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Post Reports is the daily podcast from The Washington Post. Unparalleled reporting. Expert insight. Clear analysis. Everything you’ve come to expect from the newsroom of The Post. For your ears. Martine Powers is your host, asking the questions you didn’t know you wanted answered. Published weekdays by 5 p.m. Eastern time.
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Imagine that. The reason Tony Bobulinski came forward was because Adam Schiff called him a Russian asset. Adam Schiff has now caused the downfall of the left by his Russian claims. Bobulinski was democrat until thrown under the bus by Schiff. Why are all the powerful democrat friends in jail or committed suicide? Maybe dems need to put a beating on Schiff like they did Reid when he stepped out of line.
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Freddie bag of donuts
Great show!
I love this podcast, the reporting and perspectives are excellent! I just listened to “I hired you because you’re black” super episode and very relevant and important to be sharing these types of experiences! Thank you!
Montreal T
Obviously biased, but good.
I’m an independently minded person, so I roll my eyes at a lot while listening to this. I do the same while listening to Ben Shapiro as well, but at least he wears his bias on his sleeve. If you love all liberal commentary, you’ll love this. If you’re a hardcore conservative, you should pass on this, unless you wanna hear the other team talking in their huddle.
Great show
Great reporting and love how detailed the investigations are. You guys are doing a great job!
Buddy love 82
I like it, but.....
I love the show. Great reporting. BUT MOUTH SOUNDS. Sometimes it sounds like folks mouths are on the mic, and I have to shut it off 😖
Rich rich story
I found this story about big Floyd so powerful, thought of Frederick Douglas,... “so much better to build strong children, then heal broken men” Thought of his aunts runaway slave comment and how the first police forces in the USA were to patrol for runaway slaves. How his struggle was such a human struggle for meaning, purpose and dignity. And how his life was broken, and his brokeness — has been such a powerful healing force for this country. So glad he’s with his mom, And hope his family can find peace. Grateful for the writers of conveyed his humanness and his greatness in his struggle,...
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omaha blues
Scouts nomination
Oct13 piece is awful. You don’t have much time but please frame the process in its proper context. As a wise woman wrote about an umbrella when it rains.
Vocal fry
Heather Long sounds like she’s reporting from a supine position on the couch. Wake up.
Devastating. Great job
Difficult, important reporting. Very good job
First of all no 16 year old girl is going to be penetrated with a finger while asleep and not wake up. Second, as soon as she said she doesn’t remember anything after that is crazy. She conveniently blanks out because she knows the more she says the bigger the lie. It’s painful for a mans finger to be inserted into a 16 year old vagina without a lot of preparation and cooperation. This story is BS.
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Great podcast
Get rid of the Facebook ads!
Martine Powers!
I love to listen to Martine Powers. She has a great voice and seems like such a kind person. It’s always sad for me on the weekends when i don’t have a Post Reports to listen to.
Great Reporting, terrible sponsorship
Post reports tend to be very thought-provoking, in-depth, and a joy to listen to. Lots of topics are covered and I find myself enriched by them every day. They dovetail into and supplement the paper wonderfully. How jarring is it to currently hear Facebook claim in advertisements on the lead-in to each WaPo show that they are committed fact-check, care about truth, etc when their CEO and founder is on the record that he couldn’t care less about those matters? By its very design, Facebooks algorithm hooks users with stories of outrage. That leads to self-radicalization among the susceptible and the formation of anti-social and dangerous affinity groups (anti-vaxxers, white nationalists, etc). So per the ad, a small band of Facebook fact checkers are supposed to keep tabs on the very algorithm that keeps the $$ rolling in? Come on. No amount of “truth” fig leafing / correction after-the-fact can hope to counter the disinformation machine at the top of the food chain at Facebook. Besides, no one reads the corrections, especially not the self-radicalized groups that facebook has nurtured all these years. Facebooks WaPo ads are gaslighting, pure and simple, and should not be allowed. WaPo, please report more on the hundreds of thousands of people killed around the world thanks to Facebook collaborating with local radicals to stir up racial, ethnic, or religious hatred.
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Irrational Exuberance
Bezo’s spew
What Jeff Bezos wants you to know. He gets money from the CIA and the CIA propaganda gets printed. Also Lally Weymouth’s Hampton’s parties prove it’s a big club and you ain’t in it. Soros parties with a Koch Bro, Kelly Ann Conway & Chuck Schumer. It’s a plutocrats paradise as they mock the human capital stock & devise wars & corruption.
