Run, Selfie, Repeat
Run, Selfie, Repeat
Kelly Roberts
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While in fetal position
After the 4th consecutive bad work out this week, while laying in a fetal position I signed up for my first race. Here we go. Thanks for the push.
It’s like running with a BFF
I’m so grateful for this podcast. It’s refreshing to have a “friend” guiding me through runs when I’m feeling “not so motivated”. I really like the pep talks that are authentic. Running isn’t the easiest thing in the world. It’s nice to feel validated in the “struggle” and encouraged to persevere all at the same time. My only suggestion: Please post a guided run for half marathons. Thanks.
A not so motivated runner
Used to be my favorite!
I used to love this podcast. It was so inspiring and motivating. I miss content that wasn’t guided runs. I understand that running is the brand but is this only going to be guided run from here on out?? I may need to unsubscribe
Game changer!
I never thought I’d like podcasts whole running, but I’m glad I gave it a shot. It’s amazing! What’s more amazing is that I hear so much of what Kelly is saying, and think “ya that’s definitely me.” I’m a runner, but not a naturally gifted one. Yes, I can run long distances and at a pretty quick pace, but it took a lot of years and hard work to get to where I’m at. I have good days and I have bad days. But these podcasts are a fabulous reminder that you really need to embrace where you are at now, not where you have been or where you think you should be. Just be here now. 🏃‍♀️❤️ Thanks Kelly, your podcasts are awesome!
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Helping me get my groove back
I’ve been running consistently/inconsistently for YEARS. I get in to a good rhythm and then I completely fall off the wagon for weeks or even months. This podcast has helped me get back in to a good rhythm again. I’ve always struggled with body image and Kelly is helping me to realize that strength doesn’t mean skinny and my body is capable of so much more than I give it credit for. I’ve recommended this podcast to so many people. Love it!
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She gets me
I never thought running was for me. I’m too big, too slow, not a real runner. Kelly has changed the way I see myself and how I experience exercise. I LOVE her guided runs. Somehow she has helped me get over my aversion to trying to run faster. She has coaxed me out of my comfort zone and now I freaking love “speed play” and trying a “spicy pace.” And I’m actually improving! Try a guided run! Don’t be intimidated. She understands the science and all the elite training stuff but she makes it accessible for all of us, regardless of speed, experience, confidence, etc. If she can help me improve she can help anyone.
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I’ve been listening to this podcast for years and just realized I still haven’t given it the 5 star review it deserves! Kelly has helped me become a runner and continue to run by fighting the idea that runners have to look a certain way or hit a particular pace. LOVE the guided runs and having a personal cheerleader to motivate and occasionally distract me on the run.
White Philip
I recommend liistening in order
Long term, I got tired of the message and I don't totally agree. She's a friend that is fun until she rolls out her agenda. It would be interesting to know how many people would give Kelly 5 stars if running wasn’t part of her brand. Though more people struggle with eating disorders than running, I’m guessing that yoyo dieting wouldn’t be a popular podcast topic. There are many body types who run and the only place for judgement is that moment when you debate passing someone you hope you can keep in your rear view mirror. Kelly is an example of someone who has the numbers to prove she deserves to run exposed, she just won’t get a call from ESPN when they’re shooting the “body” issue. A few of her podcasts address the unfairness of the media. The only stores left in dying shopping malls all have something to do with status. Kelly is trying to show that strong cannot be packaged as one body type.
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I found this podcast when I needed it the most. It never fails what episode I stumble on it is exactly what I need to hear. I just started the Guided Runs and her stories motivate me to keep going and push through the pain.
Time for me to move on
I found Kelly a few months after my mom died and I decided to do a cancer 5k. Over the last 3 years she has changed and I’m not happy or motivated by this person.
Thank you!
I have my first trail marathon on Saturday. I have been training a ton and am going to this race 6 hours from home all by myself. I’ve done marathons in the past, but this one is going to be really tough! I didn’t think this guided run series would apply to my situation...BUT, as I was listening to the 5k run day I realized that I needed to download this for my race, possibly to listen to on repeat. It will be so awesome to have such a positive encouraging voice in my ear!!! Thanks Kelly ❤️
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Thank you!
Thank you Kelly! You are such a motivator.
I haTe ThIs not working
Run Selfie Repeat
Wow!! Just love Kelly! She really gets me through my runs - especially the bad ones. Her guided runs are truly the best. She speaks “me” because I am not a naturally gifted runner. Thank you!
