Reverie True Crime
Reverie True Crime
Paige Elmore
Reverie means to daydream but sometimes when we zone out, intrusive thoughts can creep in. We might start to think about our anxieties and worst fears. Sometimes we get caught up in obscure thoughts about disturbing events occurring, or that have occurred, in the world. As humans, we can naturally become curious about these horrible happenings in life. Paige narrates stories of crimes, sits down and talks with victims' loved ones, chats with other podcasters, survivors, and occasionally tells haunting, creepy stories. She is passionate about all aspects of these true stories. Shedding light on the dark, terrifying things that have happened, and still happen in the world, is very important to her.Paige hopes that through these stories she can bring awareness to injustices, important issues, evil deeds that have taken place, and the scary reveries around us that hide in plain sight.You can email case suggestions and even your personal paranormal/strange and/or crime related stories to
133. The Unsolved Homicide of Phylicia Barnes
Phylicia Barnes was 16-years-old when she went to visit her siblings in Baltimore, Maryland for the Christmas holidays in 2010. She stayed with her 27-year-old half-sister, Deena, at her basement apartment. On December 28th, 2010, Phylicia left the apartment to grab some food and had plans with her other sister, Kelly, to get her hair done later that day. After 1:30PM, no one heard from or saw Phylicia again. Months later, after no evidence or a single clue, Phylicia was found deceased. There are shocking discoveries and many twists and turns along the way. So many questions have gone unanswered. The biggest question of all remains unknown to this day. Did the suspect, who was pinned for her murder, actually commit the crime?- Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Tumblr: Contact: Patreon is $3/mo with payments paused during holidays seasons. You'll get early and ad-free episodes, merch delivered to your door, and bonus episodes, when possible, that you are able to vote on. I'm also going to be doing shout-outs again at the end of each episode. you so much to everyone who supports the show!- Website: you to today's sponsor, Athletic Greens!You can get a one year supply of immune supporting vitamin D supplements and FIVE travel packs with your first order at <a...
Sep 25
1 hr 16 min
132. The Stolen Life of Disabled, Elder, James Thomas Stewart Committed by Morgan Leppert and Toby Lowry
This episode is an older, short Patreon exclusive. I’ve been working on writing about a case for 4 days now. It is taking longer than expected BUT I didn’t want to leave you awesome listeners hanging this week!If you think it’s okay to go to the door for kids who say they need help, these two will make you think twice. Morgan Leppert and Toby Lowry were banned from seeing each other ever again in 2008 by Morgan’s mom. To defy her rule, they came up with a plan. In the process, this meant (in their twisted minds) they had to murder an older disabled man, James Thomas Stewart.Promo: Campus Killings•Follow the socials! me: ReverieTrueCrime@gmail.comWebsite: <a href=""...
Sep 18
18 min
Introducing: That’s So F*cked Up
That's So F*cked Up is a podcast about cults, murder and other generally f*cked up stuff. Hosts Ashley Richards and Michelle Mosher bring you enthralling yet horrifying stories while looking at their possible causes. Join the gals as they discuss what inspires people to do the awful things that they do. Nature? Nurture? Society? Let's investigate from our couches together! New episodes every F*cked Up Friday! Ash and Michelle also have a bi-weekly segment called ‘Binge or Bust?’ where Ash breaks down a doc for Michelle, since she loves watching them, but watching docs alone gives Michelle anxiety. And Ashley just released a spin-off series as well, “That’s So F*cked Up Presents”, a show where she explores a different location or topic over the course of each month. The first season is on four of Colorado’s most notorious murders and is called Colorado Carnage. Subscribe to That’s So F*cked Up the Podcast wherever you listen to podcasts now at! And don’t forget to visit their website at and follow them on all of the socials @tsfuthepodcast!
Sep 16
1 min
131. Jason Rose and John Jones: Dungeons and Dragons Sacrificial Killing of Melissa Meyer in Oregon
In 1988, 17-year-old John Jones met 20-year-old Jason Rose at a mall in Oregon. John was a loner who wanted to be accepted, to fit in somewhere, to impress people. When he met Jason and they clicked, it was like a cult leader and cult follower dynamic. John didn’t want to let Jason down. They shared similar interests, including the tabletop role playing game, Dungeons and Dragons. What they didn’t have in common, Jason would teach John about. Such as vampirism and sacrifices. 19-year-old Melissa Meyer was from Seattle and had recently moved to Eugene, Oregon. She happened to meet John and considered him a true friend. Melissa didn’t know John was more loyal to Jason than her and would soon guide her to her untimely death in a forested area in Springfield, Oregon.Confessions of Crime includes video of Jason and John demonstrating to a detective using a mannequin: (GRAPHIC)Thank you to today's sponsor, Athletic Greens! Go to to get your one year supply of immune supporting vitamin D supplements and 5 travel packs with your first purchase!•Follow the socials! me: ReverieTrueCrime@gmail.comWebsite: <a href=""...
