Realm of The Weird
Realm of The Weird
John E.L. Tenney
John E.L. Tenney Presents Strange True Tales of the Paranormal
What Life Would Be – Season 3 Episode 2
Throughout our experience in this world we, sometimes, are overcome with emotions. Many times, over the course of life, we give in to hate, anger, rage and hopefully...
Oct 31, 2017
11 min
I’ll See You Yesterday – Season 3 Episode 1
None of us will ever get to hear the end of our personal story for our stories will go on long after we’ve gone. Where do our stories...
Oct 4, 2016
11 min
Of Great Influence – Season 2 Episode 4
Believe it or not this story has become stranger than it originally was. It seems that in creating this episode for Realm of the Weird I have in...
Feb 12, 2013
13 min
A Bridge Beyond – Season 2 Episode 3
How often do you notice the small strange paths which may lead you into weird and curious locations. Even if we are able to find and follow the...
Jan 21, 2013
9 min
How He Stood – Season 2 Episode 2
When you’re troubled by dreams, and finding it difficult to sleep, is it possible that the nightmare belongs to someone other than you? The darkness of a room...
Jan 7, 2013
8 min
The Unliving Room – Season 2 Episode 1
We often hear people say they have “felt” terror. Whether it be the goosebumps on your arm or an ill-feeling in your stomach the manifestations of the emotion...
Feb 6, 2012
8 min
The Trade – Season 1 Episode 9
We can never be quite sure of why people will act in a certain way. We all experience loss and pain throughout the course of our existence and...
May 8, 2011
9 min
The Neighborhood – Season 1 Episode 8
Isn’t it strange how a “random” series of events can lead you down the strangest of paths? Do we create our own reality? If we do, each individually,...
Apr 25, 2011
11 min
The Children – Season 1 Episode 7
What effects can loneliness have on the human mind? Do we, with our minds, create a reality filled with the “unreal” or are the strangest happenings only strange...
Apr 10, 2011
8 min
The Tallest Stone – Season 1 Episode 6
Cemeteries are places where we can go to remember those that have passed on, but what happens when no one remembers to go there to remember you? How...
Mar 19, 2011
11 min
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