Realm of The Weird
Realm of The Weird
John E.L. Tenney
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Come Back, Make More Podcasts!
It is September of 2020, I just found these episodes and am binge listening to the show. Fantastic. I share the sympathies of others who have commented in begging for the show to return. PA-LEASE !?!?!?
pretty please!
I need more episodes from this fascinating author. Please share complete season 3.
A fantastic journey into evidence of the no so easily explained.
John E.L. Tenney creates a wonderful narrative based on the evidence of his own experiences. Il have listened to this series several times and it keeps me engaged every single time.
Very entertaining!
All of the stories are really interesting. I just wish there more of them!
John, we need new episodes!
This series is awesome. I need more. I hope you are well John!
New Episodes
I love this podcast. Great assortment of paranormal stories. It’s been a couple of years since the last episode was aired, so I hope the podcaster shares more in the future.
Amazing, fascinating stuff
This podcast is one of the best. I have no idea whether any of this is true or not, but I sure hope it is.
Whether you believe in the supernatural or not, Realm of the Weird is a fascinating look at a day in the life of a paranormal investigator. It’s almost like a nonfiction version of The Twilight Zone, and each bite-sized episode is masterfully produced. My only complaint is that there aren’t enough episodes!
Wish there were more episode. Love it!
I would love to hear more on what seems to be events that scream to be told! Bring back the weird John!
Enjoyable, creepy stories
Thoroughly enjoyed binge listening to every single episode of the podcast in one day. Stories are creepy, well-told, and short enough to not take a ton of time for those on a limited listening schedule. Tone of the podcast overall is perfect. My only complaint is now that I'm up to date, I want more! Will eagerly wait for another weird tale.
My absolute favorite podcast. It keeps me engaged the entire time and it’s extremely interesting and frightening. Wish you’d come out with more episodes!
Genuine and Eerie
Loved these stories. I can't wait for the rest of season 3!!!!!
Great creepy podcast!!!
Short episodes, but they blow your mind and leave you waiting eagerly for next one!!! 👍🏽👍🏽
Bird ones
Fantastic podcast
I love this podcast! I wish it was a lot longer and had a ton more episodes though.
Monster muscle
Good show
Good podcast but the intro is TOO long.
J. R. Isidore
Well-told weird stories
I just discovered your podcast and have listened to all the episodes. I hope the newest one is an indication of you starting up with regular episodes again. I've tried listening to many other paranormal podcasts and have been disappointed by the lack of knowledge and speaking ability of the majority of the hosts. This is a big step above most of the others. You sound like a natural storyteller without being overly dramatic and "hamming it up", as so many others do. You also leave room for speculation and let the listener come to their own conclusions. Very well done, I hope there are more to come
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Creepy and Awesome
I could listen to these all day every day, honestly. I'm excited to see that there appears to be a new season starting.
These podcasts never cease to scare the living crap out of me &&& give me goosebumps!!! Thanks Mr Tenney! :-)
Great stuff!
Tenney is an amazing story teller. These tales of his experiences can easily get under your skin. They are addicitive too.
Truly amazing!
John does an unbelieveable job transferring his real life experiences with the weird and strange into this creepy podcast!
J. Sutphin
Skeptic, Believer…slacker, overachiever.
Wherever you stand on these issues….this man's….The Man. I LOVE and have a natural 30 year old interest in Werewolves, UFOs, Vampires, Ghost…etc. But I don't tend to BELIEVE in any of these things…. Some of my best friends seem to BELIEVE in ANYTHING they find weird and intriguing (I think I envy them a bit). Regardless….this guy delivers a rare mix of logic, doubt, method, belief….is it integrity? I'd say he's trying very hard for integrity. That alone make this 'show' stand out (and the very likelihood he'll not appreciate it being called a 'show'). Topping all this off….this podcast is very GOOD to listen too. 5 Stars for content. 5 Stars for entertainment value. 1 Star for this reviewer who is manipulated to rate the show 4 stars ONLY due to a backlash agains all the TONS of knee-jerk 5 star ratings out there…. Depending on your milieu, this show earns a SIX star rating! Or ELEVIN. Dare I intone FORTY TWO???! Keep up the solid work John. With Love from Texas. Bart Clark
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Bart Clark
wicked weirdness
Love it, I love it hear stories of strange experiences and the voice just fits somehow. Keep up the great work! looking forward to more!
Twilight Zone, but real….
John's knack for story telling makes these gems more than just a recounting of details, but an entertaining piece of audio with highs, lows, build-ups, payoffs and twists like audio Twilight Zone! I can't recommend them enough!
Always Appreciated!
John always captures an audience with his tales! I am glad to be counted among his listeners!
awesomely weird
these true tales always amazes me!! they are so creepy that the hairs on my arms stand on end & i get goosebumps all over. i love listening to these tales!
Fill Your Brain with Weird!
A very well done podcast. A refreshing change from most podcasts that cover subjects of the weird, unknown or what some call paranormal. The podcast stories make you think outside the box. That the realm of the weird is all around us.
Spunky Bunny Mama
freaky creepy fun
Love love love these stories. I listened to all of them today. I am jonesing for more. Please sir, may I have another?
As Good As It Gets
This podcast is so good, so well done on many many levels, that I save each episode. Unforgettable stories.
Please sir?! Can we have more?!
This podcast is awesome. There are no words, in any language, to adequetely describe just how awesome this podcast is. Please dude, you have more than 600 likes on facebook. Please release your next episode! If you haven't listened to this podcast, you should. Listening to this podcast should be one of the 1000 things to do before you die.
Stack of Hay
Best podcast of the type
I cannot get enough of this podcast! How I had never heard of John E.L. Tenney prior to randomly finding this podcast is beyond me, but I'm grateful that I'm aware of him and his work now. Each episode is perfect in every way, and at least three of these stories will stay with me forever (if my sleepless nights pondering the myriad possibilities and implications are any indication). My only real complaint? There are not enough episodes and they seem to released infrequently! I could listen to his stories for hours every day and never get bored!
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Soo soo stoked that the podcast is back up in full swing. Was seriously missing this. Thanks for getting back at it John - you're awesome and this series is as well. ~
Great pod! Real stories from the Great Lakes region and MI. Check out Episode 2. Still gives me chills!!!
Fuxta airbody
Please make mopre!
I have heard many podcasts that claim to be scary, but aren't in the least. I'm bummed I haven't seen any new submissions because these are very creepy and entertaining. Please make more!!
So catching and unbelievable !!!
I have really enjoy listening to all of your stories. So many places enchanted with history. And spirits who wanted to be part of your experiences. Not only that but been in a different dimension not everybody can be. Sure it's catchy!!! Got my ears on it!!
Marvelously Creepy!
I love it! It is so marvelously creepy that as soon as I have stopped shivering over one episode -- I HAVE to listen to another! I wish there were more!
Awesome can't wait for more
These are fantastic bummed there aren't more
Spine Tingling & Hair Raising
I can honestly say I have never been so mezmerised, frightened and exhilarated all at the same time, except maybe while watching sertain episodes of the Twilight Zone or The Outer Limits; and I could easily compare this true spirit of good old fasioned theater of the mind to any one of those.
Andrew Siegel
I like it! It's like micro X-Files episodes. I'll be on the lookout for more!
Old time radio creepfest
Episodes are between 10 to 30 minutes in length and air every second Sunday at midnight. A perfect little creepy way to start the week. All of the episodes are based on real investigations, which makes them even creepier. Very reminiscent of One Step Beyond, Twilight Zone and radio shows like The Creaking Door and X-Minus 1.
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