Sep 11
45 min
130. Rebecca Oatley Aylward: Teenager Murdered for a Free Breakfast
Oh, the teenage years. A time of dealing with hormones, emotions, schoolwork, rebellion, possible family dysfunction, relationships, social life, mental health, and more. Experiencing everything for the first time.Ah, and…puppy love. Having someone’s hand to hold, a best friend, someone who wants to spend all their time with you, feeling special, and cared for. But what if said partner is extremely manipulative? Not only to their significant other but everyone around them.A teenager with narcissistic traits. A craving for control and attention. A teenager who seemed to be well put together, smart, athletic, fun, and talented.No one could’ve predicted how far Rebecca Aylward’s boyfriend, Joshua Davies, would go for recognition and attention.What was the motive? Clout? A free breakfast?Promo: Small Town Justice•Follow the socials! me: ReverieTrueCrime@gmail.comWebsite: <a href=""...
Sep 4
35 min
The BrewVerie Report #6
The BrewVerie Report is back for a second time this month! Welcome to the Brew Crime and Reverie True Crime collaborative monthly series! The BrewVerie Report is a Florida Man style news show but we cover the USA, Canada, and places all over the world with little to no Florida. This collaboration can be found on both the Brew Crime and Reverie True Crime feed! (Pick your poison!)On this episode, our special guest reporter, Kevin (The Jury Room - A True Crime Podcast) is back! Check his show out: News... Once Monthly (or maybe twice)Sources<a...
Aug 31
49 min
129. Tamara Samsonova: Russian Killer Granny
Tamara Samsonova, also know as “The Granny Ripper” and “Baba Yaga”, is an innocent looking, Russian elder. She is far from innocent. Her partners and roommates would seemingly up and leave without a trace. What would be discovered years later, by her own confessions and diary, was beyond what one could imagine anyone, especially an elderly person, doing. From poisoning to mutilation, this granny tortured these victims in many ways.Promo: Infernal Souls and Eternal Arseholes•Follow the socials! me: ReverieTrueCrime@gmail.comWebsite: <a...
Aug 28
20 min
The BrewVerie Report #5
The BrewVerie Report is back! Brew Crime (Mike and J.T.) and Reverie True Crime’s collaborative monthly series. The BrewVerie Report is a “Florida Man” style news show but we cover the USA, Canada, and the world with little to no Florida. This can be found on both the Brew Crime podcast and the Reverie True Crime podcast!On this episode we had a guest reporter, Kevin of The Jury Room. News... Once Monthly.Sources
Aug 23
1 hr 7 min
128. Teka Adams: Surviving Fetal Abduction Attempt
Teka Adams started living in a homeless shelter while she was getting her life on track. She met her, soon to be, husband there and they were expecting a baby. Teka had never been happier! A lady named Stephanie Mills, from a company that worked with homeless pregnant women, got in touch with her. She offered Teka a lot of items for her baby. She and Stephanie met and headed off so Teka could go through all of the baby items!Unfortunately, this would be the beginning of a tortuous, week long nightmare...Promo: CK’s Killing ItThank you to today's sponsor, Athletic Greens! Go to to get your one year supply of immune supporting vitamin D supplements and 5 travel packs with your first purchase!•Follow the socials! me: ReverieTrueCrime@gmail.comWebsite: Survived… (The Biography Channel)House of Horrors: Kidnapped (Investigation Discovery) The Daily Times (Salisbury, Maryland) January 6, 2010: Star-Democrat (Easton, Maryland) December 9, 2009: Star-Democrat (Easton, Maryland) January 6, 2010: Star-Democrat (Easton, Maryland) December 10, 2009: <a href=""...
Aug 21
39 min
127. The Strange Disappearance and Death of Marcia Moore
One cold January night in 1979, Marcia Moore, a writer, astrologer, psychic, the heiress (at the time) of the Sheraton Hotel chain, a student of Hinduism, an advocate for the drug Ketamine, and who loved Jungian Psychology, seemed to just…vanish. Her remains were finally discovered two years later but what happened to her? Was her husband, Dr. Howard Alltounian, involved? Was it an accidental overdose or the workings of a witch coven?Promo: Missing Persons•Follow the socials! me: ReverieTrueCrime@gmail.comWebsite: SOURCES: <a href=""...
Aug 14
37 min
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