REROOT with Eamon and Bec
REROOT with Eamon and Bec
Eamon and Bec
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The BEST podcast I have ever listened to 🙌
Wow wow wow I don’t even know where to start. I started following you both on YouTube and still do and even though it has been two years since these recordings they are still relevant and relatable and inspiring right now. I am so thankful for you both being so open and honest and real with everyone. Sharing all that you do on this podcast has honestly changed my life. I went on my first solo road trip yesterday and downloaded all of your episodes so that I would be entertained and the drive flew by!! I am so thankful that you both shared your vegan story and I know you felt that it may have been a heavy episode but I think it was perfect not to much but still very informative and honest. It made me remember that when I was 11/12 I wanted to be a vegetarian so bad and I begged my parents to let me and they said I had to wait until I was 16 and as the years past it faded into the back of my mind and now listening I am re-inspired to go vegetarian/ vegan. I honestly can’t thank you enough for showing me a part of myself I had lost for so long and being people who are so hardworking and so down to earth and so real. I genuinely feel so in awe of you both and so motivated to be my best self I can’t really even put it into words. I hope you see this review and I someday hope to meet you both in person! With love and appreciation, Amanda Miner
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First and foremost, love this podcast. The only one I’m currently loving, (and listen to). Secondly, BEC! Be raw and love it, girly! I believe that your true followers will appreciate whatever you give us! No need to feel bad or hold back! I can relate to you and Eamon 100% in the sense that he’s blunt, and you seem like an empath who doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings and the two combined fills my heart with butterflies. You two are so relatable it kills me<3 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep up the rawness. Love you two bickering in all the funny-real ways(kerfuffle?), being real with one another, and just being straight up about anything and everything. This world needs more of that. Au Natural is the way to go. Fake isn’t working for anyone nowadays! Keep up the great work! Peeps ARE listening! And I’m sure I don’t only speak for myself. Even though you haven’t done a podcast in a minute haha!! COME AGAIN, EH!?
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Great stuff!
Love the authenticity and vibes!!
Favorite Podcast!
These podcasts are awesome!! I started my business a couple of months ago at the age of 17 and you guys have encouraged me and pumped me up to keep going and pushing for more even when it doesn’t go the way I expected! Thank you guys!!
you always talk about offending people and you offended me
you always talk about offending people and you offended me, you said a couple words, there is no God. well i know there is! and you need to respect that!
Very helpful and inspiring
Great information! Love your energy and drive.
Eamon and Bec are the best
Guys!! I’ve been following your journey and content for over a year now but have mostly stuck with watching your YouTube videos. I know this podcast was recorded a while ago, but I’ve been telling myself I need to listen and the past few days I have not been able to listen to anything else!! This is such a great medium for you guys. I absolutely love the conversational, real, authentic, behind the scenes, in-depth info and content that this podcast allowed you to put out into the world. It’s so, so great, inspiring, and funny. The second one with the Matney’s literally had me laughing out loud in my car. I am so not the entrepreneurial type, I’m also only 20 and still in college, but you have me thinking I could create a YouTube channel and a business lolol. I know you’ve mentioned getting a second season going and I really hope we see that soon, I’ll be looking out for it :) I’ve been loving the new van build videos, too! Thanks for all your hard work and for providing me with such a truly meaningful form of entertainment and inspiration. I have always felt the authenticity and heart in your work. I hope you both have an absolutely wonderful day!!
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Paris Green
Love it
Very encouraging and fun to listen to. Certain episodes need some work with the audio but over all pretty good. Love Eamon and Bec!! They are awesome and work together well. Love it and love them!!
This is a really good podcast. Audio levels eh but really good and should come back for 2020
I love listening to this podcast, can’t wait to see what you have for the future!
Gabby Ferrante
Wow, yes to adventure!
Eamon and Bec are a couple I first found on YouTube. I was so excited when I realized they had a podcast and after listening to a few episodes I can honestly say this podcast does NOT disappoint. I love how real and down to earth Eamon and Bec are in this podcast. They aren’t afraid to talk about what is on their mind, which makes them relatable and so entertaining. Please keep doing what you’re doing. Being who you are and inspiring others to tap into what’s really important and explore alternatives. Blessings!
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Love love love
Eamon Bec are amazing I watch there YouTube channel and This podcast is amazing!!! You should go check out chiwalla and their Instagrams and YouTube channel they are amazing people. I want to be just like them entrepreneurs and Vanlifer s this podcast reflects there awesome personalities. Hello if u see this hope you are well.😁
Love listening and would love more!
I typically don’t take the time to write reviews for things, but Eamon and Bec are so uplifting and interesting to listen to and they seem so sweet and open minded and I love it! I find myself actually learning some tips from them and their unique experiences! Very much appreciate them and their pod.
Great podcast
Hope to see another season. I learn so much from you guys
Chyenne Ariel
Love you guys so much!
