CNBC’s All America Survey reveals that while Joe Biden is leading President Trump in the election polls, both candidates must now rely on niche populations for victory. Senior Economics Reporter Steve Liesman unpacks the survey findings and shares which voting groups are crucial to which contender. Boston Consulting Group CEO Rich Lesser shares what c-suites are doing to encourage employee voting, and discusses how American CEOs may think about democracy going forward. Plus, the tech industry has thrown $200 million behind a campaign for California voters to support Proposition 22, the legislation that could preserve independent contractor status for gig economy workers.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
Oct 27
32 min
Covid Calculations with Dr. Scott Gottlieb; Big Tech’s Big Week
Coronavirus cases are on the rise in Europe and in the United States, and former FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb says things stateside are likely to get worse before they get better. Big tech is gearing up for a big week; major players are expected to report quarterly earnings, and the CEOs of Alphabet, Facebook, and Twitter are slated to testify before the Senate Commerce Committee to discuss their content liability shield known as Section 230. Ellie Wheeler, partner at the venture capital firm Greycroft, expects a standout quarter for these tech companies, and says despite regulatory scrutiny, they’ll continue to outperform. Adam Singolda, founder and CEO of content discovery and advertising platform Taboola, says regulators should be concerned about whether big tech players are making editorial decisions, rather than about whether they’re too large. Plus, actor Chadwick Boseman lost his battle with cancer two months ago, and his wife is working with courts to sort out his assets. CNBC’s Sharon Epperson explains that most Americans don’t have a will, but they should, regardless of age.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
Oct 26
30 min
Breaking Up Big Tech & Breaking Down the Final Debate
Pollster and political strategist Frank Luntz breaks down the last Presidential debate before Election Day. Luntz emphasizes the volume of mail in ballots expected this cycle, and projects that we won’t have a final vote count for days after November 3rd. Plus, Facebook’s former Chief Privacy Officer and General Counsel Chris Kelly discusses the challenges ahead for big tech players and the regulators who want to rein them in. Kelly considers the implications of replacing Section 230 and the role these platforms play in the media landscape.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
Oct 23
32 min
Paul Tudor Jones: Expecting a Biden Victory; Washington Football President Jason Wright
Paul Tudor Jones, billionaire hedge fund manager and philanthropist, discusses today’s market, 33 years after Wall Street’s Black Monday. Jones considers the U.S. economic environment after the election, the value of bitcoin, market volatility, and Joe Biden’s tax plan. The Washington Football Team plays the Dallas Cowboys this Sunday, in a game dubbed “DMVotes Game,” part of Washington’s campaign to register DC, Maryland, and Virginia voters and to support them when casting their ballots. Washington Football President Jason Wright reviews the team’s starting plays and voting plays, as well as his timeline for a new team name. Plus, media bids adieu to the short lived, short video platform Quibi.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
Oct 22
39 min
Snapchat Surprises, Netflix Disappoints, Amazon Picks Up, & Robot Dogs Take Over
Amazon is rolling out grocery pickup at Whole Foods, but Bezos may still have a few kinks to iron out to make the effort a success. Netflix reported disappointing results for its third quarter after missing subscriber targets, but Snapchat surprised the Street with a strong delivery for its investors and its advertisers. Lightshed’s Rich Greenfield and CNBC’s Julia Boorstin discuss the two platforms, and what’s to come for each. Stimulus negotiations continue on the Hill, and CNBC’s Ylan Mui tracks the possible paths forward, as well as the mounting frustration across the country. Plus, Boston Dynamics’ robot dog Spot may help keep employees safe amid the pandemic. CEO Robert Playter says if they take over menial, repetitive tasks, Spots could reduce density in the workplace, although robots are no match for human common sense. Usually.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
Oct 21
32 min
Achieving Equity: Killer Mike, John Hope Bryant, & Shopify on Black Business & #BankBlack
Rapper, actor, and activist Michael Render, AKA Killer Mike, has launched Greenwood, a digital banking platform aimed at supporting Black and Latinx Americans who are unbanked or underserved by the traditional banking system in the U.S. He explains why support from financial institutions is critical to Black and brown America building wealth and participating fully in the economy. John Hope Bryant, CEO of Operation Hope, has launched the 1MBB initiative, an effort to create 1 million new Black-owned businesses in the next decade. Bryant is teaming up with Shopify, which has committed $130 million to the effort. Bryant and Shopify’s President Harley Finklestein discuss ways to cultivate Black entrepreneurship and improve racial equity in business. Those conversations, plus WeWork’s newest drama and America’s pandemic grooming.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
Oct 20
35 min
AMC’s Box Office & Dr. Scott Gottlieb: The Pandemic’s Seventh Inning
Former FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb looks ahead to 2021 for vaccines and a possible end to the coronavirus pandemic. He says we’re nearly through, but the hardest road is still ahead. AMC movie theaters are starting to reopen in New York, and CEO Adam Aron is optimistic about cinema safety but concerned about consumer demand. He emphasizes that movie releases, not limited theater capacity, may hinder his business. Plus, stimulus negotiations slog on in Washington, and Boeing’s 737 Max is inching closer to its next takeoff.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
Oct 19
34 min
Title: Masters of Scale’s Reid Hoffman; Persona vs. Policy; Going Big (on Stimulus) or Going Home
Description: LinkedIn co-founder and “Masters of Scale” podcast host Reid Hoffman has joined a number of prominent business leaders in speaking out on election integrity. The entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and author is calling for patience and civility in awaiting election results, and considers the best options for American stability moving forward. GOP pollster Frank Luntz says undecided voters are struggling with their dislike of President Trump and their concern about Joe Biden’s policies following Trump and Biden’s opposing town halls last night. Luntz says the dueling town halls delivered little clarity to Americans still unsure of their candidate. Plus, New Jersey Democratic Governor Phil Murphy says to “go big or go home” when it comes to passing a federal stimulus package. He hopes to avoid broad lockdowns to deal with rising coronavirus cases in his state and across the nation. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
Oct 16
35 min
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