Rush Limbaugh - Timeless Wisdom
Rush Limbaugh - Timeless Wisdom
The Rush Limbaugh Show
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El Rushbo lives on😁👍🏼🇺🇸
Rush left us decades of wisdom and perspective that will continue to guide our courses and calibrate our conservative compasses
Northern Arizona Bob
Still listening, still relevant
I hope to never let my subscription to Rush 24/7 end. I still listen every day and am still amazed at how truly “timeless” his wisdom was/is! My heart is heavy when I listen, but it’s so comforting to hear his voice and see him on the dittocam. He sure had some fun! Bittersweet for sure. Rest easy my precious friend. Your wisdom lives on in our hearts and in our minds. Missing you every single day.
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Give us More Rush
If you guys released every Rush episode in Chronological order we would listen to Rush for the next 30 plus years. His voice and presence is greatly missed right now
Missed everyday!!!!
EIB lifer
El Rushbo
WFT 🇺🇸
Miss you Rush
Thank you to whoever put these podcasts out. I’m filled with joy listening to Rush today!
What a pill
What a sad pathetic joke this man and his life and the people who follow him are.
God, I miss Rush!!
So glad I found this! Even now, Rush gives one hope.
Love Rush
I love this podcast because it’s the best we can get now that Rush is gone. But WHERE IS IT???? BRING IT BACK!!!!
Evergreen Statesman
Miss the words of wisdom
Rush is a great source of knowledge. I enjoyed hearing his thoughts on subjects from the past. They are relevant now and help us remember.
Star EbonRedSeeker
Love it rush is a national treasure
everyone took my nicknm
What happened?
No updates for going on six weeks now! Some of us are going through withdrawal. I need to hear Rush’s voice every day!!! Please upload more Timeless Wisdom!!!
Rush, relevant as ever
Hopefully the podcasts will begin again, as Rush has no obsolescence date. Really appreciate these infusions of wisdom and insight.
Free speech
Still like the show as a rushoholic. Keep us informed.
michigan kevin
Status Redux
I am also asking what is the status of this? I enjoyed listening to my favorite radio voice on replay. This little podcast was great.
Where did the daily podcasts go? 21 Jan is the last one I'm seeing.
J Paff
Get your rush fix
Get your rush fix on
Words of Wisdom
I’ll never cease to be amazed by how well Rush knew politics and human nature. This is a fabulous way to show that knowledge.
Rush is RIGHT
Trump was voted the President, 6 states so rigged their elections that Biden was unlawfully installed as CIC. 1 year in now we see how poorly the Dems have run the country & more importantly 2/3 of our citizens recognize their corruption and its costs. We left Americans in Afghanistan, an awesome pipeline was canc’d again, open S border, Trillion$$ waste, fear sown against med solutions, lies about an experimental falsely called vax ( real vaccines are small amounts of virus that trigger our immune sys into protecting us against the full virus), weak job restoration (no growth), and spotty goods availability, finally fuel up <$1.00/gal.
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Rest In Peace, Rush
Rush would not be proud of the whole we dug our nation into
Tycho Brah
There will never be another Rush
Rush moving to broadcasting in Heaven has still been hard for a lot of us. There is not another person on the radio who can get through the political events of the day with such driving optimism. I am a generation that grew up listening to Rush and with my family shaped my view of politics. I use these to share the timeless wisdom with my kids so as to not get duped by the leftest attacking them non stop. We all miss Rush but this helps his legacy and life lessons live on for generations to come.
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The legend lives on
Jesus is the author of my faith, but Rush is the author of my political sense. Like our founding fathers, he was not a perfect man, but perfect in his intentions and drive and concern for truth.
Rush is still right!
Still the greatest.
Good to hear your voice Rush
Miss ya.
Archibald Nastyface
Icon that didn't fake being a journalist.
Today's journalism is more like opinions instead of the truth from both sides. At least Rush admitted he wasn't a journalist. He was an entertainer. That's the difference between Rush and all others who act like journalists. He was just honest, maybe to honest.
DBW Bed Bug Specialists
Timeless Rush
I have missed Rush so much… this is a great way to hear his voice, honor his life, remember his positive wisdom and be reminded that though we may disagree, Gods timing is always perfect.
Please keep updating
Thank you so much for continuing to update this podcast on a regular basis. Hearing Rush on a daily basis is the only thing keeping me sane. Thank you for continuing to keep his legacy alive by continuing to update this podcast with his words of wisdom. Please please please keep updating.
