Slave Stealer
Slave Stealer
Timothy Ballard
via Podcasts
A non-partisan issue!! It’s about the children!
Mike Tomlin was is our only chance and I HOPE people can lay down their swords and come together for the children!!!!!! I hope everyone listening to this opens their hearts to what Tim is saying. He is truly a great example of what we should be doing and protecting these children and loving each other. Thank you, Mark for having Tim on again. Phenomenal interview! Very powerful and moving!! 👏🏼❤️
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Everyone needs to hear this
Thank you Tim and OUR. Everyone should listen and learn and understand the evil that is out there.
Need to listen!
This is so important to listen for every parent! With what our country is going thru, this is where we need to put our focus on and help the children.
Every single parent/person needs to listen to this! Awareness is key! Thank you for all you are doing to help end this! Just signed up as a volunteer! Together we can make a difference! I will share this everywhere!
So good!
A must listen 👏🏼
Super Heroes
There are regular heroes like Lindsey Stirling, Glenn Beck, etc., who are backers and supporters, people that work behind the scenes to publicize and fund the dangerous works of the super heroes. Yes... super heroes, there are none greater than them. They are the brave men and women that actually go in and rescue these children and young people from their slave owners then shelter them from further harm are, by far the greatest of super heroes. I salute the Slave Stealers and always do what I can to help fund them and spread the word of their good works.
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Wish there were more stars!
This podcast has me on the edge of my seat. Oh man I want this to get out more. I want to help. I want this to end. I want to be apart of this ending. Wow what an amazing human you are and all the men and woman helping behind the scenes. Wow.
Five Stars Not Enough....
Using own words to describe emotions after listening to first 3 episodes is analogous to me coloring a dot-to-dot with Crayolas of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel. Granted, both were certainly moved upon by our Father in Heaven; one to depict Life created, Ballard to actually set it free. Masterpiece! You cannot be the same after listening. We are grateful...
Tactful and informative
This podcast is amazing. They are real and explain what is going on in a tactful way. They give us information about what is going on and how we can help and get involved in the fight.
Very interesting and engaging
Love listening to modern day heroes, and how and why they do what they do. Mark and Tim are engaging and well spoken. Fantastic podcast. Leaves me feeling inspired and motivated to join them in every way I can!
Worth your Time
This is one of the best podcasts out’s been very tactfully done on such a difficult topic. It will open your eyes. So grateful for Tim, Mark, and everyone in their team for their work!
I thought I was woke, but I wasn’t... This podcast opened my eyes to a real problem that needs our immediate attention. I can’t think of a more worthy cause to get involved with and donate to, than rescuing children from sex slavery. I just finished the episode with Glenn Beck and am appalled that I don’t hear about these things on the daily news or twitter even. I’ve never been so stirred to take action. Mark and Tim do an amazing job on this podcast bringing awareness, light and hope to this situation. I appreciate you both, your talents, following Gods calling, and your passion on this mission.
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The cause of our time...
God bless Tim Ballard, Glenn Beck, and the entire team at OUR and The Nazarene Fund. Thank you for all that you do to save people and bring attention to this issue.
Great Podcast!!
Great group! Wish people would realize the reality of modern slavery and do something about! Thank you for rescuing these innocent people!
Inspiring, empowering, motivating
I love this podcast! Every episode makes me want to shout to the world that slavery did not end with Lincoln and we all need to rise up and do something about it! The something that Tim Ballard is doing is catching fire and spreading around the globe. I will support this cause until every child is free.
You will cry
I first found this podcast by accident. At first, I was intrigued, then I was mortified, then I was depressed, then I was angry. And I still am. Every episode makes me realize how much evil there is in the world, and makes me thankful for men like Tim, and organizations like O.U.R. I'm always on the lookout for ways to help. Hopefully this review does a little bit. -Mike
Compelling and Inspiring!
So inspiring! Makes my day to hear about the work they’re doing and the sacrifices they make to rescue children they don’t even know from the misery of sex trafficking. So great to hear first-hand stories about the rescue missions. They’ve saved about 700 so far, so what they’re doing is clearly working! Favorite episodes so far are 1, 11, and 15.
Spreading light into the dark corners of the world. Very informative and motivational, listen in and share with friends. Let's keep sharing the light until slavery is eraticated from the planet. Thank you O.U.R.!
Powerful and humbling
Good Job Tim. Keep up the fight.
Chase Sawyer
Great listen
I applaud both of these guys and their work. This was an emotional and inspirational podcast. Thank you Tim and Mike.
The best!
The work Tim Ballard is doing deserves to be heard! He sounds like an amazing man, and I love learning more about the missions and his orginization.
Thank you!!
This is a subject that needs a platform.
What this show is really about…
Not going to lie, I produce the show. Still, I’m inspired by the people who sacrifice their peace of mind to save kids. Thank you for the reviews and shares. To us, it’s more than a show because the more awareness sex trafficking gets, the more we’ll be able to shut it down. God bless. Thank you again.
Amazing and emotional
I had no idea how prominent slavery really is even in 2016. These first hand accounts of men braver than most is both heart breaking and inspiring and has elevated me to a higher state of awareness. May God bless all those who engage in such a work.
Wow! Very Inspiring and Insightful!
It's so amazing to hear that there are brave men and women fighting for the rights of these innocent children! Who knew how horrible this problem is?! Definitely one of my new favorite podcasts. I'm excited to stay up to date with this group and the good they are doing in the world.