Small Seed, Big Impact
Small Seed, Big Impact
Holly MacKinnon
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Dropping some real gems
This couple and their guests have some really powerful takes on health,business, and life that make this podcast worth listening too!
A must-listen very week!
Ready to excel in all areas of life? These two motivate in a fun and unique way. Love it!
Sam JD Hunt
Real, genuine, changing the world
Holly and Shane finally made a podcast!!!! These two are full of energy, passion and commitment to what they love and I absolutely love listening to their podcast (and eating their bomb vegan GF protein bars lol) Keep me coming!!!
foodie finding balance
These two are living proof that you can achieve whatever you set your mind to as long as your willing to work. Every episode is genuine. Shane’s straightforward attitude mixed with Holly’s light is the perfect combo if you need that reminder that you are enough.
Bomb dot com
I love these two so much! Holly has such a loving and genuine presence that she instantly makes her guests feel comfortable, creating an environment that fosters beautiful, fluid conversation. Her questions are very thoughtful and I also love her giggles scattered throughout!! 🎈🎈🎈it’s a lovely and uplifting listen every time!!
Casey goff
Make an impact
No matter what you’re trying to accomplish in life, Small Seed Big Impact inspires everyone to do so. Two semi normal individuals who are creating their love and sharing the process. They’ve also met some really dope people along the way who they have come on and share their stories as well. Episodes are usually 45 mins to and hour which is perfect for commuting back and forth to work. Keep it up!
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Vegan Gangster
People who focus on what they can provide to others
Two of the most genuine and humble people out there. Won’t take long to understand where these two’s passion and hearts lie. Not only is the podcast awesome, but their vegan protein bars are magically delicious 🥰
If you’re cool, you should listen to this
I love these guys, what they stand for, and their entire brand. Any “want to be” vegans should check it out. Anybody looking for motivation should check it out. If you’re cool... check it out!
vegan egan
Makes you think and is REAL!
Thought provoking! And I love the banter between Holly and Shane, humor laced through seriousness is definitely something that keeps hold of my attention. Definitely recommend this!
Yin & yang
Two opposites who make it work! Everything from life, family, business and motivation!
Shane and Holly deliver the goods!
Shane and Holly are a podcast dream team! They’re playful banter and “opposites attract” personalities make them a great duo. They make listening to a podcast fun. Be aware, they aren’t afraid to speak their truths. Nothing is sugar coated which actually makes this podcast my favorite to listen to. Their advice for entrepreneurs is raw and real and perfect for the modern day business world we live in. Keep going Holly and Shane!
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Real talk!
These two didn’t create a podcast to be all sweet and inspiring. They created a podcast with REAL discussions about REAL life with REAL challenges - and that’s what will really inspire you to keep tuning in - to listen, learn and be impacted by these two - now go make a difference in this world like Holly and Shane!
I’ve never listened to a podcast before! Small Seed Big Impact was my first and I wasn’t disappointed! Holly and Shane make you feel like you’ve know them for years, yet you find out knew things about them! They’re truly inspiring and I just love them and this podcast so much! I can’t wait to keep listening!
I love you guys!!!!! So real, raw, and relatable. I can’t wait to listen every week!
J. Moye
If you’re looking for inspiration, aspiration, motivation, and truth bombs, you’ve got to follow this powerhouse! Can’t wait for more episodes!!!
A. Swan
Humor + Impact
Holly says discuss, Shane says argue. This is a wonderful podcast in all that these two phenomenal humans bring to the table. They will make you laugh as they call out eachother to create depth and understanding around topics that impact us every day. As people, we are lucky to have anyone calling us up to the plate do our own work in the world; and this podcast provides the perfect encouragement to do just that.
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Izzy @ Resilience Coaching
Real people, no BS
If you’re looking for a podcast that will dive into topics that most other shows shy away from, press the Subscribe button now. These are two very real people who aren’t afraid to shine light on the truth. The dynamic duo of two very different backgrounds makes for perfect combination of going against the grain while learning along the way. Looking forward to more episodes on the near future!
Listen if you want to be inspired!!
I just started my small business about a year ago and have been following along small seed in their journey! I’ve gained so much knowledge about what it takes to be successful from them! I love what they do and how hard they work and this podcast made me look up to them even more! Excited for what’s to come for small seed and can’t wait for the next episode!
So refreshing!
I love this couple. They are the perfect mixture of sweet, funny and serious (Shane 😜) and as raw as you can get in this episode. If you don’t know Small Seed Bars, you need to find them NOW! Well, after you read this review! They have the most delicious plant based bars on the market. I loved their story of how they met and what brought them to North Carolina. Their chemistry bursts through this audio and it’s so apparent why they’ve been so successful. Holly, I love how sweet, smart and creative you are, unafraid to take risks and start from The bottom. Shane, your drive and determination is going to fuel a lot of people, even me! I loved how honest he is and how much he has done coming out of a difficult past and what that taught him for life and business! Together, a power couple! I can’t wait to hear the deeper stories you guys mentioned! This podcast is going to be another great success for Small Seed!
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The cutest ever
I literally got home from my third twelve hour shift (in a row), completely exhausted and decided to listen along while I got ready for bed. It was not only the cutest podcast but my first one ever...and I loved it. You two have really wonderful chemistry and to hear the differences that make you both work so well is incredible. Amazingly well done, can’t wait to listen next week!
The best
Holly you are literally unstoppable and such a positive force! The world needs more people like you. There’s nothing you can’t do! You do it all!
Two amazing vegan based entrepreneurs bringing raw and real content. Excited for future episodes!!
Love This Already!
I loved this, it’s almost like a meet and greet/tell all but we’re saving some for later and you want to tune in because what else are they going to spill? What other information will I learn? Episode one and it already feels like I’m apart of the family haha. It’s interesting listening to how two polar opposites operate together, and make things work and balance each other out PLUS the becoming of Small Seed, I also just love stories and learning facts. I’m excited to learn more about anything you want to tell.
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I loved your first podcast. I was laughing along with you two the whole time! What’s better than that?...feeling like you can relate and be right in the room with the podcasters!! Hysterical, informative, awesome! Can’t wait to hear more!! Love you guys!!!