Screw The Commute Podcast
Screw The Commute Podcast
Tom Antion, multimillionaire lifestyle business and work from home expert
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Excellent Podcast!
I had the opportunity to be a guest on this podcast and enjoyed my experience. Tom is an excellent host and helped me feel comfortable. He asked great questions. Anyone in business will benefit from listening to this podcast. Tom shares tons of valuable information that will help in starting and running a successful online business. It’s best to learn from someone who’s “been there, don’t that” successfully! Tom is that person and he interviews guests who share their successes as well.
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USNA 1985
You've gotta love Tom!
Tom is hilarous, as well as informative. He's also doing a lot of good in the world. I encourage everyone to listen to this podcast.
Actionable Information to Help Any Business Owner
Tom is a seasoned vet in the online business space. He shares his knowledge and interviews others to share theirs. The information is varied and will help you level up your skills so you can say "screw the commute" and do your own thing.
My New Favorite Podcast
As a person who has a side-hustle trying to make main hustle money, this is my new favorite podcast. It's like a mine full of gold and diamonds for those looking to become entrepreneurs. Just listen to a few of the episodes and you'll know what I mean. I even went to other places to find the older episodes since Apple Podcasts caps you at 300.  It's that good.
Dom Brightmon
Amazing Content!
Tom does such a good job covering a variety of topics. His guests offer awesome advice as well. I would recommend this show to anyone looking to be learn something with every episode!
Great listen for aspiring to seasoned entrepreneurs
Tom is a great host, pulling out the best stories and lessons from his guests! Highly recommend this show if you’re looking to start a business or to be a continuous student of entrepreneurship! - Jen Amos
Maximally prepared
I’ve been a guest on perhaps 25 podcasts, and no one has prepared more thoroughly than Tom. The result is that he asks thoughtful questions that mine the most useful insights that guests have to offer.
Profit Wise
So much fun!
This podcast is the double whammy - fun and educational at the same time! Highly recommended!
Deirdre Tshien
As someone who personally said “screw the commute” and started working from home, finding a podcast that falls in line with what I do and believe is amazing. The best part is... this is real life stuff you can actually do.
Finally someone who helps and gets you to smile too
Tom is a king of podcasting and his show continued to help, teach, and entertain every episode. I know you will like it too.
Andrew Deutsch aka Fangled Guy
Just a Swell Guy
Tom is a great at giving new info that is hitting the market right away. He is great to listen to, but you may find so many more things you need to add to your checklist after you’re done listening!
Love the podcasts!
So honored to be on Tom's podcast ... he always provides such amazing content and tangible advice. What a great guy! Excited to be a part of it!
Lisa R. S.
Awesome content!
Tom is the man and this podcast is super informative. I’m all about Happy Hustlin’ and screwing the commute in the process. Worth the listen!
JC 2133
Always best content
Tom is the most straight up guy I have ever meet online. I have been following him and his advice for years.
Shelly Spinelly
Great content
Great information on your podcast!
Awesome Content!
Cheers on your podcast!! Looking forward to your next episodes!
Grusha - ElitePodcastBookings
Great content
Tom thanks for sharing actionable content entrepreneurs can use to grow their business
vlad all
Love this podcast. Full of useful, actionable info!
Angel Evans - AgLife
Every entrepreneur should listen to this show
I thought I had reviewed this podcast before but I cannot find my review and this show is so good I wanted to make sure it can be found. Tom Antion is the real deal. He is a serial entrepreneur who has made millions with his own business and helps other entrepreneurs build their own successful businesses. He deliver what he promises and I’ve know him for close to a decade. His podcast is filled with top guests that share actionable advise and tips for growing your business and the life of an entrepreneur. I highly recommend this podcast.
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Laura Steward
Free Lessons In Business? I'll Take It!
Thanks for all the great and valuable information you share, Tom! It makes the entrepreneurial journey easier and alot more fun!
CentsAble Bobbi
It's Great!
I am super greatful I found this podcast. 4.9 Stars! You name the topic, Tom covers it. Great information and extremely relevant. The commercial breaks are a bit monotonous however. I did not give it a 5 star because of the commercial breaks.
A must listen for Entrprenures
Running your own company? This is a must-listen show because it gives you the insider secrets you must know to run the best company you can with as few headaches as possible.
