Screen Drafts
Screen Drafts
Clay Keller and Ryan Marker
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T-T-T-T Today junior!!!
Ethan's eyebrows
It’s good!
Like a shaggy dog story
Simply the best
The Patreon for this podcast made me voluntarily re-watch Home Alone 4... Home Alone 4. Let that sink in. Easily the most entertaining (and equally infuriating) podcast you could possibly listen to.
Love When Pat Guest Stars
More Pat Driscoll on the show please!!
The Best
I’ve been listening to Clay and Ryan on Screen Drafts for about 2 years now and I’ve been an avid fan ever since. The guests are top notch and so are the topics. Love them so much
Best Podcast!
I love this podcast so much. I love making lists for movies and so it’s really great to hear other people’s perspectives and to make lists I would have never even thought about. Clay and Ryan are wonderful hosts - great podcast voices and always courteous to their guests. All around, this podcast is just such a delight and my favorite one to listen to.
Ori Nudo
Fun, insightful, and provocative
Screen Drafts has become one of my favorite podcasts. It has a great and diverse array of subjects from blockbusters to art house covering all kinds of genres, though I especially like their horror topics. Some of the choices make perfect sense, some are quirky weird choices (especially if it’s a Billy Ray episode), but that’s all part of the fun!
Absolute delight!
I love movie podcasts, and the draft format of Screen Drafts always makes it an exciting and engaging listen. Great guests, great host, great fun!
I found this podcast in March 2020 and it has been one of my most listened to podcasts of the year! Even when I know nothing about the genre, I have a great time learning about the movies and hearing the guests argue for their favorites. A friend and I have started doing our own drafts every other month or so and we aspire to be guest GMS one day lol. Definitely give this gem a listen!
An Absolute Delight
Do you like film fans talking about movies? If so, check this pod cast out. Hella fun.
Wonderfully unique
Mere words cannot express how much I love this show. Terrific topics and a unique premise make for one of the best show ideas of all time.
Great listen
Got addicted to this show during quarantine times. I have never been more frustrated than listening to the Coen brothers super draft episode, and I haven’t stopped listening since then.
October = SCREAM Drafts!!
I look forward to the October “Scream” Drafts every year! This year’s lineup is amazing btw!
A Show I’d Draft at #1 in a PodDraft
Come for the movie talk, stay for the copacetic casters.
My favorite movie podcast
I listen to a lot of movie podcasts but Screen Drafts is, hands down, my favorite. The game show format is so much fun and never gets old. They have a terrific lineup of guests to draft the films (shoutout to Graham Skipper who is, and this is true, the best). Clay and Ryan are great hosts who truly know and love movies. I’ve disovered so many new films through these drafts and look forward to every new single episode each week. Highly recommended for film fans!
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The Chimerican
A welcome distraction
Alternative movie podcast, great hosts & guests
For a good time
Call Screendrafts. Especially if you love movies, drafts, and insane takes on films by opinionated film lovers. And you just might get a few new movies to watch during this pandemic.
Best “Best Of” List Podcast
The most fun you’ll ever have screaming at a podcast in your car. Only complaint is that there aren’t 2 drafts per week.
Pop Mojo
Fantastic podcast!
To get absolutely aggravated with! Seriously, I get so angry and frustrated listening to these when I mow my yard for 2.5 hours! I don’t know what’s worse, the sun cooking my noodle while I inhale mower gas fumes for 2.5 hours while dry, cut grass blows into my eyes and ears or listening to the Friday the 13th draft!
Brilliant Format, Hosts, and Guests
Having listened to most of these episodes, I would recommend this podcast to anyone who enjoys film. I have gained insight into genres I knew little about. I laugh, cry, and sometimes yell into the either, all in a good way. Check it out for sure. Highly recommended.
Calling all movie fanatics
Usually listen on Spotify but writing a review here bc I love this podcast so much! All the themes are great and the final lists are (usually) spot on. Great to listen along with fellow movie enthusiasts and reliving my favorite films. Also great for finding new (or forgotten) movies to add to the queue.
