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Marteen Powers!
Appreciate a well informed host who is always crisp and precise with her questions and analysis. It takes a lot of effort to absorb the information and translate the wonkier stuff for public consumption. Well done Marteen!... oh, and did I mention the voice? Her voice is lush, just deep enough and soothing in the tradition of all great reporters worth listening to and not just reading. Thanks! I see you working Post, I see you working!
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Jorge in the West
I really tried to follow several WaPo pods and they all were sub par. I’d look into production. Also need to try to be less on edge. Seems like you’re dancing around every issue. The Amazon v. Unions was a horrible dance. Maybe just don’t report on them if you’re that scared of uncle Jeff. Honestly- now going to unsubscribe —
d.a. Blair
Vocal Fry Is Real
Been listening since the beginning, but have to unsubscribe to save my ears as the fry has seemingly ramped up recently to the point of skipping past stories just to hear a more listenable voice.
Democracy Dies in Darkness, because you are blind to the other side
Please be NEWS! Not opinion. If you are a news organization, please act like one. I don’t care if you disagree with the other side of the argument. We, the readers/listeners, need to know both sides of the argument. Be brave, again. Report on both sides of a argument and let it fall were it may. If you are scared by Twitter, you bring a news organization is over. You are a opinion website/blog, never a NEWSpaper. Be journalist, what you went to school for. If you don’t understand the other side how will you be able to communicate with it?
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Podcast Direction
I love the podcast. However, a recent change in sponsorship...of all things, has angered me. I understand you are a for-profit company but there’s a reason Huawei sales have been banned in most non-communist countries including the UK, America, and Canada. Perhaps this can be a podcast discussion in the future, justifying your financial decision. As a retired defense industry employee I know the reasons for ban are valid.
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Steve in Bristow
Great source for in-depth reporting
I appreciate the breadth of the topics covered, especially many that others ignore (e.g. childcare as work). I think Martine Powers is a fantastic host and great intervewer. I’m glad she’s back! Thanks for the good work.
Devoted in Hawaii
Wrong story
I’m 62 live in Philadelphia PA, and would like to get vaccinated, and tired of waiting. Why am I in the age group 19-64 and thus I am not able to receive a vaccine if I follow the rules, and as rule follower have not bin able to make an appointment for the (or a) vaccine, and no one is telling this story, and all I hear is about the people who avoid the vaccines. No one is speaking on the story that I will need to wait another two months if not for Pennsylvania? I would love the opportunity to say no to the vaccine, but my number is months away, and my secret is that I want a shot.
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bubo 77
vocal fryyyyyy *ribbit*
decent content but as many others have commented, the vocal fry on multiple reporters is unbearable. for the love of god, could someone please gently point this out to them?!?
Great podcast.
Similar to The Daily from the NYT, Post Reports focuses on one or two subjects and discusses them in depth. Sometimes it’s the ‘big story’ of the day, other days it’s something less discussed but equally important. Martine Powers’ voice is amazing. I wish it was in my Alexa. She does a great job hosting the show. Unfortunately, as long as Hawaii is sponsoring Post Reports, I will not listen to it.
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Trying to listen but somebody thinks it’s hilarious. Not the time or place to be laughing. Bye.Try it again. Can y’all be any more boring? In this day and age it seems like you could hold somebody’s attention for at least four or five seconds. Is monotone your permanent style?
After having my heart broken when host James Hohmannn left the WashPo podcast The Daily 202, and the subsequent end of the podcast show altogether, it was advised to check this show out as a replacement. Wow, first episode was a gut punch, the story of Mazen al-Hamada and his mysterious return to Syria. Excellent journalism and a riveting story. I have hit subscribe and look forward to more stories like these in my daily news cycle. Thank you for your work!
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Great podcast
The episode on Mazen al-Hamada is a powerful distillation of the trauma of the Syrian conflict ten years on. I only write to suggest that you provide translation of foreign language audio clips.
Jimmy in DC
I love WaPo - paying subscriber for many year, and I adore this podcast; but, in my opinion, the advertisements from Facebook are so ghoulish. It makes me feel guilty to follow and listen (on top of how guilty I already feel buying your newspaper) knowing to whom my money goes to by doing it.
Filibuster Demystified
Excellent episode on understanding the filibuster & why its’ reform is necessary for Democracy to survive
Filibuster report
A very helpful overview of the filibuster. Well done!
