Programming Throwdown
Programming Throwdown
Patrick Wheeler and Jason Gauci
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Check it out!
I really love Programming Throwdown! Patrick and Jason consistently offer information-packed episodes in an easy to consume package. I learn something every time!
Arlie K
Great show!
Patrick and Jason, hosts of the Programming Throwdown podcast, highlight all aspects of tech and more in this can’t miss podcast! The hosts and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
That’s a bit sus
Very High quality .
Awesome Podcast!!!
Patrick and Jason, host of the Programming Throwdow‪n‬ podcast, highlights all aspects of technology, software development and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Clarisse Gomez
A must listen. Every episode has me entertained and informed and waiting for the next episode. Patrick and Jason are so engaging and their camaraderie makes the show. I’ve been listening for years and can’t wait to listen for years to come!
Great Resource
I found this show about 5 years ago when I first started coding seriously and it opened my eyes to absolute enormity of the comp sci world. Thanks guys for all the great info , I’m now a senior designer/engineer and I feel like you guys were a little part of that journey for me.
Great podcast
Being new to programming, I’ve learned a lot from this podcast.
Too much useless info
Listened to the podcast on typescript. I was disappointed that it was 50 mins of the host talking about things they didn’t really know about and about 20 mins of talking about typescript. I didn’t really get that much info about typescript and it’s capabilities
Stay on topic
Derek Huski
Thank you for sharing your knowledge
I’ve been listening to this podcast on Spotify for the past 2 months during my commute to and from work. I’ve learned so much from this podcast! I used to dread the commute but now I actually look forward to it. Thanks
Great show
I really love this show. I binged all the episodes in about two weeks at work a while ago and I’m about to start listening again. The only gripe I have about the show is that episodes are only released like once a month. I understand the hosts have busy lives so it’s not that big a deal. They do have interviewees to talk about certain things, especially recently. I would definitely recommend for anyone interested in programming.
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Best programming podcast
Just 2 genuine guys who know their stuff. I listen to them every day and have learned a ton. I learn a lot just their offhand comments as well - so like if you listen to say, the Swift podcast, by the time you’re done you’ll learn a lotttt more than just swift.
johnny the app reviewer
New fav from a non coder! Well done!!
As someone who hasn’t coded in a while, this is a great podcast to catch up and learn. Y’all hit a perfect balance of specificity while being accessible. Keep it up!
Alba White
No Timestamps! Please fix!
Please add timestamps to the podcast episode description field for each episode. Most people dont have the patience to listen 1 whole hour into an episode for you to finally address the topic mentioned in the title of said episode!!! I think you will have far more listeners if you address this. Example of proper timestamps: 01:00 - latest news for blank 06:00 - how to guide for blank There seems to be quite a few podcasts that have this exact issue. This drives me crazy! Also dont just tell users to visit some website for timestamps. Its too inconvenient, and again, most people wont put up with it. That being said, thanks for your diligence towards educating the masses through your podcast.
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Very insightful podcast
From the first pod to the latest, this podcast has one constant and that’s the knowledge and ability to convey it of it’s hosts. Being able to get this kind of wide ranging break down of programming languages, concepts, and methods from a one source is amazing. Thanks gutsy!
zak li
I don’t write reviews but when I do...
It’s because I really like something. There are many reasons I 5 star this show. I really hope you guys don’t stop making episodes cuz I know I’m going to run out soon. I don’t know if people notice how awesome your guys’ communication skills are. You speak openly and honestly about your knowledge and stay open to correction and difference of opinion. There are so many times where I’m like, “oh snap.. drama” but then it just rolls off into an educational moment for everyone and I’m left laughing by myself or jaw dropped at the intrigue of a new process. I would love to hear a functional java methodology breakdown. I’m a new hobbyist and I see the beauty in being able to utilize the tool set you’re working with (language) to develop beautiful, efficient code. The methodology aspect really interests me seeing as there are so many different ways to write code, but only some code gets the esteem worthy to be called “poetry.”
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Good stuff!!
Great way to nerd out, learn some new tricks, and learn how to learn more new tricks. Informative, clever, and even better- gets to the point of each episode and leaves you feeling more knowledgeable than before. Yay 1’s and 0’s!!!
Incredible podcast.
Two very experienced and bright guys exploring programming topics in a rigorous, fast-paced, and entertaining way. Commentary ranges from high-level to atomic, from theoretical to implementation. The’ve structured the show to have an organic flow. I’ve to listened to every show.
Kismet Al-Hussaini
Great podcast for a beginner’s toolbox
I love it.
Great podcast, very good variety of topics and very experienced speakers. Great job!
A Great Show for Anybody Interested in Programming
After listening to quite a few seasons while jumping around shows every now and then, there’s no doubt in my mind that Programming Throwdown is a 5-star podcast. I’ve driven to and from school, home, and now work listening to Patrick and Jason’s show, and they’ve done a great job providing a healthy mix of educational and entertaining content through topic-changing segments and the occasional guest speaker. In my opinion, Patrick and Jason are able to deliver a more personal learning experience through their podcast by discussing the topic of the show while relating it to their current and past experiences in the industry. They both have a clean sense of humor, and I find their occasional tangents enjoyable and insightful. Overall, Programming Throwdown is a great way to learn about all sorts of languages, software/tools, and changes in the industry. Keep up the good work guys, and I’ll be sure to keep listening!
