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Post Reports is the daily podcast from The Washington Post. Unparalleled reporting. Expert insight. Clear analysis. Everything you’ve come to expect from the newsroom of The Post. For your ears. Martine Powers is your host, asking the questions you didn’t know you wanted answered. Published weekdays by 5 p.m. Eastern time.
The winners and losers of early voting
What record-breaking early-voter turnout means for Democrats and Republicans. How one election official is handling the “tsunami” of ballots in her Texas county. Plus, the latest on foreign election interference.
Oct 23
29 min
545 kids
How the government has lost track of hundreds of separated migrant families. Why rural communities still lack reliable access to high-speed Internet. And, forming a ‘pandemic pod’ for the winter.
Oct 22
25 min
The latest on the race for a vaccine
The latest on vaccine trials, and who would get a vaccine first. Why personal protective equipment such as the N95 mask is still so scarce. And introducing the mute button to the presidential debate.
Oct 21
30 min
Can Senate Republicans survive Trump?
The Senate seats in danger of flipping parties this election. Facebook and Twitter struggle to tackle disinformation ahead of the election. And a Black man speaks out after his image was used for fake pro-Trump Twitter accounts.
Oct 20
28 min
Election 2020: Lawyers vs. more lawyers
There are just over two weeks until Nov. 3. Election-related lawsuits are flooding the courts, but the army of lawyers filing cases shows little sign of stopping. And a conversation with a pro-Trump Muslim voter.
Oct 19
27 min
The Life of George Floyd
We all know about the death of George Floyd. But what about his life? On this special episode of “Post Reports,” we tell the story of Floyd’s family, his upbringing and how racism hobbled his ambition — a story reflecting the lives of so many Americans.
Oct 16
1 hr 4 min
Tracking a secret outbreak in Iowa
How genetic science can help expose, track and contain coronavirus outbreaks. And your voting questions answered.
Oct 15
23 min
Everyone wants a stimulus deal. So why isn’t there one?
Why we still don’t have a second pandemic relief bill. What the funding holdup means for schools. And how rushing this year’s census could shape our democracy for years to come.
Oct 14
22 min
How covid-19 amplified the anti-vaccine movement
How Amy Coney Barrett would view her role on the court. How anti-vaxxers are using covid-19 to further their agenda. And when mail ballots get counted.
Oct 13
24 min
Introducing Amy Coney Barrett
Opening statements in the Supreme Court confirmation hearing of nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett. How Barrett was involved in litigating the 2000 presidential election. And the political battle that led Oregon to vote by mail.
Oct 12
32 min
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