Resilience and Resistance Podcast
Resilience and Resistance Podcast
Marisol Solarte-Erlacher
The Resilience and Resistance podcast is about successful Black, Indigenous and Women of Color who are overcoming trauma and becoming resilient.The vision for this podcast is to illuminate the dichotomy that many BIPOC female-identified individuals face in their daily lives; holding space for healing or managing past and present trauma, while maintaining a "professional" identity as they strive towards their work and other goals.Follow Us on IG @Resilience_and_ResistanceSupport this podcast on Patreon - Inte-Gritty by Bianca MikahnArt: Maite Nazario |
Blanca Perez-Solarte
Marisol’s mom, Blanca, joins the podcast to talk family history, growing up in poverty along the US/Mexico border, teenage pregnancy, hard work, her love of Kool-Aid, and finding joy regardless of the circumstances.
Dec 29, 2022
49 min
Latina Entrepreneurship Series w/ Kathy Maestes
Join us for another interview of our Latina Entrepreneurship Series. Our guest is entrepreneur Kathy Maestes We'll continue to explore how Latinas are building, growing, and owning their spaces.
Dec 8, 2022
38 min
Dealing with the Loss of a Loved One:  A Professional Therapist Journey
In this episode, Cynthia narrates her journey in life so far: the experience growing up in a Chinese household, pursuing a doctorate in psychology, her approach to the work she does, and dealing with the challenges that have come her way in life. Our discussion gets deep into being comfortable with your emotions – both positive and negative, emotional regulation, resilience, and revival. Listen in!
Nov 17, 2022
44 min
Latina Entrepreneurship Series:  Ana Hernandez of Inscribe
Join us for the first interview of our Latina Entrepreneurship Series. Our first guest is Ana Hernandez COO of InScribe. We will be featuring an entrepreneur every month until the end of the year.
Nov 8, 2022
32 min
Akasha Absher: Pushing Past The Limitations of Whiteness
In this week’s episode, we are joined by Akasha Absher, the president of Syntrinsic Investment Counsel, a national investment consulting firm.
Oct 20, 2022
59 min
Beth Robinson: Salary Bias’ for Women
In this episode, we speak to Beth Robinson, an Employment Attorney in Denver, Colorado. We discussed...
Sep 29, 2022
29 min
Rosalind Page: Black Femicides
In this episode, we speak to Rosalind Page, Founder of Black Femicide US, an organization that tracks violence and murders of black women and girls across America. Rosalind is a nurse, researcher, advocate for the human rights of Black women and girls. We discussed
Sep 15, 2022
39 min
Athena Baca-Chieza: Understanding Trans-Racial Identity
In this episode, we speak to Athena Baca-Chieza, Associate Professor, Clinical Director, and Training Coordinator at the University of Colorado Denver, about tran-racial identity, including: Speaking to her experiences as an adoptee and the struggles she faced being different from her family members. How understanding her trans-racial identity helped her more deeply understand herself and how her identity has shaped her experiences.  How the Latinx culture can be anti-Black and how her Afro-Latina Identity impacted her relationships.   Listen on: Podopolo| Spotify | Apple Podcasts| Amazon Music| iHeartRadio | Google Podcasts About our guest:  Dr. Athena Y. Baca-Chieza is a clinical health psychologist in Denver, Colorado. She received her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology in 2006. Dr. Baca-Chieza is currently an Associate Professor at the University of Colorado, Denver, where she is the Coordinator of Clinical Training and Director of a community mental health clinic in the CU Denver Clinical Health Psychology PhD program. In addition to her current position at CU, Dr. Baca-Chieza also works as a consulting psychologist in the Hem/Onc and Bone Marrow Transplant program at University of Colorado Hospital, where she supports patients who are navigating the complex biopsychosocial intersections of living with blood cancers, and she also conducts pretransplant evaluations. Previously, Dr. Baca-Chieza worked for 10 years at the Colorado Blood Cancer Institute as a BMT psychologist and Training Director, as well as an integrated primary care provider at the South Texas Veterans Health Care System in San Antonio, Texas. Dr. Baca-Chieza is actively involved in leadership