Shop Talk Live - Fine Woodworking
Shop Talk Live - Fine Woodworking
Fine Woodworking magazine editors and contributors answer your questions and share woodworking tips and techniques.
STL251: Assume the glue is going to fail
Mike, Anissa, and Ben discuss Patrick Sullivan's end-grain glue myths video, how a listener can hide a joint on an 18-ft. run of molding, and the pros and cons of floating tenon joinery.
Oct 8
59 min
STL250: Catching up with Ed Pirnik
Ed Pirnik joins Ben to discuss the early days of Shop Talk Live and what he's been up to the past six years.
Sep 24
1 hr
STL249: MDF on a jointer?
Bob Van Dyke joins Mike and Ben to discuss story sticks, cooling glue to get more open time, spring joints and admits to milling MDF on his machines!
Sep 10
1 hr 9 min
STL248: Best of Shop Talk Live #1
Favorite STL segments as submitted by the listeners!
Aug 27
58 min
STL Profile: Erika Torres
Erika Torres tells us about her woodworking journey–from high school shop class to studying under Gary Rogoski–and why she's committed to woodworking for the long haul.
Aug 20
23 min
STL247: Drop the baseline
Mike and Ben discuss getting rid of marking gauge lines on dovetails, how long their blades last, more apron and pencil preferences, and why Mike has a day job.
Aug 13
1 hr 3 min
STL246: The mighty biscuit joiner vs. the domino
Mike Farrington joins Ben to discuss sliding tablesaws, keeping track of large projects, slow-setting glue, and whether the domino can actually keep up with the mighty biscuit joiner!
Jul 30
1 hr 4 min
STL245: Hope chest or nope chest?
The whole crew gets together to discuss oil stones, how they work through projects, breadboard ends, and whether it's better to build or to sometimes buy.
Jul 16
1 hr 10 min
STL244: Laura Mays–The Inquisitive Furniture Maker
Jon Binzen interviews Laura Mays, woodworker and director of The Krenov School, about her journey to woodworking and the inspiration behind her inquisitive work.
Jul 2
1 hr 10 min
STL243: Are big squares necessary?
Mike, Anissa, and Ben discuss big squares, assembly tables, woodworking with friends, and Anissa's new obsession; plexiglass divider construction.
Jun 18
1 hr 9 min
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