Sponsored by Facebook, no thanks
"Democracy dies in the darkness" or because Facebook is spreading misinformation. Find a better sponsor
Court Reform
First of all, I love this podcast. I feel it has a unique voice and perspective that is not always represented in other news podcasts. However, today’s show “Why Mitch McConnell is Unstoppable” was really frustrating for me to listen to. “Court Packing” is an unfortunate term to use, it is negative and sends the wrong message. What needs to happen is an effort to balance the court, and Court Expansion or Court Reform are much better phrases to use, and I really expected better from Post Reports. Also, why is this not a good idea? There are so many opportunities for real change that can be made if it is possible for Congress to do away with the filibuster. We could reform the court, we could pass legislation on voter protections, climate change, representation for DC, USVI, and Puerto Rico. We could have another COVID relief package, there is so much that could be accomplished, why not try? The majority of Americans are being oppressed by the tyranny of the minority, and we could potentially change this fact. What do we have to lose? So, again, why not try? Like I said before, I expected better from this podcast.
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My day isn’t complete without PR!
This pod has become a part of my daily routine. It’s informative, entertaining, and often moving. Martine Powers’ voice is so soothing, too. I highly recommend you give it a listen. It’s my favorite weekday podcast.
Sorry to see. . .
. . that facebook is now producing Post Reports. I have enjoyed this pod for quite some time but just recently noticed that facebook is being mentioned. I never had a facebook account and have recently had to disable (if that were even possible) my Instagram and so now Post Reports will also have to go the way of the rest.
facebook. . . really?
Wonderfully informative
Please keep up the excellent reporting. The world needs more stories like you produce.
American Family in Seoul
Content is good, but the presentation is at a very low level—e.g., “56%, meaning if you tested 100 people you’d find 56 were positive”, and similar.
coding wiz
Save our democracy, please?
Terrific podcast...but since we likely are in our final weeks of anything resembling a democracy, could you please start throwing absolutely everything you’ve got into reporting every angle of how this election is being rigged by Russia, Trump, right wing extremists and constantly accelerating truth decay? I know you could do a fantastic series, post “election” and pre news ban, but about how immediately instead, while we still have a chance? Thank you.
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Great podcast
I love Martine’s voice. Very calming
Long time in China
The post Reports
I listen to your podcast every night. I am a subscriber of Post. The podcast has reports from experts and gets into more details. Thanks Mkoontakeda
Absurdly Biased
Interviewing a Post employee about his biased opinions to confirm your own biases is not journalism
I enjoy the variety of news stories covered in depth.
Great except
I love this podcast but lately it’s been having segments that appear to seek to normalize the current administration. Please stop normalizing anything this admin does especially the idea that melania trump is influential or even a remotely decent person. America is ashamed of that family as we should be.
Miss Ginger 58
Great daily pod
Never a downer :)
Clear economics reporting
Thank you for featuring Heather E Long’s expert reporting on the economy. Her report in the August 4 show provided a succinct picture of the challenges and potential solutions. Excellence from the Washington Post.
Needs a new host
This is a great podcast that helps me keep up on current events. The best episodes are ones that aren’t hosted by Martine. I find her to be not the best interviewer as she interjects too many of her own thoughts like she expects the interviewee to pat her on the back for her knowledge on the topic. If she was a male I would call it ‘mansplaining’. Especially when compared to Michael Barbaro from The Daily, this podcast falls short for that reason.
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Don’t feed other Post lousy podcasts!
Substituted with All Told today. Are you kidding. I really like this podcast and don’t wish to be fed this inferior post product!
Pure excellence
My favorite podcast!!! Always outstanding.
Important views
I particularly appreciate the efforts reporters make to interview ordinary people outside the corridors of power. The reporting is thorough, thoughtful, and respectful.r
Thanks for sharing the uplifting story about Barbara's lung transplant. 😊
Typical media reporting on partial phrases
Countless times this podcast has played part of a phrase to try and spin a narrative. This is reckless and attempts to force a belief. It is disgusting that this behavior continues.
