Screw The Commute Podcast
Screw The Commute Podcast
Tom Antion, multimillionaire lifestyle business and work from home expert
Get out of the car and into the money by starting and improving your lifestyle business. Multimillionaire guy next door, Tom Antion, has never had a job. He'll be doing in-depth training sessions on passive income, online businesses, entrepreneurship, and home based businesses, intermixed with interviews with successful business people who work at home.
436 - Bad Reviews are Good For You: Tom talks Bad Reviews
Bad reviews. Well, nobody likes to get bad reviews, but maybe I can reframe your thinking a little. You just might see how they can be used to your advantage. You really can't stop bad reviews. I mean, you can certainly decrease them to almost zero like I have by being fanatical about customer service. In fact, research that's come to light is showing that being pretty much perfect can have negative effects.
May 9
19 min
435 - How to become a digital nomad: Tom interviews The Digital Nomads
Amy and Ian Anderson are a married couple from Tampa, Florida, that have been running their web design business together for the past 12 years, in August 2020, they rented out their house and they're now traveling around the world, changing countries every three months.
May 7
43 min
434 - Holistic websites?: Tom interviews Joey Donovan Guido
Joey Donovan Guido is the owner of Cuppa SEO Web Design and the author of the book A Holistic Guide to Online Marketing. So in addition to running his web design firm, he offers consulting and speaking services based on the principles found in his book.
May 5
50 min
433 - Don't get your website hacked: Tom talks How Websites Get Hacked
Website hacking. So how do you know if your website has been hacked, while sometimes you don't? Sometimes the hacker is using the resources of your website server or your hosting service, where your website is held to send spam emails and do other kind of nasty things.
May 3
25 min
432 - From homeless to a doctorate: Tom interviews Dr. Ty Belknap
After working as a network engineer at companies like Compaq, HP and Microsoft, those are all dreaded jobs folks, Dr. Ty Belnap started his own Web design and online marketing company called Port Bell SEO, and he now lives in Seattle, Washington. He has four employees, but guess what? The closest one to him lives in England.
Apr 30
47 min
431 - He built 600,000 followers in an offbeat niche: Tom interviews Warren Carlyle
As the co-founder of the Community Leaders Association, Warren Carlyle, a community building strategist who works with purpose driven brands and influencers to build highly engaged online communities. And he's going to really go into depth on the differences in what you may think that is. Now, he's also the founder and CEO of Octonation. It's the largest Octopus fan club, a non-profit organization that inspires conservation of the ocean by teaching the world about octopuses.
Apr 28
52 min
430 - Who's Your Daddy?: Tom talks GoDaddy
GoDaddy. The things I'm going to talk about are simply my opinion. But if you check around, you'll see that what I say is corroborated, and is pretty much common knowledge among advanced marketers. But let me start off by saying this. Any time you see a company that sells Web services advertising massively on TV. you can pretty much bet the farm, it's designed for people that don't know any better.
Apr 26
22 min
429 - She went from penniless to $500 Million: Tom interviews Victoria Wieck
Victoria Wieck is a highly successful entrepreneur. She went from a penniless immigrant to generating over $500 million dollars in retail sales by turning her passion for jewelry design into profits. She did go to the corporate world, which is kind of cussing on this show, but she got smart and she got out of it and she started a small company so she can spend more time with her family and not be commuting all the time. But she had no money, no mentors and no inside connections.
Apr 23
53 min
428 - $100 Million a year is not to shabby: Tom interviews Jeff Morrill
Jeff Morrill co-founded Planet Subaru. It's nicknamed your undealership. And that was back in 1998. He built it into one of the most successful privately held car dealerships in the United States. And you just type that in, there's articles in all the magazines about this, what he's done with this particular business of his. And so he later started other businesses in automotive, retail, real estate, telecommunications and insurance that generate over a hundred million dollars a year in annual revenue.
Apr 21
45 min
427 - Stay away from Fulfillment by Amazon: Tom talks Amazon FBA
Amazon FBA. Well what is it? It's called Fulfilled by Amazon. This is where you have a physical product, you ship it to Amazon. When someone buys the product, Amazon ships it to them, collects the money, takes out their fees and sends you whatever money is left. And there's lots of courses and lots of people bragging how much they sold by doing this. Now, you got to excuse me for being skeptical.
Apr 18
20 min
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