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Reverie True Crime
Paige Elmore
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Ads are sooooo loud!
The ads are twice as loud as the podcast. Ruins it.
Early eps missing
Frustrating that many eps are just removed with no explanation placeholders. Edit: what is this brew crew crap? Unsubbed.
Deafening ads!!
PLEASE lower the volume on the ads! I use headphones when I listen to podcasts and the ads are WAY too loud, cuts in mid-sentence too. Extremely annoying!
Commercials are out of control, poorly cut in
Host has decent voice but the music in the background and jolting amateur cuts to commercials make this a no go. I think breaking for ads 4 or 5 times in this short of a pod is just too much. Won’t listen again.
eg portland
Paige rocks
Paige is the best! She’s very detail oriented and thorough and gives us interesting and lesser known cases. Love her
Truecrime Christie
I can’t wait to listen!!
I just found your podcast, and I was browsing to see what kind of episodes you have, to be honest I was expecting the same refried ones that everyone has, and my surprise was that most of the episodes you have I don’t know them, (except of couple of them that you go in deep of the investigation), so with that said I am excited to hear them all!!! Congrats for having new intertwining ones and thank you for that!!! I gave 5 stars because I started to listen one of them and is the perfect scenario (only 1 host great investigations, well explained, I can say perfect for my preference of podcasts). Most likely I never rate a pod without listening for a while, but yours make me excited about those new ones that I had never listened before.
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crime addiction
Great podcast
Great podcast! Always look forward to new episodes!
Bringing light to a hidden topic
I truly appreciate the effort she is making to shed light on a topic that is otherwise hidden from most platforms. Men are abused everyday and hide their secret from the world just as women do. We need to continue to educate ourselves to things such as these and do better. Thank you for Reverie for all you do to remind us we are all important and should have our truths told.
Circles and Reporting
Abuse Knows No Gender
I love the episode she did about male domestic abuse. It’s an under reported topic. It’s always assumed that men are too tough to be abused. Domestic Violence doesn’t recognize gender. Anyone can experience abuse. I so appreciate podcasts like this one finally shedding the light on a topic that needs to be out in the open! Highly Recommend!!
A real gem of a podcast and host
This podcast not only has well researched content but a caring host. The most recent series on DV against men has been a brave, eye opening discussion where an under discussed conversation and topic is addressed head on. The host Paige is such a wonderful human who you can’t help but adore 😍
Give her a listen please!!!
Her podcast is refreshing because she gets to the point, her voice is soothing and she speaks out about issues that no body else is brave enough to.
One of the best out theree
Deeply respectful of the victims in these cases, tons of research, and a delightful story teller. Highly recommended.
Prosecutors Podcast
what a joke…
she does an episode about domestic abuse and it’s about a MAN? next episode will be about a man who bit a dog…there’s a special place for women who hate women and she’s a proud member…we all know women like her…well…hopefully not for long…
I listen to your show every week. And I love it! Thank you for sharing the Go Fund Me link. I’m stunned by the grace his family has shown. Such a tragic loss for them, and all of humanity. Wishing peace and love to the family. And to you ❤️
Bootie from Cincy
Jill- Murder Shelf Book Club Podcast
TERRIFIC podcast; Paige tells the stories, digging deep while being respectful. Engaging with a varying focus every time, I never know what to expect, which is why it's so incredible.
I’m addicted to Reverie True Crime!!!
Not only am I addicted to this podcast, but I love it so much that I had to become a patron to support this content! Paige’s attention to detail is unmatched! Not only is she well versed on the cases she covers but she genuinely also cares about the victims! I can’t get enough of this podcast!
How To Spot A Killer Podcast
Where did my review go?!
I swear I left one! Anyway, Paige just has this way of keeping me coming back for more. Sometimes I want a super laid back and light hearted storytelling style, and sometimes I need something a bit more serious that drowns out all of the distractions and turns me into a sponge to soak up knowledge. Paige turns me into said sponge and I just can’t turn away. I haven’t been back to work yet but I am eager to listen to the James Holmes series. Woof that dude is… something else. Also? I hope people reading this realize that most podcasters rely on ad revenue to be able to put back into the podcast, so if you don’t like it? Skip ahead. Nobody is forcing you to listen to the ads.
