Rush Limbaugh - Timeless Wisdom
Rush Limbaugh - Timeless Wisdom
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Beautiful Simply the best
Glad he’s dead…
…wish it happened sooner. A terrible human being paid to divide the country.
Bring back old Rush shows
Please bring back old shows from the 80,s and 90,s. Would pay to hear them!
Still need Rush
Miss him
I started listening to Rush over 20 years ago. I had a work truck that had an AM only radio, at first Rush was better than nothing within a week I was hooked and have listened to him almost every day since. The days are just not the same without him. I’m 43 years old and for the first time in my life I’m upset about the loss of a person I’ve never meet Miss you Rush
Never a dry eye
James Golden is carving his own path, the voice is becoming as demanding as our Rush. Speaking about Rush, the sincerity, truth, and stories, never leave me dry eyed. The ability, and willingness to help others in need, isn’t a popular stance. I know so, because I’ve been on both spectrums. Down and out, seems everyone steps over you. Until that special, influential person comes along. Rush was like that for many, and helped sharpen my mind and outlook, and has allowed me to enjoy life. Pick up those in need, with kind words, actions, or gifts. James, love your perspective sir. Gentlemen and booming, recognizable voice! God bless you sir
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Kamala's ClamStank
What Great Reflections!
I really miss Rush, he was an icon who stood up for decency and freedom.
Thank you!!!
James you’re hot felt recollections of you and everyone is so touching to people like me who only knew rush from an arms length distance from The Main to the radio you bring us back to a place in our hearts that only dreams could thank you
CCF flooring
Count me among those who miss his insight and humor. These are terrible times. Our country is being destroyed from within by the communist democrats. Rest In Peace Rush.
Gagged but ok
Is it hot down here?
Happy he’s dead
Love this morning update and it brings a smile to my day. I spit in the eye of every liberal who leaves this podcast 1 star. You’re relentless worthless pieces of garbage to hate on a man who’s passed on. Come at me, I’ll lay you antifa pigglies out like strips of bacon.
Rush for Special consultant to Pres Trump
Bless you Rush.. 32 year listener.. you are the best, the man? The myth, the legend! Truly this is a sad day in conservative talk as well as conservative values. Rush for decades was undoubtedly a conservative leader in all aspects of that word. I started listening to him in 1989 for 30 years almost every day I either listen live or on podcast when they were available. I only say this because, in this world of conflict strife, depletion of values, sickness, pandemics, in a world filled with communism, socialism, death camps, Rush was a beacon in the night. He will always be remembered as the ultimate conservative leader.
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It’s funny
Because he’s dead
Thanks for this. Y’all are awesome.
Today’s ‘journalists’ just spew the trendiest falsehoods from social media without a care for the facts. Telling the truth is always more important than being politically correct. You are always going to offend somebody no matter what you say. Rush understood this. He was not a journalist and everybody knew that. He was a true patriot who just said what he believed was right. That’s why what he said was so controversial—it was just true. May his soul rest in peace.
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The man.
I started out as a staunch democrat in the early 90’s but after trying to punch holes in your arguments. I converted and I’m glad I did. Best friend I never met.
sy greenblum
The Golden Mic could be in the Smithsonian
As iconic and meaningful to American culture as Judy Garland’s ruby slippers. Rush was a modern day founding father, our generation’s Bob Hope, and friend and counselor to millions. I’m so sorry for those who never got to experience the fun. Don’t believe what the left says about millions of your fellow Americans and certainly not what they say about Rush. His show archive is a marvelous collection of current events and political commentary throughout the decades.
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Listened in as a “Mega-ditto head” since the beginning.
I began listening to Rush Limbaugh in the late 1980s when I was in the US Marines. Liberals heads would explode everywhere to know that there were US Marines all around the planet who were also all “ditto-heads” of “El Rushbo” behind the golden microphone, with “talent on loan from God” with half his brain tied behind his back just to make it fair. Rush in the early days, was the ONLY ONE. Thanks to Rush Limbaugh, there are those who have risen and helped the cause... just to name a few: Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Candace Owens, and (my new favorite) Ben Shapiro. Ben Shapiro when eulogizing Rush yesterday said it best, “ Rush paved the way for all of us” You will be missed sir, by millions. Thank you so very much. Prayers of comfort for your family. May you always Rest In Peace.
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RIP Rush Thank you for continuing to post
Started listening to Rush back in 1989. Going to miss hearing his voice of reason and common sense. There are some big shoes to fill, but they will never replaced. Glad I can still hear him here, for now, on his daily podcast short. Missing you, Rush.
Thank you Rush Limbaugh
I listened to Rush Limbaugh’s book Rush Revere and I have a lot of great memories from listening to that. I don’t understand why people call him a hater and a liar. He loved America as any true American would. Prayers to his family.
He's finally gone
We Love you, Rush and we miss you already.
Rush was one of a kind. A Godsend. He is irreplaceable. But we pray that many will rise up to honor him & continue his work. Godspeed Rush, Godspeed.
Tickie Tackie 2
God Bless You!!
I’ve been listening since I was in middle school with my dad in the car I’m now 38. This man was inspirational and a great leader! Will miss you and you voice. God be with you and your family in this time. Luv ya Rush!!!
