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Rush's Timeless Wisdom - Retweet and Circulate This Video Any Way You Can
RUSH: Another police officer in Portland has been injured. And, folks, you need to retweet that video or distribute it however you can. Send it to everybody you know and get it out. There’s no payoff for it. It’s just we need to spread awareness. The whole point of this video was I could not believe, you know, when 9/11 happened, the anniversary of 9/11 about three weeks ago, it struck me, 9/11. Not that long ago the cops were heroes. Everybody supported them and loved them and wanted to be one. Athletes were entering the field of play rounding the bases carrying American flags. Everybody wanted to be seen as patriotic. There was no Black Lives Matter. There was no Antifa or any of this. It was just pure pro-America. Everybody loved the flag. Everybody unified around the flag and the ideals that the flag represents. Not that long ago. And now look. The cops and first responders are hated. People surround their cars, in some cases, and open fire from point-blank range and hope they die. Bystanders laugh about it. It’s such a change. Now you’ve got the Democrat Party and the American left leading the effort to defund the police. And it’s the last thing that needs to happen. So I did a video in support of the police and first responders and trying to remind people that it wasn’t that long ago, this is how quickly things can turn for the worst in our country. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jul 26
2 min
Rush's Timeless Wisdom - Black Lives Matter Has Hijacked the Sports World
RUSH: Grab sound bite number 1. I want to go back to Friday because we had some sports stuff happen over the weekend, and this just documents that you should not doubt me. On Friday I was describing for everybody how professional sports is now — I don’t know if “embrace” is the right word. I guess for the sake of discussion “embrace” means loving. There is nothing love oriented here. Professional sports is now allowing itself to be totally corrupted by outside political forces for which we have used sports as a means of escaping, which was my point. For the rest of today's transcript, click here: Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jul 23
17 min
Rush's Timeless Wisdom - The Big Ten, Trump and the Pushback Against Chickification
Rush: You may have heard that the Big Ten conference announced some time ago they weren’t gonna play college football this year. You know why? Well, I don’t want to make anybody mad, but there was a lot of fear, lot of fear. The virus, how we gonna control it. And there was so much pressure. There was pressure from the coronavirus task force, pressure from Dr. Fauci, pressure from Dr. Birx, pressure from everywhere. “Don’t do it. Don’t do it.” But not everybody decided not to do it. The National Football League decided to play. I mean, they never decided not to. The National Football League never wavered during this entire year. They were going to start their season. There were some adjustments when it was scheduled to start. There was no preseason this year, and there were a lot of adjustments made. There was no preseason travel, there were no joint practices, but the season started on time this past weekend. So now here comes the Big Ten. Some other colleges are playing. LSU is gonna play, the SEC. So the Big Ten reversed itself. Big Ten says, “You know what? We’re gonna play.” They’re gonna start their season in mid-October, mid- to late October. And they’re gonna be play, they’re gonna play a full season, vie for the national championship, Big Ten, all that. For the rest of today's transcript, click here: Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jul 22
21 min
Rush's Timeless Wisdom - Occupy Wall Street Justified Looting
RUSH: In regards to the looting in Ferguson, Missouri, or the looting in any circumstance like this and the politics of it. Do you remember Occupy Wall Street? Occupy Wall Street was a contrived, made-up, artificially created protest group to counter the Tea Party. The Tea Party came into existence as far as anybody knows in 2010. The Tea Party, just average Americans fed up with fear and anger over what they saw happening to their country. For the rest of today's transcript, click here: Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jul 21
10 min
Rush's Timeless Wisdom - Rush Predicted What Dr. Fauci Said
RUSH: I have a story here PJ Media: “Neurosurgeon Says Face Masks Pose Serious Risk to Healthy People.” Again, this story is written by Megan Fox. I think this Megan Fox babe does nothing but write stories for PJ Media. It seems like I quote from her four times a day. Which is fine. Don’t misunderstand. “Every Karen on Facebook is shaming her neighbors for not wearing a face mask.” You’ve heard about this, right? Snitches, a bunch of blue-state governors are actually asking citizens to snitch on people not wearing masks, not practicing social distancing, hanging around closer to six feet to people, going places they shouldn’t go, and these people have names, nicknames. They’re called Karens. And they are deploying on Facebook. They’re snitching on people, identifying them on Facebook. For the remainder of today's transcript click here: Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jul 20
3 min
Rush's Timeless Wisdom - This Is What Happens When Republicans Talk to the Media
RUSH: Snerdley actually reminded me of this in the break. When the Republicans won the House in 1994, they had their orientation at Camden Yards, the ballpark in Baltimore. I was invited to address the freshman class of the 1994 Republican congressional caucus, because those freshmen members in large part thought that I was responsible for their victory given the program at the time and discussing their candidacies all over the country and so forth. They made me an honorary member of the freshman class of 1994, actually ’95 when they were inaugurated. They asked me to come down and make a speech to them. I went down there to the Camden Yards. This was on C-SPAN, and I got up, and one of the things I said to them was, ?Do not fall for the temptation that the media here in this town is happy that you won and happy that you’re here. They are not. This is a Democrat-run town. It’s a liberal-run town, and you have gotten in the way of the natural order of things — and as such, you are going to be treated accordingly. You are going to continue to be treated, really, as the minority.? For the rest of today's Rush transcript, click here: Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jul 19