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team CourtNate and Anna Banana
There are so many ads and sponsors in this show it’s distracting and unlistenable. Host sounds robotic, and the constant background music is distracting from the stories. Next.
Really sensitive show and the host has a beautiful voice
Lonf time listener who loves this podcast…. Paige delves into various crime stories with a straight-up view and calls it like it is with a warm southern accent. Her narration is smooth, knowledgeable, and concise. I also enjoy it when she joins other podcasters on shared stories. I highly recommend everyone to take a listen to Paige. 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
Well done
Some true crime podcasts gloss over the details so we never learn anything new. Not so with this one! Graphic, yet respectful, and very well researched.
✔️true crime ✔️southern accent ✔️good stories
Talkin' Shiterature
Great podcast and host
Good story telling with a strong host Paige Elmore. I enjoyed the episode on the serial killer known as “the doodler.” Scary to think, as Paige says, “the killer likely still walks among us.”
First time listener…
…. And really enjoying this podcast 😃
An engaging story experience
Paige has an engaging and dynamic storytelling style. From beginning to end this podcast is gripping and hypnotic. Highly recommend!
Neatcast Jay
A TRUE -true crime podcast
Paige does an amazing job respecting and honoring the victims and families of horrible crimes . This is an amazing podcast and Paige deserves each listener ❤️ V, from Life Paranormal with V
I love absolutely everything about this show. You will fall in love with Paiges voice! Stories are so well researched and told respectfully. MUST LISTEN!
I love this show! I am in love either Paige’s voice and am hanging on every word! Her grace with each case and topic is amazing and I hate when episodes are over! Such a good show! -Tyler- 30&Nerdy Podcast
Southern Comfort
The way these stories are told make you forget how truly creepy they are - what a gift of magical storytelling!
So Well Done
I absolutely love this podcast and your approach to true crime reporting is exactly the way I liked it. My only criticism is in this latest episode you most likely accidentally aired the personal identification information of a witness in the case. Publicly stating someone’s full name address phones number and birthdate is potentially dangerous and not important for use to know . You’re attention to detail and use of actual recordings is perfect but please be meticulous with your editing out things like this. It’s obvious you would never willingly cause undo harm so things is justice a constructive teachable moment. Thanks you for your passionate and thorough work.
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Prepare to Meditate!
Nobody told me Paige tells these horrendous true crime stories in the most soothing and relaxing voice. I was shook by the stories yet so calmed by the storyteller. Highly recommend!
Distracting Background Music
Enjoying the show, but what’s with the unnecessary, distracting background music??
Keep it up
Your heart shows through your episodes and hard work. Love your show and the collaboration with Ellyn ❤️🎉🌈🔥💋
Jenna Say Kwass
Episode 87 was awful. What happened?!
Okay so this isn’t a podcast that I listen to weekly but I might listen once a month or so. I was excited when I saw episode 87 about the club kids because Party Monster is a movie I’ve watched several times and I’ve always been interested in hearing more about it. I don’t know if Paige was just nervous with Caleb being on the show but i had to turn it off after about 30 minutes. She mentioned something about Michael Alig and then said “we haven’t talked about him yet but we will.” And then she mentioned some of the others and gave spoilers without ever explaining who they were or how they were important. She was ALL over the place in a real bad way. I finally got annoyed enough to just turn it off. It’s usually better but that episode was complete crap. Or at least the part I could stand to listen to.
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I love your accent!
Great podcast! Great accent! - Reel Talk: A Movie Podcast
Wes Bones
Not good
Baffled by the 5 stars - this is unlistenable due to her accent.
