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Amazon and the new trust busters
The Biden nominee who wants to shake up Amazon. And a volcanic eruption meets a pandemic.
Apr 22
24 min
Processing a guilty verdict
Some Black Americans are reluctant to believe that Chauvin’s conviction will impact social justice on a larger scale. Biden’s backtrack on refugee admission caps. And, the legacy of Walter Mondale.
Apr 21
31 min
Derek Chauvin, convicted murderer
Derek Chauvin is convicted of murder in the death of George Floyd. And the promise to defund the police in Minneapolis, and what happened instead.
Apr 20
41 min
When gun laws fail to stop a mass shooting
How Indiana gun laws failed to prevent a mass shooting last week. And conflicting views on Brexit spur violence in Northern Ireland.
Apr 19
23 min
Derek Chauvin's defense
Protests continue in the Minneapolis area after the police killing of Daunte Wright. And the defense rests in the Derek Chauvin murder trial.
Apr 16
22 min
Getting Putin’s attention
The United States imposes sweeping new sanctions against Russia. And, how former Trump allies are faring in the private job market.
Apr 15
23 min
Ending the forever war?
A deadline to end the war in Afghanistan. Biden’s vision for the future of infrastructure. Plus, how Native communities are tackling vaccinations.
Apr 14
30 min
Weighing the risks of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine
Why the CDC and FDA are recommending a pause on the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Another police killing in Minnesota. And, remembering DMX.
Apr 13
35 min
Tracking down the Capitol rioters
How surveillance networks are helping federal authorities track down the Jan. 6 Capitol rioters. And, the legacy of Prince Philip.
Apr 12
20 min
Putting police on trial
This week in the Derek Chauvin murder trial, officers and medical experts testified on the cause of George Floyd’s death. And why it’s so hard to prosecute police officers.
Apr 9
29 min
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