An Exceptional Business Podcast
I always enjoy listening to business owners who have “walked the walk,” and Tom Antion and his guests definitely fit that description. The advice Tom and his guests share on the show is outstanding, and the YouTube tips alone in podcast number 82 with Tom and Marc Bullard are worth thousands of dollars if implemented properly (in my humble opinion).
Top class
Tom is a top class, one of a kind, giving man and it comes through in his podcast. I highly recommend listening to him.
Spicy Girlz!
Screw the Commute podcasts
If ever you wanted to learn how to make REAL money, these are the podcasts to listen to !
Jim Weisenberger
Great actionable information
Short, sweet, informative and packed with actionable items. Tom gives away more actionable information than most speaking/social media/website gurus sell. Everything in every episode is not necessarily useful for everybody, but I have yet to listen to an episode where I didn’t learn something I could use to grow my business and continue to “Screw the Commute!” Thanks Tom!
Bootie D.
Your Path To Location (and Monetary) Independence
Tom Antion was one of my early mentors. And I was on one of the podcast’s early shows. But the podcast will guide you in your path to becoming independent - working when and where you want and delivering key insights to bringing more wealth and abundance into your life. Tom carefully curates guest experts with the knowledge to help you earn more while being happier and more fulfilled. On top of that Tom’s good humor and entertaining demeanor make the shows actually fun and easy to listen to. If you aspire to change your stars this is your podcast!
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DanielHallPresents dot com
Nice podcast!
Just listened to the podcast interview on ep 23. Great host and guest. Great tips on working for yourself and paying attention to what's happening in the marketplace. Keep up the great work Tom!
Dancer Olivia
Are Ya Ready to Screw the Commute?
I've been a long time fan and mentee of Tom Antion, and I love this new podcast. Why? Well, not just because it's Tom! haha. I love it because each episode has real life actionable tips for the person that's looking to start in business all the way to the person who has been in business for years and looking for ways to improve. What's also cool is being able to here the stories of others who decided to "Screw the Commute" and learn about their journey and also tips from them.
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More superb information from Tom Antion
Tom Antion's materials and webinars are always top-notch, and this podcast is no different. Filled with great, useful iinformation that every entrepreneur and internet marketer can use, this podcast should be a must on their listening list. I look forward to all the future episodes and all the great tips I will glean.
Carol J. Amato
Some Gems are Buried in this Podcast on dealing with active shooters
I love the strategy using the fire extinguisher as a weapon in schools if confronted with a shooter. Also, there’s some excellent safety and awareness tips that may change your thinking about what to do and not to do.
Tom's podcast launch
The podcast was very clear and easy to listen to. The speaker was informed and experienced. I really liked the Episode Notes and referred to them several times. Tom does a great job with all of his projects ands taken podcasting to a new level
Linda Deter
Tom's the REAL DEAL!
Tom is an incredible guy- I have been a mentee of Tom's for 8 years-EVERYTHING Tom teaches and has taught us has been spot on and real world- with his guidance and direction; one can make real $$- We have. He can show you ways to make money on the web by developing suucesful information products. His KEYWORD training is the key for ranking in search results and to be found online- PERIOD. Tom simplifies this for us and makes it so easy. His techniques and teachings are so USER friendly. Tom is genuine guy and always shoots you straight- NO BS- Hard to find folks like this theses days. HE wants you TO SUCCEED and will become your biggest fan.! Thanks Tom - Can't wait to see what you teach us next!- Johnny D.
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JNL John
Great information for starting and running a business
Very important and helpful information for starting and running your business from Tom and his guests, and he is funny too! I especially like his Monday in depth training sessions, they really help my business so much.
Hannah Hamlet
Tom does it again
Tom has always been a walking content library. I'm so happy that I found his podcast. As always, Tom adds increbile value to entrepreneurs and business owners.
Fatastic, real world, workable ideas
Tom Aniton is the real deal. He knows his stuff and consistantly provides common sense, real world ideas on how to make money from the internet. He has been doing this for years and he knows what it takes. If you will listen to his advice and FOLLOW THROUGH by actually doing what he teaches, you too can make money from online sales. There is no one better to teach you how to earn a living on online.