Movie lovers unite!
Truly love this podcast! You can just listen or even play along. I’ve discovered so many gems based on their suggestions and knowledge of the genres. I’m a Patreon member and there are even more fun times to be had there! Highly recommend for hardcore movie fans and even casual watchers
Best podcast concept ever
Probably the very best concept for a podcast of all time. I love this show so much! The guests are always incredible and it’s always fun and exciting hearing the lists being formed. I love to hear unconventional movie opinions and this show is full of them.
Great for nostalgia, great for film discovery
To be completely honest I fast forward to the last 30 minutes to hear the full list of films. If I haven’t heard of ANY of them I chalk it up to not being my genre. Although I listened to the entire Kristen Stewart draft and found it totally hilarious. I usually hear a mix of stuff I love and films new to me and it’s worth a listen to discover the gaps in my film experiences. The draft participants are also good about interacting on Twitter. Give them a suggestion for their next draft.
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The best
Yes I’ve been on the show a bunch, so I am biased. BUT I am also a huge fan of the show regardless of whether or not I appear on it; I listen every week, and this is without a doubt my most anticipated new arrival every Monday. Great Patreon exclusives too. And they’re both just downright nice guys to boot (with excellent taste in Guest GMs)! My favorite podcast by a mile.
Must listen!
Easily one of my favorite and most entertaining pods out there. Each episode gets me hooked in for the theme. I try to watch along and make a list as well. Great Patreon too if you’re into that! The hosts and guests are always solid too. Just a seriously fun listen every week, with great film recs too!
Justin woods
Has become my Go-To podcast
I have found countless great recommendations from this show and always find myself learning more about films I already love. Their hosts bring a great energy every time I listen and find myself laughing out loud to their banter to the point where it brightens my day. Always a big fan of their guests and regulars on the show and look forward to the episodes where my favorites come on. Couldn’t suggest this one enough if you’re looking for a new film pod to subscribe to!
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The best partner in life as you trek through the workforce. This eclectic mix of film nerds, directors, and best friends will bring you days of entertainment and insightful commentary on some great (and ridiculous) films. I also recommend their Patreon, the mini super drafts are really something else 🤣
Escape From NY is two crazy nights, not “One Crazy Night”
Screen Drafts is a great, and also sometimes infuriating, podcast. I discovered it over the fall and binge listened to every episode while at work. Sorry boss! Seriously, it’s really fun, I’ve discovered a ton of new movies because of it, and sometimes they mess up ( Escape From NY being out on a One Crazy Night draft when it takes place over two nights and a day). Great show A+
Dan Wars
The Perfect Podcast?
It seems Ryan, Clay, and their rogues gallery of guest GMs have created the perfect movie podcast!
Love it!
One of my new favorites! A fantastic, fun listen that leads to endless recommendations!!
Endlessly entertaining - great hosts - great guests - super fun lists of movies - love it
Merry Frelling Christmas
Without question, one of the best new movie podcasts
Hysterical, enlightening, and just a lot of fun to experience these rankings from wildly different perspectives. So glad they’ve turned the art of list-making into a game show of sorts and when there are disagreements, look out. You’ll be laughing or cringing but you’ll never not be entertained. Subscribe or you’ll be missing out on hours of endless joy!
This show drives me batty :-(
I was hoping for more great movie talk but the hosts need to make sure everyone is mic’d. The sound quality could be better. Plus some of their choices are confounding to me. The love of Star Trek V is probably where I felt all involved lost the plot. Again, this is a personal opinion, it’s all subjective, but this doesn’t grab me the way other movie podcasts do. The hosts mean well, but the execution comes off as obnoxious than engaging. I’ll try to keep listening on subjects I’m curious about though so that’s why I’m willing to throw it a couple of bones here.
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A Gift and A Curse
Screen Drafts—simultaneously invigorating and infuriating, enlivening and enervating—is destined to be a behemoth in the world of film podcast world. It’s conceit is just different enough so that’s it’s not just “two dudes talking about cool movies” but not alien enough that you don’t yell at your phone every twenty minutes in play-along fury and disgust. There’s nothing else quite like Screen Drafts, but for my own sanity, maybe that’s a good thing.
