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Matamoros Part 2
An excellent report on a migrant family’s experience. It really touched my heart and made this situation more real to me. There is so much condemnation of those who seek a safer place to raise their children, and so few reports describing the unimaginable suffering of families like this one. Thank you for opening our eyes.
Reporters in the blue state bubble
It’s sort of bemusing to listen to Washington post reporters discuss the news and the world around them. It’s quite evident they are generally very liberal and one wonders if they have any sense of self awareness about them. It’s a very one sided and often inaccurate discussion from the perspective of people deep inside a blue state bubble. We cry out for diversity of opinion, actual arguments or discussions that are fact based from reporters with different political perspectives… you will not find it here.
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Last few episodes the reporting journalist is laughing inappropriately, in my opinion. Makes me cringe. It's not like the story is cheerful and what is being said isn't funny. Just feels fake & disrespectful.
Dar Dar
Marooned part II
Climate Refugees, are leaving environs that are drying up and are losing their farming livelihoods. The US needs immigrants but we can not accept all. We need to help these individuals migrants in their own home country to assist them. This max exodus from Central and South America is too much, there is a world of Climate Immigrants moving around that need to be addressed.
Tokyo Olympics coverage
I’ve been a listener of this podcast for a while and do generally enjoy it, but I have to correct the reporting on the Tokyo Olympics section. The decision to not have spectators was not a political decision due to dropping LDP popularity or public opinion. Tokyo residents were worried about overseas spectators, but there was always the option to have only domestic spectators. In fact, having no spectators at all was very unpopular as some residents already have tickets. Furthermore, business owners are shuttering their stores not because they’re concerned about the risk, but because the government told them to. The fact that the games are happening while businesses suffer in a state of emergency is precisely what’s politically unpopular - not the decision re: spectators.
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Rachel Nichols
It is crazy that at the start of every game, Rachel Nichols flashes the white power symbol with her left hand, for a long time during her monologue. You can go back and check. She did it from the preseason on. She obviously does not Want to be around “those” people. It devastated my children and I when we saw it. It is awful to do to the young, full of hopes and dreams. It is clear she wants to do something else. Let her do that something else away from our sons and daughters.
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Around there
Catholic Bishops
Your did present the facts as they relate to the Catholic Bishops, however, you did not present the other side. Catholics are not homogeneous, we are a scattered bunch. The latest bishops were appointed by John Paul II and his successor. Francis has appointed very few and his appointments rely on those bishops recommendations. Our American Catholic Bishops are a conservative bunch. If the bishops did vote to remove communion from politicians that favor abortion it must be approved by Francis and he has made it clear that this will not happen. Even JPII gave communion to all who approached him, it is the the priest that makes the decision on communion it is the communicant.
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Vocal Fry
Would love to listen to the reporting but the Vocal Fry of Martine Powers is distracting. Unfollowed.
The women on this episode are literally going to LOSE their vocal cords if they keep on grinding them as they speak. It is awfully hard to hear them trying so hard to be relevant with such fake vocal techniques. Please get them coaching so they will be able to speak on their old age. Vocal fry is outdated now. Move on.
Mad Mimi 65@$
Audio was terrible we didnt need to hear this that bad
I like it, but.....
I love the show. Great reporting. BUT MOUTH SOUNDS. Where is Martine? 😫 The new reporter sounds like the microphone is inside her mouth. The high pitched hissss of her S is like nails on a chalkboard 😖. It’s just not a voice for recording.
Vocal fry
Generally this is one of my favorite podcasts and I love Martine Powers and many of the other reporters. However anytime that Jacqueline Alemany is on, I can't listen. Her vocal fry is ridiculous. Someone needs to work with her if she's going to be on the air because her voice is so grating. I really wanted to hear about the UFOs but if this is the only way, I never will. Five star rating is for the podcast, not the episode.
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Vocal fry
Generally I love this podcast. It’s a fresh take on the news and enjoy listening to Martine. The June 20th episode, however? I had to stop listening due to the reporters vocal fry. It was like nails on a chalkboard.
Rule of thumb
Good show. Keep speaking the truth to these Trump backing crazies.
PLEASE stop reporting on sports
This podcast is aware and informative and timely on all issues... except sports. Know your limits. They’re just SO BAD. Even when you try to cite stats, you’ve misinterpreted them. I still remember the episode in 2019 where you said the Nationals, the team in your city, beat the Dodgers to go to the World Series. This is false. Was no one fact checking this? They played FOUR GAMES after beating the Dodgers. This is not your strength.
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Response to “a brief history of Black rebellion”
I am disturbed and infuriated by the Post justifying RIOTING and CRIMINAL behavior. What an absolute shame. Your guest justified the 2020 riots and criminal destruction of property because people were “frustrated” and felt like “their voices weren’t being heard.” Are you joking? How is that a legitimate justification for illegal criminal behavior? As an attorney, I am appalled.
