Resilience and Resistance Podcast
Resilience and Resistance Podcast
Marisol Solarte-Erlacher
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A Safe Place
Love this podcast it has become a safe place for me to reflect on my own racial traumatic experiences. Empowing and enlightening stories to help anyone heal.
Fake news
Ted was the first “white” person in the Solarte family and also the reason the rest got to come over. In sociological terms, they are framing their history to suit their current situations in order to maintain their unique standings that they seem to associate with their personalities. In reality, they are just a couple of peoplex that grew up very privileged because Mari has amazing parents. They couldn’t have a conversation in Spanish if you held a gun to their heads and I refuse to let the history of my family be set in stone by them. Sorry guys, if you’re going to present your frames as objective reality, I’m gonna hold the mirror up.
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a van c
Invaluable stories and conversations!
I had high hopes for this podcast in knowing of Marisol and her power, and yet was amazed at how it touched me and moved me more than I had imagined it would. I felt so seen and heard, I saw and heard myself in the first two episodes I listened to. I cried, I laughed, I paused and wrote down notes for further processing. I want more and am grateful there is more. Thank you Marisol and guests for your willingness to be vulnerable, honest, and in your ability to verbalize so many of the experiences I’ve had in my years that I’ve struggled to put words to <3
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Lily Zehner
Three episodes in and I’m yearning for more of this thought-provoking podcast. A space by and for BIPOC women to safely share their heart and their triumphs.
I’m loving this new thought provoking podcast. These brilliant BIPOC women are speaking about my own experiences, reminding us all that we are not alone by naming and exploring the issues we face daily with openness and authenticity. Issues such as the sense of responsibility we feel toward our communities, coping mechanisms good and otherwise that we have adopted along our way, and digging deep with vulnerable conversations about how we relate to our mothers. That’s only in the first two episodes. I can’t wait to hear more.
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Thia Gonzales
As a Public Health Professional with a high interest in health equity. This is an informative podcast where real stories are shared to bring awareness. Can’t wait to listen to upcoming episodes
Gabriela Calvi
I needed to hear this
I loved this podcast - I was moved to tears, and I laughed, and it made me think and I’m still thinking about it. I can’t wait to hear more.
Needed Podcast for our World
This podcast speaks to important issues faced by women in our world today. Through her own story and the stories of others, Marisol speaks truth to overcoming trauma and finding community.
Whitney Owens
Ready for more
This episode was extremely informative. I learned so much and am excited to hear more. This is a great podcast.