Love you guys so much! So much in fact that I started listening to podcasts because you guys always talk about audible and I wanted to listen to yours! I know I’m waaaaay late but I hope one day you guys come back and make more! You are inspiring and just the sound of yalls voice makes me happy! Keep up the good work always xoxo -Shelly
Thank you for everything that you two create.
You inspire me everyday and I often catch myself relistening to podcast episodes, wishing that I could just have a friendship with a couple like you two. My partner and I haven’t found another couple to hang out with who share the same values as us and I have found it exhausting trying to make friendships with people who are not on a similar path as us. Hope to meet you two someday on the road & cant wait for season 2. Ps... please bring Lauren Toyota back for another episode (or four). I could listen to you guys talk forever and not get bored 😘
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Come back
I love listening. Come back to the pod! We miss you in podland!
Kelly Salmon
Small Business
I think you have inspired me to start my own business!!
The but of santa
In regards to religion, sex and YouTube with minimal millenniums
This episode was soo necessary for my life and the place I am in mentally and emotionally. I’m so glad I chose this as the first episode to listen to. I grew up in a Christian home with parents that live out their faith and love and serve the way we believe Jesus did and how he calls us to be. Church was a massive part of my life and I had the advantage of growing up in such a safe and loving environment. Although this past year I have been questioning and realizing the habits, beliefs that have been imbedded into my mind, and my life. I still pursue Jesus, prayer and meditation, but have altered a lot of my life and have discovered for myself what I believe, faith, and what is “religious” in regard to following doctrine, and the church’s voice and authority in my life. I enjoyed this podcast because I felt that it was giving a voice to the people who have grown up in a Christian/religious environment and the struggle in discovering what you actually believe or how you should live and the guilt/shame you feel in that process. Such quality content and I loved the conversation!
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Real People
👌 awesome contents, I love your Youtube channel + vegan 🌱 recipes!! The visitors are great!
tiff williamson
I love Eamon and Bec! I found there YouTube a while ago and there podcast is equally as awesome! I think it’s takes a really special person to make a podcast great, and they have it. I can’t wait to hear more on here and see more on YouTube!
I recently found out about this podcast and I haven’t been able to stop listening. They are so real and fun and I admire how passionate they are about so many important topics. Whether they are talking about their YouTube journey, their small business, or just how they go about their lives, what they say gets through to me. It makes me question things that were so normal to me at first, but when they open my eyes, I want to learn more and get involved. The way they have built this podcast and their YouTube channel is amazing and the move me every time I hear or watch them. Definitely a must-listen!
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So Good!
my new fave podcast!! they’re so cute ❤️
I honestly just love these two. These are two amazing people who just continue to provide wholesome content. They are giving me so much inspiration and courage. Check out their YouTube for some more awesome content. Love the podcast because they provide us a deeper glimpse into their future.
I just started watching eamon and bec on YouTube and fell in love with them then to go listen to there podcast it’s supper relaxing and very easy to listen to in any type of day
Love you guys
From your YouTube channel to your podcast, you guys get me through my workday ❤️
Love y’all
I seriously can’t get enough of you guys. I’m so glad you guys began this podcast because I definitely didn’t feel like I was getting enough of you on YouTube. I love when y’all have your chit chats but I also really enjoy the way you guys speak to one another. You guys have opened my eyes so much to the endless possibilities of traveling and looking for happiness outside of just money and success. Keep doing you. Lots of love!
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Keep on
You have inspired me in so many ways on travel and how to make it happen. I look forward to keep listening and go on the adventure with you haha while I work my basic job.
Wonderful Couple
This is absolutely one of my favorite podcasts. Eamon and Bec are a fantastic couple with insight and understanding about an array of topics. I enjoy them and their guests every episode thus far!
MORE Podcasts!!
I have really enjoyed listening to your content while driving 10 hours. Please tell me you will do more podcasts?!
KC Clay
So much support!
I just started listening to The Reroot podcast and it’s by far one of my favs out there! So much amazing and raw content that is so inspiring
Fav peeps!
You are the most unconventional people ever- But that’s literally why I could love ya more! Thank you for the talks. Aaaaand the veganism-it’s beyond inspiring.
The most authentic people!
Eamon and Bec always feel so authentic and speak from their heart! I love hearing their stories and their drive to achieve their dreams really inspires me!
Love this !!!
I love this podcast inspires me so much !! I want to do van life so badly but I would be doing it as a solo 18 year old female and my parents are not on board for the idea of me living by myself out of a van any ideas on how I could get them to say yes !!!