NPR Friend
Facebook sponsorship has become a problem; it detracts from any semblance of credibility.
mad overlord
Love this, but please
...get rid of that voice of the Facebook ad at beginning
Mary Rothschild
Enough of Facebook’s Advertising
I am a big fan of Post Reports, but am considering abandoning it as a news source if it continues to provide a platform for Facebook to aggressively sanitize its image with obnoxiously condescending ads. Usually there are 3(!) per episode. I’m sure there are advertisers clambering for this space. Please consider selling your ad time to someone else.
Vocal Fry is an offense to my ear drums
Paulina Firozi’s reporting is fabulous but her vocal Fry is unbearable. I’ll find another podcast for news. Where are these young women learning to speak?? Be assertive and push the air past those vocal chords!
Great, concise reporting
If you like reading The Post, then you will like this show. Sickened by all the poor reviews I’ve seen simply for vocal fry. Don’t pay any attention to the sexists who just don’t like to hear women speak. All the contributors I’ve heard sound educated and prepared, and that’s really all that needs to be said about their voices. My only criticism is that I want them to be more consistent in delivering pods daily. But I guess if your criticism is that you want more then it’s not really a criticism, is it? Keep up the good work!
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Just say no
I see I’m not the only one who thinks the Facebook ad has to go.
Nails on a chalkboard!
Love Martine and this podcast! But what is up with Ariel Plotnik’s gravely voice? It’s unnerving and takes away from the great interviews.
Great except for.....
I agree with other reviewers about the Facebook ad guy. Jarring and off-putting. Also, after being accustomed to the soothing voice of Martine Powers, it’s really difficult to listen to that of Ariel Plotnick. I’m sure she’s great at her job but please don’t let her near the microphone, it’s like chalk on a chalkboard.
Love the podcast, except for vocal fry
Please, encourage your reporters to beware of their voice. An example (Ariel?) on 3/16/21 episode. In person is one thing, on the podcast is another. I’ve had to stop an episode because it is so distracting.
What’s with the inappropriate music??
Why does everything maga have cartoonish music underlying it? Their extremism is really serious and deadly... The same goes for every time you talking about voter suppression, what’s cartoonish/ funny about that??
(Stop the FB Ads!) Better than the Times
Please get rid of the FB ads. They’re more horrible than Zuckerbergs haircut. So creepy and obsequious. Michael... Barbaro... pauses... a... lot..... So the pleasant voice of Martine Powers it's a relief. She has great cadence, presentation and warmth. The stories are good so far and I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes. This is my new favorite daily podcast.
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Facebook ads? Seriously??
Love the podcast, but can’t stand that constant smug, condescending, and patronizing Facebook ad. If I wanted to be annoyed by a podcast, I’d listen to the NYTimes “The Daily!” You’re better than this WaPo.
Vocal Fried. Ouch my ears.
Great reporting. Train your reporters how to speak. They are not broadcast ready. Too much vocal-fry with the Jr. reporters. Martine Powers... great voice. Easy on the ears. Welcoming. Round. Professional.
Great, until the Facebook ads
The Facebook ads are so frequent and so annoying that I’m going to have to take a break from Post Reports. I have been a daily listener since the podcast’s early days and I am a WaPo subscriber. Please avoid repetitive, grating advertisements - it takes away from the awesome journalism showcased by Martine and her colleagues.
Annoying Vocal fry!!!
The vocal fry is so fake and annoying and grating to the ear that you are losing your audience - at least in this family Your listeners have to suffer because you do not manage your staff. It smacks of some new age version of a sophisticate, tired of life, a Kim Kardashian wannabe or valley girl/insecure East Coast business model Please stop!
FB ad = yikes
I am writing just to say how obnoxious, annoying, and terrible the Facebook ad is at the beginning of the show. I truly cannot comprehend how any person thought releasing that add was a good idea. Besides that, I highly recommend this podcast and have listened everyday for over two years. My only issue is how liberal the show is — I wish it was more neutral and covered all issues, even those that make democrats looks bad
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Court. D. L.
Real 5 Star Podcast!!!!!
This podcast is excellent! It provides deep and insightful exploration of important news subjects. After I retired from being a high school social studies teacher, I chose to subscribe to the Washington Post due to their rich history and reputation as a trusted news source. It wasn’t until years later that I discovered their podcast and found what I was missing. Martina Powers is an excellent teacher! She asks the type of questions that reveal answers needed in order to truly understand what is happening. Thank you for your fabulous show. I rarely miss an episode. I am so happy that my paid subscription can help in a small way to support such efforts as the Washington Post in an era of widespread disinformation. Keep shining light into the darkness so we can keep our democracy! PS - The music is great also! It is well matched to topics and gives you time for reflection.
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Fantastic podcast. Martine Powers you should narrate shows from National Geographic!
We use electrons for this?