13 min
Rush's Timeless Wisdom - Remember the All-American First Calvary Amazon Battalion
RUSH: Remember the All-American First Cavalry Amazon Battalion? This goes back, folks, to during the administration of George H. W. Bush.  Women in combat was a big, big issue at the time. Should there be, how should it be organized and so forth. I, at the time, trying to help the U.S. military, decided to come up with something called the All-American First Cavalry Amazon Battalion. There are some things that I knew. I learned these things late in life. But I’m told that — and Molly Yard, who was the leader of the NOW gang at the time, was the inspiration for this, the All-American First Cavalry Amazon Battalion. We all know that PMS is a dreaded, dreaded thing. My thing was that if we could have a battle-ready contingent, women in combat during that particular time of the month, nobody could beat us. We can roust anybody. We could defeat anybody. But what would we have to do to make sure that we always had, at a moment’s notice, a battle-ready contingent of women with premenstrual syndrome… Premenstrual syndrome? That’s when I learned that these menstrual cycles can synchronize if women are grouped together in barracks, dormitories, or whatever. So I proposed that the U.S. military try this and call it the All-American First Cavalry Amazon Battalion.  You never know. Stranger things would have happened. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jul 16
1 min
Rush's Timeless Wisdom - Black Lives Matter Messages Crash NBA, MLB Ratings
Aug 3, 2020 How about this, folks. Ratings crash for the NBA, for Major League Baseball after protest-filled debuts. Who was it that predicted this was going to happen? I think it was your host. As the NBA and the Major League Baseball returned from their coronavirus imposed hiatus, it appears that television viewers are not interested in what the increasingly woke leagues have to offer. With both baseball and basketball draped in all sorts of Black Lives Matter and social justice symbolism for their opening games, a substantially smaller number of fans tuned in to the rest of the league's games. The openers did okay, but after that (raspberry).   So, folks, it is clear the American people, maternal, have no interest in watching BLM all on her the pitcher's mound, Black Lives Matter all over the signage in ballparks, they don't want to tune in and watch a bunch of players kneeling during the American national anthem. They just don't want to see it. And I hope the people of the NFL are watching this. I hope the people at the -- I doubt it because I think Twitter runs American sports now. I think Twitter and Nike are running professional sports. But I'm telling you these ratings crashes have nothing to do with the fact there are not any fans in the stadiums, have nothing to do with -- it's the American people just don't want to be preached to by a Marxist, pro-communist organization while they are trying to get enthused and excited about the return of major league professional sports. It's not complicated to understand at all. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jul 15
2 min
Rush's Timeless Wisdom - The Democrats Have Undermined the Integrity of Our Elections
Sep 23, 2020 RUSH: These people, meaning the Democrats, their refusal to accept the results of 2016, they still haven’t, folks. They are still out pushing the idea that Trump stole that election with the Russians. They are still pushing. They have done more to tarnish the reputation, the image, the sanctity of the American electoral system than any saboteur could. The Democrat Party has done more to ruin the perceived honesty and integrity of our electoral process than anything Vladimir Putin could. And it’s a shame because there is no way — and I want you to listen to me here — there is no way to rig a presidential election the way they are claiming Trump did. Now, you would need a really close election where the Democrats could say we need an additional 50,000 votes in Cook County or we need an additional 80,000 in West Virginia, and you delay closing in those places and you manufacture the votes.  But to go in and rig the election before Election Day to make sure that no matter what happens your guy is gonna win, it’s not possible folks. It simply isn’t possible and no less than Barack Hussein Obama has made this point. And yet the Democrat Party has done everything it can to make people in this country believe that’s exactly what happened, that the Russians wanted Trump, and so they made it happen. And that Trump knew about it and helped them and worked with them. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jul 14
2 min
BONUS: Rush Limbaugh: The Man Behind the Golden EIB Microphone - The Limbaugh Letter
James Golden chats with the staff of arguably the most successful political newsletter in American history: The Limbaugh Letter. "Editrix" Diana Allocco (as Rush referred to her on the air) and Graphic Designer Denise Mei both share stories of their unique and very special relationships with Rush, plus details from behind the scenes about how each issue of the Limbaugh Letter came to be. This episode also contains an appearance from actor and proud conservative Scott Baio, who narrates a special feature dedicated the Obama era of the Rush Limbaugh Show. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jul 14
54 min
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