Shop Talk Live - Fine Woodworking
Shop Talk Live - Fine Woodworking
Fine Woodworking magazine editors and contributors answer your questions and share woodworking tips and techniques.
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Love the show
I love listening to the show and always learn something. Appreciate the relaxed atmosphere and the laughs. Fun show to listen to. Keep up the good work.
Great Show
Love the show. Receive good information in a relaxed format.
Tim Givan
Episode 234. Polystyrene is not a polycarbonate
Mis-information in this podcast Polystyrene is not a polycarbonate. The two materials are very different. Polystyrene is not a undefined generic name. It is a very specific chemical.
Cmon Pekovitch
Long time listener, I had to comment after hearing Mike Pekovitch frown upon dovetail saw guides to help hand cutting dovetails... Especially because on every video that I see he uses special tablesaw blades ground for dovetails and uses the bandsaw to cut his waste and uses a morticing machine and basically every other way except by hand... Love ya Mike but...cmon man
Amazing podcast for an aspiring woodworker
I found myself getting into this craft just this spring after finishing a custom speaker project my late uncle left behind. I knew there was better ways of joinery than the pocket screws everyone uses on YouTube. With my father recently passing I had nowhere else to turn than looking for a podcast. I happened across this one, gave it a whirl and was hooked. That was April 3rd. It is now July 7th and I have listened to every episode, listened Nick Offermans book on their recommendation, received the usb magazine catalog for Father’s Day, refurbished my dads old Record and Stanley planes and completed my first piece of furniture this weekend, a bookcase from the magazine for my daughter! To say I’m hooked is an understatement. This podcast has helped me in ways unimaginable. The banter between the hosts is natural and engaging. The segments are informative and entertaining. The chemistry between all the hosts is outstanding and leaves me wanting more. Outstanding job. 1 suggestion, bring back Ed’s sound effects.
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More to life than Wood Talk
Working my way backwards through your catalog of podcasts I had to laugh when Ben made a joke about STL being what people would be stuck with when Wood Talk announced they were calling it quits, and that’s exactly how I came to find this podcast. While I was happy when Wood Talk cafe back them quitting was the best thing to happen because STL has become my favorite podcast. The typical mix of Ben, Mike, and Anissa have a great chemistry, and the less frequent hosts are an equal pleasure to listen to along with the guest Wood woodworkers. My favorite segment is smooth move. It’s my bi-weekly affirmation that I’m not the only one making dumb ass mistakes in my shop. Keep up the good work!!!
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Great podcast!
I found this podcast while looking for apron recommendations and after listening to them nerd-out about aprons and pencils for half an hour, I’m hooked! Now I’m downloading episode 1 and I’ll listen to them all.
Magnous in GA
Lighten up Francis!
Ease up people. Every podcast someone wants the podcast to be a weekly podcast. One of the benefits of quarantine, we get the podcast weekly. Ben gives us the warning in the opener, and people still complain. (They must have skipped over the opener) Still ten times more informative than the average woodworking podcast. Keep up the good work.
Humor? Wit?
What’s happening to this podcast? It used to be the best around. I’m a long time subscriber to the magazine as well as this podcast, however, I believe both are in decline. I’m sure glad you’re not the only game in town. Much better listening material out there when it comes to woodworking. I won’t name names but your new talent is well...not talented. Go back to what made me appreciate the content. FINE woodworkers with real ideas, real talent and real advice.
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Paul Jerome
Keep them coming
Another great show, thanks for the extra effort with the weekly episodes. Love the recommendations at the end. Anissa, you have a wonderfully eclectic taste in music, but I will never, ever stop for gas anywhere near your neck of the woods!!
Awesome Podcast
I have listened to all of the podcasts, even though the cast has changed over time the information is always valuable. I wish it was weekly but I understand the time it takes to put together. Maybe the week in between podcasts a 30 minute episode with a pro or feature topic would be great.
Not on par with the magazine.