Why would you state to “feel bad” about reporting true crime stories (while wanting to “have fun” taking about backpacking) since this is a true crime podcast?? Maybe this genre isn’t for you.... 🤔🤔🤔
The best True Crime Podcast Ever
I love this show. Paige is a great podcaster, does incredible research and puts her whole heart into every episode. It’s so good I joined the Patreon as well. Subscribe to this show, you won’t be disappointed. Corey
Wtcc Podcast Review
Paige is incredible. She absolutely kills it (pun very much intended). I thoroughly enjoy listening to her cases and it doesn’t get boring. She is phenomenal on and off air. Five stars all the way!!!
Big D Wtcc Podcast
From the first episode I listened I knew this podcast was going to be good. Paige gives so much detail and includes the darkest of info. However, Paige does a great job providing those details in way that it can be heard. Great true crime podcast Cindy WDST
Finally a podcast that brings ZERO political opinions or soapbox speeches into the episodes. Paige, you’re great! Keep it up! :) -Maunalee (host of Cherishing Childhood: The Low-Tech Parenting Podcast)
Brand New To The Show
Love it! Just a girl with a dope accent talking about terrible stuff! What could be better! Can’t wait to binge! Jimmie- The BFA Show!
Jimmie Truelove
Don't turn the Paige
Paige is great. She takes such care when exploring these cases. This show is great from the beginning to the end. Thank you for the content that you put out! Keep up the hard work
The Jury Room Podcast
A very special crime pod
I’ve been a consumer of crime (and political) pods for so many years now and I’m just now getting around to leaving reviews for all of them. I figured I’d begin with Reverie because i recently discovered and binged it. The good: PAIGE! It’s been really fun to watch Paige grow in her podcasting role. With time, she’s really developed her own unique style and I have to say: it’s both refreshing and earnest. Paige approaches difficult subject matter with an enormous amount of sensitivity and empathy. Listening to this pod is like listening to a good friend with a kind heart; someone who you know just FEELS so much. Not all podcasters are this personable and charming; this warm and non-judgmental. For that reason, the pod gets 4 stars from me. The bad: the commercials! Ugh. I absolutely understand the importance of ads in podcasts. They are a source of revenue for these podcasters that work so hard and a vehicle to produce and maintain their pods. I get it, believe me. But seeing such an increase in commercials with each episode and also just the way that they are laced into the pod-often interrupting Paige mid-sentence-has been a hard adjustment. I don’t know what the solution to this is aside from doing patreon or a paid subscription. But one thing that could help is if the commercials were placed in a less intrusive manner, maybe keep them only at the beginning or end? Stylistically, the podcast isn’t the most polished in terms of audio or production, but it offers something different than many other crime pods: it offers humanity, kindness, and a dedication to truth. Paige is improving with every episode with her expansive and detailed research and for that reason, I will continue to be a dedicated and avid listener.
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Not afraid of a challenge
Paige is a passionate storyteller who does her research, and she's also absolutely not intimidated by challenging subjects. She covers cases on Reverie True Crime that many other TC podcasts don't because of how painful they can be to discuss, and she does it well. That's no small feat. Her empathy for the victims is touching, and I feel that often drives the way she covers the cases. If you like True Crime, definitely give this show a listen. It stands out from the crowd of TC pods.
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Not your average true crime pod
Paige covers hard-to-discuss topics with incredible empathy and storytelling. It's a refreshing take and I'm always looking forward to new episodes dropping. - Boozed and Confused Carolanne
Boozed and Confused Podcast
A Tough Topic Very Well Covered
I started with episode 69 which involved a child murder. A very tough topic to cover. Paige does an amazing job presenting the facts. Would listen to more for sure! - Game For A Movie
True Crime At It’s Best!
Love this show! Paige has a voice that is soothing and empathetic when talking about the crimes she covers! Thoroughly hooked on this podcast! A must listen for all true crime fans!
Jitters Horror Podcast
Best Voice In Podcasting!
Paige’s voice is phenomenal, I love listening to her voice and her case research is literally on point. She is empathetic to the victims and kind when tackling the subject matter of each of her episodes. I’m a huge fan and can’t get enough of Reverie Podcast!
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