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A much needed perspective
I found this show off of another podcast, Radiolab, and, like some other viewers, believe the Four Hours of Insurrection episode should be shared with all Americans. It provides a perspective only a few could give on that horrendous day and forces us to ask ourselves what we are really fighting for. Thanks to the Post.
Thank you, this is an excellent podcast.
Four Hours....
Every Republican senator should be required to listen to this before the impeachment vote. Great work by WP!
Excellent, thorough reporting
I have been listening to Post Reports got more than a year. I have always been impressed with the quality of the reporting. Friday’s episode, which was a 360-degree look at the siege of the Capitol, raised the already high quality of Post Reports to another level. Thank you for giving those of us who watched this unfold on TV or online another level of insight we could not possibly otherwise have. And I’m glad those of you who were at the Capitol when this happened made it out safely.
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Four hours of resurrection
This episode gave me chills. I felt like I was at the Capital. I wish this was mandatory listening to All Americans.
Guest speaker said (pronounced ) it “pah lat able” today. Did she mean palatable? Was confused what she meant. Thanks, Dr. GC
scared senior
Excellent show
This a great summary download on the events of most days. I have a quibble with a minor flaw in the January 8, 2021 episode that you should check perhaps. In this episode Martine stated that Trump will have been the second president not to have attended his successor’s inauguration, citing Andrew Johnson as the only other spoilsport. However I believe that John Adams also left Washington without attending his successor’s installation. The rage he experienced about Jefferson, his successor, exemplified the discordance between Virginia and Massachusetts and poisoned their relationship until they reconciled many years later.
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Vocally fried!!!!
I don’t know whether it was the host or the guest that ruined today’s show with unrelieved vocal fry today, but there are many news podcasts where one doesn’t have to take seriously a voice out of the mouth of a fifties teenager. Bye to this. And I am a WP subscriber and remain so.
Consistently reliable and fair
The reporters who contribute, give the facts, share the details and explain the situation. Whether it is a phone call the President should not have made or the election that could decide the Senate, I know Martine will ask questions and get fair and reliable answers. Thank you.
Break for new year
How are we supposed to live without post reports for a few days?🙀 Happy new year Martine and colleagues at WP
I love this podcast
Great work!!! I listen to it in the background while I’m working. I’m glad there is trustworthy journalism out there still.
These Hips Don’t Lie
I look forward to this podcast every day. Great reporting guy’s and gal’s.
Keeping show episode unavailable
Keep showing episode unavailable and freezing the podcast APP on MacOS. Have to unsubscribe it.
Supply Chain
What an eye opener! Any state(s) that manage to get the dry ice when needed as often as needed: kudos to them! No way to run vaccine administrating for states to not know the number of doses they will be receiving. As the poster says: If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. This is quite a hardship for the states how inept this whole roll out is.
Ginagina Smith
No such thing as ambulance drivers
Taxi drivers, truck drivers, screw drivers. Sure. Ambulances are staffed by highly skilled field medical providers, capable of saving lives in the field and through rapid, accurate communication with next level providers. Respect.
Great format, great production, great topics
Always enjoy your show. The format makes it easy to listen in segments throughout the day. Love the ‘and one more thing’ especially on days when the news is particularly stressful.
One of my all time faves
This has become a daily staple for me... to the point, in fact, that whenever I hear a dial tone, my brain loops the opening music. I love Martine’s voice and her line of questioning. The stories are well-researched and relevant. Thanks for the quality work.
Martine is the best
Love this podcast. Great start to the day. Martine has a wonderful soothing voice. Stories are in-depth and well-researched. Great stuff!
Unbelievably good in general.
Please. Grammar and syntax matter. This is a podcast. If your reporters and interviewers do not have a clear handle on the English language (Nia Decaille) you can edit it out so that we don’t have to hear it. Amherst? What happened to English 101?
Disappointed Listener11111
Thank you for the diligent and thorough journalism. I really liked the series that was run before Thanksgiving! My reality was reflected in all three episodes! Keep up the great work!
Fab daily podcast
Discovered this podcast last year, and it’s a must-listen. I have it on my daily feed...if nothing else, I’ll listen to Post Reports. I like how it always has several stories everyday so you’re not exhausted from the deluge of news from al outlets, and Martine and her guests always have interesting takes or perspectives even on stories that literally everyone else is covering as well, so it never gets old. Martine also has a really calming voice even when the news cycle is so chaotic. Highly recommend!