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Ghost Rider #1 All-Time Movie
Listen to this very fun podcast right now
Screen Drafts is the only podcast that accurately captures the feel of late nights with pals, diving into all manner of books/music/tv/movies nerdery, except the hosts and guests here really know what they’re talking about. It’s insightful and frequently hilarious; highly recommended for fans of clever premises, the word “veto,” and discovering or re-discovering great movies!
Fritz Kessler
Every episode is a winner.
A film podcast that’s equally at home discussing French New Wave as well as Jason Takes Manhattan. A brilliant game concept, a terrific cast of repeat guests, and always a knowledgeable & passionate talk about movies and moviemaking.
One of the best
Genius format that sparks fascinating conversation regarding my favorite subjects. One of my favorite podcasts, and you can even play at home! Five stars!
Todd Mast
Fun and Interesting
A really special and new way to talk about movies. Clay & Ryan created something great!
Richard Suede
Darren Franich
Why would you have this clown on the podcast. Lost all credibility
The Dog Movies episode is worth infinite five-star ratings. Equal parts hilarious and (seemingly) sincere, I don’t think I have ever had, in recent memory, a more pure, joyful listening experience with a podcast. Truly though, I love to use this podcast to find new movies to widen my sphere of cinematic influence. (I even added Mooch goes to Hollywood to my Amazon watchlist...soon I’ll watch it and then I’ll know...). Great show with consistently fun and knowledgeable guests.
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Chemistry is getting tough
Love the show but Ryan being mean to Clay is getting really uncomfortable. Like awkward sibling fighting. Not cute.
Great stuff!
I'm a big fan of Joe Lynch and Drew McWeeny, so I discovered the show through the Carpenter draft. I was instantly hooked and am now halfway through the whole series. A very fun show.
Simply the best
One of my favorite film podcasts. No, one of my favorite podcasts, period. Equal parts frustrating and exhilarating. Rarely do I first pump to podcasts, but here I can’t help myself. I would give this a 6 star rating if Billy Ray was a constant. The only podcast I will stop what I’m doing to listen to when a new episode drops.
The best
Simply put, this is the BEST movie podcast available. It is at times collaborative, at times competitive but always entertaining. Clay and Ryan navigate a beautifully crafted game that at times takes itself very seriously while also acknowledging the fun. Wonderful people, a wonderful premise, and chock full of information and insight that any cinema lover would eat up. It is also worth downloading back episodes but because each is self contained you do not have to. Enjoy, because as far as movie podcasts go, it doesn’t get any better.
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Love this podcast and look forward to it every week
el jefe 651
Screen Drafts
This podcast is the single greatest and worst thing that will happen to you on a weekly basis.
Second favorite movie podcast
I know that sounds like faint praise but it isn’t at all, I’ve listened to a ton of movie focused podcasts and screen drafts is one of the few that I have downloaded all the back episodes to catch up. You can read the about section to understand what the podcast is but what you don’t really get a feel for is how engaging it is. Rare is the episode that would be filled in with a google search or rotten tomatoes score ranking. Instead you get mostly insightful commentary on why some overlooked movies need more praise, or you get some bonkers choices that almost have you yelling at your phone. Either way, it’s highly entertaining, highly engaging, and a ton of fun. If it needs one thing in my opinion it’s more Elric Kane!
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Must listen for movie fans!
I am shocked and horrified to realize that I have not yet written a review for this exemplary podcast! It has a clever sports format but its veins run pure cinephile. Even if I disagree with a ranking of a film, I often add at least one or two great movies to my to-watch list. A must listen to anyone that loves cinema, even casually!
The. Best. Movie. Podcast.
As a frequent guest on the show, I am a tad biased, but I am also just an avid fan and listener. It's scheduled, required listening for me every single week. The format is brilliant, the execution is laid back, informtive, and always engaging. The hosts are well-versed and keep the show moving, even though longer episodes tend to be more fun. All in all, it's the best there is.
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