Rise of The Young
Rise of The Young
Casey Adams
Welcome to Rise of The Young, on this podcast 20 year old Casey Adams sits down with successful entrepreneurs ranging from billionaires, social media experts, real estate investors, fashion designers, and all the way to professional athletes. Rise of The Young is meant to bring you the most cutting edge business stories and strategies that can help you get ahead in your business. The new generation of entrepreneurs are the future, and Rise of The Young is here to help you get ahead in your life.
Drew Binsky - Traveling to 194 countries by 29 years old
Drew Binsky has been to 194 countries since 2012. He works as a full-time video maker and social media influencer, where his latest stops include Yemen, Afghanistan and South Sudan. The travel bug first hit Drew when he studied abroad in Prague during his junior year of college at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. After having an incredible semester living in Europe and traveling to 20+ countries, he knew that he wanted to make a career out of travel. Two months after graduating college, Drew moved to a village in South Korea to teach English and he started a travel blog. After his teaching job ended, he began making daily travel videos around the world, where he’s now accumulated more than 1 billion combined views on Facebook and Youtube, along with over 4.6 million social media followers. Learn more about Drew Binsky: https://www.drewbinsky.com/ Subscribe to Drew Binsky on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0Ize0RLIbGdH5x4wI45G-A/featured
Apr 15
29 min
Marc Randolph - Co-founder of Netflix
Marc Randolph is a veteran Silicon Valley entrepreneur, advisor, and investor. As co-founder and founding CEO of Netflix, he laid much of the groundwork for a service that’s grown to 150 million subscribers, and fundamentally altered how the world experiences media. He also served on the Netflix board of directors until retiring from the company in 2003. Marc’s career as an entrepreneur spans four decades. He’s founded or co-founded six other successful startups, mentored hundreds of early stage entrepreneurs, and as an investor has helped seed dozens of successful tech ventures (and just as many unsuccessful ones). Learn more about Marc Randolph: https://marcrandolph.com Listen to Marc's podcast: https://marcrandolph.com/podcasts/ Buy Marc's book, "That Will Never Work": https://marcrandolph.com/the-book/
Apr 13
32 min
Mike Vichich - Co-founder & CEO of Wisely
Today on the podcast I sat down with Mike Vichich, the co-founder and CEO of Wisely. Wisely is disrupting the restaurant industry by bridging the gap between customer data and customer experience, giving brands new ways to personalize and drive profits — at scale. Put merely, Wisely helps restaurants use data to curate a more personal experience for their guests (in-restaurant and online) and, in turn, boost profitability. Wisely's partnership is proven to drive results from the best run operations to the most effective marketing campaigns. Learn more about Wisely: https://www.getwisely.com/
Apr 7
26 min
Monty Moran - Building Chipotle Into A $35B Business (with former CEO)
Monty Moran is the former co-CEO at Chipotle Mexican Grill. Prior to joining Chipotle, he was head of litigation and then managing partner and CEO at the Denver-based law firm of Messner and Reeves, LLC, which he led for ten years. Imagine you’re one of 75,000 people working in a huge company, and the CEO wants to talk to you, one-on-one, to get to know and understand you. That’s what Monty Moran did 20,000 times as he built the extraordinary culture that took Chipotle Mexican Grill from a regional burrito chain to a Fortune 500 superstar. Buy Monty's new book, "Love Is Free, Guac Is Extra" https://www.amazon.com/Love-Free-Guac-Extra-Vulnerability-ebook/dp/B08DT4HBRV
Apr 6
37 min
Justin Kan - Twitch Co-founder Explains Why Amazon Bought Twitch For $970 Million
Justin Kan is an American internet entrepreneur and investor who co-founded the law-tech company Atrium where he served as CEO. He is the co-founder of live video platforms Justin.tv and Twitch, as well as the mobile social video application Socialcam.  He was formerly a partner at Silicon Valley incubator Y Combinator. His attempt to broadcast his entire life at Justin.tv popularized the term "lifecasting". Kan also started a Reddit-style electronic music discovery platform, The Drop.  He also contributes to the technology news site TechCrunch and co-founded Kiko Software, an Ajax based online calendar, with Emmett Shear. Kan graduated from Yale University in 2005 with degrees in physics and philosophy.  On March 2019, along with Steve Chen he became advisor to Theta, a peer to peer video streaming platform that uses blockchain technology.   Subscribe to Justin Kan on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfRtwc6K_VU9N4OjNnU2P7g​