These podcasts are “real” messages of encouragement and how to cultivate grit for your goals. ❤️❤️❤️ Thank You for these gifts! PS- if you have not already... you should collaborate with the “Girls on the Run” organization. You would be an awesome role model for elementary and middle school woman. 🥰
modern dance
Seriously helpful
I don’t even run and I’m baffled that this 28 year old inspires the way she does. Motivating. Beautiful. Vulnerable. Funny. It’s a special podcast. AND DR. BOB!!! I love dr. Bob! He has helped me so much. What a valuable asset providing good, practical tips. Kelly, you’re a special woman.
I think I’m a runner
Kelly’s guided runs have changed my life. I never thought I could run, let alone become a runner. BUT IM DOING IT!!! I love this podcast. LOVE LOVE LOVE. So funny. So fun. So great. I can’t believe I have gone this long without it.
So awesome and motivational
Don’t know where I’d be without Kelly’s vulnerability and honesty. She’s the reason why I haven’t quit!
The Best!
Do you need a pick me up? An encouragement that you’re not losing your mind during your taper (or you are but you’re not alone!) To laugh at some great running stories and cry at some that really hit home? Look no further than Run Selfie Repeat! Kelly is amazing and real and relatable and she talks about all the things we as runners think about! And then some!
Nichole C 91011
For ALL runners, even those who don’t consider themselves one
Kelly is the true definition of authenticity and grit. Wherever you are in your running journey, from beginner to full on marathon runner, you will always take something away. Her voice has gotten me through many rough points in races and has gotten me off the couch to try to start training all over again after injuries. Her humor and her honest take on “life with a side of running” is one you shouldn’t miss.
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Thank you Kelly
Thank you Kelly for distracting me and making me smile and laugh while I run. I love your stories and your motivation. I feel this podcast is amazing and so motivating. Please continue making them because I’m going to run out of material for my runs! Run, Selfie, Repeat just download !
Will not load why
Love it!
I love how honest and relatable Kelly is! It feels like she's talking directly to me as a friend, and she's hilarious too! I highly recommend this podcast!
Kelly doesn’t know she is my best friend. The encouragement gets me out of my head and moving. I am obsessed and so so grateful!
Back on the horse
I really enjoy this podcast. I’m in medical school right now doing rotations and research projects. I am on one of the most exhausting and time consuming rotations and was ready to give up on training for my first marathon and on it in general. I’ve been listening to this podcast on each run. It is really relatable and helps me keep everything in perspective. It’s motivational and also taking me from where I’m at right now in the hardships of trying to get back into shape.
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Hilarious and Honest!
I’m only 4 episodes in and I started at the beginning. Can I just say the podcast is a bit eccentric and Kelly is a bit crazy but I love it! She is so honest and transparent about things so many of us can relate to! Running is hard, life can be hard, but at least we can all admit it and be comfortable with that reality when listening to Kelly. Cant help but highly recommend a podcast where the main photo is a runner ready to eat some delicious In&Out!!!
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This girl speaks my language!
I just signed up for my first marathon and this podcast is pure soul food. Kelly connects to her audience like no other, sharing raw experience, highlighting both the highs and lows, and really gets you out of your head when you are doubting yourself along the way. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Unbelievably Real and MOTIVATING
It’s incredible to have all of your thoughts about yourself put into words. Whether it’s body image, fear of failure, confidence, whatever, Kelly nails it on the head. SO motivating and uplifting and empowering. She gives you the strength and backbone to say “screw that” to all the negative thoughts in your head and empowers you to get out and crush it. Everything I had been thinking about myself she put into words and explained how she’s fighting it. I’m amazed. So thankful I found this podcast.
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Honest takes on life’s journey...and some running
I’m new to running and needed something other than my music playlist so I found Run, Selfie, Repeat. Kelly gives it to you just how she sees it (life and running) and I find it refreshing. Only on Episode 16 but no preaching and “DO IT THIS WAY!” nonsense. I really liked Episode 14, so if you see this Kelly consider it a high five, you nailed it. 💥💪😀
Thank you for helping me find strength within!
Kelly is such a strong, powerful, and hilarious woman! I have always struggled with running more than 2 miles. Kelly’s podcasts are one of the few things that get me through any run, especially now that I am training for my first half. Her perspectives and advice have changed how I view myself, running, and my strength. The honesty and transparency in these podcasts is something hard to find nowadays and is truly so inspiring and motivating! Thank you Kelly!!
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“Life with a Side of Running”
Appreciate how honest Kelly always is. She has such an amazing voice for women, it is always so inspiring to listen to. Not just for runners. She hits so many topics from confidence, empowerment, self love, mental health. It’s all here and she delivers in a real, raw way. Give this a listen- you never what may resonate. Also she has some great singing intros sometimes!
Love this!
I’m so happy I found this podcast. It’s like Kelly knows every struggle I’m going through right now. She’s candid, funny and beyond real. I’m only on episode 15, but keep craving more. Thank you Kelly!