This podcast went from “day late, dollar short” to really out of touch and a recap of what happened last week or last month. To hear a reporter read their story to me - No Thank You. Total waste of anyone’s time until they find a purpose and identity
I know this is picky
I love WaPo but the musical accompaniment is so distracting. It makes it sound like entertainment - like we’re in some kind of Cafe Carlyle setting vs news. I’m sorry I just can’t!
Must listen!
Like a radio lab episode every other day
Sponsored by Facebook
Pressed play on the newest episode only for the first words I hear to be ‘Sponsored by Facebook’. Immediately pressed stop. Not interested in listening to anything sponsored by that company, don’t care if there’s any coverage of FB or not.
Her questions are my questions
Love the way Martine asks the questions that I also have.
The hunger rater
I find that someone who is trying to speak authoritatively on the subject of extremism (pronounced “ex-stream-ism) should be able to pronounce the word correctly. As it was, I was constantly distracted by the thought she must be referring to someone espousing the superiority of extremities.
Your daily news podcast
Great host, informative reporting and helpful insights into the events that are being covered in the news.
Unsubscribed, again
I really want to like this podcast - the guests are interesting and informative, the host is intelligent and has a lovely voice....but I just can't stand her run-on questions that basically repeat what the guest just said AND anticipate their answer. AND are peppered with "like"s--often 3 times or more in a single question. It drives me NUTS. I came back after unsubscribing for a while because I thought she just needed time to get comfortable in this role. But 2 yrs later still nope. Concise questions and stop with the LIKEs - then this podcast would be perfect.
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lulu in fx
Stop talking about Trump
Stop reporting on how he feels about the impeachment or what he is doing. You are just continuing the mistakes that led to his popularity by validating that we all should care about this person who was the worst president in American history. He changed our country in to a frothing, angry shell of its former self. We can’t even protect our most vulnerable citizens and you are reporting about Trump golfing and lunching on the patio?? Give me a break and do better.
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To Mattera68
They also cut out the end of Trump’s incitement speech, where he told his drooling morons to “march to the Capitol, and I’ll be there with you.” The morons lumbered down the street, but the brave master of the morons turned on his heel, got in his gigantic armored car, which whisked him back to the White House, where he scurried to his entertainment room, turned on all his televisions, and later came a sight you almost never see: ALL the interior and external lights of the White House were shut off, except for the one lonely window of Trump’s television cave. The White House was a black hole, in so many more ways than one. Trump worshippers have such blind selective memories.
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Episode cut off?
I have been listening to Post Reports got more than a year. I have always been impressed with the quality of the reporting. However, it appears that the end of Tuesday’s episode was cut short. The reporter was wrapping up her summary about the fight over the Keystone XL pipeline when suddenly, in mid sentence, it went to a teaser for another podcast and ended without the usual sign off I’m used to hearing from Post Reports.
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Feb 1
I am an ardent listener to Post Reports. The item Feb 1 about the Janssen vaccine was very good. However I was surprised no mention was made of the AstraZeneca vaccine already approved in the UK and EU. I claim no expertise but as it is in the same class as the Janssen vaccine I would have thought it deserved a mention. Paul G
How about giving all the information?
Listening to the “four hours of insurrection”. Funny how you play President Trump saying “ let’s walk down Pennsylvania Ave” and cut it off, he said “PEACEFULLY”. Funny how you don’t tell the whole story, seems like a theme with the Post!
News without dread
I appreciate the news, facts and stories reported by the staff and the way in which it is delivered for us to hear. Straightforward & thorough. I especially appreciate the background music lead ins. It makes me feel hopeful. Thank you!
Sponsor question - Why Huawei?
This is a great podcast - I listen every day. Outstanding reporting, especially memorable are the ‘Cursed Platoon’ and ‘Georgia on my Mind’ episodes. One thing is really bothering me, though: Why is this podcast sponsored by Huawei? After learning about some of their practices, especially their role in China’s genocide against Uighur muslims, as reported in the Washington Post in December on ‘Uighur alarm’ and facial recognition among other AI software used to support, facilitate and organize this genocide. This sponsorship is deeply troubling and should be reconsidered as unethical by those who create and work so hard to create a show devoted to reporting truth at a paper where ‘Democracy dies in darkness.’ This star rating is to act as a red flag to the podcast and its potential listeners and seeks to bring about change as quickly as possible. I will update my rating when this lapse in judgement is corrected.
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Love it!
The podcast is really good! I was expecting it so sound “reporter-like”, and it does, but it also had great storytelling and fantastic audio quality.
JP Late to the Party
Just started listening but it's great so far.
Jessina Peterson
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