Unfortunately this pod falls very short in several ways. Up to about the hundredth episode, the host was charming, had extraordinary communication styles, and was fairly well knowledgeable of the craft. The segments stayed fresh, and the content quality improved. After the new host took over, the magic seems to have been dissolved. • The questions chosen to answer and their resulting conversations have become more like WOOD Magazine or TWW Friday Live: repetitive beginner questions about tools and introductory techniques, juxtaposing the magazine’s delve into the world of masters who share their approaches. We know what a helical cutter is and which direction to feed straight knived jointers. • Ben is not a master woodworker. That’s fine—that’s not a job requisite. We are all learning. But as a novice he guides the conversations back to himself and his limited experiences consistently. The cohosts are often contradicted or countered by Ben when they speak from their learning. Contrarianism is not the same as curiosity. Ego is not the same as passion for the craft. Poor humility and communication style. • The audio is passable at best. I have never heard another podcast outside amateur home-brew that dared to pan guests. Listening to a stereo podcast is absolutely nauseating, and not in a trailblazing way. It’s dialogue, not a 1980s tom rack. You don’t need to wrap around the listener’s head. Sum it to mono. Second, there is very, very little compression. The dynamic range is not limited enough to allow for a commute without riding the volume knob the whole time. I’m not talking about coughs. Riding the pots as a sentence trails off is rote. This is the sound engineer’s job if they are unsure how to use a compressor. Jeff is a good man, but Ben tried his hand at mixing at one point, and even he should have noticed this by now. I’m not being anally retentive because the rest of the pods I listen to have perfect compression. Third, there does not seem to be an appreciable high pass. Playback on any system is too boomy without at least a low shelf. Again, compression would solve this problem as well. Spotify is the a great service for offering “normalization”, summing to mono, and EQ for pods. This burden is not placed on the listener for any other funded podcast. These are gripes I lived with for a hundred or more episodes, thinking the new host would start to care about improving the show. The guests and topics are continually interesting, but the foundation is just not at the magazine’s echelon. Thankful it still exists, but hopeful it improves.
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Hakeem H.
Informative and fun
They go deep on all things woodworking. Very well-informed (i.e., opinions, but backed by personal experience woodworking, and wide experience visiting the shops of pro woodworkers), staying on-topic, with a good mix of Q&A, special guests, alternating hosts, and repeating features. One suggestion: sometimes it gets a little giggly, with hosts exchanging stories about interactions with other hosts. This just does not translate well to an "informative podcast" format. Stated differently, a little goes a long way.
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All woodworking podcasts leave me unsatisfied...
... except for this one. The format is great, the discussions are fantastic, the hosts use proper equipment and worry about sound quality and such. The only thing they do wrong? They don’t publish weekly. I’ve tried so many woodworking podcasts over the years and... most of them just don’t make the cut. They use bad mics. They have no format (or they have a bad format). Some of them spend a significant amount of time just talking about what is going on in their shop, then they fumble through discussing it, like they didn’t know they should prepare for this. It’s terrible. Thanks, Fine Woodworking Podcast. Please keep up the great work!
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Can’t get enough
I just finished binge listening to the entire 8 years of Fine Woodworking Live (209 episodes) over a couple of months. I will probably be suffering withdrawals symptoms for a little while. For those who might want to start at the the beginning with Episode 1 back in March of 2012, you should know that the audio quality improves somewhat over the first few and then significantly with episode 15 with the upgrade of microphones. Over the years everyone has clearly become more comfortable with the podcasting tools and with podcasting in general and now it’s very natural discussion which makes it a pleasant listen. The smooth moves, the favorite furniture or designer, the favorite tools, are all great. The listener questions can get repetitive at times (when should I sharpen, which tool should I buy first, etc) such that this beginner can pretty much give a basic answer to most of them now but there is always some new detail (or even change of opinion) which keeps even that discussion interesting.
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A deep dive into the details
Looking for a deep discussion of joinery? Finishing? Furniture design? Yep it’s happening here. Anissa, Ben, that Mike character and others provide the knowledge gleaned from personal experience and masterful woodworkers that regularly appear in Fine Woodworking magazine. A bit of whimsy and humor are folded into the details along with ‘smooth moves’ and ‘favorite techniques’. Once you start listening your only complaint will be waiting 2 weeks between episodes.
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It’s no Serial
Great woodworking podcast though
Baby Hippo Dan
So Happy with the Current Hosts
This is a great Woodworking podcast from the writers and editors of the finest woodworking magazine I’ve ever read. The content is entertaining and informative. The current hosts and the occasional guest hosts are a pleasure to spend time listening to which wasn’t always the case there for a a while. Tom, Ben, Mike, (along with the occasional ray of sunshine known as Anissa Kapsales and others) are fun and interesting. I haven’t enjoyed the hosts of this podcast this much since Asa and Ed departed the show. Once again, I am now looking forward to each new podcast episode.
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Biweekly dose of shop talk!
This is a great podcast to have a bit of woodworking talk in everyday lives even when you are away from your own shop.
Excellent woodworking podcast
The podcast is well produced and has excellent show notes. It somehow manages to be entertaining and educational and I always learn something new and have a few laughs along the way- love it!
Honing you’re all time tool of all time: you
This podcast, and the content that it drives you to, is the best way to hone the number one tool in your shop; you. After listening for about a year, my wife has purchased me a magazine subscription, and I’m looking to upgrade to unlimited in 2020. On the newsstands, your magazine can be intimidating to a hobbyist like me, but this podcast acts like a front porch to Fine Woodworking content showing the accessibility for hobbyists like myself.
