Screen Drafts
Screen Drafts
Clay Keller and Ryan Marker
Experts and enthusiasts competitively collaborate in the creation of screen-centric "best of" lists. Hosted by draft commissioners Clay Keller and Ryan Marker.
JOHN WOO (with Dan Trachtenberg & David Chen)
Director Dan Trachtenberg (10 Cloverfield Lane) and podcaster David Chen (Culturally Relevant) competitively rank the 7 best films from the career of the singular John Woo! Cue the doves!
Jan 18
2 hr 46 min
TONY SCOTT (with BenDavid Grabinski & Morgan Peter Brown)
BenDavid Grabinski (Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Happily) and Morgan Peter Brown (The Dungeon Run) take Screen Drafts to the Danger Zone. 
Jan 11
3 hr 30 min
SHAKESPEARE: PART II mini-MEGA (with Joanna Robinson, Bryan Cogman, & Graham Skipper)
Joanna Robinson (Vanity Fair) joins Bryan and Graham for the second installment of their trilogy of drafts focusing on the cinematic adaptations of the works of William Shakespeare.  PART II covers theatrical feature films, released between 1989-2020, that use the Bard's original text. 
Jan 4
5 hr 23 min
OLIVIER ASSAYAS SUPER DRAFT (with Thomas Grabinski, Clay, & Ryan)
Clay and Ryan invite Thomas Grabinski to join their Kristmas Eve 2020 festivity of drafting every* feature film by French auteur Olivier Assayas!  *available on home video
Dec 24, 2020
5 hr 26 min
A CHRISTMAS CAROL (with Bryan Cogman & Pat Driscoll)
Bryan Cogman and Pat Driscoll draft the seven best adaptations of Charles Dickens' classic tale! If you're able, please donate to the charities highlighted by Bryan and Pat on the episode: My Friends' Place ( & The Marcia P. Johnson Foundation (!
Dec 21, 2020
3 hr 39 min
WESTERNS: PART III mini-MEGA (with Drea Clark, Billy Ray Brewton, & Darren Franich)
Drea Clark (Who Shot Ya?) saddles up with Darren Franich ( and Billy Ray Brewton (Scripts Gone Wild) as the sun sets on their epic, year-long, trilogy of Western mini-Mega drafts. For Part III, they rank the 13 best traditional Westerns released between 1993-2020. 
Dec 14, 2020
5 hr 8 min
TV ADAPTATIONS (with Alan Sepinwall & Drew McWeeny)
Drew McWeeny (Formerly Dangerous) is back at the draft table, this time with his ol' pal Alan Sepinwall (Rolling Stone), drafting the seven best films ever adapted from television shows!
Dec 6, 2020
2 hr 23 min
F*R*I*E*N*D*S (with Halle Kiefer & Alison Leiby)
Halle Kiefer returns to draft the best films starring the stars of the television show Friends with her Ruined podcast co-host Alison Leiby (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel)! 
Nov 30, 2020
2 hr 35 min
PIXAR SUPER DRAFT (with Griffin Newman, Angelique Jackson, Adam B. Vary, and Dane McDonald)
On 11/22/95, Disney released Pixar's Toy Story, forever changing the animated film landscape. On 11/22/20, Screen Drafts forever changed the podcast landscape with our PIXAR SUPER DRAFT. Griffin Newman (Blank Check, The Tick), Adam B. Vary (Variety), Angelique Jackson (Variety), and Dane McDonald (Chasing Chalamet) competitively rank all 22 features films made by Pixar during its first 25 years of existence. 
Nov 22, 2020
6 hr 10 min
50s SCI-FI (with Frank Dietz & Frank H. Woodward)
Filmmakers / Franks Frank Dietz (Shudder's "Creepshow") and Frank H. Woodward (Lovecraft: Fear of the Unknown) visit the human planet earth to draft the 7 best science fiction films from the 1950s!
Nov 16, 2020
3 hr 41 min
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