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Four hours of insurrection
Today, we reconstruct the riot inside the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 — hearing from the lawmakers, journalists and law enforcement officials who were there, and answering lingering questions about how things went so wrong.
Jan 15
58 min
A brief history of tear gas in America
Tear gas is a chemical weapon banned in war. So why do police departments still use it on civilians in the United States? Producer Linah Mohammad and reporter Devlin Barrett examine the history of tear gas and the ethical questions about its use.
Jan 14
35 min
Impeached, again
President Trump is impeached by the House — again. And, inside a California hospital overwhelmed by the pandemic.
Jan 13
28 min
Who’s in charge of the GOP?
A widening rift in the Republican Party. What FBI officials knew about the siege of the Capitol, and when they knew it. And, why the February Vogue cover of Kamala Harris is causing a stir.
Jan 12
27 min
The insurrection planned in plain sight
How tech companies are responding to the far-right extremism on their platforms. Why we should have seen the siege on the Capitol coming. And, a brief history of presidential pettiness.
Jan 11
28 min
Trump’s ‘American Carnage’
Trump’s promise for a smooth transition of power might be too late, amid growing calls to remove him from office. After the attack on the Capitol, lawmakers seemed to come together — but will that last with a 50-50 Senate? And an update from Georgia.
Jan 8
31 min
What happens after an insurrection?
The public fracturing of the Republican Party. Security failures at the Capitol. And, questions about why predominantly White rioters got kid-glove treatment from police.
Jan 7
34 min
Two Americas collide
The U.S. Capitol has been breached by a pro-Trump mob during the process of confirming Joe Biden’s vistory in the presidential election. Meanwhile, another election in Georgia is wrapping up — with control of the Senate hanging in the balance.
Jan 6
20 min
Can America’s vaccine rollout be fixed?
Why the vaccine rollout has been slower than expected in the United States. And, the political theater of counting electoral college votes.
Jan 5
21 min
‘I just want to find 11,780 votes’
What President Trump’s pressure campaign to overturn his election defeat sounds like. And, a nursing home’s creative solution to physical isolation.
Jan 4
25 min
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