Thank You Rush
Rush, You were playing on the radio in my house when in was a young boy. When I got my drivers license at 17 in the year 2000, I listened to you every day. To work, school, and every destination in between. You have been playing through my car speakers ever since and have been a dear friend of mine through your radio show ever since. I’ll miss your ever present optimism, patriotism, love of our precious country, love of all people and belief that they can achieve great things despite the doom and gloom that the media puts forth. Half your brain tied behind your back just to make it fair!👍 I’m really going to miss you Rush.
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RIP Rush
You will be missed. There is a terrible void on live radio without your voice gracing the airwaves. You brought a lot of humor, joy, and knowledge into my life. I owe a lot to you Rush. I was a daily listener of the morning update, and ditto cam viewer on the greatest 3 hours on radio. So glad you were with us as long as you were, and that you received the presidential medal of freedom from our “real” president Donald J. Trump. Also, love your Apple TV app it’s great. I like being able to see you rather than just listening to you through a speaker. Rest In Peace Mr. Limbaugh, you will be missed by a ton of your listeners/viewers. We are all saddened by your passing today. We all lost an iconic legend in media, that is totally and utterly irreplaceable. Nobody can fill your seat at the golden EIB mic 🎙!
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I'd rather stick a Lego brick down my urethra then listen to this guy again.
Just disappointed honestly
Telling the truth with boldness
Your intelligent assessments; your kind hearted, generous, and candid truth telling spirt; and you many wonderful qualities will be missed by all who love liberty. Through your many sacrifices you have perpetuated the soul of liberty that our forefathers fought to preserve and that is the foundation of America. Americans are forever grateful for you, and you life’s work. We return our love to you. God be with you, your wife, your brother and all of your grieving family. Trisha, Race and the Jones Family Anchorage, Alaska
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Finally dead.
Sargent Salt
Thanks Rush
You came into my life when I needed a guiding light you helped me keep it true and real THANKS Hope we got another 10 years I mean if all these old politicians can hang around 40 years in office well we still got a shot with you at the helm
nnv FCC jijh
The Master
There is no better analysis or insight into the political world and US politics anywhere in the world. Rush is the pick of the pack, cream of the crop, # 1, and moving higher all the time! Tune in or be tuned out. DITTO, Maharushie. Rock on.
If 0 were an option thats what this would deserve, completely self serving and biased
Right on!Right on !
Ditto Rush!
Gallaghers from Philadelphia
Americas Top Anchor Man.
I can’t go a day with out this podcast!!
kim 143!
God Bless Rush
You are in our prayers & your family. A true American treasure & was Raised Rush!
A Rush follower 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
You will always be the best, Rush!!! Thank You for always being the truth!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 God Bless you! 🙏🏻 You are in my prayers, including Rosaries, every day!!! Take care of yourself! 💕🇺🇸😊🇺🇸💕
Rainbow Therapy Dog
Love You
Thank you for a lifetime of work
God bless this man
I love him and wish him nothing but the best in his battle. He is a jerk for charging for his full show podcast though. I listen every chance I get on the radio and I am sad I only started listening 3 months before his cancer diagnosis.
God bless you Rush
You’ve been at times a solitary voice to counter “official think” and encourage debate. Your true legacy isn’t the show; it’s giving voice to those now unafraid to challenge and question the orthodoxy.
Edward Esposito
Rush from LA Liberty, MONTANA USA
Carry On🇺🇸❤️💯LA Liberty🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Get Well! Montana USA🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸MERRY CHRISTMAS RUSH
LA Liberty
Eating red meat
Russ god bless you and my prayer are with you. God has a plan for you so hang in there. ✝️🙏🌈🇺🇸❤️
omaha tree
Real Red Blood American
If you have any common sense and now a days it seem very few people do it’s isn’t very hard not to understand and like Rush’s radio broadcast and common sense talk just open your eye’s and actually use some of the brain that our Lord has given us and you will come to see the light and truth. Blessings to Rush and if The Lord sees fit to heal Rush we as real Americans would greatly appreciate it.
ripoff isn't taken
Blind to Reality
It’s sad when I read these hostile reviews because they can’t see reality. The consequences they and all of us will suffer under the Biden administration are going to be very painful. More taxes, rationed medical care, depression, lack of police protection and that’s just for starters. I pray our Constitutional Republic will survive.
Americas adult
That is all.
Great show
My favorite part about listening to Rush is how so many stupid people hate him.
Steve in Maine
Love you!
Great 👍 job as usual!
Karmic payback can’t come sooner?
Only this piece of garbage would get cancer and continue to spew lies, falsehoods, mistrust, and hatred. Hopefully, he’ll be gone very soon. Bye you giant hemorrhoid!
❤️ Rush’s 🧠
NR Patriot
Reality check
It’s nice to see somethings don’t change I worked at a company where they made me listen to you it’s nice to see you never admit when you’re wrong and that you’re back the wrong pony this year or should I say for the last four yearsYou and the rest of the crybabies should focus on undermining that’s what you do best
Followers will love it!
If you’re more of a follower than a leader, you’ll enjoy having your opinions spoon-fed to you by a very rich, mean-spirited man who understands just how smooth and babylike his listeners brains are.
Great show!
Meghan Breck
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