REROOT with Eamon and Bec
REROOT with Eamon and Bec
Eamon and Bec
A podcast by Eamon and Bec about blurring the lines between hustler and hippie. Delving into the tipping point of change that reroutes your life and the story of what happens next. Chronicling tales of entrepreneurs, Artists, creators and anyone else leaving their mark on the world.
What's Next?
Our cookbook is NOW available Veganuary: Find Eamon & Bec: YouTube Bec Eamon Set goals with us on our Reroot Podcast Group!!  Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday Season XX
Dec 17, 2018
42 min
Our Message to the World ft. The Matneys
Our cookbook is NOW available Today we answer YOUR questions with The Matneys. Lots of interesting, intriguing, insightful answers ;) Find The Matneys: Podcast YouTube Find Eamon & Bec: YouTube Bec Eamon
Dec 10, 2018
1 hr 1 min
Highs and Lows
Our cookbook is NOW available!! Shop it here Meetup details: When: 2:00PM on Saturday, December 8th  Where: Chaiwala HQ (100 Bridgeland Ave, Unit 2B Toronto, ON) What: A fun afternoon potluck!! Find Eamon & Bec: YouTube Bec Eamon
Nov 26, 2018
43 min
Masculinity & Spirituality with Serial Entrepreneur Steve Ballantyne
A conversation with our friend Steve Ballantyne: founder and CEO of Station Cold Brew Coffee. We talk all things entrepreneurship, growing up as a Christian, and redefining what it means to be a man. Enjoy! Find Station Cold Brew Coffee: Website Instagram Find Steve: Find Eamon & Bec: YouTube
Nov 19, 2018
1 hr 15 min
Manifesting Your Dreams with Lauren Toyota
From fired TV personality to YouTube stardom Lauren's Nightmare Interview Lauren Toyota is someone we have looked up to for many years.  She runs two successful YouTube channels and is at the forefront of the vegan movement.  We are so blessed to call her a friend.  Follow Hot for Food YouTube: Blog: Instagram:
Nov 12, 2018
1 hr 2 min
Headed for Burnout?
We've watched so many YouTubers go down the scary path of burning out and we've done our best to stay in a healthy state of mind. But with so many projects on the go at the moment, have we reached our breaking point? Find Eamon & Bec: YouTube Bec Eamon
Nov 5, 2018
55 min
Money, Jealousy and Veganism at 65 with BOB
A vulnerable conversation with Bob (Eamon's Dad) about his entrepreneurial hardships, finding happiness through passion and why he changed his eating habits at 65 years old.  Find Eamon & Bec: YouTube Bec Eamon
Oct 29, 2018
51 min
Ask Eamon: High School, Drugs and Girlfriends
In follow up to last week's episode, today Bec takes a seat in the "Host Chair" to interview Eamon.  They chat all things high school, growing up as a "troubled kid" and the women before Bec.  Don't forget to leave a review to win the deluxe gift set! Find Eamon & Bec: YouTube Bec Eamon
Oct 22, 2018
1 hr
Ask Bec: Religion, Getting High and Q Tips
This week, Eamon takes a seat in the "Host Chair" to interview Bec.  They chat all things religion, lies and just how often she uses Q Tips. Hope you enjoy this very fun and vulnerable conversation :) Find Eamon & Bec: YouTube Bec Eamon
Oct 15, 2018
1 hr 4 min
How To Make Money on YouTube with Trent & Allie
Today we sit down with Trent & Allie to chat about monetizing content through affiliate links, Patreon and Google Adsense. We also chat about how they view veganism as omnivores. Enjoy our conversation! ♡ Find Trent & Allie YouTube: Instagram: Patreon:
Oct 9, 2018
57 min
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