Reverie True Crime
Reverie True Crime
Paige Elmore
Reverie means to daydream but sometimes when we drift off into our daydreams, they can morph into horrific nightmares. We may start to get lost in thoughts about the dark things occurring in the world and questioning these happenings in life. Who? How? When? Why? What?From telling the stories of crimes to sitting down with victims and their families, Paige is passionate about all aspects. Shedding light on the dark, terrifying things that have happened and still happen in the world is very important to her.Paige hopes that through these stories she can bring awareness to injustices and the scary reveries around us that hide in plain sight.You can e-mail suggestions and even your personal paranormal/strange and/or crime related stories to
93. Zendik Arts Farm: Part I
Zendik Arts Farm was created in 1969 by Wulf Zendik and Arol Wulf. Some ex-members are very happy with their experiences there and don’t like the word “cult”. However, to others, it was described as a sex cult. You tell me what you think.Major thanks to Helen Zuman because without her experience, I wouldn’t be able to tell you guys about this place in depth!Go to and order her book Mating in Captivity. In the USA only, her book is on sale for 99 cents (wherever eBooks are sold) until January 6th! Thank you to today’s sponsor, stamps.comUse promo code PODPromo: Stolen LivesSOURCES:
Dec 5
57 min
92. Angela McAnulty: The Maiming and Torture of Jeanette Maples
Angela had quite a few children but she mainly focused her extreme abuse on her teenage daughter, Jeanette Maples. She tortured Jeanette for years and it progressively got worse. Jeanette succumbed to the maiming and torture at only 15-years-old. Also, child protective services absolutely failed Jeanette. Get ready for your blood to boil.Promo: The Springfield Three: A Small-Town DisappearanceFind the socials, Patreon, etc: are no sponsored ads in this episode but you can support me and any of these businesses that sponsor the podcast at any time: Get your first 10 minutes for $1.99 with the spiritual advisor of your choice. (Tarot reading, psychics and more!) Take care of yourself by getting online therapy with the therapist of your choice! Get sustainable, beautiful jewelry for yourself or someone you care about! Treat yourself or someone you love for the holidays! Use the discount code: TRUECRIME10 for a discount on snark and sarcasm delivered to your door every month! I absolutely love these subscription boxes! Snatch yours up today!SOURCES: <a...
Nov 28
44 min
91. Patreon Exclusive Release | Murder of Arlis Perry in the Stanford Memorial Church
Churches are where people should feel safe to go worship. People with authority that have a duty to protect us are who we should trust. Our spouses are also people we love and believe would never hurt us. In this case, everyone is a suspect. Even the Son of Sam, David Berkowitz, gets entangled in this case. Arlis’ horrifying death happened in 1974 and wouldn’t be solved until 2018.Promo: Defense DiariesThank you to this week's sponsor, Ana Luisa!Find the perfect, beautiful and sustainable jewelry for you or someone you love at Discount code: TRUECRIMEFind all the socials, Patreon and more here:
Nov 21
28 min
90. The Pikeville Six: Murders of the Lillelid Family
Six teenagers, desperate to depart from their unhappy lives in Kentucky, got together to travel to New Orleans, Louisiana. The car they were in wasn’t going to make the whole trip. The teenagers agreed they may need to hijack a car from a random parking lot or a car dealership. Instead, they saw a van at a rest area and pulled in. This van belonged to the Lillelid family who never would have expected what would happen next.Promo: Black True CrimeThank you to BetterHelp for sponsoring the podcast!Get 10% off of your first month of online therapy at because YOU deserve it.Sources: <a...
Nov 14
1 hr 11 min
89. Curtis Flowers and the Tardy Furniture Murders
Curtis Flowers was taken into custody and convicted in 1997 for the quadruple murders that happened inside the Tardy Furniture store in Winona, Mississippi in 1996. The circumstantial evidence was weak but prosecutor Evans was damned and determined to get Curtis executed. Curtis was put on trial SIX times! He maintained his innocence and fought for over 20 years for his freedom.Promo: Mysteries of the UnexplainedThank you to Keen for sponsoring the podcast! You’ll only pay $1.99 for the first 10 minutes of your call with a Keen spiritual advisor!SOURCES:,may%20be%20a%20new%20trial.<a href=""...
Nov 7
1 hr 5 min
88. Halloween Murders: Murder of Trans Woman Candace Towns | Teen Trans Murderer Andrea Balcer feat. Beyond the Rainbow
Welcome to our last October episode collab! First, I’ll tell you about the murder of Candace Towns. She lived in Macon, Georgia and went missing. On Halloween she was found by public workers…Next, CJ will tell you about Andrea Balcer. Andrea was a teenager at the time and is trans. She killed her family and major trigger warning: their dog.THANK YOU TO TODAY’S SPONSOR: Code: TRUECRIMEPromo: Bloody Happy HourFind all socials, contact info and more here: <a href=""...
Oct 31
30 min
87. The San Antonio Four: Wrongfully Convicted feat. Beyond the Rainbow
Welcome to episode four of this October sinister series with me and my amazing friend C.J. from Beyond the Rainbow: True Crimes of the LGBT!For 20 years, Elizabeth Ramirez, Kristie Mayhugh, Cassandra Rivera and Anna Vasquez fought to prove their innocence. They were accused of doing horrible things to their nieces. This was all during the time of the Satanic Panic witch-hunts. These four Latina lesbians were battling against myths, homophobia and much more in their fight to get exonerated.Promo: Haunting History PodcastInfo:Patreon: Merch: Facebook: Instagram: ReverieTrueCrime@gmail.comSOURCES: <a href=""...
Oct 24
46 min
86. Missing: Sage Smith of Charlottesville, Virginia
19-year-old Sage Smith was on her way to meet 21-year-old Erik McFadden for a date on the evening of November 20th, 2012. Her stepsister is sure she saw her around 6:40PM on the phone, down the street from the bus stop she was at. That lines up with the phone records, too. From there…Sage disappeared. This case gets so strange because a lot of people start to disappear. What is happening? Where is Sage? Her case officially went from a missing person investigation to a homicide investigation in 2016. If anyone has any information regarding Sage’s disappearance you are urged to call the Charlottesville Police Department (434) 970-3280 or call the WE HELP THE MISSING -TIP LINE (866) 660-4025There‘s a $20,000 reward for anyone who can tell authorities where her body is or who is involved with her disappearance that leads to an arrest. Stay tuned for Patreon shoutouts at the end of the episode!Promo: AloreingWebsite: <a...
Oct 21
44 min
85. Witchcraft and Witch Cult: Attempted Murder of Kevin Miller and Murder of Sydney Loofe feat. Beyond the Rainbow
We’re back with episode three of our sinister series!First, I’ll tell you the story of a woman who was inspired by Practical Magic to kill her husband via witchcraft.C.J. will be telling you about a Tinder date that goes terribly wrong and may scare you out of trying to find a partner online ever again. This one is rough and involves a witch cult.Promo: The Nerdy PhotographerYou can find all the socials and ways to support the show on the website!<a href=""...
Oct 17
47 min
84. Missing: LaShaya Stine of Aurora, Colorado
In July of 2016, 16-year-old LaShaya snuck out of her house. She left everything behind that one would take if they planned to run away. Everything indicated she planned to come back home. What happened to LaShaya? Where was she going? A LOT of tips came in and what’s believed to have happened to her is horrifying.Promo: Zodiac SpeakingWebsite: <a href=""...
Oct 14
31 min
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