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Thank you!
I’m so grateful for all the work you do—what a gift to your listeners!
Charm City Victorianist
Excellent reporting
Just found this, it popped up on a email. Listening to the latest episode I thought it was really well done and instead of listening to classic rock tunes in the morning with coffee I will now start with Post Report. Thank you
River Cruiser
My Favorite Part of the Day!
This is my favorite podcast. It is curious, informative, and digs just a little deeper than standard news stories. Martine Powers is a great host, and oddly feels like a distant friend during this time of Covid and quarantine. I enjoy the usual format of one big story, one medium story, and one “one more thing” story. My only complaint is I wish they also did podcasts on Saturday and Sunday.
Can’t stand the amount of vocal fry. Content is good but it’s very grating to listen to.
Winning GOP candidates who discredit election undermine their own legitimacy
I love your show. Just listed to the 11/10 episode about tweets undermining Biden’s win. But for those down ballot republicans who won in states that Biden carried should be careful. If those ballots are “illegal” won’t they also shuffle some of the down ballot results? In other words, if all the Biden votes are “fraudulent,” why did GOP do so well down ballot? Did dems submit fake ballots that were split? Doesn’t make sense. They should be careful what they wish for. Get Susan Collins, Tom Emmer, or Jim Hagedorn to explain that. Please report on this angle.
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Good not great
It’s a perfectly nice podcast but it’s frustrating that the host asks such long winded questions. I feel like there are great guests asked onto each episode but her questions become a way of answering for them and they’re left only to say a few words in agreement. That’s not an interview. Rhetorical questions aren’t the same thing as good direction.
Brief, informative, interesting
My favorite way to get my daily news. And not just because of Martine Powers’ voice (but also yes). I like how many different voices I get to hear from and the reports are easy to follow.
Favorite podcast
Interesting topics throughly explored. Martine comes across as sincerely curious. Like the intro music too.
Imagine that. The reason Tony Bobulinski came forward was because Adam Schiff called him a Russian asset. Adam Schiff has now caused the downfall of the left by his Russian claims. Bobulinski was democrat until thrown under the bus by Schiff. Why are all the powerful democrat friends in jail or committed suicide? Maybe dems need to put a beating on Schiff like they did Reid when he stepped out of line.
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Freddie bag of donuts
Great show!
I love this podcast, the reporting and perspectives are excellent! I just listened to “I hired you because you’re black” super episode and very relevant and important to be sharing these types of experiences! Thank you!
Montreal T
Obviously biased, but good.
I’m an independently minded person, so I roll my eyes at a lot while listening to this. I do the same while listening to Ben Shapiro as well, but at least he wears his bias on his sleeve. If you love all liberal commentary, you’ll love this. If you’re a hardcore conservative, you should pass on this, unless you wanna hear the other team talking in their huddle.
Great show
Great reporting and love how detailed the investigations are. You guys are doing a great job!
Buddy love 82
I like it, but.....
I love the show. Great reporting. BUT MOUTH SOUNDS. Sometimes it sounds like folks mouths are on the mic, and I have to shut it off 😖
Rich rich story
I found this story about big Floyd so powerful, thought of Frederick Douglas,... “so much better to build strong children, then heal broken men” Thought of his aunts runaway slave comment and how the first police forces in the USA were to patrol for runaway slaves. How his struggle was such a human struggle for meaning, purpose and dignity. And how his life was broken, and his brokeness — has been such a powerful healing force for this country. So glad he’s with his mom, And hope his family can find peace. Grateful for the writers of conveyed his humanness and his greatness in his struggle,...
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omaha blues
Scouts nomination
Oct13 piece is awful. You don’t have much time but please frame the process in its proper context. As a wise woman wrote about an umbrella when it rains.
Vocal fry
Heather Long sounds like she’s reporting from a supine position on the couch. Wake up.
