Shop Talk Live - Fine Woodworking
Shop Talk Live - Fine Woodworking
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Fine Woodworking magazine editors and contributors answer your questions and share woodworking tips and techniques.
STL226: Buying a used drill press with Rollie Johnson
Rollie Johnson joins Mike and Ben to discuss handplane restoration, 110v vs 220v for machines, planer snipe, and every thing you should know before buying a drill press.
Oct 9
1 hr 9 min
STL INT: Interview with Garrett Wade founder Garry Chinn
Ben interviews Garry Chinn who founded Garrett Wade 45 years ago to bring high-quality hand tools to a new market.
Oct 2
52 min
STL 225: Just use the plywood already!
Anissa, Barry, and Ben give a pep talk to a listener worried about stepping up to walnut and another listener who is doing everything he can to avoid using plywood.
Sep 25
1 hr 10 min
STL224: Is there one true way to sharpen a scraper?
Mike and Barry discuss milk paint, scraper sharpening, shellac finishes, when to sharpen a tablesaw blade and their smooth moves.
Sep 11
1 hr 8 min
STL223: Mike Mascelli knows more about finishing than you do
Mike Mascelli wows Bob Van Dyke and Mike Pekovich answering listener questions in this (mostly) finishing-centric episode.
Aug 28
1 hr 3 min
STL222: The call of the solid-wood chessboard
Mike, Anissa, and Ben discuss more tablesaw safety, solid-wood chessboards, hotel woodworking for a heath care worker on covid assignment, and sawing a wooden blimp in half. Plus, a new jingle and a new boss!
Aug 14
1 hr 2 min
STL221: Gary Rogowski admits woodworking is hard
Gary Rogowski joins Ben to answer listener questions on drying lumber, sharpening problems, sawing practice, and the feasibility to create a four legged piece without it rocking.
Jul 31
1 hr 5 min
STL220: Jack plane death match - Will bevel up go down?
Mike, Barry, and Ben discuss jack planes, tablesaw safety, scrap wood storage, and how a listener could widen dados
Jul 17
1 hr 3 min
STL219: Dadoes without dado blades
Mike, Anissa, and Ben discuss dust collection for bandsaws, keeping notes during a project, a listener's odd glue-line failure, and try a woodworking potpourri for the first time.
Jul 3
1 hr 12 min
STL218: Megan Fitzpatrick's favorite tool storage
Megan Fitzpatrick joins Barry and Ben to discuss Moxon vises, wooden vs. metal-bodied handplanes, tri-squares vs. combo squares, grinders, and why it's worth building a tool chest.
Jun 19
1 hr 2 min
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