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Listen to the whole thing
After just catching up on seven years of podcasts, I can confidently say that you should listen to them all. There will be heartbreaks as some leave and new people join, but there are great tips and techniques buried in there. The best part is how it motivates you to get in the shop and do something.
Best (woodworking) podcast
I have been an avid listener for several years now. I can confidently say if you have a passion for woodworking you’ll love this podcast. Great discussions on a variety of topics with pretty sound advice. Just so credit goes where credit is due, Ben inspired me, both to write this review, and to upgrade to an unlimited membership.
No Competition!
I look forward to each episode with great anticipation! No other woodworking pod cast comes close to the level of entertainment, value and professionalism. Fine Woodworking doesn’t just set the standard, it is the standard.
Good podcast but repetitive
I’ve been listening to this podcast for a few years now and although it has a kinda slow pace it does talk about woodworking while interjecting a bit of humor and information. My biggest issue with the podcast is the repetition. Just like the magazine, the podcast seems to retackle the same questions over and over; what finish, what wood, what handplane, how to sharpen, etc. Is this because the hosts aren’t widely skilled? I mean, they seem to mostly know their stuff but I wouldn’t say they are woodworking experts...more like career journalist hobby woodworkers. As such, the topics are narrow, the advice generic and the discussion never reaches the detail level. Good show for the beginner woodworkers. A bit dull for intermediate woodworkers. Makes for okay background noise in the shop.
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A Good Grandson
I absolutely love this
I absolutely love this podcast. They have the right amount of humor with the right amount of information. I’m never bored listening.
Dog food guy
Woodworking Perspective
I have had a project sitting on my bench for a few months that I haven’t worked on because I get frustrated on how little progress I make on it when I do. After listening to the latest podcast, I’ve realized I idolize making something with ‘all hand tools’ when I think I’ll enjoy woodworking more when using ‘some hand tools’. Also, the reminders that it doesn’t have to perfect is great as well. This motivated me to get back out there on my project this past weekend and I had a great time. Keep up the great Pod!
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The Ride
Started listening to pass the time of my commute and thoroughly enjoy it...educational, entertaining and relevant to my avocation of making furniture with hand tools. Awesome combination!
Great changes
I was initially turned off with the constant “how to sharpen my hand tool” repetition, it’s been great. More content variety has take things up to a whole new level.
Woodwork talk Nirvana
OK, I am relatively new to woodworking, but I am also a podcast junkie for many years. So I think I understand what works in a podcast and what doesn’t. Now, when I start a podcast I always start at the beginning, and so I’m only up to episode 18 so far. A comment by a listener was read on this issue, and the listener was upset by the fact that it was “just a bunch of guys randomly talking about woodworking”, and wasn’t “focused enough“ for this listener. I have to completely disagree. Although I am early into this podcast, I find this style of podcast very refreshing, because as a woodworker, I don’t want to “jump to the end” and see a polished finished piece of furniture podcast, I want to know the nitty-gritty dirty details, and to be honest, that can only happen when guys and gals, who are woodworkers are just randomly talking about the pieces they have built, tools they have used, techniques they have used, etc. etc. So, to the podcast guys doing the talking, y’all are doing great! Don’t listen to the detractors, if a few people are offended by a bunch of guys sitting around talking about woodworking in a informal fashion, then they have obviously not spent a lot of time around guys doing guy things. So, keep up the good work! Also, I am SO jealous of you guys, if I could be on the staff of your magazine I think I would have died and gone to heaven! The perk of getting a complete set of Fine Woodworking Magazines upon hiring is worth it by itself!!!! OMG. So jealous. Thank you for making my work day a little better! My day job is an accounting job, so I listen to your podcast to help me through the boring days, so I can get home and handle some wood, or surf for new tools. You can never have enough tools!!!
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#197 Great Pod (as are the rest of the episodes)
Loved the discussion on miter joints and shrink and swell. Kept it coming.
Everything a woodworking podcast should be!
Currently on episode 26 and love every bit of it! They are super informative and also crack me up when they get off topic! I just signed off for the unlimited access for FWW and can’t wait to dive into the content. Thanks for making a woodworking podcast and making it surprisingly comical!
1500 coins!
Like spending an hour with friends in the shop
I’ve been listening to STL for years now, and the best part is that it inspires me to get into the shop regularly. It’s like spending an hour with fellow woodworkers, which is important for keeping going in such a solitary pursuit. Mike, Ben, Anissa and their rotating cast of guests keep it fun while sharing great pro tips to make everything from the basics to more esoteric topics approachable. There’s only one element I’d like to see improved, and it’s a complete nit. Ben, you can do better than the tinny <bass><snare><hat><hat><snare> loop under the ads section - like the happy-jangly intro and intro music. Keep up the great work!
