Rise of The Young
Rise of The Young
Casey Adams
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Awesome show
Casey is a great host and he has curated these super interesting conversations with amazing and talented people, featuring their journeys to greatness. I can’t wait to continue listening in.
Casey and his guests share great advice on how to get ahead in both your business and your life. Don’t miss out!
JRichardson - IV
Great show!
You'll not just love the podcast, you'll love the host and the way they interact with their guests and listeners. Definitely a must listen to!
So much great information packed into each episode.
tommye w-c
Amazing podcast!
Amazing podcast to listen to! The episode with Bob Menery was excellent! Loved hearing how his whole R-rated sportscaster concept came to be. He was a hilarious storyteller and it was an overall seamless interview!
I look up to Casey!
His podcasts share so much knowledge, somehow for free. He is so talented as an interviewer and I always look forward to his podcasts
Sunny Murthy
Needs more research
I appreciate Casey and love that he’s being a leader for young people everywhere. And I love the guests he’s able to get. But because they are such major guests, I’d love Casey to be more knowledgeable with them. The questions asked are surface level ones which would be fine if there was follow up. As I see it, Casey is trying to parse out habits, routines and practices from these icons to help the audience. In order to achieve that, one must dig in deeper and I hope Casey takes this note to heart and does that. He’s young and so I believe he can get there (just needs to put in the work). Now, perhaps Casey feels constrained by time (most of the interviews seem to be about 30 minutes). I can understand that in which case I don’t think he needs to be as wide ranging, instead he should pick a few topics to laser focus in on.
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Casey is a STUD!!!
Casey is relentless with the guests he brings on the show!! From Jordan Belfort to Rick Ross, Casey is always providing phenomenal content! I list to Rise of the Young every morning when working out or running and I cannot tell you how much it get me excited to workout or excerise! Guy is a stud and referred this podcast to many fellow students I come across at ASU that I think would love this podcast! Thank you Casey 🙌🙌🙌 !
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AJ Aviles
Snap fam
Doesn’t even answer fans on Snapchat it’s all good though
Loving it!!!
Casey is an awesome host and a really great interviewer! He always has the most interesting guests.
Marisa J2
Excellent host!
Casey is an awesome and I highly recommend this podast to anyone looking to better their life!
Trevor Oldham
Casey is the man!!
Casey is the absolute man!! His podcast is insanely good and EVERYONE should listen to it. I’m a young entrepreneur and starting a podcast and he is the absolute gold standard
Best pod for young people!
Casey consistently overdelivers on value, entertainment, and content quality. Every episode is teeming with valuable insights and truly worth its weight in gold. Keep em coming!!
Awesome podcast
Great podcast would love to be on it one day!-Jacob Blank
Jacob Blank
The most empowering and giving human
Casey is not only a close friend of mine but someone who I genuinely look up to in so many ways. One of which being communication. Casey uses his words to not only empower all of those that he touches but also provides tremendous value through exchange. At the very least you’ll have an amazing time connecting with Casey. Grateful for this beautiful soul. The most giving, empowering human I know. Thank you for your wonderful show, Casey!!
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Puts the Name Casey to Shame
This kid has no idea what he’s talking about, he’s not an industry expert. Anyone over the age of 25 has more real world expertise than this little boy. I think he idolizes misinformed people such as that weirdo Gary Vee or the guy who shows off his book shelf next to his Ferrari before YouTube videos. If you want to actually learn something search elsewhere there are a multitude of podcasts with credible hosts. Casey represents the 1% of people who have wealthy parents or connections to help kick start a dream project.
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This guy crushes it and provides great content!
Austin Wolfe
Good podcast!
Just recently have been inspired by Casey and can’t wait to hear more of his podcasts!
Casey is a GENIUS
Casey Adams is a genius and provides extraordinary value! So grateful for his inspiration that he brings to the entrepreneurial world. I was 🤯 when I discovered Casey a year ago. It's astonishing how someone much younger than you can teach you so many valuable lessons. Thank Casey for this fantastic podcast, keep rising young entrepreneur 🔥
javier fs.
Why is this in the management category?
Content is fine I guess but it's entrepreneur stuff, not about managing people. Not sure if he picked this category intentionally or if someone stuck it in the wrong place.
Amazing podcast also Casey’s voice is sexy
caseys lover
Casey is branding a genius!!
If you’re one of those people that don’t think you can learn from the younger generation you’re horribly mistaken The young gun Casey Adams is a pure genius and his niche and provides phenomenal value!
So insightful
If you’re a young person who doesn’t mind listening to advice from someone younger than you, this is the podcast for you.
Dramatically Changed my Life for the better.
