Slave Stealer
Slave Stealer
Timothy Ballard
The Sound of Freedom
29 minutes Posted Aug 21, 2019 at 9:40 am.
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Show notes

A few years ago Alejandro Monteverde started writing a fictional story about child trafficking. Around that time he met Tim Ballard and it caused him to scrap the script... since then he has been finishing "The Sound of Freedom" based on the true story of Tim's journey to where he is now. 

Tim and Mark had a sneak preview of a director's cut. Immediately after the film, Mark sat with Alejandro(director and co-writer), Rod Barr (writer), and Brian Scofield (editor) to understand their philosophical and practical approach to telling a rough story so delicately and artfully. 

The Sound of Freedom will likely hit screens this coming Spring (2020).