Court. D. L.
A review I felt compelled to write after the cicada episode…
The 5/28/21 episode on cicadas was so lovely, unexpected, and touching that it left me with a smile on my face and a warm feeling in my heart. The team behind Post Reports consistently does such a great job examining the news through unique and interesting stories. I look forward to each one.
Mary DePasquale
Topical and Diverse
Post Reports is one of two podcasts that bookend my days. Drawing on the reporting of The Washington Post, the episodes thoughtfully cover the important issues of the day. Even more, I’ve come to appreciate the diversity of topics the episodes offer, voices and perspectives I wouldn’t normally hear. Kudos to Martine and the producers for their editorial judgment. During a time when Americans are finding it difficult to listen to unfamiliar views, Post Reports is opening us to new perspectives.
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nh geek
Martine Power’s voice is everything
She is perfect as the host! Look forward to it everyday. Love the theme music, it’s not depressing! I think their reporting is fair.
Enlightening report on producing
I really appreciate your explanation of what podcast producers do! I had no idea so much goes into putting together each episode. It was a real eye-opener! Kudos to all of you who produce this podcast! Well done!
Leftist garbage by democrat activist “journalists”
I discovered podcasts a few days ago and it is changing my life. I study history, mostly very ancient but occasionally recent and books are almost limitless on American affairs. Then came the digital version of the New York Times and I knew I had everything. Not really. Not even close! Podcasts are amazing. A digital radio? XM radio cost money so I stopped it after months. Now this. I have respect for the Post and this episode is mind blowing. I have only heard half of this and I have to stop myself from rushing to the library. Okay this is becoming an essay so I will stop but I have subscribed so I am good.
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Martine Powers is the perfect news host
I had started listening to the New York Times “The Daily” before I found “The Post Reports.” The Post Reports is the better version of the two - Martine is a really insightful, probing and very humane host. She’s smart and relatable and never too knowing. She’s the perfect stand-in for the audience, drawing the bigger context around the stories.
Biased one sided reporting
WP no longer presents an unbiased view of stories. After doing extensive background reading on stories they have been reporting on it is obvious that they have an agenda which they reel you in with using serious and grave reporting voices. Disappointing that such a long standing organization can no longer be trusted. And I want to add that I identify as left leaning. There is no justification for poor reporting or biased reporting at this level of journalism.
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Great podcast! Highly recommend
Martine Powers is the BEST! ok with that out of the way now for my question. I want to know what if the Biden administration has done regarding Nuclear energy and infrastructure? Positive, negative or neutral?
Blue Diamond Dave
Used to be a daily subscriber. I’m a moderate independent and I get news from both sides and multiple sources. The woke dogma is so obvious here and it’s meant to be divisive. I feel like my own party (democratic) has left me behind.
Drops late
Your show is categorized by Apple as Semiweekly, vice Daily. As a result, the iOS 14.5 Podcasts app updates it hours after you publish it.
Mike in Potomac
Notice the intersectionality language and not so subtle critical race theory
Slice of life
I love this podcast because it’s very helpful at giving me info on what’s going on out in the world when I very often feel like I’ve been under a rock. However... the voice of the guy that does the Facebook ads fills me with so much rage. It’s so out of place with the rest of the podcast and is also a really disappointing reminder of Facebook sticking its nose into everything. His voice is like nails on a chalkboard to me, except multiply that by 1,000 and you’ll be in the ballpark. There was a brief period where that ad was replaced and I cannot describe the feeling of immense relief that washed over me when I thought I’d never have to hear it again. It really makes me skip the podcast sometimes.
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ditch facebook
Great podcast. Too bad you sold it to Big Tech...
I’ve been a Post subscriber for many years, and was thrilled when the podcast started. Post Reports has been a fantastic new platform to supplement the already world-class journalism that we all expect from the Post. But your recent choice to allow sponsorship from Facebook, Huawei and others who are brazenly attempting to hijack the policy debate about the regulation of their industry is the limit for me. So thank you to the journalists and editors who produce this great podcast; but you can tell your bosses that I’m unsubscribing.
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The allergies and/or vocal fry Paulina Firozi was bringing to the report today was painful. Feel better soon, Paulina!
Marteen Powers!
Appreciate a well informed host who is always crisp and precise with her questions and analysis. It takes a lot of effort to absorb the information and translate the wonkier stuff for public consumption. Well done Marteen!... oh, and did I mention the voice? Her voice is lush, just deep enough and soothing in the tradition of all great reporters worth listening to and not just reading. Thanks! I see you working Post, I see you working!
