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So much content!
Much deeper podcast than I expected. Like a degree program in marketing !
Bob Regnerus
Great info for marketers!
This is a really good podcast. It's educational and entertaining. The experiments these guys do are experiments that answer questions digital marketers need answered in order to be successful. I run a digital marketing agency and do my best to make data-driven decisions for my clients. These guys help me do that podcast after podcast.
The Only Social Media Podcast With Real Time Data
There are so many social media podcasts out there, but this is the only one I’ve listened and watched that gives real time data and not theory. Social Media marketers need to add this to their rotation. I also got to see these guys live and in person at MDMC18 in St. Louis. If you get a chance book then or go see them live.
Fun look at social media
These two do the best social media experiments producing interesting results which they talk about on their show!
Love the science behind this podcast
One of my favorite, go-to podcasts for social media. I LOVE their scientific method approach, it doesn’t get more accurate and helpful than that!
Great Condensed REAL Stats
I love this podcast. they use real science (developed and testable hypothesis, multiple data groups w/ a control, sig figs!) to produce answers to specific questions to debunk myths.
TommyBahama (AKA the Long-hair
Great Experiments! Fun listen 👍👍
Super interesting social media experiments. Great topics and really cool to hear the findings. Love the length of the episodes and the amount of info crammed into 8-15 minutes.
Love this podcast
Great information, thanks for sharing !
So glad to see you all test the “theories” my social media team tells me work! You all are like the “Myth Busters” of Social Media! Great job
Roy Hill007
Must Listen For All Social Media Professionals
I stumbled upon this show a few weeks ago and have powered through the backlog of episodes. And will definitely revist them on a project-by-project basis for work. They take real myths and everyday questions that social media people have and get the answers through hard data. Very helpful when forming productive strategy and giving clients the best out there. This podcast makes me feel like an expert.
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Awesome Podcast
This podcast is essential for anyone interested in social or digital marketing. They apply real science and tests to the methods I use everyday. It helps answer lots of “what if” questions I have.
Amazing Media Podcast
I love this podcast. Short and sweet and jam packed with relevant data. The audio quality is top notch as well. Highly recommend! - Darla Powell
Newbie trying to get caught up
This podcast is my favorite for social media education... Quick, easy to understand but very rich in content. Thank you!
Awesome show, highly recommend!
Scott, Richard and their guests provide some incredibly actionable and compelling content, spotlighting the absolute best social media marketing tactics and coming trends to help you effectively grow your business. Highly recommend listening and subscribing to Social Media Lab if you want the knowledge AND mindsets to get ahead of the curve (and reach your overall business goals as a result)!
J. Barshop
Practical and Up-to-date Information
Love how Team Agorapulse and Scott have done for their podcast! Each episode is gem-packed real time and helpful content, highly recommended!
Hardcore Social Data
No one else out there is putting this level of thought and precision into measuring what really happens on social media. Bravo!
Mike Allton
As a social media marketer, I really dislike when people view my job as fluff so I typically steer away from these podcasts because fluff is exactly what they are! FINALLY something I can listen to on the way to work! Social Media Lab is fresh, fun, and all about REAL data and actions I can take!
This podcast is a great free resource to help you understand and navigate the ever-changing world of social.
Best Podcast on Social Media
It's engaging and data driven, straight to the point wiht plenty actionable takeaways. I really like this podcast.
Great Content
I'm loving this podcast already. The content is what we all wonder about certain Social Media tricks and tools. Can't wait to hear more☺️
Unique content
A fresh take on social media management. Looking forward to new episodes.
No Social Media Blather Here
Finally, a social media podcast that doesn't have two dudes pontificating on best practices with no real proof! Was getting sick of those. This Lab bases each ep on data and research they conducted. Science -- yes. That's keeping me interested in more eps.
Data-Drive Content and FUN!
Nothing better than solid, data-driven content mixed in with a fun, quality podcast!
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