Sly Like a fox
I tried for 6 months. Just can’t take the one sided perspective anymore. I am in the center on most things. I want to understand both sides. It’s subtle, but listening for many months, the true colors of the Washington Post shines through. BTW, I still listen to The NY Times podcast every day. While still liberal, it’s not so blatant and doesn’t pretend to stand behind race and gender to further the liberal cause.
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July 28 post
In your mistaken approach of focusing on balance, you again equivalized truth with lying without reporting which was which. In today’s instance, you quoted Barr lying about the reason for sending unlabeled federal agents to Portland to protect the federal courthouse. Please dig deeper and either report the truth or call out the lie. Protesters completely ignored the federal courthouse prior to these agents arriving and assaulting them without provocation.
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mark from the midwest
TikTok and privacy
This report came dangerously close to dismissing concerns about data-gathering on TikTok as mere xenophobia. So there’s not a lot of evidence the Chinese government is actually accessing our data now, but of course not. That won’t happen until we have been lulled into allowing TikTok to become as deeply embedded in our culture as Facebook is now, by which time it will be too late to convince anyone they should get the hell off of it.
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Jorge Parasol
John Lewis
Beautiful piece about John Lewis by Michele Norris. We so need politicians to follow in his footsteps, especially right now, when the integrity and courage that defined him, are in such short supply. Thank you
Always disappoints
As slanted and biased on the left as Fox is on the right.
Antifa at Gettysburg
Great show, but I wish the media would say the obvious: we do know in fact that Antifa never conforms to this sort of online behavior. This is not Antifa modus operandi. You spent a minute reporting that there were clues this might be a hoax, but the most obvious one goes unsaid. Why can’t you say that Antifa, whatever you think of the movement, does not work this way. They don’t put out posters to invite the organization to picnic and burn flags at national monuments. They aren’t even an organization. That seems pertinent to the reporting, because Antifa is slandered by this sort of politics. That seems to me like it belongs in the story, because people think Antifa is equivalent to armed militias and racist groups on the right. I agree with the local official who said that the far right already looks idiotic without such trolling. But you have left in place the Antifa straw man. Why not report also on what Antifa is and isn’t, so people can have a reasonable sense of what anti-fascist politics means and how it works? Thanks.
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Gettysburg Troll
It’s reports like this that make Post Reports such a great podcast! The best daily news podcast there is!
Functional, reliable
When I want to hear Post Reports and remain informed and connected to the world around me, the app provides me with dependable service. I enjoy the autonomy afforded by quality reporting available on the go.
Art of the deal was written by tony Schwartz not Donald
Thank you
Thank you for delivering all the news we need to stay informed in this crazy world. I listen everyday while I'm at work.
Smartest podcast out there!
I am so glad I discovered Post Report. I feel much better informed of our current affairs and well armed to discuss issues. Not easy in 20+ minutes a day.
Not enough variety in news, MARTINE.
Even before the very recent BLM movement, Martine Powers slips in a story about African-American whatever any time she gets the chance. Might as well rename the podcast to "if it ain't black, I ain't reportin' it." I still listen. I just fast-forward through it. The rest--national and international news--is well reported.
Twinkie Beyond
Bravo, Martine and WP
Martine Powers is a flawless presenter. Obviously cable news hosts have long been unwatchable, with their canned mannerisms and phony cadences. Podcasts tend to be much better, more natural, but can go too far, with speakers casually hobbling every other thought, needlessly qualifying and un-saying simple declarative statements with incessant "sortofs," "kindofs," and "likes." This is an annoying enough affectation on an entertainment podcast, but for reporters? Actual examples include "sortof, rape" and "kindof, genocide." Drives me crazy. Martine, however, guides each story impeccably, with genuine warmth and humanity as well as expert elocution. Thank you for all the vital information, beautifully conveyed.
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I Never Miss It
Martine Powers sounds like your smart buddy who helps you figure things out.
John in Rat City
Great source for in-depth reporting
I appreciate the breadth of the topics covered, especially many that others ignore (e.g. childcare as work). I think Marine Powers is a fantastic host and great intervewer. Thanks for the good work!
Devoted in Hawaii
Cursed Platoon
Just finished listening to both parts of “The Cursed Platoon”. This was a particularly power story. As someone with PTSD, I thought the description of having PTSD was spot on. I wish I could tell the men who were interviewed that there others who have been betrayed by authority
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