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335 Answers To Over 20 Instagram Marketing Questions
Social Media Lab Instagram Marketing Survey 2021 Want to learn how other agencies and social media managers are doing Instagram marketing and get inspired? The Social Media Lab recently surveyed digital marketing agencies and social media managers to see how they use Instagram. We received 335 responses to our “Instagram Marketing Survey 2021.” The following information will give you insight into how the average Instagram user utilizes Instagram daily. Instagram Marketing Survey 2021 Results Highlights from the Instagram Marketing Survey: Instagram marketing was very important or extremely important to 64.77% of survey respondents. 66.27% spend between 1-3 hours on Instagram daily. 90.75% view Instagram Stories. Instagram Reels are viewed by 68.96% of those surveyed. 94.93% post at least once per week to the Instagram feed. Full survey here:
Sep 17, 2021
11 min
The Social Media Lab Live 100th Episode!
The Social Media Lab Live 100th Episode! Join us as we reflect on the past 100 episodes, talk about ups and downs, changes to the show and maybe even have some trivia, giveaways and old friends on the show!
Jul 26, 2021
44 min
Should Your Facebook Live Stream Begin with a Countdown Timer?
Is it best to start a Facebook live with a countdown timer? The Social Media Lab tested Facbook countdown timers for you.
Jul 5, 2021
14 min
Should You Go Live on Amazon Live?
Amazon Live has quickly become another live streaming platform for creators to build an audience and make an income, leading the Social Media Lab to wonder what would happen if we started a new account on Amazon Live.
May 17, 2021
16 min
Twitter Marketing Survey Results
Each quarter, the Social Media Lab will publish results from social media network-specific surveys conducted during the previous quarter. Our goal is to find out how each platform is being used, and year over year notate any trends seen. The Social Media Lab began surveying Twitter users in November 2020 to determine if any trends in Twitter marketing could be discovered.
Apr 15, 2021
15 min
Social Media Lab Update Q1 Update
Welcome to the Social Media Lab podcast, powered by Agorapulse. In this episode, we go over updates to the Social Media Lab podcast!!!
Mar 30, 2021
11 min
Instagram Stories Ads or Feed Ads: Which is Better?
In the past three years, Instagram has undergone many changes, adding features such as Reels and IGTV. Plus, Stories are even more popular today than three years ago. So, we felt it was time to test again to see if anything has changed on Instagram ads. We formed a hypothesis based on our previous study. Hypothesis: Instagram Story ads produce more clicks and a lower CPC than Instagram feed ads.
Feb 2, 2021
13 min
Does Using the Word "FREE" Hurt Twitter Ads Traffic?
Does using the word "FREE" impact Twitter ads results??? We ran a $1000 test to find out! Social Media Lab is powered by Agorapulse.
Jan 7, 2021
8 min
2021 Social Media Marketing Predictions! Part 5 with Jennifer Watson
Let's find out what Jennifer Watson predicts for social media marketing for 2021!  Will Tik Tok still be a thing? What about live video? And does anyone even care about Clubhouse???
Dec 25, 2020
9 min
Are Facebook Groups REALLY Important? Part 4 with Jennifer Watson
Should your business focus on Facebook groups? Jennifer Watson from Agorapulse has done some amazing and unique things in Facebook groups recently. Listen to find out more.  Social Media Lab is powered by Agorapulse.
Dec 24, 2020
14 min
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