Programming Throwdown
Programming Throwdown
Patrick Wheeler and Jason Gauci
Programming Throwdown attempts to educate Computer Scientsts and Software Engineers on a cavalcade of programming and tech topics. Every show covers a new programming language, so listeners will be able to speak intelligently about any programming language. Look for our Podcast in the iTunes Store
Augmented Reality
This month we are speaking with Connel Gauld from Zappar about Augmented Reality. Connel is an AR genius and blows our mind with details on how AR works under the hood and how it's easy for anyone to make AR apps and websites. AR is the next great platform, so it's good to get in early. Give it a listen and tell us what you built! Show notes: Teamistry:
Nov 20, 2020
1 hr 22 min
A Chatbot with a Brain
The September episode did arrive.... somewhat delayed, but it's worth the wait!! We have NEW INTRO MUSIC by amazing recording artist Eric Barndollar. We have a NEW PODCAST DEPLOYMENT SCRIPT which means the podcast timestamp will be correct and people won't have to hunt for our latest episodes. Last but not least, we have an AMAZING EPISODE where we interview Peter Voss, founder and CEO of and inventor of the term "Artificial General Intelligence", to discuss chatbots and general AI. Geeking out about AI may be my favorite thing to do on Earth, so I can't put in words how incredibly excited I am to share this episode with everyone. Show notes: Teamistry:
Oct 14, 2020
1 hr 22 min
DevOps and Site Reliability
How do the most popular websites stay online? How do mobile app developers release new versions safely and monitor them? Today we have Matt Watson from Stackify on the show to talk about Developer Operations (DevOps) and site reliability. These two areas are critical for writing software that people depend on. DevOps is both a software exercise but also an exercise in process creation and process management. In this episode, we unpack these topics and do a deep dive to explain how to deploy software that other people can trust to remain online and secure. Do you have any questions about DevOps? Ask away in our #questions channel on Discord! Show notes:
Aug 21, 2020
1 hr 2 min
Working From Home
Many of us have found ourselves working from home due to current events. In this show, we chat with Adam Bell who has been working from home for the past decade. We also do the show interactive on and take your questions! Give it a listen for a ton of great advice on working from home and some pitfalls to avoid. Thanks again for your donations in these tough times. We really appreciate your support! Feel free to continue the discussion on Discord (link in the show notes)! Show notes:
Jul 29, 2020
1 hr 12 min
Bayesian Thinking
Many people have asked us for more content on machine learning and artificial intelligence. This episode covers probability and Bayesian math. Understanding random numbers is key to so many different technologies and solutions. Max and I dive deep and try to give as many pointers as possible. Give it a listen and let us know what you think! Max also has an awesome podcast, The Local Maximum. Check out his show on any podcast app or using the link in the show notes! Show notes:
Jun 22, 2020
1 hr 33 min
Hey all! In this episode we chat with Guillermo Rauch, co-founder of Next.js, about ReactJS. ReactJS is an amazing framework for web development that I've been a huge fan of for years. We dive deep into how ReactJS works and why it can lead to clean, structured development. We Introduce Next.js, a ReactJS framework that supercharges web development at scale. I recently built a site using Next.js and loved the developer experience! Check out the show notes for links to learn more about Vercel and Next.js. Show notes:
May 22, 2020
1 hr 18 min
One Hundredth Episode
I hope everyone out there is safe and healthy during these crazy times. The silver lining on all of this is that many of us have more time. Time is one of the greatest gifts that one can get. I hope you are able to spend more time with family and learning new skills. I'm looking forward to seeing all of the amazing innovations that people create when the world is back open for business. This is our 100th episode!!! In this milestone show, we reflect on our early episodes and how the field has changed over the years. Happy hacking! Show notes:
Apr 21, 2020
1 hr 7 min
Squashing bugs using AI and Machine Learning
The best part of hosting Programming Throwdown is reading emails from people who listened to this show before they had any coding experience and went on to land jobs in tech. Thanks so much for inspiring us with your stories. My second favorite part of hosting the show is hearing about so many awesome programming tools and resources, often when they are just starting out. DeepCode is one of these amazing resources. DeepCode is a static analysis tool that looks at your code and, using AI trained on all code in github (!!!), finds common mistakes and offers suggestions on how to resolve. I am a heavy user of static analysis tools, and yet DeepCode was still able to find real issues in one of my python projects above and beyond pylint and mypy. Best of all, it's completely free to use for open source projects! Give it a shot and let us know what you think! Show notes:
Feb 18, 2020
1 hr 2 min
Agile Thinking With ZenHub
One of the most exciting but also overwhelming feelings in software engineering is starting a new project. Staring at an empty file is intimidating for everyone. A great way to keep motivated and stay on course is to start by making a list of tasks. This is the first step to project management, and Agile is a set of methodologies for great project management. In this episode, we talk with Aaron Upright, cofounder of ZenHub, about Agile and project management. ZenHub is a quick and easy platform for Agile development that integrates seamlessly with GitHub. If this interview piques your interest and you are a GitHub user, grab a copy of ZenHub and check it out! In case you missed our last promotion with Educative, it's still possible to get 10% off if you sign up for one of their courses now! Try them out for free! Show notes:
Jan 21, 2020
1 hr 28 min
Christmas Episode
Hey all! Patrick and I are so lucky to be spending another year with you all. In this episode, we answer a bunch of listener questions and give away some great prizes. Thanks to all of our listeners for helping us bring the power of programming to so many people. We have some super exciting content coming up in 2020, so stay tuned!
Dec 30, 2019
51 min
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