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Alan Skidmore
Screw theCommute
Tom’s podcasts are full of great tips to either start a business or enhance the business you have. He is funny and has great guests on too. Highly recommend to listen his podcasts. Karinaenina
Tom Always Overdelivers
I've been following Tom since 2010. He continues staying on the leading edge and teaching great content. He has years of experience and imparts his knowledge without holding anything back. He's both entertaining and informative.
Gina St George
New podcast series is first rate!
Can't go wrong with anything by Tom Antion! This new podcast is no different. In his usual, down-to-earth, funny, and engaging way, he provides practical and do-able tips - in 30 min or less. Looking forward to the next one.
Learn from the Best!
Tom Antion is the real deal! He really has made millions and he loves to teach other people how to do it to. Tom’s podcast is educational and full of practical tips! He also has great guests. Listen if you want to make money and have the flexibility and freedom of working from home or wherever you want! CR Dreyer
Clare Dreyer
Gold Standard for Online Biz Dev!
Tom Antion is the gold standard for internet business and marketing. A multi-millionaire with a generous heart and soul and BRILLIANT mind and staff, Tom brings not only HIS knowledge and experience, but also experts in their fields to the podcasts. Definitely worth not only a listen, but also a download. And repeat listening. With a notebook and pen in hand for the second (or third listen).
Love Jeff Herring's wisdom
As always, terrific podcast Tom! One idea from Jeff jumped out at me. His point about taking action is spot on!. Stopping looking into the water and jump into the pool. You'll figure it out as you go.
Michael Davis, Speaking CPR
Tom is the Real Deal...
I discovered Tom Antion a good 20 years ago. I knew instantly that in a sea of noise Tom knew what he was talking about. He's no hype and no nonsense. This podcast is an extension of that. It's excellent. It's time well spent. Tom and his team are sharp people. Most podcasts bore me to tears. Not this one. Tom is very engaging and gets to the point. Tom could charge money for this, and probably should!
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Jamie Coyne
Packed with Practical content-& Fun!
Love this podcast! Every episode is classic Tom Antion: energizing, entertaining, and exceptionally practical! More How-To tips that you could imagine, on such a variety of topics -- all crafted to help people leave their daily grind, get off the road, and "screw the commute" -- and become an entrepreneur! (By the way, the tips in these Podcasts are great for anyone who want to be successful, no matter what you do!) Subscribe, so you don't miss anything!
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Dr. Cher
Great Information
I was honored to be the person interviewed on Tom's Screw the Commute Podcast, especially now as I listen to other episodes and learn from the others he is interviewing as well as the informational podcasts Tom is putting out himself. I'm always looking for information and ways to help my business, and this podcast provides just that. Thanks for interviewing me Tom, and keep up the great work.
The Enjoy Life Safely Guy
Entertaining & Informative, Tom Always Delivers
I was first introduced to Tom when I ran a membership with Jeff Herring and Jeff invited Tom on to be a guest speaker. That was over a decade ago. He was funny, irreverent and extremely knowledgable-a pleasure to listen to. He still is! I highly recommend subscribing to his podcast taking his advice and enjoying the ride. He knows his stuff!
Ellen Violette
Tom Antion has inspired me for years
If you are serious about building and marketing your own business, Tom Antion's Screw the Commute podcast is the place to be. I've been following Tom for years and his No BS direct marketing wisdom gets right the point. - David Riklan
Content Creation
How coo you spell awesome?
Blogging Betty Boomer
It was most enlightening to hear of someone who changed his complete line of thinking so that he could pursue things that make his life happier and hence healther, i might ad. I particularly liked his pattern to integrity. Never heard it put so succinctly before. Thank you for that Daniel. Also soved that he had a free 20 minute video for us. Thank you Tom for putting this all together.
Podcast Brass Ring
My mentor Tom Antion has done it again with yet another brilliant way to Srew...”the Commute” that is. Not only is he funny, Tom is so sincere and willing to help you get to the next level, he is always giving great content and guidance. He has an amazing ability to be compassionate and produce a brilliant support team to help get through the bumps in your road. I myself have gotten calls from Tom when I was in a difficult situation getting my website up and running when I was on a deadline to get my book to the publisher. I am again impressed with his line up of interesting interviews on the podcast unveiling. Bravo Tom, thank you for bringing us more ways to become successful with our content, audio, safety, speaking and a whole lot more. The podcast system is a brass ring on my carrousel ride! Woo-hoo!
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Donna Marie Laino
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