Screen Drafts
Screen Drafts
Clay Keller and Ryan Marker
Experts and enthusiasts competitively collaborate in the creation of screen-centric "best of" lists. Hosted by draft commissioners Clay Keller and Ryan Marker.
PIXAR SUPER DRAFT (with Griffin Newman, Angelique Jackson, Adam B. Vary, and Dane McDonald)
On 11/22/95, Disney released Pixar's Toy Story, forever changing the animated film landscape. On 11/22/20, Screen Drafts forever changed the podcast landscape with our PIXAR SUPER DRAFT. Griffin Newman (Blank Check, The Tick), Adam B. Vary (Variety), Angelique Jackson (Variety), and Dane McDonald (Chasing Chalamet) competitively rank all 22 features films made by Pixar during its first 25 years of existence. 
Nov 22
6 hr 10 min
50s SCI-FI (with Frank Dietz & Frank H. Woodward)
Filmmakers / Franks Frank Dietz (Shudder's "Creepshow") and Frank H. Woodward (Lovecraft: Fear of the Unknown) visit the human planet earth to draft the 7 best science fiction films from the 1950s!
Nov 16
3 hr 41 min
DRAG (with Joe Reid & Chris Feil)
The hosts of This Had Oscar Buzz (Chris Feil & Joe Reid) sashay up to the virtual draft table and rank the best fictional films ever made about DRAG!
Nov 9
2 hr 58 min
Hail to the Chief! Writer and comedian Guy Branum goes head-to-head with our very own Ryan Marker, drafting the 7 best films about the President of the United States (real or fictional)!
Nov 1
2 hr 34 min
VIDEO NASTIES: PROSECUTED (with Jim Branscome & Alfonso Carrillo)
SCREAM Drafts 2020 comes to a terrifying conclusion with Jim Branscome (Cinematic Void) and Alfonso Carrillo (Rendevous LA) drafting the top 7 nasties films on the Thatcher government's "Video Nasties - Prosecuted Films" list! 
Oct 26
2 hr 50 min
ALIEN vs PREDATOR SUPER DRAFT (with Scott Wampler, Angie Han, & Brian Collins)
ALIEN. PREDATOR. SCOTT WAMPLER (The Kingcast). ANGIE HAN ( BRIAN COLLINS (Horror Movie A Day). Whoever wins... we WIN!   
Oct 19
3 hr 31 min
HORROR REMAKES (with Billy Ray Brewton and Kyle Anderson)
For their 3rd annual SCREAM Draft match-up, Billy Ray and Kyle tackle the broad subgenre of HORROR REMAKES!
Oct 12
3 hr 15 min
LUCIO FULCI (with Elric Kane & Rebekah McKendry)
We open the gates of Scream Drafts 2020 with Rebekah McKendry (Nightmare University) and Elric Kane (Pure Cinema Podcast) drafting the filmography of Italian shock master Lucio Fulci!
Oct 5
2 hr 48 min
FLORIDA CRIME (with Darren Franich & Walter Hollmann)
Clay and Darren are not from around here as they draft the 7 best "Florida Crime" movies ever made! Along for the gator tour are Ryan, assuming the host role, and guest co-commissioner Walter Hollmann (a Florida native)!
Sep 28
3 hr 6 min
SHAKESPEARE: PART I mini-MEGA (with Maureen Lee Lenker, Bryan Cogman, & Graham Skipper)
Thus begins Bryan and Graham's epic three part journey through the entire history of William Shakespeare on the silver screen!  In PART I, Maureen Lee Lenker ( joins the lads to draft the 11 best films released theatrically from 1927-1988 that use the original Shakespeare text in their adaptation.
Sep 21
4 hr 22 min
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