Wonderful compilation of Rush’s monologues. Wit and wisdom by just going to my podcasts. Rush was a national treasure. I’m glad these are available.
Crown V-I-C
The patriot, mentor, and brother I never met
Love you always Rush!
Rush thank you
You are the best thank you for your courage !!!!!
Gone too soon… But never forgotten♥️ I check in daily to listen to Rush’s timeless wisdom. Amazing how it applies today. I miss you Rush.
Rush …
He was THEE man!
Mr. Leer
We miss you; Rush!
YOU ARE RELEVANT TODAY AS YOU WERE 30 YEARS AGO... What you said 30 years ago would happened is happening TODAY, TOMORROW! God bless you Rush! Truth detector.
Capitalism Freedom
Forever grateful we have Rush’s voice and his timeless wisdom.
just another american citizen
RIP Rush!
Obviously,we miss your wisdom today. Thanks for warning us..thank God you don’t have to fight for freedom today!You did your job Rush!It’s time for you to deserve it! Thanks Gallagher in Philadelphia
Gallaghers from Philadelphia
Still Driving Libs NUTS!!!
Last night I listened to Rush’s past shows and everything he talked about was still true today! Us Rush listeners will never forget El Rush-Bo and use what he taught us! The one thing Rush would want Americans to know today is that Liberals hate America & you!
Beautiful Simply the best Encore x12. Please don’t leave!
Should have left this review ages ago…
…but there’s no time like the present. Rush Limbaugh is the gold standard for Talk Radio. He took an ignored bandwidth full of poorly utilized frequencies and breathed life back into AM Radio! His “Morning Update” from which “Timeless Wisdom” was born, let’s the brilliance of one of America’s smartest broadcasters continue to shine a minute or two at a time. Thank you for this gift…it was very thoughtful of you!
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I’m really happy to hear these excellent segments of Rush. I could listen to these for hours every day. Please keep them coming.
Glad he’s dead…
…wish it happened sooner. A terrible human being paid to divide the country.
Bring back old Rush shows
Please bring back old shows from the 80,s and 90,s. Would pay to hear them!
Still need Rush
Miss him
I started listening to Rush over 20 years ago. I had a work truck that had an AM only radio, at first Rush was better than nothing within a week I was hooked and have listened to him almost every day since. The days are just not the same without him. I’m 43 years old and for the first time in my life I’m upset about the loss of a person I’ve never meet Miss you Rush
Never a dry eye
James Golden is carving his own path, the voice is becoming as demanding as our Rush. Speaking about Rush, the sincerity, truth, and stories, never leave me dry eyed. The ability, and willingness to help others in need, isn’t a popular stance. I know so, because I’ve been on both spectrums. Down and out, seems everyone steps over you. Until that special, influential person comes along. Rush was like that for many, and helped sharpen my mind and outlook, and has allowed me to enjoy life. Pick up those in need, with kind words, actions, or gifts. James, love your perspective sir. Gentlemen and booming, recognizable voice! God bless you sir
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Kamala's ClamStank
What Great Reflections!
I really miss Rush, he was an icon who stood up for decency and freedom.
Thank you!!!
James you’re hot felt recollections of you and everyone is so touching to people like me who only knew rush from an arms length distance from The Main to the radio you bring us back to a place in our hearts that only dreams could thank you
CCF flooring
Count me among those who miss his insight and humor. These are terrible times. Our country is being destroyed from within by the communist democrats. Rest In Peace Rush.
Gagged but ok
Is it hot down here?
Happy he’s dead
Love this morning update and it brings a smile to my day. I spit in the eye of every liberal who leaves this podcast 1 star. You’re relentless worthless pieces of garbage to hate on a man who’s passed on. Come at me, I’ll lay you antifa pigglies out like strips of bacon.
Rush for Special consultant to Pres Trump
Bless you Rush.. 32 year listener.. you are the best, the man? The myth, the legend! Truly this is a sad day in conservative talk as well as conservative values. Rush for decades was undoubtedly a conservative leader in all aspects of that word. I started listening to him in 1989 for 30 years almost every day I either listen live or on podcast when they were available. I only say this because, in this world of conflict strife, depletion of values, sickness, pandemics, in a world filled with communism, socialism, death camps, Rush was a beacon in the night. He will always be remembered as the ultimate conservative leader.
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It’s funny
Because he’s dead
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