Devastating. Great job
Difficult, important reporting. Very good job
First of all no 16 year old girl is going to be penetrated with a finger while asleep and not wake up. Second, as soon as she said she doesn’t remember anything after that is crazy. She conveniently blanks out because she knows the more she says the bigger the lie. It’s painful for a mans finger to be inserted into a 16 year old vagina without a lot of preparation and cooperation. This story is BS.
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Great podcast
Get rid of the Facebook ads!
Martine Powers!
I love to listen to Martine Powers. She has a great voice and seems like such a kind person. It’s always sad for me on the weekends when i don’t have a Post Reports to listen to.
Great Reporting, terrible sponsorship
Post reports tend to be very thought-provoking, in-depth, and a joy to listen to. Lots of topics are covered and I find myself enriched by them every day. They dovetail into and supplement the paper wonderfully. How jarring is it to currently hear Facebook claim in advertisements on the lead-in to each WaPo show that they are committed fact-check, care about truth, etc when their CEO and founder is on the record that he couldn’t care less about those matters? By its very design, Facebooks algorithm hooks users with stories of outrage. That leads to self-radicalization among the susceptible and the formation of anti-social and dangerous affinity groups (anti-vaxxers, white nationalists, etc). So per the ad, a small band of Facebook fact checkers are supposed to keep tabs on the very algorithm that keeps the $$ rolling in? Come on. No amount of “truth” fig leafing / correction after-the-fact can hope to counter the disinformation machine at the top of the food chain at Facebook. Besides, no one reads the corrections, especially not the self-radicalized groups that facebook has nurtured all these years. Facebooks WaPo ads are gaslighting, pure and simple, and should not be allowed. WaPo, please report more on the hundreds of thousands of people killed around the world thanks to Facebook collaborating with local radicals to stir up racial, ethnic, or religious hatred.
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Irrational Exuberance
Bezo’s spew
What Jeff Bezos wants you to know. He gets money from the CIA and the CIA propaganda gets printed. Also Lally Weymouth’s Hampton’s parties prove it’s a big club and you ain’t in it. Soros parties with a Koch Bro, Kelly Ann Conway & Chuck Schumer. It’s a plutocrats paradise as they mock the human capital stock & devise wars & corruption.
Sponsored by Facebook, no thanks
"Democracy dies in the darkness" or because Facebook is spreading misinformation. Find a better sponsor
Court Reform
First of all, I love this podcast. I feel it has a unique voice and perspective that is not always represented in other news podcasts. However, today’s show “Why Mitch McConnell is Unstoppable” was really frustrating for me to listen to. “Court Packing” is an unfortunate term to use, it is negative and sends the wrong message. What needs to happen is an effort to balance the court, and Court Expansion or Court Reform are much better phrases to use, and I really expected better from Post Reports. Also, why is this not a good idea? There are so many opportunities for real change that can be made if it is possible for Congress to do away with the filibuster. We could reform the court, we could pass legislation on voter protections, climate change, representation for DC, USVI, and Puerto Rico. We could have another COVID relief package, there is so much that could be accomplished, why not try? The majority of Americans are being oppressed by the tyranny of the minority, and we could potentially change this fact. What do we have to lose? So, again, why not try? Like I said before, I expected better from this podcast.
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My day isn’t complete without PR!
This pod has become a part of my daily routine. It’s informative, entertaining, and often moving. Martine Powers’ voice is so soothing, too. I highly recommend you give it a listen. It’s my favorite weekday podcast.
Sorry to see. . .
. . that facebook is now producing Post Reports. I have enjoyed this pod for quite some time but just recently noticed that facebook is being mentioned. I never had a facebook account and have recently had to disable (if that were even possible) my Instagram and so now Post Reports will also have to go the way of the rest.
facebook. . . really?
Wonderfully informative
Please keep up the excellent reporting. The world needs more stories like you produce.
American Family in Seoul
Content is good, but the presentation is at a very low level—e.g., “56%, meaning if you tested 100 people you’d find 56 were positive”, and similar.
coding wiz
Save our democracy, please?
Terrific podcast...but since we likely are in our final weeks of anything resembling a democracy, could you please start throwing absolutely everything you’ve got into reporting every angle of how this election is being rigged by Russia, Trump, right wing extremists and constantly accelerating truth decay? I know you could do a fantastic series, post “election” and pre news ban, but about how immediately instead, while we still have a chance? Thank you.
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