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Good variety and Humor
The show covers and excellent variety of topics a provides useful links on the show notes. There are times when you wonder when or if they will talk about topic, which is cost them a star. Their discussions and light and include some good humor. Checkout the book of the show for some good reading recommendations.
Great show
Awesome explanation of topics related to the field. Great insight, thank you for these!
Finally, a tru programming cast!
My close friend just brought your show to my attention, I started my programming path with C/Java and now am playing with php, css, MySQL and dipping my toes into esoteric languages a bit. I’m starting from the bottom up.
Love the podcast guys. Thanks for doing this!
Talking about TV series <TWD> and TV Shows Licenses?
Been listening for this episode for 20 minutes and they have not talked about PHP or Hack at all....
Unix Commands
This pod is easily one of the top 10 resources for Unix Commands on the Podosphere!
Like it but...
I was a little off-put by the Github discussion. As someone new in the industry I'm not going to have people starring and following me but at peast people like me push stuff on our own without anyone telling us to, at minimum it's a motivation indicator. Posting projects is like the only way to demonstrate I can code. I feel like industry vets are comically dismissive of new folks entering the field and put down their efforts to learn/code. It would be nice not to hear put-downs on the pod that dismiss efforts of new people starting out. It's arrogant and mean spirited.
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Informative podcast giving you a high level view of a lot of coding topics. My only problem is that the audio quality can be hit or miss (depending on connections and what not). Nitpicking here though. If you want a podcast to give you a glimpse into a technology, this is a good place to start!
Great show
Awesome show
Node.js podcast
Where do we get more info on wiki?
Very informative and detailed
Programming throwdown by Patrick Wheeler and Jason Gauci is one of the best podcasts out there. I came late to the party and started listening to the podcast from the beginning and I still have a long way to catch. But having listened to more than 20 episodes now, I can say without a doubt that this is one of the best software related podcasts out there. Thank you Patrick and Jason for taking your time and doing this. This podcast is extremely helpful!
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Great talk
Just started with episode 1 and a few episodes in and enjoying it. Never get to hear tech heads just talking code, so I’m excited to keep listening.
Informative for Comp Sci/Software Eng
Good and informative podcast that mainly caters towards a Computer Science/Software Engineering crowd. The first HALF of every episode covers things like "Book of the Show" and "Tool of the Show", which I think is awesome BUT if you're a new listener can be confusing at first. A little too many "uhh" and "umms" (gets distracting), but aside from that it's good!
This show is OK
I like the topics because they focus on learning languages, but it's unfortunate that the guy who knows the least spends the most time talking and is usually just restating something in a slightly different way.
Awesome job
This podcast is great for kids in college looking some exploration of the different worlds of programming languages instead of just C, C++, or Java. It's true, they do go off topic and talk about other things in News and Tools, but that is what keeps it entertaining and funny. They are trying to keep audiences from both very experienced and very inexperienced programmers and they do that very well. Keep it up guys!
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Found this podcast last night...
I'm new to programming. Very new. The goal is to learn it and start a new career. Having the tips and info you and your guests lay out is priceless to me. Thank you for aiding me to a better future! I will be listening from now on. Jason
great content
The cryptocurrency show was great. Would love to hear you guys do a show focused on Ethereum and the Solidity programming language!
Dont Panic!
Good mix of conversation and material
Patrick and Jason both have a curiosity that informs their conversations. I really enjoy the tangents they go on and the spontaneous aspects of the show. As developers, they aren’t snobs. Keep it going guys. I left a star out in case you do something wildly amazing - I can move it up.
Movies and Film Talk
Good content 10 percent of the time
There's good content when the narrators are talking about the topic in the title. Most of the time it's full of fluff. I don't believe in giving a 5 star rating on awful content.
Avg use case
Love it
Two Kids Rambling. Useless.
This program is two kids who got ahold of a microphone and like to hear themselves ramble on about trivial stuff completely unrelated to the published topics. Their incessant use of the word "like" will grate at you to the point where it is difficult to focus on the actual discussion. Don't waste your time with this podcast.
So off topic
You guys have some really interesting topics but I'm listening to your podcast and you don't actually talk about the topic till like 50 minutes into th episode. Would much rather actually hear what is listed as it's topic. Also please add descriptions so I know more detail about the episodes.
Fun + Informational
As a new CS student, I was looking for info on computer science that wouldn't assume I was already a pro. These guys do a good job of introducing concepts without overwhelming a non-expert
Loving this!!!
Just found this and I been binge listening from the past till now!!! Skipping some that I'm not too interested in like BASIC!! Only reason I gave a 4 not a 5 is because I feel like they spend to much time on news and other things not related to the main topic it's a half and half for most episodes. I think it'd be better if it was 1/4 news and 3/4 main topic!!!! I'm only up to objective-c.... looking forward to more
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Excellent Show!
The show is a great mix of entertainment and information. It covers a broad range of proficiencies and skill levels. The entertainment value will keep more advanced programmers interested during the more basic sections and there are enough high level concepts introduced to guarantee that working professionals will learn as well. Really appreciate the research they do on each language before the show.
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Wasted time
You spent half the c# show talking about apple. Knock it off. You may have spent even more time than that maybe even the whole episode but I am not sticking around for that.
Very Enjoyable
Ever since I found this podcast a couple weeks ago I've been listening to an episode a day back to their inception on my daily commute. I'm a financial analyst with zero programming experience outside from tinkering with Excel macros. They make the subject comfortable for people like me. I look forward to keep on listening!
Painful to listen to
These guys waffle on so much the signal to noise ratio here is extremely low.
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