Casey Adams and the Rise of the Young has impacted my life so greatly that now I wake up everyday feeling like I can conquer the world. The raw and genuine authenticity that this podcast brings me every week is a journey I recommend everybody to listen to. This is not only the Rise of the Young, but the Rise of a new generation of Entrepreneurs. Amazing.
You my friend are an old soul. I wish you all the best. Let’s talk taxes soon ;)
I want to be his best friend
gb jung g j
Love it
Cast Adams is amazing
Great podcast
Very relatable podcast
Ballad anise
Step into someone else’s world .
Feels like the Best time to catch up on Casey Adams.
Edwin A. Castro
Over the Top
Casey is always bringing value 💣s. I am super proud of the DM sliding powerhouse whom of which I call a friend. This podcast is ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/5 (Reviews). @JustinSidesJr
Justin Sides Jr
Best podcast ever, I love it!!!💕
Casey Adams is the most insightful human being I’ve been around. Hearing his podcast has been life changing for me, and I can’t thank him enough. Keep doing your thing Casey! I love you!💕💡
Life changing... 🌟
Casey is not only one of the most hard working, dope people I’ve met EVERRRRR! But his episode with Stephen lao allowed me to travel most of 2018 for free because of some travel credit card tips!! Highly recommend this fire *ss podcast!! 🔥
Asdf rules
Young And Reckless 🙌
Casey is living proof, age is really just a number. Specially in this digital era we are living. The fact that he can maintain meaningful conversations with world class entrepreneurs who are sometimes double his age, shows the level brilliance and maturity which carries over throughout his podcast. You feel like you’re in the room and the amount of value you gain is next to none. So much insight in real time. Casey — a young legend!
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Casey is such an awesome dude, and his podcast brings a TON of knowledge!! Seeing young guns at Casey’s age gives me hope for the future!!!
Loved having to hear what Casey says on different life aspects and it really helps with someone closer to my age I can relate. I recommend it to all young entrepreneurs for a good listen
Endless inspiration
I’ve been listening to Casey since the beginning of his podcast. The stories that he draws from his guests and from his own personal life are boundless, and never cease to inspire me to dream bigger. I hope that he’s rubbed off on me enough that I’ve inspired YOU to listen. Thank you Mr. Adams, for GIVING your time, resources, and love to all that are fortunate enough to listen. -Anthony Bowes
Anthony Bowes Art
Young gangstahhh!!!
Casey was born to change the world and add as much value as he can! This dude is one of the most authentic kids ive ever met, super smart, super humble with a huge heart! Keep killing it my G! This is just the beginning for you!
catch the flop
Tuned in for episode 100!! 💯
Gonna be in top 100 soon too! 🙌🙏💯🔥
The best!
Thank you for all you do, you’re inspiring and connecting young entrepreneurs all over the world and showing them dreams can come true!
Casey bring so much value in his episodes and in every episode it gives me the desire to go make things happen!!
Need of a new episode
Hey Casey I was wondering how long till your next episode will be released you inspired my oldest son and myself.
Helpful, impactful, and tactical
Casey is an absolutely humble, authentic guy, who interviews the top people in their field, and gets the most value out of them! I definitely recommend listening, and checking out everything Casey is doing
Matt Did
Awesome Content, Great Podcast
This was my first official Podcast binge and review! A bunch of awesome interviews within this Podcast! Thanks for the content.
Aloha from Hawaii! Keep up the great content. Love the podcasts and hooked with the quality of people Casey has interviewed! Love it. Mahalo!!
Nico Vargas
Casey is crushing it
I meet Casey about 2 years ago, I contact him by Instagram. Since that moment I knew he would bring a lot of value to what he was doing. Thanks for share these great podcasts with us. Roberto Mosquera
Learned early the best way to become successful
Casey learned from a young age that the answers to life's oldest questions don't come from within, they come from asking others.
Hey brother that latest interview with Ed Mylett was really on point. You really keep your calm and stay on track in your mind which makes the interviews always go great. Keep up the hard work and excited for where your path leads you!!
Tenacious Tal
Julian Nelson
The Rise of the young prod cast has key essential topics of absolute thrilling information. All around keep up the good work!
Julian Nelson
🔥One of my favorites🔥
Hands down in my top 3 business podcasts. And he’s only 17! That’s crazy. I’m 16 and to see someone around my age achieving this success is really motivating. This podcast provides good knowledge on personal branding and marketing and great in-depth interviews with other interesting young entrepreneurs. Listened to every episode so far and I can’t wait for more!🔥🔥🔥
Great Podcast
I enjoy listening to this podcast very much. It’s very in depth and i can’t wait to listen to more of this podcast in the future! I have already learned so much and can’t for more.
That gahd logan
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