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Patrick G. Woodworker
Great Podcast!
This is a great podcast. I have a stupid long commute - 1.5 hours - and I love listening to shop talk live as I drive. I've always wanted to get into woodworking, but have never had anyone to show me how to do anything. This podcast has helped me learn the language of the shop and figure out how to get started.
Thomas Doohan
I like it all
I for one like the banter mixed with the good advice. Having no adult shop classes in my area, I yearn for expert advice and opinion. If I were taking a class with any of these fine folks I'd expect it to be fun, not dead serious. If you want a dry podcast, feel free to make your own. Good luck with that! Five stars to the guys and gals at STL!!!
Hack and saw boy
Focus on the Topic
I feel the hosts spend too much time at the beginning of the show on nonsensical discussions that are unrelated to the advertised topic. When they focus on the topic, I gain valuable insight. I’m not interested in their joking amongst themselves. Sometimes this is 8-10 minutes of the start of the broadcast.
Katdaddy 50
going down hill
I have been a faithful listner and subscriber to Fine Woodworking for many years, i have always looked forward to new podcast but now the show has steadaly declined. Don't understand the purpose for the ending when sound bits are mixed, come on guys you are grown!!
Another vote for weekly show
I enjoy the show and like the rotation of participants and guests. One of the most instructional, thoughtful and refined woodworking programs out there - stick with that, that’s not boring, it’s refreshing! I look forward to each new show - would be great if it were weekly!
I work out of town remodeling grocery stores. I usually go home every other weekend. This is the perfect listening material for The long drive and when I’m JonesIng to be in my shop. I had to become an unlimited subscriber even though I have no clue what I receive. I can’t get enough fine woodworking. A++++
Great for Work
I just finished some heavy audio books while working in the shop. This show is a welcome relief!
Shop talk, shop palls.
Most days I end up working long hours in the shop alone. For the last week I just let this podcast play on the Bluetooth speaker. I’m catching up on past episodes, but it’s kept me company much more than music alone. I’ve enjoyed my days much more now that I spend it shaking my head, rolling my eyes and routinely chuckling. Thanks for keeping us entertained.
Converted Agnostic
A woodworking podcast? Are you freaking kidding me? How is THAT going to work? All questions I had when I stumbled onto FWW’s Shop Talk Live. Thankfully, it not only works but I’ve found it (after around thirty episodes) truly thought provoking and I treat the crew as a Greek chorus to either challenge or confirm my solo woodworker biases or ferret out and learn new approaches.
BT Shireman
Great pod
If you’re a woodworking enthusiast you’ll love this.
Conversations I wish I got to have with my friends.
This week there was a great conversation about favorite thicknesses (totally agree with Mike, 3/4 is garbage. 3/8 for life. Ride or die) and it was a conversation i wish I could have with my friends! Also, I really want to meet Ben and have him call me by my Instagram name instead of my real name.
Honky tonk slim
Love this podcast
I used to know when my payday are at work just because I liked getting the money. Now I know when they are because it’s the same day as this podcast comes out. I love the information and tone of this podcast. As someone who lives somewhere without lots of local professionals, it’s very helpful to listen to how professionals think through their problems. I also love the interview episodes. Highly recommend. Now to just get them weekly.
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Not liking the new intro
Been listening since day one. I enjoy the podcast but the recent changes to the beginning don’t do it for me. Going around introducing the hosts and getting a little humor in there was enjoyable.
Love me some Shop Talk
Still one my favorite podcast. For the 200th show let’s do a reunion and invite Ed, Asa and Matt back!
Joe in NebraskA
Easy to listen to and informative
I have been listening to STL for a couple years now and always look forward to the new episodes. These guys are easy to listen to and frequently have good info for the fine woodworker. 👍👍👍
More Interviews
Going through the older episodes and loving the frequent interviews with professional furniture makers and tool makers. It seems they’ve gotten away from that a bit. Still a great podcast, one of my favorites. Thanks.
Jay WebsterSorry to say, this is becoming the most boring woodworking podcast. Sorely missing Matt K
After years of packing my woodworking tools around the country, Montana 1974, to Oregon 1977, to New York 1979, I finally have a beautiful shop for everything. During these past 36yrs. in NY my wife and I built our own post and beam house and raised 5 kids. I made my living as a tool & die maker, but have always loved woodworking. I first got excited through your magazine in 1975 and still have the first issue around here somewhere. Over the past year, and anticipating retirement, I have been moving into and organizing my dream shop, a 24x24 pole building. I really enjoy the podcast as I travel for work during the week. It has re-energized my love for the craft. Keep up the great work.
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