Where do I even begin! love your YouTube content...and I’ve been loving your podcasts!!! Basically you both are the coolest! Love your message. Love your life! And everyone should listen and watch. P.s. you guys are super funny and amaaaaaazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
sarah litterio
I think you guys are quite lovely
Hey there, My name is emily. I just wanted to let you guys know something. Oddly enough I Stumbled across your YouTube videos shortly after losing my grandfather. During this time I was just spiraling into a deep depression. I had lost all of my positivity at this point. One could say I had lost my muchness. Then one late night I found you guys and the Matneys. I stayed up for hours listening to your Podcast and watching your videos. All of you are so kind hearted and have such an amazing outlook on life! I was truly inspired by the four of you. I just wanted to try to be more positive and to-find things to appreciate about my life. I want to thank you all for Putting in all the time it takes to make your content! Hopefully I’ll get the opportunity to meet y’all one day! Ps. If it wouldn’t be to much trouble please enter me into the drawing for the super deluxe gangster kit 😊
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Thank you :)
I just recently found you two through vanlife YouTube videos and I’m so glad I started listening to your podcast. Your values align with mine so seamlessly, but often they are more researched and developed, which helps me to solidify my own opinions. Thank you for the inspiration, the companionship, and for letting us see through that “perfect life” facade. I feel more confident about my gradual transition into the vanlife/entrepreneur dream when I hear the good AND the bad. Keep it up guys!
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Exploring new foods
I just want to say how much I’ve enjoyed listening to your podcast on my daily commute. Your podcast and Weekday Whip-ups has inspired me to be more conscious about what I’ve been putting into my body and where it comes from. In your Vegan Story episode, I really enjoyed how you brought up the discussion of the leather goods vs the synthetic leather. I need to do more research on how each break down over time after the life of use and how recyclable each is. Recycling is my big thing. I just want to thank you again for motivating me to explore more plant based recipes and a new outlook on things.
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Adam Young's Lover
GREAT listen! Funny, honest, open and full of advice
Such an easy listen, with interesting topics, questions and explanations. There’s a nice balance of advice, honesty, vulnerability, truth and humor. I’ve really enjoyed every one that I’ve listened to, and can’t wait to hear them all as they come out. Great job Eamon & Bec! ✨
Love this podcast!
I have been watching your channel on YouTube (and love it), but I just started listening to your podcast, and it is absolutely the best. The topics you discuss, whether it’s just the two of you or with other people you bring onto the show, is so relatable and insightful. In addition to making my car rides so much less boring, I genuinely feel like I take away something new to think about with each episode. I hope you continue to make these podcasts because I know I’m about to burn through your episodes really fast. Thanks again for doing what you do, it gives me a lot of motivation to go for things that I previously thought were ridiculous.
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Been listening to this at work. Love it guys! Keep making more to keep me entertained. 🤘🏼
The most influential people around
You two are some of the most down to earth and influential people I’ve followed! I have been vegetarian for about 5 years, and just 2 weeks ago, I finally made the switch to veganism! I credit so much of my decision to the influence you guys have on your community. You’re incredibly informative and positive about your experiences without pushing it on people. Thank you for helping me to make such a big and wonderful change in my life! Sending all the love❤️🌿
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Mack Wall
Animals do not have souls ! That’s why G-D gave us dietary rules . We can eat meat. Animals eat animals !
If it’s a thing to binge listen to a podcast, than that’s what I’ve been doing! I love you’re conversations and stories! I’ve learned so much and expanded my mind to new ideas! I love you guys and what you stand for! Keep up the great work!
y’all are my friends
Totally had a mini panic attack because I pressed the lock button and thought I had hung up the phone on you guys and then shortly after felt extremely embarrassed BECAUSE OBV IM NOT ON A PHONE CALL WITH YALL, I was just really into the podcast lol. If it’s not already obvious I love you guys and all the positivity and motivation I get from listening to y’all!
Love the pods my doods!
Recently found your podcast and have listened to all the episodes! Also, super pumped about the e-cook book. I’m very passionate about cooking and I’m super stoked to try some of your recipes!
Love this podcast!
This is my favorite podcast I listen to. I look forward to it every week. I’ve been watching their YouTube videos for awhile now and enjoy every outlet they produce in. Eamon and Bec are very down to earth and very fun to listen to. They are giving priceless advice for anyone who wants to open a business someday, become a YouTuber, or go vegan! ❤️
I love the show friends! I’m glad you watch it too. I think chandler is so funny and he’s my favorite. But I also like phoebe because she kinda reminds me of myself. LOL but I like that you talk about more personal topics on this podcast compared to YouTube.
Kelsey!! 💞💞
Fantastic podcast!
You guys are awesome and I have been looking for a podcast about van life! I’ve seen all your YouTube videos and so glad you are now in podcast form. Have a lovely day!
Aspen Wolfs
Pod of all pods
Absolutely love this podcast no matter the topic! The way you bounce off one another is beautiful and I truly feel connected to the conversation. Often times I find myself genuinely smiling at things you guys say 😊 seriously though when can I get a 2-hour pod (the only thing that would make it better 😉
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