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Jorge in the West
I really tried to follow several WaPo pods and they all were sub par. I’d look into production. Also need to try to be less on edge. Seems like you’re dancing around every issue. The Amazon v. Unions was a horrible dance. Maybe just don’t report on them if you’re that scared of uncle Jeff. Honestly- now going to unsubscribe —
d.a. Blair
Vocal Fry Is Real
Been listening since the beginning, but have to unsubscribe to save my ears as the fry has seemingly ramped up recently to the point of skipping past stories just to hear a more listenable voice.
Democracy Dies in Darkness, because you are blind to the other side
Please be NEWS! Not opinion. If you are a news organization, please act like one. I don’t care if you disagree with the other side of the argument. We, the readers/listeners, need to know both sides of the argument. Be brave, again. Report on both sides of a argument and let it fall were it may. If you are scared by Twitter, you bring a news organization is over. You are a opinion website/blog, never a NEWSpaper. Be journalist, what you went to school for. If you don’t understand the other side how will you be able to communicate with it?
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Podcast Direction
I love the podcast. However, a recent change in sponsorship...of all things, has angered me. I understand you are a for-profit company but there’s a reason Huawei sales have been banned in most non-communist countries including the UK, America, and Canada. Perhaps this can be a podcast discussion in the future, justifying your financial decision. As a retired defense industry employee I know the reasons for ban are valid.
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Steve in Bristow
Great source for in-depth reporting
I appreciate the breadth of the topics covered, especially many that others ignore (e.g. childcare as work). I think Martine Powers is a fantastic host and great intervewer. I’m glad she’s back! Thanks for the good work.
Devoted in Hawaii
Wrong story
I’m 62 live in Philadelphia PA, and would like to get vaccinated, and tired of waiting. Why am I in the age group 19-64 and thus I am not able to receive a vaccine if I follow the rules, and as rule follower have not bin able to make an appointment for the (or a) vaccine, and no one is telling this story, and all I hear is about the people who avoid the vaccines. No one is speaking on the story that I will need to wait another two months if not for Pennsylvania? I would love the opportunity to say no to the vaccine, but my number is months away, and my secret is that I want a shot.
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bubo 77
vocal fryyyyyy *ribbit*
decent content but as many others have commented, the vocal fry on multiple reporters is unbearable. for the love of god, could someone please gently point this out to them?!?
Great podcast.
Similar to The Daily from the NYT, Post Reports focuses on one or two subjects and discusses them in depth. Sometimes it’s the ‘big story’ of the day, other days it’s something less discussed but equally important. Martine Powers’ voice is amazing. I wish it was in my Alexa. She does a great job hosting the show. Unfortunately, as long as Hawaii is sponsoring Post Reports, I will not listen to it.
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Trying to listen but somebody thinks it’s hilarious. Not the time or place to be laughing. Bye.Try it again. Can y’all be any more boring? In this day and age it seems like you could hold somebody’s attention for at least four or five seconds. Is monotone your permanent style?
After having my heart broken when host James Hohmannn left the WashPo podcast The Daily 202, and the subsequent end of the podcast show altogether, it was advised to check this show out as a replacement. Wow, first episode was a gut punch, the story of Mazen al-Hamada and his mysterious return to Syria. Excellent journalism and a riveting story. I have hit subscribe and look forward to more stories like these in my daily news cycle. Thank you for your work!
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Great podcast
The episode on Mazen al-Hamada is a powerful distillation of the trauma of the Syrian conflict ten years on. I only write to suggest that you provide translation of foreign language audio clips.
Jimmy in DC
Filibuster Demystified
Excellent episode on understanding the filibuster & why its’ reform is necessary for Democracy to survive
Filibuster report
A very helpful overview of the filibuster. Well done!
NPR Friend
Facebook sponsorship has become a problem; it detracts from any semblance of credibility.
mad overlord
Love this, but please
...get rid of that voice of the Facebook ad at beginning
Mary Rothschild
Enough of Facebook’s Advertising
I am a big fan of Post Reports, but am considering abandoning it as a news source if it continues to provide a platform for Facebook to aggressively sanitize its image with obnoxiously condescending ads. Usually there are 3(!) per episode. I’m sure there are advertisers clambering for this space. Please consider selling your ad time to someone else.
Vocal Fry is an offense to my ear drums
Paulina Firozi’s reporting is fabulous but her vocal Fry is unbearable. I’ll find another podcast for news. Where are these young women learning to speak?? Be assertive and push the air past those vocal chords!
Great, concise reporting
If you like reading The Post, then you will like this show. Sickened by all the poor reviews I’ve seen simply for vocal fry. Don’t pay any attention to the sexists who just don’t like to hear women speak. All the contributors I’ve heard sound educated and prepared, and that’s really all that needs to be said about their voices. My only criticism is that I want them to be more consistent in delivering pods daily. But I guess if your criticism is that you want more then it’s not really a criticism, is it? Keep up the good work!
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