Apr 5
32 min
Julius Makarewicz - Founder & CEO at Nude Beverages
Nude is a ready-to-drink alcoholic beverage brand with just 100 calories that is sugar-free, sweetener-free, and carb-free, containing all-natural flavors. Nude’s flagship product, Nude Hard Seltzers, are available in the US in four delicious flavors and iced tea is rolling out as we speak! More than 85 million cans of Nude have been sold since the brand’s launch, and over $215,000 have been donated as part of their #pawsofnude pledge to support animals in need. Their goal is to donate $1,000,000 by 2023. The brand’s great success has allowed Makarewicz to now expand into the U.S. market, and reach a new group of future lovers of Nude. A few stats about Nude in the Canadian Market that may be of interest: Nude is the #2 Low Calorie RTD in Alberta, +91% Nude Vodka Soda 12-pack Mixer is the #2 RTD in BC selling over 245,000 9L cases Nude has sold over 1 million cases alone in BC and holds 14% of the RTD market share Nude Gin holds 25% of the Gin RTD market share in BC Nude is the #1 Low Calorie RTD in the private channel in BC Nude is the #2 RTD Brand in BC Nude is the #1 New Canadian RTD and #2 New RTD brand overall in Ontario Nude is a nationally available RTD
Apr 4
32 min
DANNY - Selling CryptoPunk #6487​ for $1,054,240 (550 ETH)
@seedphrase has bought CryptoPunk #6487​ for 550 ETH ($1.05m). CryptoPunks first launched in June 2017 and were developed by a two-person team of Matt Hall and John Watkinson, at American Game Studio Larva Labs. They are 24×24 pixel art images that are algorithmically generated. CryptoPunks were released before CryptoKitties. They are innovators in the NFT space and were one of the inspirations for ERC-721 tokens - which unlike ERC-20 tokens, are all one-of-a-kind, (Brave New Coin). Follow Danny on twitter: https://twitter.com/seedphrase
Apr 3
33 min
Alex Adelman - Earn Free Bitcoin When You Shop With Lolli.com
Alex Adelman is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Lolli. Alex was previously the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Cosmic (acquired by PopSugar, then Ebates). He was born in Charlotte, North Carolina and currently resides in New York, New York. He graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill with a degree in Economics. Learn more at www.lolli.com Follow Alex on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alexadelman/?hl=en
Apr 2
33 min
Anthony Pompliano - The Future of Bitcoin & 2021 Predictions
Anthony Pompliano is a founder and partner at Morgan Creek Digital, a hedge fund which specializes in blockchain technology and digital assets, and backed by investment management firm Morgan Creek Capital. Pompliano co-founded Morgan Creek Digital with Mark Yusko and Jason Williams in 2018. He also writes daily newsletters to institutional investors which provide a personal analysis of the daily news in the crypto industry, and he is the host of the podcast, Off the Chain. Prior to his involvement in the blockchain industry, Pompliano was a partner at Full Tilt Capital (later acquired by Morgan Creek Capital), and held roles at Snapchat and Facebook.  In 2018, crypto index provider Bitwise partnered with Morgan Creek Capital in 2018 to create the Digital Asset Index Fund, which offers the 10 largest digital assets by market capitalization. Funds are stored in cold storage, and Morgan Creek and Bitwise have committed to auditing the fund annually. Pompliano sits on the Index Policy Committee, which oversees the fund. Follow Pomp on Twitter: https://twitter.com/APompliano Follow Pomp on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pompglobal/?hl=en
Mar 22
30 min
Nikhil Kamath - Meet India’s Youngest New Billionaire
Meet Nikhil Kamath, the 34-year-old Zerodha co-founder is a chess champion who dropped out of school at age 14. Nikhil Kamath co-founded India's largest trading brokerage in 2010 with his brother, Nithin. Over the last year, Zerodha—the name of which is derived from combining two words, zero and rodha (Sanskrit for barriers)—has seen its number of registered users double under the pandemic and reportedly has a daily turnover of $10 billion.   Learn more about Nikhil: https://zerodha.com/​  How this 34-year-old chess champion became India’s youngest new billionaire:" https://www.cnbc.com/2021/01/12/zerod...
Mar 3
33 min
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