Love this podcast and Kelly! Thanks for all you do!
Like listening to a friend
I’ve been following Kelly on IG for sometime and today during a run I wanted something different to listen to. The 1.5 hours I spent listening to her Podcast I felt like I was listening to a best friend. I can 100 percent relate to her and parts of her journey. Highly recommend!!!
Love her message!!
I couldn’t run without my friends until I started listening to Kelly Roberts podcasts. Now I look for days to run alone so I can listen to her and laugh out loud by myself and learn something every time. Just LOVE her and her positivity and honesty. Love oiselle for having her as a spokesperson. Oiselle is my favorite running clothes so a perfect match.
Listen up
I just discovered Kelly’s podcast and love it. She is personable, engaging and brutally honest. Other running podcasts out there take 10 mins to warm up to content. She on-point from beginning to end. She’s helping me my head where it needs to be to train for my 3rd marathon.
Just found Kelly and this pod and have been binge listening. She is refreshing, real, honest and raw. I just started running about 8 weeks ago, it’s not going great and I really thought about quitting. This podcast has given me the drive to keep trying. Can’t say enough good things.
Love Kelly’s Raw-ness!
Being a 24 year old woman with not the typical runners build and training for my first half marathon this spring, Kelly’s podcasts breathe new life and positivity in me when running gets extremely hard. I love how down-to-earth she is—the way she speaks to her audience makes me feel like I’m having a phone conversation with one of my closest girl friends. Her quirkiness, passion for what she does, and her ability to lift up her listeners make me CRAVE another episode! Thank you Kelly, keep going!
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Storytelling at it most real
Kelly cuts through a lot of the crap in the running world and gets heart of it... imperfect people doing hard things. Her voice matters and is inspiring me to use my voice more as well. Great work, Kelly!!
Relatable 🤜🏼🤛🏼
I can’t relate to her trauma; but, I COMPLETELY understand her body issues & her constant battle with self doubt. The struggle to “look” like a runner & believing you are a runner are closely tied together. I appreciate the reminders to BE strong rather than looking a certain way. 💕
Just what I needed
I thought I found this podcast at the perfect time in my life (starting to run again after a two year hiatus, and before that riddled with all sorts of mental barriers etc. etc.) - but then I realized that we can all use this podcast. Always. Even if you still don't give a crap about running. Kelly is so f'ing real and relatable - in her words, experiences, topics, and even just pace of speaking. She doesn't edit out what might in other podcasts seem "unpolished" and I love that. There are enough of those overpolished podcasts out there... not many like this. I mean what other podcast do I start 75 episodes behind and go back to listen to ALL OF THEM. I also love her closing every podcast with a challenge of sorts for the listener, followed by "yes?" I always respond out loud to that...
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What a great motivator! It’s awesome to have someone who is willing to tell it like it is—running is hard, but worth it. I love that she’s willing to spill all the mess, and then find the good!
Hope to succeed
Love this podcast!
Kelly is just awesome. So real, relatable and authentic. She keeps everything in perspective and is motivating in a realistic, down to earth way. I appreciate this work very much. Thank you Kelly!
Good listen
Sometimes she gets a little whiny-but then I guess we all do!! I appreciate her honesty and humor. It’s refreshing to listen to a “everyday runner” as opposed to an elite or super-hardcore runner.
Gone nuts!
Love Kelly!
Kelly is pretty awesome, and the things that she does for & with the women in the running community are equally as awesome!
Beckie 🇺🇸
May be the things I️ needed to hear
Been feeling pretty bad about myself of late but recently started to run (jog) and be more active. It’s just so so so nice to hear someone with Kelly’s job say how tough things can be at the beginning (and throughout). The honesty is much appreciated!
Favorite running podcast.
This is my favorite podcast. Love that she is so real. My only complaint is that they don't come out ever day!
Favorite running podcast?
There are a lot of great running podcasts out there (hence the ?). What I love about Run Selfie Repeat is that it's done by an average runner with big dreams and the tenacity and will to go after them. Plus, she is hilarious, and honest, and stands up for herself and the rest of us, and I just love the work she produces.
This podcast is short and for the most part, straight to the point. I love the bite-sized wisdoms in each episode. I love being reminded how we all struggle and the most important thing is that we fight through the struggle. Listen to this to be reminded of your strength and how amazing just trying is. Love listening to this while I run.
I love listening to Kelly. She is always down to earth and honest about life and running. She inspired me to set a goal I thought impossible and I ended up running my first full Marathon a few weeks ago! She has changed my life forever and I love her!
Can’t wait to listen during my marathon!
Love love love Kelly!! I’m so excited I have saved up some episodes for my marathon in 2 weeks! She literally keeps me going during my runs.
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