and advocacy for her profession and has served on the board of the Colorado Psychological Association (CPA) since 2015, when she was elected as the state’s Diversity Representative. In 2018 she was elected to serve as President of CPA, a 3-year position, which afforded her opportunities to write laws that impact mental health outcomes for Coloradans, and especially marginalized populations such as LGBTQIA communities who were vulnerable to archaic and harmful practices. Dr. Baca-Chieza is interested in consultation psychology, including leadership selection and development in the healthcare arena and enjoys any opportunity to present on topics related to leadership, advocacy, and professional development.  Dr. Baca-Chieza proudly hails from the beautiful Bordertown of El Paso, TX, is fluently bi-lingual in Spanish and English and identifies as Afrolatina (Mexican and Black). She lives in the Park Hill neighborhood of Denver with her spouse, Chido, who works as a nurse, and their two daughters, Raphaelle and Juno, who attend Stedman Elementary school, where Athena is an active PTA member and advocate for black and brown families in the Denver Public School system. They also have a 5-pound Chihuahua named Fiona. Links: Marisol’s website: LinkedIn: Marisol - & Athena - Instagram: @Resilience_and_Resistance We have partnered with US Bank to support our communities like this one through responsive and humbled actions focused on addressing racial and economic inequities and creating lasting change through our Community Possible Grant Program, If you are interested in Marisol Solarte-Erlacher supporting your business or organization by speaking or training on topics such as Work Trauma for BIPOC women, Racial Battle Fatigue, supporting mental health in traumatic times, and building resilience in employees and resilient leadership in BIPOC women. Contact her directly at if you want to learn more. Check out exclusive offers from our sponsors and partners - Production Credits Art: Maite Nazario | Music: Inte-Gritty by Bianca Mikahn Podcast Editing and Production: Distribution by: The Plug Podcast Network - See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Aug 13, 2022
54 min
Zaneta Kelsey: Perseverance & Excellence in Tech
In this episode, we speak to Zaneta Kelsey, Founder at Delightsum, LLC, about her passion for elevating BIPOC voices in the tech field. We also discussed:
Aug 4, 2022
1 hr 10 min
Shaayestah Merchant - The Value of Our Names
Dr. Shaayestah Merchant (she/her/hers) is a practicing clinical psychologist and founder of Essential Dialogues LLC in Denver, Colorado. She has been a clinician for over 15 years and has a wealth of experience working with those in marginalized communities including immigrants, people of color, and those in the LGBTQ+ communities. Dr. Merchant has worked as a consultant and trainer with organizations such as the Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CCASA), the Denver District Attorney’s office, and the Colorado Organization for Victims’ Assistance (COVA) among others. She has also taught at the University of Denver’s Graduate School of Professional Psychology. Dr. Merchant believes that each one of us has the capacity and resources within us to thrive and live our lives in accordance with what we value most. She has learned from her clients and through her experiences over the years as a clinician, Muslim, woman of color, and an immigrant that there is no one way to understand and deal with life’s tough issues. Her two- and five-year-old children never hesitate to remind her of this! When she is not working or parenting….wait, that’s not a thing. Dr. Merchant tries to have a healthy sense of humor when it is possible. If you are interested in Marisol Solarte-Erlacher supporting your business or organization by speaking or training on topics such as Work Trauma for BIPOC women, Racial Battle Fatigue, supporting mental health in traumatic times, and building resilience in employees and resilient leadership in BIPOC women. Contact her directly at if you want to learn more. Follow the Podcast Instagram @Resilience_and_Resistance Art: Maite Nazario | Music: Inte-Gritty by Bianca Mikahn Podcast Production: Check out exclusive offers from from our sponsors See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Dec 9, 2021
33 min
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